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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Cirque du Soleil Family Trip!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Cirque du Soleil Family Trip!

Angelina Jolie holds onto her adorable son Knox as they leave the Cirque du Soleil’s OVO show on Saturday (January 28) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 36-year-old actress and her little guy were joined by daddy Brad Pitt and siblings Shiloh and Zahara.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

The next day, Brad and Angie hit up the 2012 Screen Actors Guild awards together!

“On all the kids’ computers we had our names blocked,” Brad recently said. “They can’t Google their mom and dad. I don’t want to make myself dependent on what other people think.”

For more pics, visit

FYI: Angelina is carrying a Ralph Lauren Collection “Bedford” bag.

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# 1

Am I the first?

# 2

Please ! Everybody loves them ! My post is going to get 54 thumbs down in one minute.

# 3

Such a normal and lovely family. Sucks, that they are always under a microscope…including the kids.

# 4

Yeeeees, first one, never happened before :)

Oh, I just absolutely love the pictures!

In Daily mail, there is a lot more picture, I will found you guys.

# 5

Old news….Most best and lover pictures Mom and Dad in SAG you don´t have jared? Hummm….

# 7

Thank you, Just Jared!
Beautiful family of a beautiful couple. Instead of spending all their days at the spa before red carpet events, they spend them with their kids. Nice!

# 8

Pax was there, too.

# 9

who believes him anyway anymore?angelina just confirmed everything he says comes out of his a**es and there are no truth that.he just lies like he breathes.

angelina and her kids look great though.

ugly and boring overrated


Please… they seek the publicity. Many big stars are able to avoid the limelight… these two parade their kids for the cameras. Why are people so blind to it?

Responsible parenting done right.

I know A LOT of you hate them ( Brad and Angie ) but I love them I love them as a couple and as parents . They hung the moon for me.

Josephina @ 01/30/2012 at 6:03 pm

Smart move, Daddy Brad, to block the tabloid fodder floating around on the net.

You have a BUNCH of jealous people who absolutely refuse to believe that you and Angie:
can be that sexy,
be that much in love,
be that successful,
have that much of a worldwide fanbase,
be that gorgeous,
be that genteically gifted,
have as many kids that you do have,
be that committed to each other
be as adventurous as the two of you are
and have as much hot sex as you do,

Every time this couple hits the red carpet, people forget the purpose of the event because they would rather stare and talk about what Jolie is wearing or how beautiful she looks, or how much PDA we will catch them doing.

It sure is nice being a fan of the King and Queen of Hollywood!

They have a poll over who wears black better, Aniston or The Jolie,

Brad walked away from Aniston…and into the loving arms of Angelina Jolie…AND HE IS STILL TICKLED PINK AND GIDDY ABOUT HIS DECISION TO LEAVE THE SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the hens at CB are very predictable and calling Angie all kinds of names because her sexy back , ass and posture is killing them. (One poster said said that Angie was wearing fake butt implants! LOL!) The more loved up these two are in public the nastier the comments get. Yet, they SWEAR it has nothing to do with jealousy or envy.

They wish they had a man that would pay them HALF the attention that Brad gives Angie.

Even though SS has Squiggy, they STILL are not satisfied.. Oye!

LIke that solution is going to last. Ha! Kids are smart you know?

Lovely lovely Family.

YAYAYY, Love them.


Not sure what your smoking but you really don’t believe that drivel do you? Angelina and Brad avoid not being seen, they are the MOST WANTED PEOPLE, They will be found. They camp outside, hide in trees and have people follow them because they sell and fans like us love to see them.

WanderSLUT @ 01/30/2012 at 6:16 pm

Just Jared, I don’t know why you cover their SAG awards topic with this one? We Jolie-Pitt fans knew this pictures happened Saturday before the SAG awards. Let me guess, that someone is telling you to change the topic of this site because somebody doesn’t want to read the fans’ comments about Brad and Angie’s PDA during the award that it will over power to somebody’s supposed to be their award outing. Just Jared there’s no reason to change the topic because this is too late, you are one day late. Huvane must really pushed you to do it ha? unbelievable how Old Granny Ticky’s money works. Old Granny Ticky’s PR is really disgusting.

hhmhmhmh better late than never ,eh .jared.hehehe


agree 100% WHY???

This is an old news, it happened before the SAG awards. Lovely family

Let’s hope Oscar doesn’t invite Maniston as a presenter, we don’t wanna see another nerve breakdown from that freak. I almost felt sorry for Maniston last time, ALMOST,

Shiloh loves her thumb!!! ehehehe she’s cute, but she’s almost 6…
i love this little girl!

bizzy bee @ 01/30/2012 at 6:45 pm

Love how Angie’s putting the squeeze on her main squeeze, you go girl! Take charge. I’m going to learn to do the same. ;)

The biggest award still to come, JP fans. Whether he wins or not, he’s been fabulous this year, he and his babe. To the poster who said Brad used to be a bit timid, it’s because his head was full of smoke. Not anymore, he’s strong and showing all the potential he had all along, with his honey by his side.

To skip it, a big bravo to you!
Bringing this from the last thread*

Brad will tape Inside the Actors Studio tomorrow.

bizzy bee @ 01/30/2012 at 6:51 pm

Jen, you’re so right. I can almost hear them saying, “Mom, dad, when will you be home?”

Kids say the darnedest things. Everyone who contributed to the last thread, thanks. It was fun and I’m looking forward to more! Hopefully with cogan’s trail and WWZ we will do this all over again next year.

Melissa B @ 01/30/2012 at 7:08 pm

Stop pointing out age Jared.

Pity…always hunted by papparazzi..

remember all those fake blind items about angie’s drug use………….. ………..truth be told demi moore heather lockleer are the reality in hollywood…………………angie haters are so sad

There are NOT a LOT of people who hate this couple Stacie. Please do not perpetuate that myth.
There are one or two Trolls who come to this thread and change their names over and over pretending to be many different haters.
There are far more fans of the JoliePitts than haters.
This is a very lovely couple with a beautiful family. Only a person full of hate and bitterness could find a reason to not love them.

tweet trivia @ 01/30/2012 at 7:39 pm

ScottFeinberg Dujardin would become only 4th Cannes best actor winner to win for same perf at Oscars. The others: Ray Milland, Jon Voight, & William Hurt.

Passing Through @ 01/30/2012 at 7:40 pm

OT -
Alec Baldwin’s 16 year-old daughter. Six. Teen. I’ve seen younger-looking 40 year-olds…and no, that was NOT a crack at Ticky…

Brangelina fans are so obsessed with Jennifer Aniston, why would you bring her name up in this thread? I don´t get it. I rarely make any comments on Aniston/Brangie threads since I’m not a HUGE fan of either, but everytime I read yours, I usually end up laughing.. I’m not saying jennifer fans are never rude, but it’s usually brangie fans who never seem to stop insulting jen even if the thread is not about her….for instance, in this thread there hasn’t been one harmful post form an aniston fan and still, you are already insulting her! Get over it!! It’s been 7 years!!!

Lovely family btw

i’m sorry but the twins look like they have a case of the downs

buhbuhbuh @ 01/30/2012 at 8:13 pm

knox looks as alert as ever

poor Shiloh


Yeah, me too. Not to mention the trolls are losing ther ****, attacking brangelia’s babies, because middleaged hoffman-iston is now menopausal. Surprise surprise. Didn’t I tell you that the more time goes by, the longer maniston is childless and single, the angrier and scarier these hagulas will get….that bio clock is just about to tick OUT, and they’re beyond help…listen to them…I’m glad Brange and fan have security.

Appletini @ 01/30/2012 at 8:24 pm

I don’t blame them for clicking their names. It’s absolutely disgusting all the mean & vile things that have been written about them. And one day the kids will see all those hateful things said about them and their wonderful parents.

After looking at the pics of Angie & Tilda Swinton chatting at the SAG’s, I realized that maybe Tilda was the inspiration for Shiloh’s new haircut, lol! It wouldn’t be the first time a kid wanted a haircut just like someone they knew or was famous. :)

Appletini @ 01/30/2012 at 8:28 pm


* blocking their names. Grrr, stupid auto correct!

Re the Baldwin kid. Too bad she’s more billy Baldwin, than Kim basinger. She has no lips. I’d be so pisss’d if basingers my mom, and I didn’t get those plump juicy lips of hers. She was the big lipped white actress when angie was but a twinkle. I see Lip augmentation coming in 5…4…3…2..for the kid. …look how she’s pursing them trying to make them look fuller.

no, everybody does NOT love them.
so sick of them. enough already.

Millions of people love this family get over your nastiness and go back to mannys thread if you like her so much.

@Passing Through:
Passing Through, I had the same thought. But then I thought, maybe I am looking at the wrong girl as his daughter, but then both females look older than 16.
Is the one in the middle the daughter? I am thinking….coloring, etc., I just don’t know. Could it be the one in the white dress?
Help…….this is a conundrum.

sweetness @ 01/30/2012 at 8:45 pm

Wow, Angie’s one hot mamma…with the cutest kids! Brad’s a lucky man.

Love, love this family. Knox is so handsome.

I refuse to let trolls overrun this thread. We should not let them run anyone off.

By the way I refuse to go to X17, I always get so many viruses!

vickifromtexas @ 01/30/2012 at 8:52 pm

chase @ 01/30/2012 at 8:35 pm
your butt is here so you aren’t too sick of them.

fanistons in agony…hehehe lovin it!!!

I have been loving this award season because i get to see them a lot. I was just thinking when when it’s over we probably won’t see much of them. I’ll miss that.

Just a reminder brad is on the daily show on Wednesday.

The JoliePitt children are adorable and beautiful and I could not get over how in so many of Brad’s pictures at the SAG Awards I could see Knox’s and Shiloh’s faces.
Brad must experience great joy when he looks into the beautiful faces of his three mini-mes.
He also seems to love hanging with his Pax and Zee. Maddox, I think has friends of his own that he is running with at this stage of the game. Maddox, I also think prefers to be away from the never ending pesky razzis.
I am so happy for Brad that he and Angelina have created their beautiful family together. May they have many more bio children. The world needs more beautiful JoliePitts.

Just looked up on UTube what they went to see really cute, I bet the whole family liked it.

what if they google skeletina,or husband stealer

Shi wants a neckbeard

Only you ignorant ****** would look up husband stealer or weight watchers. Grow up and go compliment jennay on her ummmm… haven’t figured it out yet but I’m sure you’ll think of something.

lol…i know…i know the re.ta.rded maniston and her bf handjob wer too busy watchin the PDA”s from the JPs last nite.cute!

o.t wtf!!!

JLO? an oscar presentor?@#@##!

i want anjie.

I think Shiloh looks almost exactly like Angelina Jolie did when she was a little kid (except she makes a lot of the same facial expressions Brad Pitt does and seems to have his eyebrows, too).

well the reality is that is super human as these two seem to be, they are actually human. And they have to have some limit to their energy level! they finally look tired. Angie is definately pregnant- and I just don’t know when they ever get to rest. I guess that they have enough left over to add a new baby? It seems a bit much to me- like perhaps they are doing too much.

WanderSLUT @ 01/30/2012 at 9:23 pm

Just Jared, in behalf of all Jolie-Pitt fans, I suggests that if you can put their SAG award PDAs. These are lovely pictures of them but why putting it now when you did not put it on that day when it happened. Last Saturday, you still put the old topic, you change it until the SAG award came. Oh! that’s right, last Saturday, Old Granny Ticky and her paid Gigolo came out from the cave. If this pictures came out on your site last Saturday, no one will pay attention to Old Granny Ticky and her paid Gigolo. I can see your point Just Jared. Look at the difference of Old Granny Ticky and her paid Gigolo’s award night topic, the comments are not even half of what Brad and Angie’s SAG award topic even though Old Granny Ticky and her paid Gigolo award topic was one day older than Brad and Angie’s SAG award topic. It is so obvious Just Jared that Stephanie Huvane was dialing you really fast, Old Granny Ticky must be crying from jealousy that Brad and Angie stole her thunder. Stephanie Huvane and Old Granny Ticky really good on playing dirty, they are DISGUSTING piece of cr*p.

I disagree. I hope ss shows up at the Oscars as a presenter – with her gigolo. You know she’s gonna be coked up or whatever she consumes to calm herself because ss knows that that she has NO PLACE at the 2012 oscars anymore than she had a place at the 2010(?) oscars. That’s she’s entirely expendable at the oscars and the only reason why she’s been invited is because Huvsy bought her a place at the oscars. And the only reason why the place was for sale in the first place was because the oscar producers wanted to exploit the Brad, Angelina and ss drama now into its 7th year. That’s all.

There are pictures of her drinking wine at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, so I doubt she’s pregnant. And how are they doing too much? Jolie has not worked since she directed ITLOBAH — apart from award shows and industry events (which often seem to be on the weekend) — I know a lot of parents who would kill for the amount of time she gets to spend with her children. It is always amusing when people try to mask their criticism with concern.

My comment was directed at #63, by the way.

BTW, slightly off topic but I just saw a photo of Linda Gray from Dallas. Wow! she looks amazing. And she does NOT look like she’s had loads of work done to her face. There are sags where sags should be, but she does look good for a 62 year old woman.

vickifromtexas @ 01/30/2012 at 9:35 pm

lylian @ 01/30/2012 at 9:30 pm
i noticed that about linda gray as well. she looks great. she doesn’t have that “cat” face.

@Passing Through: @Jen:
I hadn’t given the picture a thought when I first saw it until you pointed out that Ireland is 16 years old! LOL! She looks way older.
But you know, to be fair, that’s how these 16 year olds dress up for the prom these days.

@chase @ 01/30/2012 at 8:35 pm

no, everybody does NOT love them.
so sick of them. enough already.
then why are you here?

? @ 01/30/2012 at 8:58 pm

what if you were a good little troll and went away for good?

WanderSLUT @ 01/30/2012 at 9:44 pm

See Just Jared, I can smell that Stephanie Huvane is behind this topic. Those first few comments are not really from Brad and Angie fans. It’s just made up fans just to divert the real Jolie-Pitt fans from talking about their PDAs at SAG award. Hmmm, if this is the case, I rather go back to comment on the old topic, The SAG Award. I understand that the purpose of putting this topic is to not overshadow Brad and Angie’s SAG award topic over Old Granny Ticky cause as we all know, Ticky really loves it when her number of comments are higher than Brad and Angie. To all Jolie-Pitt fans, see you on the previous topic, the SAG PDAs.

On the JP PDA photos at the SAG:
What I notice is the naturally intimate way in which the JP’s move into and out of one another’s physical space. Angie reaches over to lay her hand on Brad’s leg. He leans over to talk to Tilda but has his hand on Angie’s shoulder and his chin on her upper arm. They connect physically frequently. They draw apart to chat with some one or because their attention is taken up by something else. Then they return to each other physical space and reestablish their connection.
This is really normal and natural behaviour. It’s what people who are love each other and find each other attractive do.
You can’t fake or plan out or force out this sort of physical intimacy. It’s unconscious. If they were consciously touching it other, you’d pick up the unnaturalness of it. What makes the JP’s sexy isn’t the physical contact, but the natural intimacy in their contact.

I think Knox is the most beautiful little boy ever! =) Brad & Angie are lucky parents!

Grrr Jared! You bought grainy pics of Brad and Angie. Waste of money.

lisalouise @ 01/30/2012 at 9:51 pm

@Kathy: Are you serious????? Who sold their baby pictures to the press? Who calls the press for every outing with the kids? Ever ask yourself how the press find them every day with the security they hire? Who talks about their private life constantly in every interview???????? sheesh! This is exactly the life these two wish to have…unfortunately, they didn’t ask the kids what they wanted.

Better hang on @ 01/30/2012 at 9:55 pm

@bizzy bee: “squeeze”? You mean death grip. She knows she no longer has his undivided attention. He looks bored with her lately. You can only take so much after all and she’s a loon.

dunno wer z the re.ta.rded Maniston’s soul …she ruined a 14 yr old relation….tsk,tsk.tsk.

and,and, the batman theroux got only a couple of dollar on his pocket got blindsided by her millions… der goes the squirrel!GRAB!baby.

@anustin: Fing please. Justin didn’t marry that girl for the same reasons Brad doesn’t marry angiholina…. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free;)

nyahahahaha…..the faniston agonizing lol the SAG’s PDA.”per brad…it means so much to me.

PDA ? Is that what you call what was photographed of brange? Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was her desperate for him to even look at her! Haha! You could make ice with these two, no fire there anymore.

re.tarded Maniston hates her momma,da woman who spit out her azz in this universe! unbelievable!!!!!she is the liftover of all the re.tar.ded.honest.

love nancy aniston…the woman is divine! screammin da whole world….”my daughter is not beautiful!!!!! heheehe….i got nose bleed!lol

@anustin #61 – I saw it on ET jlow is a presenter. I couldn’t believe it – I can’t stand her. I want Angie to present.

i also love the THEROUXNISTONS pda’s like he was holding the umbrella while fuggy got all the rained …heheheeh.sigh!

an opinion @ 01/30/2012 at 10:23 pm

Well Justin is getting the milk, house, pr, a step up from F list for Free. Well I take that back according to Brad, Vince and John Mayer you give your hope for a happy fun life away to live with Ticky.

Love Angie and her man they look fabulous together. Last thing on Mr. Pitt’s mind is his ole failed marriage. Hushh now, ya sillies a man can’t stay with a woman like Ticky out of pity..
And Then Along Came Angie and Brad chased her All Over The World and Back.:) Ya Know..Love Like Theirs Only Comes But Once In A Lfietime.. MAUUH..

oh my azz will vote for the re.ta.rded Maniston for dat “who wore it better.. i know fuggy is stalkin all anjie attire so i’ll hand my vote to the needy.

but,but Maniston’s milk are rotten!!!!!l even her uterus s’ rotten!

i understand Maniston got an itchy vaj.daz why she needs to grab miss bivens private “peeniot” heheheeh.cute!

vickifromtexas @ 01/30/2012 at 10:46 pm

what a ridiculous thing to say. if he was just looking for “milk” , he must have been quite pleased. you are aware they have six children together. they are together all of the time with minimum trips apart. they are so in love and smitten, it is written all over their faces. now he did previously buy the cow and he returned that bovine posthaste.

In case anyone is interested, Moneyball just surpassed The Rookie (by about $6k) to become the #2 baseball film of all time. Number 1 being A League of Their Own. Baseball films typically don’t do well in the marketplace, so this is indeed an achievement!

i remember Maniston on Ellen screammin on the top of her lungz about “mayer…..bwahahahahaha. the next day…..boom!


Anustin you are cracking’ my shizz up tonight!!! LOLOLOLOL

Passing Through @ 01/30/2012 at 10:53 pm

OT -
Okay…this has been bugging me for a few days now. On Saturday when we saw those pix of Ticky at the DGAs I kept thinking that aside from stalking Angie and stealing her Salt premiere dress that she’s stalked the shoes from someone at the previous week’s GG show. It finally dawned on me who it was – Charlize Theron. I think she needs to fire her 2 stylists. All they ever do is Call Valentino or stalk better actresses…

Jen the HAG @ 01/30/2012 at 10:58 pm

JCali129 @ 01/30/2012 at 10:12 pm

guess you are manless and only paid somebody to be your BF just like your idol maniston… have you look at your idol’s PDA .. Justin look embarrassed everytime HAGISTON try to touch him… that’s why when they supposed to share umbrella Justin just have it himself.. justin even walk ahead of her and does not even try to open doors for her .. now that was cold!! bwaahhahah

sexiest couple out there! and cutest family

WanderSLUT @ 01/30/2012 at 11:12 pm

@JCali129: Ha!Ha!Ha! Jealous B*tch? Too much PDA of Brad and Angie at the SAG award? You cannot take it anymore? Is that why you dialed Just Jared to change the topic? You called their PDA desperate? when you see their pictures all over the web? On the other hand, Old Granny Ticky and her paid Gigolo’s so called PDA @ DGA has ZERO proof. Ticky and the Gigolo’s so called PDA was coming from one source, it’s you Stephie Huvane. But don’t worry, I got what you are trying to plan. By the end of the Gigolo’s contract, you will tell the media that Ticky and the Gigolo are just best friends, that Ticky was just nice to offer him to stay with her while he is looking for job and a house to stay in and that according to the source. So who do you think the people will believe? Is it the” according to the source “or the pictures and videos all over the web? So Huvane, don’t underestimate the people because most people are not dumb like Ticky’s fans. Got it?

I agree with you Sammy. Knox is very beautiful little boy.

Anustin, you ROCK baby! Hahahahahahahah
Nothing compares to Aniston’s PDA with her bought and paid for gigolo.
She is spending all that money on him and he won’t even hold the umbrella over her head………
Maybe he thinks she needs a good washing and is letting the rain do it for her.
Well, she is getting exactly what she paid for.

Jennipoo is a sight in that little black dress
Her desperation beyond her ability to suppress
This stuck in the 90’s Raggedy Ann
Trailing after her little store bought man
The Old girl is looking hard about the face
Trying to keep that smile in place
She knows her time has come to an end
can’t count on tomorrow or what might have been
Oh, she’s earned a measure of wealth and fame
But her bitterness has made her life fair-game
The spook ridiculed throughout the years
Never deserving of our pity or our tears
Kicked to the curb, forever exed
And now she’s like one deeply perplexed
Feeling abandoned, she should feel shame
But, Jennipoo will never share any blame
The Queen of malice and hostilities
She lies down with dogs and fatted fleas
This soulless product of her own making
One who has spent a lifetime of faking
She snuggles close the wounds from the past,
The slings and arrows that seem to last
Disappointment and pain are a common affair
But she clings to them as one unaware
Poo never got to that place where adults live
Those who faced adversities and learn to forgive
The ones who have strength, deep to the core
Taking on their problems, meeting life full bore
So, this woman, who wants to remain a girl
Ought to give compassion and honesty a whirl
‘Cause she’ll always carry those insecurities
Living for self, with no one else to please
But, don’t go holding your breath
This leech will cling ‘til her mortal death
wanting a fantasy, her slippery slope
Falling into Wonderland, never learning to cope

Brad and Angelina have pictures of them when they were younger that may not be good for their kids to see. Angelina was nude in several movies and Brad was in Thelma and Louise. heheehe… it’s not always good to let your kids see those until they are older, wiser and can understand.

Just noticed at the SAG Awards Brad and Anelina’s physiques are very similar.

They both have beautiful broad shoulders, elegant chests, tiny waists and perfect posture. They are both long in the torso and very slender from their hips all the way down.
No wonder their clothes always look perfect on them. They look like super models without even trying.
Gorgeous couple.

anybody see Nightline tonight? My online tv guide said Jonah Hill was on- i hope we can catch it online.

Jen- good observation…they also both have the tiniest bit of a bubble butt, esp Brad. No flat bottoms for those 2!

I saw it…Jonah was soooooo great. He lives him some brad. First thing he does, he told the nightline reporter, that brad gave him the watch he’s wearing, and that he engraved it on the inside, he takes it off and has the guy read it…it says:

Bahahaha! Brad is sooo funny. He loves Jonah too. Awwww.

Oh my analysis of maniston’s psychosis is on the last thread, next to the last page. Happy reading. Lolol

Thanks, Clini – sounds cute!

why does everyone have to bring aniston into these discussions….let’s drop it and just concentrate on the love for pitt and jolie!

Tut tut! what a little prude you are! Let me guess. You’ve never seen your parents naked. Your children if you have any have never seen you naked.
And your husband and you have sex-ual inter-course in the dark, under the covers, with your nighty pulled up over your head and your panties down at your ankles. YOur husband doesn’t bother to remove his pyjamas.
The entire dirty business of sex between you and your husband begins without any fore play (do you know what it is sweetie?) and ends in a grunt of his premature ejaculation less than a minute after insertion into your errrr, canal.
Meanwhile, you are irresistibly drawn to images of Brad and Angelina and spend your tim w@nking over them, hopping from site to site, changing your moniker, posting garbage.
Poor you!

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 12:49 am

# 47 Jen @ 01/30/2012 at 8:41 pm
Jen -
Yes, Ireland Baldwin was the blond in the middle. The dark-haired girl is Alec Baldwins 26 year-old girlfriend. He’s 53. It’s his turn to be an idiot. I REALLY don’t understand girls who date/sleep with/marry men old enough to be their fathers. I didn’t understand it at 26 and I don’t understand it now that I’m considerably older than 26. Fvcking flabby, balding guys with wrinkly skin and wrinkly dangling bits grossed me out then and it ain’t doin’ much for me now either. My threshold of gag-inducing things I’ll do for money is obviously a lot more limited than some women…

I made the mistake of going on DailyMail website, and boy those hags are some vicious lost souls. One troll had the nerve to call Angie ugly. I was gonna post a comment but decided against it, sometimes you just have to ignore ignorance. Anyways they both look beautiful at the SAG. I love Angie’s dress, not a lot of women can pull off wearing that material. That face is just gorgeous, gorgeous.

A bit disappointed with Angie for the first time. Why doesn’t she want to marry Braaad?????

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 1:00 am

# 61 anustin @ 01/30/2012 at 9:10 pm
o.t wtf!!!

JLO? an oscar presentor?@#@##!

i want anjie.
Eh…they let Ticky present so we should have known JLo wasn’t far behind. Most of the real stars don’t want to present so they have to resort to letting the riff-raff do it. The same year they had Ticky they the High School Musical kids and the TwiHards because they were trying to appeal to a younger crowd. This year they’re just trying to book anybody who’s currently making noise in the gossip columns and tabs…so expect Ticky to be back. Maybe they’ll sit JLo and BoyToy next to Ticky and SkinnyJeans. They can bond over the orangish glows of their spray-on tans “whilst” (in my best Madge voice) Squiggy and BoyToy discuss the best places in NYC to buy skinny jeans and combat boots…

David Letterman is pissed on his show today that Brad is not on his show but will be on Jon Stewart show. It is funny, it is same as he was pissed about Oprah not on his show.

Starts at 1:47, Brad talked about his comments of marriage, he didn’t retract what he said before, but he still supported marriage equality for everyone, he said they are holding out but kids are pushing them.

I love Jon Stewart! I’m sure he’ll ask brad about Angie.

Just Sayin @ 01/31/2012 at 1:20 am

When Brad starts talking about marriage, people automatically assume he gonna give Angie a ring the next day. It is hilarious. IMO if their kids keep pressing them, they may tie the knot by this year.

I read it, Cliniqua.
As I said over there, I think this explains WHY Aniston has been in therapy for the last 20+ years.

@Passing Through:
Passing Through, the girl in the middle looks as old as the dark haired girl friend.
And I agree! What is it with these old, aging, wrinkled and wrinkling geezers that they want to force themselves on these young girls?
Alec could pass for her young grandfather.
I guess Alec has stocked up on that drug that helps him get it up and the young girl is being well taken care of financially so all is right in his sick, fantasy world. Never mind she is probably laughing behind his back waiting for her real prince charming to come along. And what better place to meet her prince than in Hollyweird. Ugh!!!
Thanks for the clarification. I was truly stumped.

You are right!!!
How could I have missed that item. They have beautiful bums.
I think Brad’s hands, always being in the “default” position, have helped contour Angie’s pretty bottom so that it fits perfectly in the palm of his hand. They are too cute.

Angie never said she does not want to marry Brad.
Here is what she said to People when they asked her about “ring talk.”
“I think anything that is said tends to be blown out of proportion,” said Jolie.
And Brad added, “just a little”

Here is the link so you can view it for yourself.
I don’t think Angie even knows what Brad said completely in his original interview w THR and CBS News, because he quickly interjected that it was his fault and tried to explain what he was trying to say to Angie but he did not get a chance to due to time constraints of the interview.
The same thing happened when Brad tried to explain what he said about marriage to Angelina during their CNN interview. He did not get to explain everything.
I think Angelina gave the perfect response when CNN asked her if there is the possiblity of them tying the knot.
She said, she “did not think this is the moment to discuss it but thank you for asking. ”
I thought she handled the question wisely and diplomatically because she did not really know what the FULL conversation was about.
And she is right. Marriage is something she and Brad will need to discuss in private. No one should be asked to give a quick answer during a 2 minute interview.
Brad did say, however “Everything is a possibility!”

Interviews @ 01/31/2012 at 2:52 am

I like you Jen, and you’re a great fan, but I am interpreting the interviews completely differently. Brad was very laid back and said on the CNN interview “anything is possible”. Angie was much more unwilling to talk about the topic, and brad apologized to Angie in two different interviews CNN and The people mag interview about having made it an issue. It’s clear from their body language and Brads comments, he’s much more open to it than Angie. And that’s fine if it’s their decision. I assumed brad was the reason they didn’t marry, but his recent comments and interviews seem to show he seeme more laid back and open to the idea and sweet about it too. Either way. Love this couple married or not.

Just Sayin @ 01/31/2012 at 1:20 am

Thumb up Thumb down +6

When Brad starts talking about marriage, people automatically assume he gonna give Angie a ring the next day. It is hilarious. IMO if their kids keep pressing them, they may tie the knot by this year.
I agree with you. I am glad Brad didn’t retract his comments coz you know some fake fans would jump down his throat.

I say Brad should be careful what he says in the future because what he says will be blown out of proportion for sure. Like what he said about retirement, marriage and his knee injury, everyone had different interpretation of them and they run with what they interpreted to the media.

When you consider the number of interviews that Brad and Angelina do, an occasional slip up is surely allowable. Especially when you consider that some of the slip ups has less to do with what Brad or Angelina might have said, but what was edited or left out in the reporting.
For a start, the tone of voice and facial expressions when the statement is made. A statement made with a smile or a laugh or chuckle, does not carry the same meaning as a statement made with a frown or in deep serious tones. Tone of voice is never communicated in an interview.
So, it’s difficult to communicate sarcasm or irony or even just straight forward humour into a response which is going to reported in a stilted publication format. A good reporter will take note of the tone of voice or facial expression of the speaker. But how many good reporters are there? Very few. Most are there to try and be sensational and “scoop” a story.

OMW!!!!! Y does J Aniston have to be mentioned in every single thread everytime!!! Get over it ppl, its been 7freaking years wish all you JP and Aniston fans wud move on already……..


Yes he said… I’m in love with their mama.

I for one will be glad when all this is over. Brad and Angie have to deal with too many crazy people.. none fans and fans in some cases. Every world is looked at and picked apart. It has gotten completely out of hand. They say one thing and it becomes a story on every site. And then you hear the none fans screaming how tired they are of them, yet the first to jump on every syllable that comes out of their mouths. A few more weeks.I can imagine they are tired of it all too.

Better hang on @ 01/31/2012 at 6:31 am

@Casi: Maybe Brad should just shut up for awhile? The reason they have to “put up with so much” is their own fault.

@Jen: Yeah your sure are right there! Ange is built just like a man! LMAO!!!

@Casi: Good morning fans. Casi, it does not matter what Brad say, pro or con, someone will always take his words out of context . Angie knows the game people plays. If he listen to the white noise he nor Angie will never utter another word in public. Brad did not back down because he is telling the truth. Also, love that they are showing affection towards each other more and more. Let the naysayers suck on a lemon.

anyone notice that all the other sites have comments complaining about angie’s weight again? they are paid posters hired by huvane to distract from ticky’s weight gain.
personally, i think her thick middle is actually just padding to keep the pregnany rumors around. and she purposely has been working out less.


Please stop all the Huvane talk.. are there paid posters yes. Why? to help magazines with their upcoming magazine cover.

But man the fans really need to stop acting as if the ONE man has that kind of power. There is hate because some fools are still pissed that Angie is popular and has Brad.And most importantly they are still talked about and sought after.. regardless of the rumors for 7 years.

Nothing to do with Huvane. Some of the fans have elevated this man to some Godlike statue. Really if he was that powerful his clients would not be scrambling for work. Look at his client list, None of them are doing that great.

Stop giving this man power he doesn’t have. He nor the haters have been able to hurt Brad or Angie..

It is really silly to keep thinking that every negative story about Angie or Brad is his doing.

Candi @ 01/31/2012 at 7:07 am
when did they stop? lol
there’s always someone complaining
about angelinas weight
nd they r usually fat
or have more weight than they should
it’s not just about angelina
but anyone that is skinny
we live in a fat world
full of insecure women

Caribbean @ 01/31/2012 at 7:21 am

Whether she is fat or skinny Brad is always all over her.
Whatever she wears Brad looks at her at if she is the very best.
That is what is killing most people!!!
What she wears this week, we will see others copying it next week.
She wore lace last week, this week it is big on the carpet … and that is just 1 example.
Love AJ
You look fab, lovely back, not excess skin hanging anywhere.

Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill will be on Today, NBC tomorrow morning live.

Get a life. Your comment is pathetic.

Knox looks so much like Angelina. Angie and Brad have beautiful family

Josephina @ 01/31/2012 at 8:35 am



I have a very full life. Have never had anything less than a full life. And this is why I can appreciate Brad and Anige’s lifetyle and lifestyle choices.

They are an adventurous couple with a big family and lots of love. They are very accomplished and loved WORLDWIDE.

Unfortunately, because they have been blessed by SO MUCH, they are many who have much less, including you, such that trolls like you believe that “something stinks in Denmark” and spend every futile opportunity to “knock ‘em down to size.”

There are not many people on Brad and Angie’s level. They are very gracious and giving and are a united front. Love is a beautiful thing and they have it. The level of adoration and respect that they receive burns you up inside.

But go ahead and keep on hatin’ since there is nothing else inside of you to give.

Chef Boyardina @ 01/31/2012 at 8:55 am

Celebrity worship may involve empathy with a celebrity’s failures and successes, obsessions with the details of a celebrity’s life, and over-identification with the celebrity.
What impact does celebrity worship have on mental health?
Intense personal celebrity worship is associated with:
Social Dysfunction
Low life satisfaction

Hello all !!!!!!!!!!!! Waving to all fans. Brad and Angelina are on the cover of New York magazine.

Brad will be on the Today show tomorrow live to discuss Moneyball Oscar nom. Jonah will join him.

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 9:44 am

# 127 Casi @ 01/31/2012 at 3:17 am
That’s true of BOTH of them. No matter what either of them says the media is going to turn it into a circus. Look at how they carried on every time Angie has said she wants to make fewer films and be home more. Or how she said after adopting Pax that she was going to be a full-time mother for a little while until Pax had adjusted. When she signed on to do Wanted and Changeling the media carried on like she brought Pax home, dropped him with the nanny and went right back out of the door. She was there “full-time” for 6 weeks and later said Pax adjusted a lot more quickly than they’d hoped for – but the fact that she wasn’t sitting home watching Pax’s every move was turned into the worst mothering ever. And let’s not even get into how badly they exploited comments made by interviewers that Angie agreed with and were turned into, “Angie said __________! What do you think about that? He’s the poll number…” – see: “Yeah, a blob!” and when asked if she’d meet with Ticky, “That would be her decision…”
I could go on and on. I think it’s pretty clear that they not only don’t read their own interviews – they don’t read each other’s interviews. The point is – they BOTH know how the game is played and they BOTH say things that the media blows out of proportion for the sake of a sound bite, website hits, ratings and magazine sales. They didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. They know when they’re interviewed the next time, especially on the RC, they’re going to be asked about stuff they said in previous interviews. As the saying goes, “This ain’t their first rodeo.” It’s SOME of the fans who are still incredibly naive to the way the process works and get all finger-pointy. As you can tell from all the kissing and carrying on inside the event – Angie was clearly all torn up about it and giving Brad “the business”. NOT!

@Chef Boyardina: Intense personal celebrity worship is different from being a fan of a celebrity. A fan is interested in a celebrity for fun, like a fan of a sports team. Intense personal celebrity worship says it all. When you are intense about worshiping or hating on anything is taking it to the extreme ,which is never good. Those trolls who never stop hating on Angelina and Brad and constantly stalking them are taking their dislike to the extreme. So haters check yourselves.

whoreANISTON @ 01/31/2012 at 10:03 am

aniston IS A ******

Loved the SAG look and I love their outfits here too. One hot mama! There is simply no comparison to this couple.. . . . .

JPs So Gorgeous @ 01/31/2012 at 10:22 am

silly US Weekly, but congruent with what has been said for YEARS- JPs make even other celebrities awestruck w/ their beauty…yet another reason why trolls & trollish media SO MEAN and jealous:

Chord Overstreet met Brad Pitt, his idol, and was ecstatic about it!” a source from inside the event tells Us Weekly. “People literally stopped in their tracks as Brad and [Angelina Jolie] walked by — you could overhear other celebrities talking about how beautiful and handsome they were.”

Read more:

Has To Hurt @ 01/31/2012 at 10:25 am

Jen and Justin look and act younger than Brad and Angie.

Well of course dear, Jen & Justin are in high school. The way they dress is so emo! lol

Brad and Angie make gorgeous children. I can’t believe how much Knox looks like Angie there is a lot of Pitt on him but i still see more Jolie then Pitt. He has her eyes, high forehead, and full lips. Shiloh is Brad’s mini-me and so is Vivi. I mean if you see pics of Angelina as a child Knox is the spitting image.

- take emo over rotting corpse

Jen is DESPERATE @ 01/31/2012 at 10:39 am

Everytime I see jennay I think back to all those older teachers sleeping with her younger students. How desperate but that’s the impression I always get.

Sweet photos, just love all the Jolie-Pitts, and love to see more & more pics of them.

Start NOW Shi @ 01/31/2012 at 10:41 am

Chaz is saving up

How rude, you think Jen & Justin are rotting corpse? So they’re joining Michael Douglas then?

At 5 years old, Shi can buy & sell you troll.

lame as usual

and you too
chamber maid wfb
now get them skid marks in the terlet
extry good

Oh is that your job? Sadly that’s not mine. I earn real moolah as a CPA. Sorry! Brad & Angie, attracts accomplished fans if I say so myself. lol

@Paige – I think Shiloh looks like Angie especially in that picture. They are so beautiful. I really love this family -they are all special

Love to all the Jolie-Pitts

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 11:28 am

# 132 busted @ 01/31/2012 at 5:52 am
ITA – this needs to be over soon. Unfortunately there’s still almost a month to go. Brad’s right when he says they need to do this like the 24 hours of Le Mans – all in one weekend and get it over with. Maybe that way by the time the Oscars come around people will still care and actually watch the show…

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 11:38 am

# 137 busted @ 01/31/2012 at 7:18 am
Once again – ITA about Huvsy. We know that he makes an effort to keep up with what the biggest bloggers are doing because he’s already shown that hand to Perez. Where I disagree is that he’s buying the cooperation of every blogger on the entire web. One, he doesn’t have that kind of power; and two, he doesn’t have that kind of jack and neither does Ticky. Does he attempt to influence them and sway what they write? I’m sure he does (once again, he’s shown his hand once), but even if he has paid trolls and interns doing his dirty work there’s a limit to his resources and the amount of time that can be dedicated to just Ticky. He DOES have other clients and people like Putrid are used to having him jump when they want him to. I may mock his influence over Jared and some of the other sites but I don’t buy into the theory that he has unlimited power any more than I buy into the theory that CAA is behind a conspiracy to ruin Angie’s life and name. Especially not after all this time when it’s more than clear that Brad ain’t going anywhere, Ticky’s a skinny jean walkin’ fool and “The Golden Couple” has been replaced by “The Platinum Couple”/”King and Queen of Hollywood.” Ticky’s lost not just the battle but the war. It’s been over with for years now. The only people who don’t acknowledge that are Ticky and her online hens. Even Huvsy knows it’s a lost cause and all he can do is spend time polishing her image so she doesn’t always look like a complete tool.

If ppl don’t like the jolie pitts why not go to a thread where you like the person or ppl so you can enjoy the company around you? DUH!

Angelina Jolie is not called uniquely beautiful b/c she is not good looking.
That just makes sense no mater what your IQ.

Ticky is constant;y being defended for her plain jane looks even with all of her plastic surgury b/c other ppl feel sorry for her. Be honest Ticky’s own mother told her she was ugly when she was a kid so all of these other fug women or ppl who go for the underdog jumped in and said hey just b/c she is a plain jane doesn’t mean we have to dislike her.
That couldn’t be more true but it would be good to like her movvies that cost money to see whether she is plasticised with bondo or not.

At least with Angie you get to watch a dam good movie and to look at a gorgeous woman all at the same time so your money is not being wasted on pity for the so called star.

Angie started dating Brad when he was separated or thereafter but b/c Ticky couldn’t handle the fact Brad was dating the sexiest most beautiful women in HW after their separation she started a Feel Sorry For The Victim =Me Ticky Anuston in 2005..

It’s now 2012 and the broad who snagged Heidi Bivens hubby of 14 yrs still wants to be compared to Angie.. Why? It’s not like Brad wants her now or back in 2005, he was stuck in a pitiful relationship with a needy woman.
He got out and quietly said I Love My Angie and Will Nver Look Back.
Which he did and end of story.

Now after 7 yrs and 6 kids Brad wants to Marry Angie. They will marry but when and where will only be their business.. All JP Fans get this .

It’s going to be a madhouse full of gossip when Angie is doing an interview next yr and the journalist asks her does she have any idea of when her and Brad are going to tie the knot and Angie smiles with her sweet reply ‘
ohh we already did that,. WHOAAA!! Uhuh..we have been husband and wife for quite some time .
‘ It really doesn’t feel any different with a piece of paper but the kids loved the wedding party especially the cake.

HAHA It’s going to kill the tabs , the ugly gossipers on different sites who will not admit they are full of envy and jealousy over the Brange.

But I say…. SUCK IT UP…Meeeooowwwwwwwww..:):)

@Has To Hurt:

What really hurts is NOBODY CARES..

Casi @ 01/31/2012 at 3:17 am
For either of them, PItt or Jolie, to not have what they say blown out of proportion, they’d have to stop talking entirely. It doesn’t matter what other people make of it, I’d rather have them free to say what they want, rather than have them just start talking without really saying anything, like Aniston
People are going to form their own opinions about what he says. It’s not like if he ‘watches’ what he says, there will be a consensus that everything thereafter will be proved by all. Something that’s problematic to one person, isn’t to another. In other words, he NOR Jolie are going to please everyone and they shouldn’t try. They are hardly responsible how other people, including fans, interpret what they say.

Which star looked better in black? Vote below.
Thank you, we have already counted your vote.
Jen Aniston 72.89%

Angelina Jolie 27.11%

people tae th subject of angelia jolie with a lot of seriousness- it is funny
and hse is pregnant
and they do look tired
deal w it

I like you too, and I am certain, you, too, are a great fan, but as you said – You are interpreting what you saw.
I say – What you can see and hear for yourself needs no interpretation, it needs understanding.
Please, let me repeat –
Never once did Angelina say – nor intimate – in either video, that she did not want to marry Brad –
- and I gave that People video link above (see post #124) so every one can watch it and see what is going on and hear exactly what is being said for themselves.
The CNN Video can be found at A&B+6. Please scroll down to it.
Angelina when asked if she thought there was a possiblity (of them tying the knot) simply and graciously responded with –
“I don’t think this is the moment to discuss it but thank you for asking!”

Everyone can watch the videos for themselves and SEE what is going on and HEAR what is being said by everyone.
No interpretation needed.
And I agree, nevertheless, we still love them both. But I would LOVE to see them get married. :)

Trolls are really scouring the internet to make Ticky happen. Sorry trolls that ship sailed a long time ago.

I LOVE you. :)
Thank you so much for these lovely pictures. Please keep them coming.
I am your Number 1 fan! :)

JP calender @ 01/31/2012 at 12:03 pm

Brad is on Insider the Actors Studio, tomorrow morning, Today Show with Jonah Hill and tomorrow night Jon Stewart Show.

Feb 12 – BAFTAs
Feb13 – Cinema for Peace Gala, Berlin for ITLOBAH
Feb 14 – ITLOBAH Sarajevo premiere

Oh the irony…lol

Ok I follow K. Heigl and here’s a tweet from X’s acting coach dissing her movie..

leigh kilton-smith
ud rather catch the bead of sweat rolling down my plumbers crack than see katherine heigls new movie. sorry kat.!/briefleigh

Looool how about Maniston’s bombs hey Briefleigh?

I just saw Brad’s interview on The Insider.. that quote about Angie was very nice. I don’t recall him saying it so clearly..

“I’m in love with their Mama”

NOW I wonder if the so called fans that run to pounce on him will come out to support that statement. He has been very vocal about his love for her. you can see it in his face. One of the things I just love is how he looks at her in interviews. So attentive and never interrupts. Listens to her talk. and the pride and love on his face is evident. But that won’t be noticed or taken in.

oh well

@PT.. back at you on the Huvane thing. He is as you said trying to keep Jennifer in the eyes of the public as an A lister. But if her fans will notice. Since she is with Squiggy and the triangle angle is not working.. the press is not that concerned about her at all. Even pictures of the two of them are not selling. Another thing.. when Brad and Angie go anywhere the twitter world explodes. Everyone is tweeting about seeing them. I don’t follow Aniston, but I never ever see her fans posting tweets about sightings..

her fans care more about what the JPs are doing. and really can you blame them.. I will rag on her when she or her fans are talking or referring to Brad/Angie.. otherwise not interested in her at all

Is Knox touching Angie’s boob?

I love it!

Looking_Back @ 01/31/2012 at 12:52 pm

I hope comparisons between Angie and Aniston would cease and desist.
They don’t belong in the same category. They don’t belong in the same class. It is so apples and lemons.

Video: Maya Rudolph Likens Meeting Brad and Angelina to “Getting Eaten by a Bear”

Thank you, Brangelina Forum for sharing these lovely pictures of the JoliePitts’ outing on Saturday. The day before the SAG.
I just realized that is Shiloh walking with Brad.

@JP calender:
Thanks for the info

I am so glad to see Brad finally is being free. I hope he will continue to be the same. Because it is the only way to break free. Push push don’t go back to dare I say Brad. Trust me life, women everything but the tabloids, the blogs who run shiit only can’t like this.
Remember people get successful when they are free and get rid of the unnecessarily media negativity on them and be free. Look around from men who make it back you must do that if you want to be happy and this is the only way for you. Don’t over act be genuine and free real.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/31/2012 at 1:31 pm


Thanks for the vid. The haters can say what they want about these two but no one who has met them say anything negative or how ugly, old, tire blah blah blah Brad & Angie are. They all said B&A are gorgeous, super nice, friendly, normal and shock how people they are in person.

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/31/2012 at 1:37 pm

I meant shock how beautiful they are in person.

Oh the irony…lol
Ok I follow K. Heigl and here’s a tweet from X’s acting coach dissing her movie..
leigh kilton-smith
ud rather catch the bead of sweat rolling down my plumbers crack than see katherine heigls new movie. sorry kat.!/briefleigh
Looool how about Maniston’s bombs hey Briefleigh?
OMG Etta, can you believe the nerve of that ugly cow?!! Say what?!! This is the same ish that was stalking a Fake Shiloh account on twitter wasn’t it?? Look how she adds the ‘sorry Kat,’ like she’s pals with Heigl. Ugh, what a gruesome hag that bish of a no talent non-acting coach is. I will bet you 10 to 1 this was a boozy dare from garbage can-dler, as she, Maniston and ‘can’t get leighed even briefly,’ sat around toking, smoking and guzzling, making fun of the much younger, and more beautiful Heigl. If I had to guess, I’d say Heigl just landed a role that Maniston was deemed too old and too played out, and too UNtalented to land. Hahaha.

@ Etta & Cliniqua

That’s funny! I still can’t believe this chick actually admits to being Ticky’s acting coach. Not exactly a crowning achievement since Ticky still can’t act. Her comment about K. Heigl really blows. I’m not exactly a Heigl fan but I’m Team Heigl on this one. Stupid b!itch!

Bahahahahaha!!!! Maya is hysterical. Does anyone ever speak of traniston that way? Hahahah. I’m amazed at the numbers of already HUGE stars, that are simply floored at meeting them, and sooo giddy. But maya had the best story yet. Though Melissa’s reaction was pretty funny also. I LOVE that Brange has seen bridesmaids, and witnessed first hand the sheer skillz those ladies have if only to juxtaposition that real raw amazing talent, with his useless ex. Hahahaha. I bet the Brange was rolling. Another reason that I find it hysterical that Brange saw it, is that anyone can see, that the ‘type’ Kristen Wiig was playing, was a deluded self conscious immature Maniston clone. It was so his ex. He had to have seen that. Diff is, the Wiig character evolves by the end, manny never will.

@ Jaye

Thanks for your Jennipoo poem….they just get better and better!

@Media Wh@re MANiston:
You are very welcome.
What is so amazing is how some of these bloggers can watch a video and then print a comment (supposedly made by the person being interviewed) that was NEVER even stated by that person in the video.
Entertainment Wise watched the same video we all watched and what is their heading for their article? Here it is – Supposedly quoting Angelina –
“Angelina Jolie: I Am Not Marrying Brad – - Angelina Jolie has denied claims that she is set to marry her lover of six years Brad Pitt.”
Angelina NEVER vocalized ANY such words in the video!
How they REINTERPRETED what Angelina actually said in the video –
From: “I think anything said tends to be blown out of proportion.”
Into: “I Am Not Marrying Brad” and denying rumors…etc.
Literally STAGGERS the mind.

See it for yourself at:
Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy journalism.

@JP calender: I thought Brad was taping the Inside Feb 1 it usually airs weeks after taping. Clooney ‘s show was taped 1/9 and is airing today 1/31. As for the Today Show I hope Matt conducts the interview. I’m sick of Anne fawing over Brad it’s very unprofessional. Also I know Anne will focus on personal stuff. I’m suprised there are no pics of Brad @ LAX heading to NYC unless he flew private plane.

Plus Maya is a childhood friend of Gwynth P. and they still socialize so her being in awe of Brad & Angie shows GP doesn’t try to brainwash her friends like ss does.

Disregard my comment about Inside the Actor’s studio taping I misread a post at another site.


It cracks me up that Elisabetta Canalis is dating Steve-O. Steve-O was totally infatuated with Angie. Here’s an old Softpedia article from 2005. Hilarious!


Jackass member Steve-O is copying Angelina Jolie’s tattoos, hoping this will give him the chance to come closer to the actress and maybe to have a romantic relationship with her.

Steve-O, who already has his face tattooed in his back, came up with the idea after he visited the Thai artist who etched a traditional Khmer symbol on the actress’s back.

So now, Steve-O is the proud owner of the Khmer symbol and, since then, he also tattooed Billy Bob on his arm, just like Angelina Jolie had, because she removed it after the couple divorced.

Steve confessed he did all this because he’s hoping to have a chance with beautiful Angelina. He says, “It can’t hurt my chances.”

Ball and chin @ 01/31/2012 at 3:10 pm

@Media Wh@re MANiston: Take your own advice. Aren’t you the one who trash talks Jennifer Aniston, whom you’ve never met?

Dear JP Fans,
Let me state, post #193 is the LAST comment I will make on that subject.
The discussion earlier by some above was how and why things said by Brad and Angelina get “blown out of proportion” sometimes thru no fault of their own.
The sad thing about the Internet is there is no Internet Police or Rules to prevent people from writing things that are not true and misinterpreting articles, etc., or something that someone says that can cause damage to another person’s reputation.
US Weekly is still trying to perpetuate their own LIE on their Site that Angie would not speak to Kiebler at the Palms Springs Awards show despite the FACT that Kiebler herself called their article completely untrue! US Weekly made up the LIE and unfortunately they have the means to keep their own LIE going.
US Weekly is doing this by describing the very happy pictures of Angie with Kiebler and Clooney and Brad at the SAG Awards gala as “awkward.”
Anyone looking at those pictures can see for themselves there is no “awkwardness” between any of those happy people in those pictures. But US Weekly wants to PLANT the idea in everyone’s mind that the pictures themselves are fraudulent and tell you don’t believe what your own eyes are showing you. Believe their LIE instead.
Where is the Internet Police to monitor such brazen lies?
Some of these bloggers and rags count on people not being very smart or perceptive because so many people buy into their lies. So they are very careless when it comes to printing truthfully and accurately especially since there is NO PENALTY for printing Lies.
Just read some of the comments on some of these blogs and see how some readers are completely taken over and brainwashed by the lies they read and actually believe them to be true.
The ability to think critically or even comprehensively and understand what they have just seen or read or heard is quickly overshadowed by their readiness to judge and condemn. Not based on truth but based on lies and innuendoes and their own prejudices and readiness to hate something or someone they don’t understand or just don’t plain like.
Sadly, the art of REAL and truthful and honest communication has been severely damaged by all the uncontrolled traffic of miscommunication and misinformation, disinformation and outright lies on the Internet.
Something has to happen and will happen to turn all this around and make it right.

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 3:27 pm

# 177 JP calender @ 01/31/2012 at 12:03 pm
I think Angie also has a Budapest premiere next week. I would think that the entire family went to NYC with Brad, he’ll go to Boston for that ceremony tomorrow night and then they’ll head to Europe for a few weeks. That’ll give the trolls time to come up with some new material…not that they ever do…

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 3:28 pm

# 178 Etta @ 01/31/2012 at 12:25 pm
ACC’s got a lot of freaking nerve with the crap Ticky puts out. I guess she hasn’t read any of Ticky’s THOUSANDS of bad reviews. Dumb ass biitch.

Jen, no offense…but MY goal, is to avoid bullshite hater articles. Lately, however, I’ve seen them popping up on these threads, all highlighted and linked and neatly spaced, inviting people to click.
Why would we want to do that? That’s more traffic for an ANTI Brange story. That just encourages them to write more of the same.
Not that I’m saying that’s the fans goal. But we all know there are undercover trolls, and blog/rag people here, who want the fans to flood their site. Coming here and teasing us with links that pisss us off, is how they do it.
I would encourage the fans, if they want to rag on an article amongst fans and friends, go right ahead, even tell people where you saw it, so we can know in advance to BOYCOTT that mofo…but don’t, what ever you do, DO NOT LINK. Fck the link chain up at least so it DOES NOT WORK!!

Media Wh@re MANiston @ 01/31/2012 at 3:37 pm

@Ball and chin:

I did take my own advice. I stop bashing MANiston on her thread. This is Brad & Angie thread. I can trash talk the ho as much as I want. If you don’t like it. Go to her thread and stay there. Don’t come here.

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 3:37 pm

# 179 busted @ 01/31/2012 at 12:33 pm
I don’t even have a Twitter account so I have no idea if people Tweet about Ticky or not, but based on the fact that she’s a big ass bore and never does anything or go anywhere interesting…I’m gonna say “no” to the tweets about her. Even if they did they’d all say the same thing, “Just saw Jen Aniston at my derm’s office. Wow…3 nose jobs and it’s STILL humongous! Wonder if it’s too late to get a refund? Oh well…her weave looked FAB-O-LUS though!” or “Just saw Jen Aniston and that guy she stole from another woman buying skinny jeans in Barneys. Man…WTF was HE thinking?” or possibly, “Just saw Jen Aniston waiting for a bikini wax…wish it was Angelina Jolie instead!”

It could be that, that Fishyth doesn’t try to brainwash her pals, but it also could be that Maya has outgrown Fishyth and that they’re not that close anymore. Lolol :)

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 4:01 pm


Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 4:05 pm

# 197 Saffron @ 01/31/2012 at 2:48 pm
Jared’s server has put my comment in moderation 5 times! He needs to fix this crap!
Anyway…all I was going to say is that Steve O is friends with Brad and has been for a long time, so that story about him getting Angie’s tats is hilarious. By the time he did that Angie and Brad had adopted Z and were living together in Brad’s Malibu house. Brad did a couple of eps of Steve O’s show. They’re pretty funny. I you haven’t seen them I’m sure they’re on Youtube.

Oh, and busted, I wanted to mention, that no, I don’t believe Huvane is all powerful, I DO however, believe that Brangelina is powerful, hence , when he attaches any one of his scalawag clients, be it Maniston, or Handbag, or even Fishyth and her goofy husband to Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, that in turn gets his clients 10,000x the press they normally would. Do I believe huvane pockets bloggers and tabloids and pays them in bribes, access and other favors – of course he does. When that temperamental little control freak makes a habit of emailing slime like Perez and offering him walk on parts in movies and tv, when he gets erstwhile reporters fired for asking his client (maniston) an innocent question about the charity event they’re attending (photo-op), when we know he’s the authorship of the 2008 Angelina Jolie catfight, and most likely behind the 2010 Chelsea handjob attack – when not so coincidentally, on the eve of Angelina’s movies releasing, we get smear tactic pieces run on sites that are ALWAYS favorable to Aniston…..then you can deduce from those things, that he most likely is behind them.
You can give him the benefit of the doubt if you want, fans in the know, know better.

@ Passing Through

I didn’t know that Brad did any episodes – I’ll have to look up the videos. I’m probably in the minority here….but I like Steve-O. I know he’s vulgar & all but I can’t help it. Maybe he & Elisabetta can go out on a double-date with Brad and Angie…lol. That would really spark some stupid rumors!

lurksAlot @ 01/31/2012 at 4:19 pm

Love JJ but have been lurking at JJB and finally applied to post. Does anyone know how long it takes for approval? I applied on Sat. Also, what threads over there do the fans recommend for best pix? I don’t want to get sucked into personality riffs with other members so would like to comment on the JP thread with the least drama. Thnx!

A friend who works in one of the non-glam jobs at 30 Rock (food ct) says the buildings is abuzz because Brad is not only going to be on the Today show tomorrow but will also be filming a bit with Jonah Hill for his upcoming SNL slot (Jonah is hosting sometime in March). Hope its true since I don’t think Brad has ever been on SNL.

Brad was on SNL in 1997.

Ball and chin @ 01/31/2012 at 4:27 pm

@Jen: Like I said maybe you should think more than twice about the things you read yourself about how wonderful the brangelina’s are…??????????

212 fyi — was he the host? did he do a bit? I can’t believe i missed him! I went to youtube and can’t find anything!!!!

Ohhhhhh, you are sooo RIGHT!
No offense taken.
I was overzealous and wrong to provide a link to that ridiculous Site.
I apologize to all JP Fans.
For any fans reading backwards, please DO NOT click on the link on my Post #193.
Thank you, Cliniqua. I will remember this for future posts.

Not host ,He did a skit with David Spade

@ Maybe @ 01/31/2012 at 4:24 pm

I hope your friends are right – that would be fabulous! I was going to watch SNL anyway but now I’m looking even more forward to it. Thanks for posting!

Thanks fyi. I’ll try searching for it including Spade’s name.

No problem hon! I can tell you get just as frustrated as me at this shite. Lol. Thanks for letting us know what’s out there. I more than appreciate knowing where the minefields are.

an opinion @ 01/31/2012 at 4:43 pm

David and Brad are friends. David Spade grew up in the same community as Brad. He tells the story of how his grandmother would always talk about how beautiful a boy Brad was.
But it would be cool if Brad did a skit on on SNL.

Thumb up Thumb down +1

OMG!!!!!!! I just found it. Thank you fyi!!!!!
Brad with the Fight Club hair. Brad is very funny, he should do more comedies.

Blind item @ 01/31/2012 at 4:51 pm

Which A+ list movie actress who is not married, but might as well be, went and asked for this B list movie actress phone number at the SAG Awards and then after she got it, kissed the actress on the neck and gave her a little bite. Oh yes, this will be revealed. CDAN

Most popular Guess: Angelina sinking her teef into Tilda Swinton

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 4:53 pm

# 221 fyi @ 01/31/2012 at 4:32 pm
Not host ,He did a skit with David Spade
IIRC he did the skit as a favor to David Spade. They went to high school together for a couple of years.

Jen r u a hen? @ 01/31/2012 at 4:56 pm

why do you stalkthis site with that name? if u are not a hen then why the Jen name? I have seen thru ur bullshite for a long time on here & just like the tick mister there’s a need to keep the connection alive. oh btw: Brad Pitt declared it a dead end back in 2005.
since you can create any name on this site but you chose jen its pretty obvious that you’re full of caca & a pretend fan of B&A!

Omg, I think it’s true what they say, you hang around a particular dog long enough, you’ll start to look like one. Poor Snooze blatherspoon. By the way, her two costars look thrilled. Lmao. But seriously, she looks like if you took handbag, compressed her, and put her in a dress that made her look like a linebacker…and those bangs!! Good Gawd woman. Hahahahaha hahahaha! Can’t wait for this to bomb.

Ball and Chin,
Thanks for your advice, but, I already do think more than twice about the things I read about how wonderful “Brangelina” are.
That is WHY I am a great fan of this wonderful and beautiful couple.
It is understandable if you are not a fan. All Trolls and Haters suffer from the same disease – an inability comprehend anything they read. That is WHY they become frustrated Trolls and Haters.
There is no need for you to continue suffering from that pesky dysfunction when you can be cured.
I recommend you take several reading classes with a good teacher and you will be as right as rain.
Afterwards, I look forward to you, too, becoming a great JP Fan.
Have a nice day.

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 4:58 pm

# 228 Blind item @ 01/31/2012 at 4:51 pm
ROTFLMAO. Oh yeah…right…Angie’s always the guess. Why would she have had to “went and asked for…” Tilda’s phone number when she was sitting right beside her all night? The cameras were on Angie and Brad a lot – there are tons of pix of them during the show. From the looks of them Angie didn’t get up to speak to anyone – people came to her. And – with all the pix of Angie inside the show – why is there no pic of her “biting” this woman’s neck – in public…with Brad right there…and hundreds of other people watching…and nobody’s reporting that but Enty? Puh-leeze.

I thought Spade grew up in Arizona.

@Blind item:

Most popular guess? Ahahaa, Angelina it’s the only guess, just some say the other girl it’s tilda and other´s say the other girl is that amber chick. It sucks to have such bad reputation.

And Brad the fool talking about marriage. Angelina doesn’t deserve Brad. The end.

So Tilda is a B-List actress? Seriously hens are funny.

@Blind item:
This is funny,poor hens whatever makes you feel better

hen angelina is the most stable actress out there he has been in a loving relationship for 7 years,brad is lucky to have her and he loves her so much i guess the PDA at the SAGS is killing hens

Since when is Tilda B-list? Oscar winner, nominated 3 times in 4 years, in blockbusters, and critically appraised indies. She’s on everybody’s most wanted list. If she’s b list, then Rachel weisz, Keira knightly, and Kate winslet are c-list…because Tilda is more in demand than all them ishes.
Also, hasn’t Angelina known Tilda for a while now, at least since button, which Tilda starred in – maybe before….Jolie doesn’t just strike up a convo with peeps she doesn’t know. Jolie also has Brad Pitt at home, so fail. By the way, Tilda, mom of twins, loves the peen, she’s got two at home, a husband and a side piece..which has had folks all Atwitter for years. Fail, again.


That’s your best defense for Angelina? Tilda is not a B-list? Not very strong.
Angelina never knows how to behave. She throws herself at men, women.
Poor kids and Brad.

@Blind item:

Nah, not Angelina and Tilda. I think Angelina and Amber Heard.

omg these hens are killing me,their desperation is so sad,brad was all over angie at the SAGS,all the women she talked to were well documented,big fat fail troll plus angie is the most loyal woman out there she has brad pitt,unlike ticky who was sport fuc*d and fingered but butler all well documented

Poor ticky he and the midget must suck really bad to make these fools have a melt down

trolls first why do you even believe every blind item? second why is every blind item is Angelina? lol you trolls are lack of imagination.

@Jen r u a hen?:
To YOU, I will hit “Reply!”
Who bit you on your huge rump?
You truly do not deserve a reply but I will make this an exception.
I use the moniker Jen because it represents the great fraud I dislike immensely.
Some where on some post at some time I must have “attacked” and wounded your beloved idol “Jen” and you are here trying to pass yourself off as an outraged fan.
You Trolls are so transparent and predictable and readable. You have NO originality!
Glad to know you have been captivated by my posts since you say you have been reading them for a “long time.” What took you so long to contact me?
I guess you are what some would call my own personal critic. Thanks for giving me your attention. I did not know what I was writing was THAT important.
Thanks also for making my day.
Pardon me for being redundant, dear critic, but didn’t I just write:
All Trolls and Haters suffer from the same disease – an inability to comprehend anything they read. That is WHY they become frustrated Trolls and Haters.
Pick a Post of mine that you can find fault with and then ask your stupid question again.
But, FIRST, go learn how to read and read well….then consider having a conversation with me.

i bet brads afraid to leave her because she would murder him if he did. poor guy

Well the facts are: it kind of goes against everything Angelina is about to betray a partner. This is the last woman who people would believe would step out on Brad in any capacity. But ‘mean girls’ or mean hags, i should say, are always down for wildly throwing their feces at them – it’s the increasing bitterness and rage, that comes with finally knowing that Maniston is with a short bald nobody, and that her ovaries have cobwebs. What else TO do but attack the most loved up, devoted couple in Hollywood? The PDA between them is like a 7 yr old rusty knife to the trolls. It just goes to show how jealous and vindictive women are, that there favorite pastimes when they arent trying to portray Angelina as a cuckold to Brad (production asst anyone?) is trying to portray Brad as cuckold of mythical lore-like bad girl Angelina (anything that moves, and is in her vicinity). It’s all about denigrating what they have, because they hate that fuggiston has one heck of a pisss-poor bought and paid for, consolation prize. Brad pitt, nice guy, was supposed to make some below average homely girl happy, and build up her self esteem- hes a traitor for leaving one, and finding a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. So he has to pay, with crap like this. Hahahaha
Hey trolls, maybe you’ll get lucky and the blind item love bite, will have legs like Maniston eating out Mary mark’s girl cousin…..on the set of rock star,
But I doubt it. Just did a google search on that story, and got 75,000 hits. Maybe that one was true, oh shiiiiiiiit. Lololol

brad worships angie,i love his reply because”i love their mama”"

Aniston fans are truly sad people. They hang around Angie and Brad threads spewing hatred and lies because they can not handle the truth even after 7 plus years and 6 kids. Ticky and little man just do not make it for them so they hang around bashing Brad and Angie to try and console themselves.Poor Aniston what meek, fickle fans she has. They are more obssessed with Angie than Aniston.

Moneyball: A Conversation with Oscar Nominees Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill
February 06
7:30 pm

Bennett Miller’s adaptation of Michael Lewis’ non-fiction best seller Moneyball stars Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, a one-time phenom who flamed out in the big leagues and now works as the GM for the Oakland Athletics, a franchise that’s about to lose their three best players to free agency. Because the team isn’t in a financial position to spend as much as perennial favorites like the Yankees and the Red Sox, Beane realizes he needs to radically change how he evaluates what players can bring to the squad. After he meets Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), an Ivy League economics major working as an executive assistant for scouting on another team, Beane realizes he’s found the man who understands how to subvert the system of assessing players that’s been in place for nearly a century.

A Conversation with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill Followed by a screening of Moneyball
2011/color/133 min. | Scr: Steven Zaillian , Aaron Sorkin /dir: Bennett Miller; w/ Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright.

Tickets are free and open only to Film Independent, LACMA Film Club and New York Times Film Club members.

Limit two tickets per membership

Proof of member status is required to pick up tickets. Tickets can be picked up starting at noon on Monday, February 6 and must be picked up at least fifteen minutes prior to the screening before being released to the standby line. First come, first served.

New York Times Film Club members must RSVP to for all Members Only free screenings

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 5:51 pm

# 234 aimee @ 01/31/2012 at 5:00 pm
His family moved to Springfield, MO for a few years when he was a teenager. He’s talked about going to HS with Brad before. I must live in a bubble or something because I thought everybody knew that Brad and David Spade have known each other over 30 years. I’m not saying they’re BFFs, but they do go way back. Just like Brad going to college with Sheryl Crow. I thgought both things were common knowledge.

Passing Through @ 01/31/2012 at 5:55 pm

# 236 Etta @ 01/31/2012 at 5:04 pm
If I think about it…that half-assed BI from Enty might refer to Zoe Saldana. There’s a pic of her and Angie. The thing is – Angie wouldn’t have had to get up to speak to Zoe either because Zoe was sitting to the left of Tilda’s boyfriend – diagonally to where Angie was sitting. I guess Enty can always claim that he meant this happened at the after-party…where Brad and Angie were side-by-side most of the time and being stared at by all-and-sundry like a high school frog dissection gone bad…

I think A+ actress is definitely Angie who else was there and was A+ movie actress and she is out as a Bi? I feel bad for Brad.
When does CDAN reveal his blind items? even Passing Through would admit this one is Angie. :(

People at CDAN say it was Angie and Amber Heard.Because Enty doesn’t reveal lesbo.Amber Heard is Lesbo and has admit to it,so did Angie. I feel very bad. She still sleeps around. That’s why she doesn’t want to get married.

Taterhead @ 01/31/2012 at 6:11 pm

Their matching wigs are just too tacky.

whatever name changing troll,you guys cannot even believe your own lies.there are pictures of everyone angie and brad talked to even inside the after party,give it up hens just because ticky is a cheap hoe does not mean you should smear others

We all know ticky wears extentions and her paid toy is a baldy

jolie huge vvhore give new suppy
stinkiest ever
hazmat suit needed now

so brad is recording inside the actors studio right now

That doesn’t mean cheating.Angie Jolie is a good girl.She shares.How do you know she is going to cheat on him with her?

But by the look of this one she may not share this one.You know Brad is in NYC for afew days and Angie is in LA.A call wouldn’t hurt.The girlfriend plans a head like no one else.

Everyone at my school waiting for Brad Pitt #InsideTheActorsStudio

I think they are a real couple. Hopefully they will make a conscious effort to keep themsevles asa couple and not break up a family with all those sweet cutie kids.

I like Jolie ok, but but, I still wish she would not dress Shiloh as a boy and chop off her hair as to mold her best possible into a lesbian so then Jolie can be the proud mother of a lesbian teen daughter.
I understand gender preference cannot be made, but it can be encouraged.

That is bs about this sute little girl wanting to dress in boy clothes since she was 2 or 3.

Zahara always looks so preppy Pre-K cool, comfy, cutie and girly.

Looks like, oh, the other lil girl, Vivienne , wants to dress in boy clothes too. Imagine that.

Come on, Jolie. Don’t do this,

@from JJB:
thanks,is better than trolls whining and having a meltdown

Brad is extra busy this award season.

Newt Gingrich My Hollywood Fantasy … is Brad Pitt

Newt Gingrich is adamant … Brad Pitt should play HIM if Hollywood ever made a movie about his life … and no, that’s not a typo.

The Republican candidate phoned in to the Rich Stevens Radio Show today … when he was asked, “If Hollywood was going to do a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role?”

Audio: Newt replied, “Oh, in my fantasy life? Brad Pitt … why not?!

Stevens quipped, “Is it because you guys look alike?”

Newt fired right back. “No, I don’t look like him at all. He’s thinner, he’s better looking, he’s younger. But you asked me if I had anyone who could play me in a movie … why not go for Brad Pitt???”

who cares @ 01/31/2012 at 6:29 pm

i chose not to believe any kind of blind items.i think most blind items are the same tabloid stuff with the writers own imagination stuff in it.but even if it was true.who cares.brad and angie make their own decisions and they are responsible for those toward their kids.

JP pictures @ 01/31/2012 at 6:31 pm

From PopSugar. 2012 JP awards RC pictures so far!

Posted on January 31, 2012 2:25AM by Lauren Turner

It’s been an exciting award season for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie so far. They’ve graced multiple red carpets, mingled with friends at events, and appeared on stage during shows and we’re taking a look at it all. Check out Brad and Angelina’s hot Golden Globes poses, their sexy SAGs PDA, and more in this look at the couple’s amazing award season run so far!

FILTHY-aniston-WHORE-PANTIES @ 01/31/2012 at 6:32 pm

aniston huge vvhore give new suppy
stinkiest ever
hazmat suit needed now

@Has To Hurt:
Anybody that has half the normal eyesight will agree that Angelina looks 20 years younger than Jen Aniston. Now Brad has aged and does look older than Justin and probably is a lot older. But don’t hold your breath on anybody who gives an HONEST opinion : not biased on who they like to agree with you.
Dressing maybe she has an edge because Angie doesn’t seem to want to dress like a hooker. She’s a mom of six kids who does dress like a lady, elegantly and classy sometimes a little sexy.

Jen's a hen! @ 01/31/2012 at 6:37 pm

jen your claim could be true that your name is for the tick that you despise but it doesn’t add up & I see others with names here like jenthefameho, maniston etc although I have changed my name to prove a point. Its so easy to do and am no troll nor a fool so just calling you out on your bull because just in your name here you are trying to keep the connection in what BP called a dead end & if it disgusts you as it does Real AJ&BP fans then why not put the word sucks on the end not a name that appears to be more human, and keep it innocent than ticky is with “Jen”. oh but I knew you would deny and hit reply since that’s what huvane pays for.

@from JJB:
I don’t think the line was this huge for Maniston’s Inside the Actors Studio taping.

It’s in her habit.You remember Ted C’s post after GG 2009 about Angie flirting with women with big boobs?
She is always at it.That must be the reason why she got so happy during the show.
Brad is still with her after 2009.Maybe it doesn’t bother him much and he is open to it too.
We will find out soon.Whether this will hurt them and lead them to a break up or not.

Only brain dead people believe blind items.

The line to see Brad is outrageous.

obviously the trolls are brain death just look at FF they are mentally unstable

Just FYI Brangelinal**nies.You do know Enty’s Blind Items are pretty much accurate?Ask your Blind Item queen PT to confirm that for you.His BI usually is proved to be right.
If they break up in afew months,At least you know what was the reason behind it.
Usually when Celebrities show alot of PDA,There is something really bad going on behind close doors.Brad must be boring in bed.
At least now that Brad is in NY,We do know what Angie is up to.She is having fun.She will look refresh for the next Photo op.Be happy.

keep dreaming in your la la land.

When does the taping start? Is it 7:00 pm EST. I am so happy Brad is doing ITAS. He has established himself as the acting legend.

just because the paid midget baldy does not like kissing ticky does not mean that others cannot be close to people they love as i said before when trolls go cray cray know that something is wrong at ticky’s corner probably the movie sucks plus ticky looks like a fat stuffed sandwich

lurker @ 01/31/2012 at 6:49 pm

I know it’s hard for you specially after all those PDA packed pics.But you should have known better than getting so involved with a couple that one half of them has admited to being a Lesbian to the whole world.Poor you.
But trust me on this.This Blind Item is accurate and look at the timing.Just in time when Brad is gone to NY for few days and she is alone in LA.Doesn’t make sense to you?Angie has a date tonight.Wish her luck.It makes her to think right.

Just Sayin @ 01/31/2012 at 7:11 pm

When the trolls bring out blind items and tabloids, you know they have nothing.

Angie of a photograph is beautiful too.

Since Brad thinks that Oscar is awarded and he tells Angie the speech of gratitude, it is pleasure.

Wow…this troll is so funny – trying to be clever & profound & all. lol Thinking that wishin’ & hopin’ will make it so. Poor troll….so pathetic. It’s hilarious to watch the meltdown…

Inside Actor @ 01/31/2012 at 7:27 pm

he has arrived with jonah!

Seniiiii @Senaduhhh
Just saw Brad Pitt and Jonahhh Hilll!!!!!!!!

Did anyone see Letterman last night? I missed it but my BFsaid he watched and Dave was talking about how Brad Pitt has never been on his show and that today (Monday) he was taping Stewart’s Daily show and could have stopped by Letterman’s studio but didn;t. I thought Brad was taping the Daily Show on Wednesday but my bf swears Letterman said he taped on Monday. Anyone know? And if so, where are the pix outside TDS studio?

have a sorrowful day faniston…

PT just posted her comment at CDAN.She said she thinks the answer is Angie and Zoe.
Good answer PT.
Who wants to bet Angie is so going to call that number that Brad is gone at least for 4 days?
Have fun Angie.The funny or sad part is Brad probably think what a great partner he has.Always thinking about her kids and NO ONE else.LOL
I so will pay any amount of money to see Brad’s face the day he finds out about all Angie’s

new thread @ 01/31/2012 at 8:18 pm

—— New Brad Thread ——————-

lol: You are an evil person. This is a game to you, isn’t it? Never mind that this couple has 6 children. You are willing to pay money hoping that Angie would be cheating on Brad with women? You are truly a faniston.

————————–New Thread————————–

Jen the HAG @ 01/31/2012 at 9:34 pm

LOL @ 01/31/2012 at 8:16 pm

heheheh YOU wish!! Remember Angelina said she changed because she’s now with a person she loves dearly. You can wish all the blind item is all about Angelina .. if that will make your day bearable ..bwahahhahah POOR TROLL!!

@Jen’s a hen!:
With all the posts I have posted on so many Brad and Angelina threads you could not find ONE to support your lies.
You are not only a Troll and a Fool you are a Simpering Coward. Just like your cowardly idol Jenifer Aniston.
What point are you trying to make by changing your name? Are you afraid to post under your own moniker?
I am posting under my REAL moniker because I have nothing to hide. What are you hiding?
Your fear, tells me all I need to know about you.
If you had any REAL balls you would call me out under your real moniker.
But, like your idol, (the Hermaphrodite – look up the word so you can understand what I am saying to you) your balls are useless to you.
My using the moniker Jen and calling Aniston out under her own name must really be driving you nuts. That is EXACTLY why I use that moniker and will continue to use it; to drive Trolls like you mad. So learn to LOVE it. Cuddle up to it. Get use to it.
I ain’t changing it.
I am so glad it is working your last nerve. Thanks for letting me know.

The JoliePitt Fans know me and my posts.
Nobody knows you.
I will waste no more time on you.

YR of LOVE @ 01/31/2012 at 9:55 pm

Kids are so cute…
love em

I do

zipadeedooDAH @ 01/31/2012 at 9:55 pm

She’s such a super mom!

Be wary of some BIG breast cancer charities, Right Wingers have taken over positions of influence and in turn cut off funds to Planned Parenthood, the only place where many of the poor turn to for full and comprehensive reproductive assistance and medical attention.

@Jen’s a hen!:
I neglected to respond to the most idiotic comment you have made so far. So let me end with this.
I have already trashed Aniston on several posts which you seem unable to find or are afraid to quote. I am a JoliePitt fan, always have been always will be.
If Huvane is paying me to post on Aniston’s behalf and I do nothing but trash her when I post about her, then he is a far bigger fool than you. And THAT’s saying something.
By the way. I know what your real moniker is. You are so stupidly careless you have “outed” yourself. When you post under your real moniker I WILL call you out!

@Jen: Thank you!!!! Knox’s big blue eyes and chubby cheeks kill me! Angelina is lucky. She has the most beautiful son;) oh and Maddox and pax too of course. Haha

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I missed so much pretty and all the epicness oh well RL bites.Love Love all the photos and videos of our Lovely Couple.They both looked uber hot so lovely.Loved the kiss.The outings with the kids and family awesome.

WTF?So ticky has been parading her fauxmance employee and has been on her bff mandler’s show,barf!and what’s up with the media comparing Brad and Angie to clooney and kiebler,what a joke.There’s only one Brad and Angie.

It was a great idea blocking their names on the net with all the BS thrown at them,the kids will know Brad and Angie as mommy and daddy.How great they are in their own ways.

I see the E!News after SAG and Juliana Rancic loves Cloney,and bloking images or good news of Brad and Angie.She likes a stupid talk honey about George (she is married?).She loves comparing Angie and ex-aniston (she jelous Angie…),she loves to call “Brangelina” and they hate this name…its no correct!Grow up,juliana!

Angelina Jolie is gorgeously beautiful.

Holy Shit! @ 02/02/2012 at 2:53 pm

There are never enough FJWPs

Ms. Marla @ 02/02/2012 at 3:03 pm

she is beginning to look alot like J.A.,notice the hair getting lighter sorta golden blonde on this picture..creepy right .

@Ms. Marla:

Angelina will never look as homely as Jen, LOL.

Quem se importa se ela não for caseiro como Jen? Alguém se importa realmente?

Ok,tazzy…and Jen will be never be a mother like Angie…who cares?

@Gloss: Obviously, you do or you wouldn’t have responded to my post.

I can’t believe Brad blocked there names from being googled ..They would have a lot of explaining to do…Angie I know you moved on..which is great ..I know u said u would tell them the truth..good for you…being honest to your children is one thing I believe in…Then we will see what happens..I hope they can let your past go…


If you think Angelina’s so called past is going to be an issue with her children, then I have a bridge to sell you. What they will always remember is what a loving, devoted Mother, she was to them. I hardly think they will care about tabloid trash written about her. You haters crack me up with your doom and gloom predictions.

Angie’s son is her mini me. Knox is all Angelina

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