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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio shows off his piercing blue eyes on the cover of GQ Australia‘s February/March 2012 issue.

The 37-year-old actor sat down with GQ and his J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood for an intimate discussion where Leo admitted he may have his eye on directing!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

“Yeah. I do [want to direct]. And if I did direct, I would try to have the same no-bullsh*t approach to it as Clint [Eastwood] and his crew have. Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew,” Leo told GQ interviewer Mark Harris.

Also featured in the issue is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s Xavier Samuel, who posed for “The New York Jacket” feature.

For more from Leo and Xavier, visit!

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Credit: Craig McDean, Holly Blake, Styling: Wayne Gross.
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518 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012”

  1. 1
    BEAN Says:

    they’ve taken about ten years off him and he looks gooooooood…but we all know what he really looks like

  2. 2
    BEAN Says:

    ten years and about fifty pounds

  3. 3
    Ka Says:

    He’s so handsome. I like pic no. 3.

  4. 4
    Jen Says:

    Love him!

  5. 5
    Playboy Says:

    Hunter … Who’s next?

  6. 6
    Baxter Says:


  7. 7
    Anon Says:


  8. 8
    Blurp Says:

    I’m liking pic #2

  9. 9
    A Says:

    @Blurp: Me too and they styled him really nice here. He should wear this type of clothing more often, like say, every day instead of those white socks and baggy shorts he always insists on wearing.

    it looks more modern and age appropriate….dressing like a 16 year old skater boy from the mid 90s is not hot.

  10. 10
    ka simply Says:

    hi @ka me too I like it ☺

  11. 11
    Fan of Leo Says:

    I wonder why he always decides to take these exaggerated serious looks for magazine photos. He has such a lovely smile, he should smile more. Otherwise we think he takes himself too seriously. It’s like his movie choices…..

  12. 12
    Beatrice Says:

    omg! he’s soooooooo handsome and beautiful

  13. 13
    Facebook Brasil Says:

    He’s very beautiful.. cool.. Leonardo is my sexman of the world.. kkk bjs Rebeca.

  14. 14
    Mlllllle Says:

    Don’t think I’m mean by saying that, but I think that the last picture is absolutely not him, it is a mistake ?

    If I’m wrong, Photoshop went waaayyyy too far this time.

  15. 15
    Sabrina Says:

    Eww, the last pic, IT IS NOT HIM. Come on photoshop guys -_-…
    Anyway, just the clothes changed and he’s beautiful. Let him in the real life with his white socks and eww.

  16. 16
    Frozoid Says:

    He tries to pretend he is Mr. Green, but the truth is he is a chain smoker who pollutes the air.

  17. 17
    nepenthes Says:

    I don’t think he looks much older in reality… He still has a baby face. He’s a very attractive man anyway!

  18. 18
    Anne Says:

    Must be Xavier Samuel in the last pic. He’s also mentioned in the post.

  19. 19
    Elena Says:

    LOL for those of you who don’t have time to actually read the article, the last picture is of Xavier Samuel.

  20. 20
    Ka Says:

    @ka simply: Hi, nice to see you. Actually he looks good in all pics.

  21. 21
    whole interview Says:

    If anyone has the whole interview can you please post it on here or the link. thanks

  22. 22
    Blair Says:

    He’s soooooooooo sexy. he’s the most sexy man in the world

  23. 23
    Sayuri Says:

    I love Leonardo. He is the BEST

  24. 24
    bella Says:

    Yes Leo, crack a smile!! Spaghetti-Western here we come!! :DD

  25. 25
    quid pro quo Says:

    Interesting. Dicaprio on Money Success and Power? He has them all but he’s not happy….

  26. 26
    foundthison E what the ? Says:

    Nathan Mon, Jan 30, 2012, 11:35 AM

    Weird weird wheel * Her last name is Bouble * Means Babalon so she is the WH (rhymes with 4) and Rev. Chapt.18 is What she gets in the end * after all R`s wanna be Prez.Mr.V>anishing P>oint set up special day March 4 * Nothing good girl about any bimbo tarting around in her undies and just as weird is a man of nearly 40 years old bringing the 3rd wheel along for this serious(cover? KS ** PLEASE (it`s only been 1 month)G was 4 years and B was 5 so this is indeed wheels of weirdness * don`t spew any more of it we don`t care about mis` droopy eyes and her impending fate

    Read more:

  27. 27
    solecito Says:

    He still does it for me.

  28. 28
    @26 Says:

    Could you translate, please? Because I don`t really understand this comment. vanishing point March 4 break up or what? Very weird comment.
    The best comment from that thread was removed. It said something like who knows Irmelin knows that this story is cr*p.

  29. 29
    @25 Says:

    @quid pro quo: neither are you

  30. 30
    Sonia Says:

    These pictures are kinda old aren’t they? I feel like I’ve seen them before.
    Anyways he looks great, w/the weight w/out
    This man is and always handsome. The guy is like wine,gets better w/age

  31. 31
    quid pro quo Says:

    @@25: You dont know whether I’m “happy” or not..truth is I’m like everybody else a mix of things. But Mr. D. has so much cash and juice….but you really get the feeling he isnt happy…espesh right now. And not in these pictures. I know if I had his cash I’d be ecstatic…never work again for anybody but myself.

    He needs to hit the gym just three times a week, 45 minutes 3 x a week with the trainer. He cant get away with no gym these days. Just a little firmer upper. He’s silly not too. Maybe just lazy.

  32. 32
    @31 Says:

    @quid pro quo: well if you had any brains you would know that money nor fame does not gives you happiness, he probably has the best health insurance though! : ) I’m sure Leo knows this and he probably said something to that effect in the interview. So taking about him having money and isnt happy is really non sense. And you’re not as strong as you would want people to believe about you.

  33. 33
    raven Says:


  34. 34
    sos Says:

    Yep this is a repeat from the OCT GQ US version.Same quote too.

  35. 35
    raven Says:

    Yep sos, total repeat, haha. I guess they do that.

  36. 36
    me Says:

    @quid pro quo: You don’t know anything about Leo, nothing at all! so, stfu.

  37. 37
    quid pro quo Says:

    @ @@31: a>: Uh duh, that was my point. He’s not happy. And the post aint about me sweetheart, why are you wasting everybodys time?

  38. 38
    @37 Says:

    @quid pro quo: Leo like everybody else is a mix of things. And you should talk about wasting people’s time with your Bar fixation.

  39. 39
    quid pro quo Says:

    @@37: I am not fixated on Bar. That would mean she was IMPORTANT which she isnt. I just hate her in part because her DIY public relations which you provided her was sooooooo offensive ive decided not to forget about it.

    Also, she’s EASY to hate and a WALKING JOKE of a “model.”

  40. 40
    @quid pro quo Says:

    If Bar is a walking Joke of a model, you are a pathetic human being who has too much time on her hands. This type of people is way much easier to hate than a beautiful woman who’s been Leo DiCaprio’s lover for five years and a half. That you can not take, can you?

  41. 41
    LOVE Says:

    Great picture of him. Came accross something interesting. There are a bunch of people trying to get out (online) what are (apparently) iPhone sex vides and pics of Bar. I dunno? Can’t seem to see the vids. But the best one of the grls face (lol) kinda looks like her… What do you guys think?

  42. 42
    Nooooo Says:

    @quid pro quo #40 — BAR REFAELI was unknown without Leo and the naive people in the U.S.A… They were on a Dating Contract which kept goin on and on. but Not for almost a year, Its been sooooooo OVER….. Just Let BAR Go already, she is only a Self Promoting Fame Wh*ore….. Barf and her ignorant Mother’s comments were not very Helpful to Leo DiCaprio & U.S.A PR Team….. Keep Bar in Israel and out of LEONARDO DICAPRIO line thread… thanks ;)

  43. 43
    quid pro quo Says:

    @@quid pro quo: If Bar is a walking Joke of a model, you are a pathetic human being who has too much time on her hands.


    This type of people is way much easier to hate than a beautiful


    woman who’s been Leo DiCaprio’s lover for five years and a half.


    That you can not take, can you?

    You cant make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. The girl isnt even pretty. Looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan, and that ugly schmatta from her “lingerie line” is going to move a SINGLE UNIT.

    She’s just easy like Octomom or Kim Kardashian. Sorry, but she is!

    And I agree, go back to your little country and stay there.

  44. 44
    quid pro quo Says:

    The sex tape isnt her if you look close- its a look-a-like. However her “promo” for the film that was unreleasable IS SOLD on NUMEROUS web sites as “Bar Refaeli Naked Porn” because

    A. She was stupid enough to shoot it in the first place
    B. She was stupid enough to let it get out on the internet. And its DUMB. The music alone is puke city.


  45. 45
    quid pro quo Says:

    @me: And you, of course, are his PERSONAL SECRETARY and MIND READER.

    I know a sex addict emotionally unavailable male who will never change no matter what- until he is good and ready OR possible never. That is why his playmates are under 25. He enjoys a year or two with them and lets em go. Blake was probably too old and too ready for a committed, real relationship-see how quick she got with Ryan.

    PS. Sex tape is not her, just a lookalike. But the rolling around on a coach with a sheet thing with bad background music is sold all over the internet as “Bar Refaeli Naked Porn.”

    Cause she’s smart like that. If you are gonna do a naked sex tape make sure you get part of the money, Bar !

    I wish it was different, I keep waiting to see if it will…until then i have a good laugh at all the little blonde bimbos who think they are “special” and will “make him change/”

    Bet he’s hanging with the local talent in OZ or back sexting the back-up ******* in LA. He’s totally fun to watch too !

  46. 46
    @44 - QUID $$ :):) Says:

    @quid pro quo:

    I agree. It really depends on how much they slam Leo and Erin. Then I get my back up and want to debate back.

  47. 47
    quid pro quo Says:

    @@44 – QUID $$ :):): I dont. They can slam “Leo and Erin” all they want for it being shallow and venal—on his part. The girl hasnt made any stupid, racist comments or “accidentally” released nudie photos (it bothered me that Blake lied about it, I dont have a problem with the human body) so its not against her…I think Leo picks the under 25 because he has no intention of ever growing up with any of them. He can compartmentalize them and have total control…and that is what is keeping him back in a way.

  48. 48
    quid pro quo Says:

    Guys, we somehow missed these.

    Dear Ted:
    Are King *******’s male partners different guys each time? Or does he have some regular “friends”? Will he be flaunting a new girl around for awards time?

    Dear *******’s Tag Alongs:
    He has some repeat customers, but King hardly likes to keep that royal sausage of his reserved for one par-tick person—male or female—for too long. So I would hardly classify his dude-on-dude conquests as regulars, let alone buds.

    Read more:

    Dear Ted:
    Why would King ******* be depressed? Is it Vice related or career related?

    Dear Vice Got Ya Down:
    A little bit of both, babe, because with *******, his Vice and his career are always connected. But if I had to choose, I would say he’s more upset career-wise, for now, although it’s tough to tell.

    Read more:

    So I would hardly classify his dude-on-dude conquests as regulars, let alone buds.

    Meaning he doesnt mess around with Lukas Haas, which I never thought anyway. And Ted sees the connection with his vices dragging him down at awards time as do I. He also thinks Leo is a ho. His vices keep him from winning an Oscar…..but his status in HW is what lets him be such a horndog. Its a vicious circle for Schlongie.

  49. 49
    The awful thruth Says:

    Poor Erin

  50. 50
    @49 Says:

    Why `poor`? Like she didn`t know what she got herself into! No need to feel sorry for her. This is what you get if you go out with an infamous womanizer for attention. The article is funny and more realistic than stuff you read on JJ or other similar sites.
    Us Weekly has the zip line photos and they say according to a source `they are just having fun`. Duh!

  51. 51
    The awful thruth Says:

    It’s sarcastic…

  52. 52
    @47 Says:

    Maybe he’s just dating? Trying to find the right girl? It’s not “brrrr.” Btw – still sticking by my opinion that 15 years age dif in HW is not a big deal. Yeah, she’s 22, and if she survives with him past the summer, maybe she’s “a little more right” or she’ll go away. Also, Bar was 20 or 21 when she started dating Leo. When one person is young, it seems creepy, but that person will grow up.

    LEO – THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE. Remember that when it comes to some of your exes.

  53. 53
    53 Says:

    Anyone hear of any tea about weinstein and leo’s relationship? Is he punishing Leo with these awards for some reason? Someone on this board must have that kind of inside info…

  54. 54
    54 Says:

    This is weird. Someone named `Pami` from Bellazon said this:
    Article snip:
    “I had a lot of beautiful relationships with gorgeous women. But you know: a real gentleman never tells,” he laughed. Hum, Leonardo!

    `Pami` responds: Gosh…I didnt know I had been so remarkable in his life…tks Leo!
    It seems to be an insider… she also posted this naked pic of Leo. Anyone under 18 shouldn`t open the link:
    Bellazon page:

    Who is Pami?

  55. 55
    @54 Says:

    No, not an insider. If you follow the thread you realize that these young girls joke around being involved with Leo and stuff. You know 6th grader stuff. Seriously don`t take it seriously! Far from `insider`…

  56. 56
    more from 54 Says:

    hmmmm…link not working well. It’s on page 780 (Bellazon) Jan 13th post of (dicaprio + Bellazon from google). Just realized it was right before the GG. Why would someone do that? I really do suspect an insider, because I’ve been reading her posts, and people seem to depend on her for info.

    Who is “Pami’ of Bellazon. Shame!!

  57. 57
    sos Says:

    Is that a legit nude photo?Does anyone believe he had a thing with Angelina?just curious..

  58. 58
    quid pro quo Says:

    That picture is freely available on the internet, no one knows for sure wherther it is fake or real. Playgirl was going to publish it but Leo wonked them with a 45 million dollar lawsuit. Its public. I think “Pami” is just joking.

  59. 59
    quid pro quo Says:

    @sos: their reps set them up and maybe they fooled around once..tooka shower buit there was no interest. As someone said they are both “alphas.” She is way too smart, too beautiful, too independent for him. He needs wishy washy dingalings to make him feel big and girls that are stupid enough for him to control.

  60. 60
    where are Leo's fan ? Says:

    Where are you ?

  61. 61
    sos Says:

    Thanks quid pro quo.I was just wondering if that’s one he had sued over or had been denied.Well,kind of a shame on Angie cause she looks and acts different from the girls he does date.She kind of has a cool rock chick thing going on.Which bothers me about his “type” .We hear about him hitting on other types like brunettes,but they never make the official GF list.why??

  62. 62
    Super Bowl Says:

    There are tweets that Leo was seen in Indianapolis ( where Erin is hosting a Super Bowl party tomorrow night ). But isn`t he in Sydney? I mean he just arrived less than a week ago. Also this tweet… Any info?
    mikejaberelite mike jaber
    IF your a HOT girl and want to go to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Superbowl party in Indianapolis email me a picture and name:
    27 Jan

  63. 63
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl@54:

    How awful…is it eh who shot him this way?It is her desperate naked style

    DiCaprio come back to Bar!This prostitute will kill all ur good causes!

  64. 64
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl:

    He is too ugly&dumb&greedy for real hot&cold girls!

  65. 65
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl:

    Nobody wants this old jerk.Go away!

  66. 66
    Super Bowl Says:

    @Eh: What`s your issue? I`m not a big fan of Erin and I do think Leo is getting creepy chasing these young things but what`s with you and all this hatred? Relax!

  67. 67
    Eh Says:

    What is your issue?Eh or dicaprio pr?

  68. 68
    Eh Says:

    Relax!Nobody is interested in creepy old guy and his dirty eh!

  69. 69
    Super Bowl Says:

    I don’t have an issue. Do you have any idea how stupid you sound with this PR cr*p? Didn’t I say I’m not an Erin fan and Leo is a fool with his young chicks? Which part screams like PR to you?
    If nobody is interested in him and he is a creepy old guy ( according to you ) why are you here?

  70. 70
    Eh Says:

    This part is compeletely sounds like party PR.
    “IF your a HOT girl and want to go to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Superbowl party in Indianapolis email me a picture and name:

    His HOT naked pic is not enough for u?

  71. 71
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl:

    I am here because of you!Right now i am looking for some desperate naked pics to send you

  72. 72
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl:

    Do u have any idea how stupid and desperate u sound with ur “I am not an Erin fan”?Eh ..

  73. 73
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl:

    He is a greedy jerk anyways: “dating” desperate stuff or not It shows!

  74. 74
    Super Bowl Says:

    Eh, you are a nut case. That’s a tweet and it’s not from me. Relax already and leave the ‘creepy old guy’ and his ‘dirty girl’ alone.

  75. 75
    75 Says:


    Are you kidding me? What about Bar dragging him along with Whiney Campbell and Vlad on a yacht just days after giving the finger the Hague. Then to the “diamond guy’s” b-day party, where Leo was checking out bangles with Bar. All this after Blood Diamonds. I took his pontificating of that issue seriously! No more diamonds for me unless it’s freely and fairly traded. And I can add another 10 things to this list.

    Erin is the right person for Leo right now. She’s cool, fun, smart, and lower maintenance than clingy BarN.

    Btw – if you are a lovely Jewish sister, it’s highly disrespectful to wear a large campy crucifix around your neck for the paps in a largely Catholic country. Another good decision by the respectful refaeli family.

  76. 76
    @63 -65 Says:

    My post above (75) was meant for the drunk at #63 to #65.

  77. 77
    sos Says:

    @Super Bowl: According to the Daily telegraph they are suppose to be there two weeks.The weather is messing up the shoot again.

  78. 78
    @sos Says:

    I read another article that says that nice weather is predicted for the weekend…

  79. 79
    Eh Says:


    If Eh is cool and smart for you where are u from?Due to dicaprio the whole world knows where her(and others dumb models) cool brains are.So relax.

  80. 80
    Eh Says:

    @@63 -65:

    The only drunk here is exactly not me,idiot.

  81. 81
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl:

    It is not really important from you this tweet or not – u are the person who posted it here.

  82. 82
    Eh Says:

    Eh&ldc project is a great example of the deeply disturbed and empty heads and souls.Poor little fans,dicaprio shows them all his really favourite issues.

    What can I add?The pics told all for themselves.

  83. 83
    quid pro quo Says:

    @Super Bowl: It could be the case, but if SHE’s going to be there, why would they be advertising for chicks? I hope he wont be there, probably he will. I just get that feeling….hope not. He was in Sydney a whole week…

  84. 84
    photographer Says:


    Ok, nice figure, meh face, arms like ET. Enough said? I mean she looks like she came out of the last scene in Close Encounters of a Third Kind. (which I havent seen in a while, come to think of it, that might a fun nostalgia trip) and all the pubes and pores filtered out she looks like a department store mannequin mixed with an extraterrestiral.

    That’s a cute little pink dong Leo! No wonder he wanted that killed. How embarrassing, and with a little erection too? I mean it is hard to tell from that angle what the length and girth is, doesnt look too bad and think guys do keep growing a little bit…he looks to be about 25 there though…looks like it was taken around the time of the Beach.

    The official line was that this was a fake photo anyway. Who cares? My thing for Leo is above the neck anyway.

    I’m not saying she’s not attractive…all dressed up and professionally “did” for a runway show she looks great. Otherwise, Grace Kelley she isnt.

    I so hope he isnt in Indianapolis…somehow I would bet Leo doesnt “do” the Midwest..unless you call Vegas the midwest.

  85. 85
    quid pro quo Says:

    prolly that dude is the promoter and his job is to get people in buying drinks. I know people who promote clubs—they are VERY freelance..probably using the name unauthorized. Sigh.

  86. 86
    quid pro quo Says:

    @sos: I wonder why as well. Its because his top value seems to be hair color (dirty blonde) and model status. Its about status–either he has very middlebrow, conservative American male standards of beauty, or he’s just a jerk, either way. It’s about image too…I think with Gisele he got into the idea of being seen with a successful model. Even before that with Kristen Zang. It has to also be someone who is not very pretty in the face (face it, none of them were) so he doesnt get upstaged. Also has to be big breasted and have a nose job too.

    I think its foul. I mean you are attracted to whom you are attracted to…
    most people dont care or can find many types attractive. I guess since he thinks he can have anyone he starts with appearance and then tries to find someone who is amenable.

    Bottom line, its gross if you ask me.

  87. 87
    QUIM Says:

    It seems he is supposed to be there..or there are potent rumors running around Indy. But there are tons of celebs there—the Superbowl is there Sunday, so they are all in town for that. No actual confirmed sightings or photos, but his bimbo zombie is there so he’ll probably be “putting in” some time with her/it. Sigh.

  88. 88
    Eh Says:


    Grace Kelly? OMG. She isnt even Blake Lively.

  89. 89
    Eh Says:


    She doesnt look great even on the show because all the viewers know that even her hair is not her!I am silent about her fake and cheap boobs where probably her cool brains supposed to be!Did you see great and smart billionnaires with such a cheap and classless women?U can see this type of women only with DiCaprio who can allow to himself only this kind of stuff…Poor guy.

  90. 90
    Eh Says:

    And eh’s nose is really a village nose.The most beautiful nose in dicaprio’s life was interesting Giselle nose.

  91. 91
    Meh face ? Says:

    @photographer: more like a dog face. And judging from how Candace looks like in real life without all the enhancements we can only deduce that eh looks even more emaciated and her damaged nipples are probably even worse than in those pics that were posted here. On x17 they have pix of candace before all the photoshopping. Its all so fake

  92. 92
    sos Says:

    @photographer: lol I was kind of thinking the same thoughts on his hot dog.It’s hard to tell but isn’t he suppose to be uncircumcised?Not important just something to talk about.

    Tweet from yesterday idk he might make a superbowl appearance..

    Happy Saturday, bumholes! I’m at work with Dragons and roadies. Leo DiCaprio is shooting The Great Gatsby on the soundstage next door.

    hace 3 horas

  93. 93
    93...if i/m lucky Says:

    what’s the problem Jared? Did you see what 82 posted? But, you won’t let me provide some balance to this ‘Erin Reputation Slaughter’ (she hasn’t said or done anything stupid yet) with some nice CLOTHED pictures? I guess we know who is paying the bills. BC. They can say anything they want, and tow the line for you, and nobody gets the real truth. Nice. No, pathetic. Are you going to post me message from yesterday???

  94. 94
    94...if i/m lucky Says:

    Does this meet with JJ’s approval – not like the one from #82

    Leo is having fun with Erin, and she seems like the girl to get him to commune with nature in a sincere way. Btw – COED Magazine had this to say about Erin (Dec 2010):

    Btw – I don’t even know Erin. I’m a fan, and I’m appauled at the treatment she’s receiving from all the hired guns of a 1-year POST EX GF.

  95. 95
    95...fixed I think Says:

    Oh, C’mon. Allow people, regular people to post. Maybe not the last link, even though it’s gorgeous! A dif site..

    wow. amazing pics… :

  96. 96
    96...dunno what i did wrong? Says:

    AMAZING pic of Erin for Valentine’s day. Man…I have to get back to the gym:

  97. 97
    97...hopefully Says:

    I like her hair in 95, but the gut! BEER??? Try to be nice to Erin here. Seriously, already.

  98. 98
    98....with some Divine luck Says:

    It’s so funny that ‘Eh’ tries to plead BarT’s case by focusing on the looks of Leo’s gfs. Truth is, Erin is hotter than Bar. Get over it. But, maybe she has something else. A personality accented with ‘chill,’ ‘laid back,’ ‘not a girly grl,’ plus she hasn’t said or did anything stupid yet. She might even have qualities like, sincerity, integrity, loyalty, and CHARACTER. And I don’t believe her character has anything to do with the VS semi-nude shot promo. Unlike the list we have on a media ***** ex of 1 year. Poor Bar.

  99. 99
    Truth is Says:

    I cant believe shes a vs angel, let alone a friggin model. her face is average at best and she has no curves or boobage whatsoever. What’s considered beautiful for vs standards nowadays is a joke.

  100. 100
    Amused Aussie Says:

    @sos: Hes in Sydney- technically blue mountains- Gatsby still filming but behind cause of weather. Their under pressure cause leo, tobey, Joel and carey are all due to start new projects in US beginning of march

  101. 101
    Fan of the Most Beautiful Says:

    @Amused Aussie:

    So, you seem informed. Things aren’t adding up these past few weeks. Are Leo and Bar over for good? Period. Or will they get back together at some point. Truth!

  102. 102
    @101 Says:

    Well informed? Around his birthday AA had wrong info about him… Everything what she said about the Gatsby shoot was already posted on Leo threads based on Aussie articles.

  103. 103
    @102 Says:


    good info. thx 102. wonder who is brave enough to speak some truth

    anyone?? re: post 101

    I know someone knows something….

  104. 104
    For Bar fans Says:

    Girl looks like Bar here…

  105. 105
    Tired Says:

    @98….with some Divine luck:

    There is no need for this type of humans to say or do smt – they take their clothes off – these acts are about their minds, souls, career and their great job.+ some really empty tweets with dogs photos.

  106. 106
    good news ! Says:

    Leo was in Sydney this weekend, THANK GOD. At least all I can find says so. But he was buying board shorts —meaning he is probably going somewhere nice after Sydney (you know him!) maybe Bali with his dolly. So expect the worse, hope for the best. I’m glad he wasnt in indy with the Zombie.

    Leo, it would be even better if this was over NOW. Like you could pick up the phone and end it…or just not call at all, she’ll get the message.

    I think peopple in INdy heard “erin heatherton, DICAPRIOS girlfriend is in Indy” and only understood/captured his name…because most people dont know who she is anyway. I think some interesting rumors started.

    Gisele was there for Tom. Tom I like. Sometimes I think its just the case of them being the “two most beautiful people in the room” reason why they are together, but after I read G’s rather sappy but nice email she sent around to their relatives asking for their prayers and support I thought it was kinda nice. The Post ridiculed it, but that’s because the Post is in NY, Giants territory.

    I am guessing there will be a parade in NY like Tuesday. There usually is.

    Leo, when are you gonna grow up and be the Tom for somebody????

  107. 107
    sos Says:

    Apparently Lukas is in OZ .Here are some GG set pics:

  108. 108
    zelly Says:


    Leo is a good actor. He puts on a good show for these young girls when he wants to use them for sex and show. They are very young and nowhere near as sleazy as he is.

    But I will never feel sorry for is Bar. I used to, but she proved herself to be worse than him in every respect. She gave him cover so he could say he’d been in a relationship for five years when in reality he was ******** around on her the whole time. She put up with it because she’s a nasty hobag. She deserved him. If he was smart he would have stuck with her, but he thinks he deserves better.

  109. 109
    good Says:

    Erin H is tall, skinny, she photographs well, and she got implants to firm up her fried egg boobies. Leo was never serious about her. He needed a vacation dolly for the holidays and went shopping at the VS show. He arranged to be photographed with her to counter his image as a surly playboy to Oscar voters and to one up his ex, but behind the scenes he’s been the same old Leo.

  110. 110
    @good Says:

    So is he bitter about his ex Blake? Someone alluded to that in another forum
    Was Karlie Kloss really his first choice as a rebound?

  111. 111
    reminder Says:

    TZIPI LEVINE REFAELI “Bar is still the most beautiful girl in the world Israeli putrefaction doesn’t get any better than this, except for Esti Ginzburg. But who’s paying attention? They will not get married they will not have kids, I can’t deal with its all the fault of that NAPPY HEAD IN CONEY ISLAND.LEO IS GAY HE HAS SEX WITH MARTIN SCORCESE FOR MONEY HE ONLY SCREWS REAL SUPERMODELS THAT ARE MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN BAR FOR A COVER, – lasYOU ARE ALL JEALOUS AND JUST A BUNCH OF HATERS!”

  112. 112
    Kerri L Says:

    This post was from Kevin Connolly on February 1st.
    KevConzz @ 02/01/2012 at 6:24 pm
    Well he’s definitely responding to Barf on Twitter.
    Maybe he’s supposed to be conduit for a reconciliation?
    And this is BarT’s twitter: (Feb 9/2012): ” the Maldives! Ugh, would die to be there right instead of the airport!”
    Of course, anyone with half a brain knew what was going on in the Maldives. This article is from Feb 9th, Sky News – “Violence Spreads in Maldives” There is quite an image in the article.
    Is DiCaprio so DULL this is the kind of woman he relates to? I don’t believe that….he’d lose respect points. He’s not that dumb.

  113. 113
    113 Says:

    People who know, understand what real love is don’t make these comments in private, let alone public. These are both from Bar.

    # 241 I_am BAR @ 05/13/2011 at 2:34 am -15

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.


    @reply | Flag This
    # 242 I_am BAR @ 05/13/2011 at 2:37 am -16

    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.





  114. 114
    @112&113 Says:

    Peole who know what sanity and sick obsession mean are getting really tired of you and your unnecessary comments! It seems like you really have no life if you have time to go back and look for stupid comments like these. Not to mention believing them! Are you for real?

  115. 115
    @114 Says:

    unnecessary?? Lying to the public??? Who pays the bills?

    LOVE the pics of Bar cuddling babies on her Twitter. Baiting back Leo. I wonder if he’s actually that stupid? Hope not.

  116. 116
    @115 Says:

    Yeah, completely unnecessary and stupid if you indeed believe she posted this herself. What’s wrong with you? Also please, take your unhealthy obsession over to the Bar threads. Maybe someone cares about it over there. Don’t you have anything better to do than pushing the same thing over and over again?

  117. 117
    @116 Says:


    I’m calling you on your bs. Bar and her team have taken over Leo’s threads for the WHOLE LAST YEAR. That’s right – while they were “broken up.” Everybody knows this, btw.

    Lying — when we pay their bills — is about the worst thing you can do. “Go ahead, minimize the public’s intelligence.” Did it work for ya?

    Leo, I can see Bar doing something like this, but you? I had so much respect….

  118. 118
    @117 Says:

    What are you talking about? You don’t make sense at all. You hatred and obsession took your mind. Bar and her team is behind everything? Are you for real? You seriously believe those comments are actually from her? What’s wrong with you?

  119. 119
    @118 Says:

    Man….the messages are like a broken record! Couldn’t her clan come up with some better and accurate key messages? Sorry, not crazy, just reading, and this “crazy” person knows what to loo for. Burying comments, docs, and pics, so it doesn’t ruin BarT’s chance with Leo. But these boards, twitter, and Bellazon. The WHOLE PICTURE doesn’t make sense….or are you trying to say that Leo and BarT don’t make sense??? lol…maybe BarT’s camp doesn’t make sense. LOL!

  120. 120
    Hi Jared Says:

    Jared – my sis is a publisher too. I know it’s difficult to manage the balance, but you really shouldn’t keep the public away from posting, even if you don’t agree with it. It’s their problem. Sorry, but thanks for posting.

  121. 121
    About 113 Says:

    Of course it was Bar….possibly dictated to one of her “posting” minions, but those sentiments would have come from Bar, herself. Who else would publish a scathing rumour, like “…Leo has herpes.” The same linguistic style, as well.

  122. 122
    @119 Says:

    You are talking about a broken record? Again: are you for real? You have been posting the exact same thing over and over again. Whoever asks you to stop finally is `her team`. It doesn`t cross your mind that maybe I`m not `her team` I`m just tired of reading about her? I guess that doesn`t fit your conspiracy theory so it`s `bs`, right? Guess what? Some people are tired of your vendetta against her but that doesn`t mean they are `her team`. Get real already! And please, share your obsession on the Bar threads instead of ruining Leo`s. Thanks.

  123. 123
    @121 Says:

    Sure, if YOU say so it`s that way. I`ll take your word for it. LOL! Who else would post rumors like that? The same way as who keeps posting about his irrelevant ex all the time?

  124. 124
    emmo Says:

    she’s made thinly veiled b itch y comments about leo dicap on twitter. not hard to believe she would say worse in private.

  125. 125
    124 Says:

    Darn right I’m DONE with being conned. BarT is working hard trying to get Leo back. Let`s see if he has any emotional intelligence and common sense not to take back a 3rd-rate ex, who will air him out, once she`s got enough of what she wants or if he does something she doesn`t like.

  126. 126
    @124 Says:

    # 111 reminder @ 02/17/2012 at 3:05 pm -3

    TZIPI LEVINE REFAELI “Bar is still the most beautiful girl in the world Israeli putrefaction doesn’t get any better than this, except for Esti Ginzburg. But who’s paying attention? They will not get married they will not have kids, I can’t deal with its all the fault of that NAPPY HEAD IN CONEY ISLAND.LEO IS GAY HE HAS SEX WITH MARTIN SCORCESE FOR MONEY HE ONLY SCREWS REAL SUPERMODELS THAT ARE MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN BAR FOR A COVER, – lasYOU ARE ALL JEALOUS AND JUST A BUNCH OF HATERS!”
    @reply | Flag This
    # 112 Kerri L @ 02/19/2012 at 8:31 pm -1

    This post was from Kevin Connolly on February 1st.
    KevConzz @ 02/01/2012 at 6:24 pm
    Well he’s definitely responding to Barf on Twitter.
    Maybe he’s supposed to be conduit for a reconciliation?
    And this is BarT’s twitter: (Feb 9/2012): ” the Maldives! Ugh, would die to be there right instead of the airport!”
    Of course, anyone with half a brain knew what was going on in the Maldives. This article is from Feb 9th, Sky News – “Violence Spreads in Maldives” There is quite an image in the article.
    Is DiCaprio so DULL this is the kind of woman he relates to? I don’t believe that….he’d lose respect points. He’s not that dumb.

  127. 127
    @124 Says:

    Hi Emmo,
    Yes, I’ve seen them as well. She also takes shots at Lukas. She called him creepy.

  128. 128
    @126 Says:

    But clearly you are very dumb. And seriously obsessed. How sad!

  129. 129
    @128 Says:

    !!! Why dumb? That’s a first.

  130. 130
    @129 Says:

    If you weren`t you wouldn`t spend this much time obsessing over someone you hate. You would understand that a lot of people are tired of reading about her and because of that they are not `team Bar`. But you do so that makes me believe that you are dumb.

  131. 131
    Ted C. Says:

    Dear Ted:
    What do you make of Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton? I personally saw him roaming around Australia with tons of women, while he was supposed to be dating his latest model…Do you think he’s an “open-relationship” type of guy?

    Dear Bikini Babe:
    I have been hearing quite a bit about this Sydney trip of Leo’s (sans Erin). I can’t say that he is an “open-relationship” type of guy, but he is a guy. He’s also definitely a statuesque-blonde type of guy. And the pattern holds true in this case. Rumor has it Leo had his eye on yet another leggy Goldilocks, so if I were you, I’d quit worrying about any of them, because as soon as you’re satisfied Leo’s settled down he’ll be dissatisfied.

  132. 132
    Bull**** Says:

    Yet again Ted C gives an obvious answer that equivocates and says nothing at all. But sheeple here keep quoting him as if in the know!

  133. 133
    Ted C. Says:

    `sheeple`? Trying to be funny or something? I didn`t quote him I posted the question that seems more telling than the answer( that is indeed obvious and it wasn`t said otherwise ). So just chill and skip it if you are not interested…

  134. 134
    134 Says:

    Posted on Yeeeah! is this, authored by COOKIE in Nov/2011:
    “Leonardo dicaprio and females he loves have the i dont like to see the face ever during sex.which includes yelling bossing around dominating and large amounts of narcotics.”
    Also on the Hollywood Reporter. Top suspect for this quote comes from Bar and a very specific member of her “camp.” In-Laws Anyone? He’s crazy if he marries her. But people need to make that mistake on their own; they won’t listen to reason – textbook codependency and manipulation. Good environment for a baby. (sarc)

  135. 135
    @134 Says:

    OMG, can we finally stop with the Bar stuff? WHO CARES ABOUT HER? Enough already! Your obsession is pathetic! Get over it already! Who wants to read about her nearly a year after the breakup? Get over it already!

  136. 136
    @135 Says:

    Not obsessed with Bar, and I like her panty line. The long-sleeve shirt looks warm. But, I would like the truth. I believe the public is being lied to on the Leo/bar thing. She’s in LA, isn’t she? Go look at the last few Dicaprio pages on Bellazon, then tell me if you think it’s over for good. Just can’t stand the thought of Leo getting “stuck” with the wrong woman and an innocent baby. After all the bad things that BC has written over the past year, if he sticks it out, he’s going to be eaten alive by the “family” and a slave to pu55y.

  137. 137
    @123 Says:


    Excuse me – don’t shoot the researcher, who hasn’t written any of that scathing crap about Leo. I would NEVER do that. I think it’s horrible that he and his camp allow BC to get away with all this!

  138. 138
    sir duke Says:


    Relax, will you? Bar can shake her lard a ss and wave baby pictures all over the place and he’s still not going to bite. Trust. He’s had enough of Bar and has a constant reminder of her future in the shape of Tzipi and he wants no part of it.

  139. 139
    @137 Says:

    Researcher? You mean being obsessed with Bar and looking up old posts that are absolutely irrelevant to the thread. Nobody cares about her or her ALLEGED comments ( according to you ). Lies and truth? What are you talking about? Are you on some medication? Based on your comments you are a borderline stalker and completely obsessed. Also I read Leo`s bz thread and it has nothing to do with Bar. It`s all in your head.

  140. 140
    @139 Says:

    Are you trying to threaten me again? We both know those comments are genuine with emotion, whether dictated to a minion or penned, herself. Her comments had INTENTION. So do yours. You belong in jail and as far away from LD as possible.

  141. 141
    @140 Says:

    Are you out of your mind? Who threatened you? Seriously what are you talking about because you don`t make sense at all. Nothing you write makes sense. Yeah, my comments have intention. My intention is to tell you to stop posting about Bar. How about that? Jail? Again what`s wrong with you?

  142. 142
    skippy Says:

    spotted leo in west hollywood with two women near the apartments he owns. where he goes when he doesn’t want to take them home.

  143. 143
    @142 Says:

    There was a tweet about him at a yogurt shop with two `gorgeous companions` yesterday for a late night snack. Is this the same sighting? It doesn`t seem like he cares who sees him with these women either in Sydney or in LA. So what`s up with Victoria`s blah little Angel?

  144. 144
    @skippy Says:

    more details pleeease!

  145. 145
    Mami Says:

    @skippy: you personally spotted him? Are you sure none of these girls were Euuu. H.??

  146. 146
    skippy Says:

    i don’t know who the women were. they were tall and slender with darker hair

  147. 147
    @skippy Says:

    No offense really, but is there ANY thing else you can tell us that could give us cause to believe you on this? Or are u a blog prankster?

  148. 148
    @147 Says:

    What`s so hard to believe. It seems like a sighting without anything that`s hard to believe, nothing exaggerated.

  149. 149
    @148 Says:

    The question was for skippy, which I’m entitled to ask OK?

  150. 150
    @149 Says:

    Take it easy! This is a forum where anyone can have an opinion.

  151. 151
    Mami Says:

    @skippy: Thank you Skippy for the deets. Euuu doesnt have dark hair. I see Leo is on a roll…or many…

  152. 152
    Well... Says:

    Whoever the two girls were in LA or the ones in Sydney Heatherton still seems to be around ( when she is needed ). She tweeted a photo with one of Leo’s best friends, Kevin Connolly to make sure it’s out there that she is still ‘on call’. What a pair these two make! One is cheating left and right and the other just keeps smiling… His mom must be so proud!

  153. 153
    Bar Pt 2 Says:

    She is no worse that the Israeli draft dodger, who’s still stalking Leo!
    He cheated on her and dumped her and she’s still clinging on to his pals
    Maybe both Erin and Leo know this is a casual thing and not a great love affair. Erin’s mom has yet to comment to the press like Tzipi did ofetn

  154. 154
    @153 Says:

    Seriously can we just stop talking about Bar? It`s not that I don`t agree with you. Quite the contrary. And that`s exactly why I personally don`t want to talk about her if I don`t have to. What`s the point of bringing her up? You are correct this is the same type of `relationship` he had with Bar but why can`t you just leave it like that? Either Erin knows he is playing the field and she is OK with it. Maybe that`s why the whole thing is so low key. Or she is simply a dummy who fell for him even though he is not changing. The funny thing is that instead of him bringing attention to her he is noticed for the other women not his official girlfriend.

  155. 155
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:

    Leo’s latest loser attaching herself to his aging fratboy douchebag friends is deja vu all over again. She’s doing a great job as his official doormat. There is no reason to bring up the one she replaced. After 5 years use she was tattered and soiled. It was time for a new one.

  156. 156
    @155 Says:

    I wonder if this one is going to last that long. Is she dumb enough to play along? His girls are so similar. Both inside and out. This one seems more low key than the last one and I guess that`s exactly how he wants it. She is so nothing without anything exciting about her but she has the VS Angel title ( even if it`s the most boring and blah one ) and that`s enough. Way to live your life!

  157. 157
    Salt Says:

    I can`t believe she posted a photo of her and Kevin C showing the world that she is indeed still attached to Leo. And it´s obvious she follows everything. JJ, Bellazon and every blog there is. Have to tell I think this girl is even worse than Bar. This one is smart. I just think Leo thinks he´s the one in control, when it´s the other way around. She´s playing him.
    Where does he gets all this girls? They are like leeches. Wake up Leo, you´re being played here.

  158. 158
    sos Says:

    It figures and I was half expecting it.Oscar weekend is starting,so i guessed we’d be getting the same stuff we got last year.Leo and GF at some party,although i don’t think eh attended any Golden globe parties?Plus one of the BZ detectives,noticed that her twitter gets quiet when she’s with Leo.Except for one or two pics snuck in.I was on the fence about skippys sighting and the yogurt shop?I was thinking maybe she was one of the girls.Not that it matters really with the Sydney girls.Ted C didn’t enlighten us any,but do find it interesting that the reader/writer witnessed him with the other girls.I think Ted is spot on with the last part,about settling down.Leo does blow hot and cold.
    Does Leo follow any of his gfs on twitter or do his gfs follow him?Or are they all just tweeting to poor Kevin?Got the crazy X and the new one on his
    I’m wondering how long this is gonna last too?I mean there doesn’t seem to be much heat between them,imo.Also the cheating i guess has already started.I thought that happened a year or two in?

  159. 159
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:

    He never stops cheating unless he’s in the heat of the chase and he has to to get what he wants. When he gets it, he doesn’t want it. Until she doesn’t want it. Then he wants it again. It’s a stupid game played by an insecure manchild who always needs to be in control.

  160. 160
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:


    Wake up, he’s a player and he doesn’t deserve better.

  161. 161
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:

    Poor Kevin is loving every minute of it. It’s part of his wingman duties.

  162. 162
    @158 Says:

    I don`t understand what does it have to do with Oscars? He is not nominated. He was at a pre GG party and one site placed her there but this year he has nothing to do with the Oscars.
    Also her twitter is not quiet when she is with her if there are photos posted that tell the world that she is with him. That`s the point. These photos are always there to let people know she is following him whenever she is not working. Like did Leo go to NYC once while not working to visit her? No.
    I have no problem believing skippy`s sighting. Since it was on twitter as well and it`s nothing that would be so hard to believe. Didn`t he do the same thing in Sydney? Even having this official gf couldn`t stop the rumors about him and other women. By the way I agree that the only interesting thing about that Ted C. item was the question. Ted tells his opinion ( no inside info ) but the person who asked apparently saw him with other girls. Then comes this tweet photo. Like Erin arrived in the middle of those rumors while in Sydney.
    What I would like to know is whether Erin is proud of being his girlfriend? I think Leo is an amazing actor and probably a great guy. But as a man / boyfriend… he is lousy, superficial and a player. So if you are his typical interchangeable gf it`s rather a cliche by now not anything respectful to be linked to him.

  163. 163
    To be Fair to Erin Says:

    Maybe Erin knows and is cool with it.
    I agree with #153, even the quotes to US Weekly ‘they’re just having fun’ suggests both know its not serious. So fair play.
    I would like to know how he feels about Blake and is Bar in LA still trying to reach him via Kevin whom she tweets constantly? Kev’s responses are often negligible, looks like hes trying to be poliite IMO.
    But is that why Erin tweetpicced them together?

  164. 164
    @Doormat Part 2 Says:

    I agree with you but don’t these women have responsibilities too
    By some accounts even when with Gisele, he was a regular at the playboy mansion
    It was even more tragic with Bar but they both tolerated it for long stretches band if they ended it Leo went after them again, and they always took him back.
    It takes two to tango.

  165. 165
    @sos Says:

    That’s too funny.Poor Kevin appears to be the go-to-man for all of them!!!!!!!!!!! To think all these guys are almost 40

  166. 166
    Ha! Says:

    EH is a dull plain head with desperate naked things,but Leo is ugly as hell himself.Inside and Outside!Did u see his latest pics?He is really ugly.

  167. 167
    @164 Says:

    yeah, they always took him back for a while. And it always ended. I think #159 said it right. It`s the chase and the control that drives him. I doubt anyone will ever be able to change that. Not Erin and not anyone else. Unless Leo changes and grows up. What are the chances?
    @163: Leo dated Bar for 5 years. Maybe she is friends with Kevin and that`s why they tweet each other? She was seen out with Lukas after the breakup. Also I bet Kevin spent a lot of time with her and he went to Israel with Leo for his second visit. My point is that without defending her it is possible that they just stayed in touch and there`s nothing behind it? I`m saying this because it was exactly the same with Gisele…
    As for Erin. Fun or not ( I don`t think anyone believes this is serious ) she is linked to him as a girlfriend and yet the rumors won`t stop ( even if she knows it`s just fun ).

  168. 168
    Ha! Says:

    His face speaks for his soul!
    Really speaks!
    Dirtiness. Emptyness.Venom.What else new inside him?
    I see nothing inspiring, nothing bright, nothing wise, nothing pure.
    Nothing is about him, not only about eh and others.

  169. 169
    Get lost Ha! Says:

    Unfortunately the former poster called Eh and HM that always ruins Leo threads with bizzare claims, bad syntax and once wished him death is back.
    Now unfortunately vile stupidity returns to Leo posts.
    Humor, Insight, Insider gossip R.I.P

  170. 170
    @164 Says:

    You’re only half right
    She tweets with Kevin but she’s always the one that pursues the convo with him. Not vice versa. I’m not suggesting there’s enemity but I dont believe its a ‘friendship’
    Also she was not hanging with Lukas in NYC.They happened to be in the same club during NY fashion week. Theres a reason you rarely saw Lukas in the picture when Leo and Bar reconciled for the 4 millionth time in 2009/2010. No Cabo, No Basketball games
    Theres a reason he did not go to Israel, and there is a reason they dont follow each other on Twitter. Lukas HATED her
    And no I’m not Tinkerbell.

  171. 171
    Ha! Says:

    @Get lost Ha!:

    Bad syntax is far more great quality than all dirty and empty heads here and there!

  172. 172
    Ha! Says:

    My bad syntax doesnt add the human face to your beloved Leo,really unfortunately for you!

  173. 173
    @170 Says:

    I still think people focus and obsess over Bar a little way too much. Like why would anyone bother to follow her tweets after the breakup? Or analyze her conversation with Kevin? I don`t think Leo`s friends hated her. They stay in touch and yeah, probably hang out as buddies. Big deal! As for Lukas there were photos of him dancing with Bar not looking like he hated her but I bet you have an explanation for that as well. And my question again why do we need to bother about her at all? She is gone so why can`t we be just happy about it? And it`s for sure that Leo hasn`t upgraded with the new one. And probably won`t with the next one…

  174. 174
    Ha! Says:

    Hey, producers!

    It is time to replace spoiled pigs
    It is hard to believe that pig eyes actor is all that we deserve right now on screens and there is no great actors in the whole world!Someone GO AND FIND GREAT GUYS, please.I cant see this dirty stuff anymore.

  175. 175
    @@170 Says:

    What photos of Lukas dancing with Bar and it was never on JJ or Twitter? If you have seen these so exclusive pics ( which I doubt exist)you obv follow Lukas and Bar closley while hassling others for doing the same. Look becos you’re a Bar fan, you cant say one thing and when people call you out on it, insist otherwise and then question/dictate the topics of converstaion of how you want Leo posts to go

  176. 176
    @175 Says:

    No, I don`t follow her. The photos were posted on her bz thread a while ago ( = while dating Leo ). But I should play the lottery since I was 100% sure that I was going to be marked as a `Bar fan` which I`m not. I just don`t find it exceptional that she is in touch with Leo`s fans. But if that means to you that I`m a fan of hers… whatever makes you happy.
    `say one thing`, `people call you out on it`, `dictate the topics`???? What are you talking about? Again talking way too much into my comment and twisting them your way. Refreshing!

  177. 177
    @175 Says:

    * Leo`s friends.

  178. 178
    Leo Says:


    Thanks God this dumb model didn’t post on Twitter her new deeply hilarious naked art!

  179. 179
    riri Says:

    @Leo: she don’t need to post anything its all over the net….

  180. 180
    @175 Says:


  181. 181
    raven Says:

    @skippy: I didn’t know he has an apartment he takes girls to when he doesn’t want to take them to his house. That’s pretty smart of him like especially if he doesn’t want to get caught cheating. Interesting information you have given us, thanks :)

    @salt: yep, he seems to like leeches. I wonder if maybe he thinks like he will just use them for fun and then let them go. They get to use him while he does though and some aren’t gonna let go so easily. Pretty sad that is what is around him. But he needs to be smarter about his choices.

    Hi sos!! LOL yeah I wonder what Kev C must think of these girls trying to suck up to him because he’s Leo’s bestie? Like I wonder if he ever says “this girl is only talking to me because she wants to get back with Leo or she wants information on him?” Poor dude having to deal with all of this, I wonder if he gets tired of it, LOL.

  182. 182
    Leo Says:


    How great I am…To use dumb models for fun when I am almost 40!How great my art!

  183. 183
    @181 Says:

    @raven: .

    Leo is a user and emotional abuser. Kevin is a suck up who loves attention. They’re both too old for this behaviour. Deal with it.

  184. 184
    @176 Says:

    There are no pictures of Lukas and Bar dancing together because it didn’t happen. Dancing at the same club, but not together. He doesn’t hate her, but they’re not friends.

  185. 185
    @184 Says:

    I really don`t want to argue with her but the photos do exist. Whether you like it or not. It was a long time ago and I assume there are hundreds of pages on her bz thread so clearly it would take forever to look it up. But they are there. As for Lukas or Kevin hating her or not. I don`t know any of the three so I can`t be sure. I think they are probably friendly. But really who cares?

  186. 186
    @176 Says:


    Ugly is harsh, but he is hurting without the soft lens and makeup. He’s lost more hair and gained more wrinkles in the last few months than he has in ten years.

  187. 187
    @185 Says:

    I will argue it because I know the photos do not exist.

  188. 188
    @187 Says:

    How can you be so sure? These were photos that showed them at a party with other people and they all danced. I`m not saying it was only the two of them but clearly they had a great time. I`m also not pushing that they are friends but during those years I bet they all went out to party and they danced. I don`t understand what`s the big deal. On her bz thread there were photos like those posted. Like some event where you could see Bar with Leo`s mom and Jennifer Meyer among other people… Don`t believe it if you don`t want to but they are there…

  189. 189
    @@185 Says:

    Exactly and this person keeps arguing that these dancing photos taken in probably 2007/2008, are recent pictures of proof that they are friends 4 years later.

  190. 190
    Philly Says:

    True. #167 said Bar and Lukas were seen together after the break up. Where? From BZ pics of years ago?
    I like how this you-know-who when Ted C or skippy says what she wants to hear, is non combative. But when others question skippy or make points that don’t tally with hers . Her typical nutiness comes out with the usual aggression of ‘prove it/showmance/who cares rants’.

  191. 191
    @189 Says:

    I never said the photos were recent. I said they were from a while ago while she was still dating Leo. Also I never said this is proof that they are friends if you read my comment and pay attention you will see it.
    @Philly: No. In a club in NYC. Google it and you will find it.
    I find it ridiculous how people keep twisting my words and claim things I never said. TYPICAL. Just like I said I don`t care what Ted C. has to say the interesting part of that article was the question. But hey, whatever you wanna read, right? LOL!

  192. 192
    Leo Says:


    Yeah, I have lost my wonderful hair… My Hoover makeup didnt bring me a statue…And now my life has no sense anymore.Oscar is all I dreamed about.+some money.

  193. 193
    Leo Says:

    People think that I am spoiled greedy moron, but according to my calculations I am NOT.
    I am great man with great issues.Yeah.
    So now I have to go for having some daily anti-hurting lessons with my available chicks.

  194. 194
    also Says:

    Also noticed his gfs keep getting uglier, he went from horse face blake to butter face eh. I hate to be harsh but for a guy who’s supposed to care so much about models he sure picks some butter faces. I know alot of people like giselle in fashion but you have to admit she’s quite manly and horsy when shes not done up for the cameras.this reputation for dating beautiful women is not all that accurate. like seriously eh and blake are beautiful? Get real

  195. 195
    Philly Says:

    I know the day you are talking about.
    It was in the Darby. during Fasion Week 2011. Lukas and Kevin and Bar were at the same club (post break up)but there are no pis of them dancing together as you claimed in #167.
    But by all means pls provide the google page to click on of these pics.

  196. 196
    @195 Says:

    I NEVER said that the photos on BZ are from the Darby. I said they were posted a while ago = while she was still dating Leo so obviously they aren`t post breakup Darby photos. READ MY COMMENT!
    The google page is about the Darby sighting NOT about the photo on bz. Read my comment. I said `In a NYC club. Google it.` Clearly I meant the NYC club sighting not the bz photos.

  197. 197
    @196 Says:

    You used the Darby sighting as proof that they were still hanging out / dancing together sans pictoral proof, as opposed to it being more likely a chance meeting in an NY club during fashion week.
    There is no google sighting saying they Bar,Lukas,Kevin were chummy/dancing together ,more likely they as well as Kings of Leon happened to be in the same premises at the time.
    And if you are #167, yes you DID say they hung out post break up hence the question ‘Where?’. And then comes the dancing BZ picture of years ago as your proof.
    Anyway I’m out.

  198. 198
    @197 Says:

    Yes, I used the Darby or whatever sighting to say they still hanging out. Proof? What are we in court? The sighting was posted on some sites. What else do you want? #195 said I claimed there were photos. That`s not true. I never said there were photos. So what`s your point?
    I found a link the says after Darby she went to Avenue where she was seen dancing with Lukas. I tried to post the link but it didn`t go through. That`s what I referred to nothing else.
    Also I mentioned the photo on bz of Lukas and Bar ( with other people ) dancing to point out that it didn`t look like Lukas hated her. The photos WAS NOT proof that they hung out post breakup. In that case you misunderstood me. How could photos that were posted while they were dating ( I clearly said that ) prove that they hung out post breakup? Does it make sense to you? I did say the photos were pre breakup and the sighting post breakup.
    In #167 I said she was seen with Lukas after breakup.
    In #173 I mentioned the photo of them dancing. When did I say that the photos are the proof that they hung out after breakup? It`s two different things in two different sightings.
    So what`s your issue?

  199. 199
    @197 Says:

    Are you aware what a ridiculous argument this is? I`m not defending Bar or claiming that she is close friends with Leo`s friends. I simply implied that after 5 years with him I guess she stayed friends or rather on friendly terms with them. The whole picture/sighting argument is just so pointless.

  200. 200
    raven Says:

    @@181: duly noted.

  201. 201
    201 Says:

    Do beleive that BarT and Leo are pulling a Chris B & RiRI. Never stopped hooking up in the last year. This next 12 months are going to be interesting. My guess is this has all been a PR lie.

  202. 202
    Another Chris & Riri.... Says:

    PR Conspiracy. Bar would never let an opp for a pic go by with celebrities, such as Chris Brown (good fr of Jayzee and Be, who are friends with Leo). She is taking fringe pics; probably told to be discreet. She also wrote on her twitter some time ago, something like, SHE ONLY HAD 2 MORE YEARS TO GO. Whatever that means. It certainly implied she would quit modelling full time…lol. I know FULL TIME.

  203. 203
    for 202 Says:

    oops – I mean chris martin is good friends with Jay and Be, from one of my fave all-time bands, COLDPLAY. Btw, my questionmark function is not working. Otherwise, you would have seen it after the name Riri. the Chris i am talking about with riri is obviously, chris brown. sorry for the confusion.
    Can someone tell me what TEAM SMT means….

  204. 204
    Wonder Says:

    I wonder how lost he is for dating someone obviously not bright ,angry as hell and jelous like witch as Bar?There is a lot of bright models for dating, no?

  205. 205
    Wonder Says:

    Leo, can you choose some pure models (if they exist!) in ur f**** spoiled life?Why did u promote Refaeli,Heatherton???Are u ok dude??

  206. 206
    Answer Says:

    @for 202:

    All the teams have left the building. Leonardo diCaprio is lost for salvation.

  207. 207
    huh Says:

    So according to JJ`s new post Refaeli was at Weinstein`s pre-Oscar party. And according to a tweet posted on Leo`s bz thread he was there as well. I wonder if they ran into or they avoided each other?

  208. 208
    huh Says:

    JJ has a second post about the party and it places Leo there.
    Also his bz thread has a sighting of him with Heatherton at another pre-Oscar party on Friday. `He couldn`t keep his eyes off her`. Coming from a no name Portuguese site. I love it when you hear nothing like this in the US where these parties are full of bloggers/tweeters and there`s media coverage and a sighting like this comes from Portugal or Brazil…

  209. 209
    Leo & Bar Says:

    I’m starting to wonder too
    Excuse me while I go puke…………….

  210. 210
    ......... Says:


    What are you wondering about? It’s part of Bar’s payout for keeping her mouth shut. Weinstein is producing Leo’s next movie. If Leo tells Harvey to throw Bar some bones, he’ll do it. Marchesa had the tackiest front row I’ve ever seen at New York Fashion Week. Bar, Stacy Kiebler, Taylor Momsen. They all looked like hell in old Marchesa. Weinstein could wrangle better guests for his wife’s show if he wanted to. These were payoffs and favours to friends.

  211. 211
    huh Says:

    I was wondering about what I said I was wondering about. Whether they ran into each other or tried to avoid each other.

  212. 212
    Sad truth Says:

    Bar Refaeli and Leo DiCaprio is a great pair.They both were created for each other.Nobody is interested in Refaeli despite all her fame,nobody decent is interested in spoiled DiCaprio also.So they deserve each other in every possible way.Probably now Leo finally undestood this sad truth.

  213. 213
    ......... Says:


    He’s trying not to be so obvious with his showmancing after the embarrassment of December and January, but it’s still going on.

  214. 214
    @213 Says:

    What are you talking about?
    Erin was showmancing and hes beenb banging Bar quieltly all this while? Leo’s truly an idiot!

  215. 215
    huh Says:

    @213: what is still going on? Embarrassment in December and January? What are you talking about? Can you explain, please?

  216. 216
    Philly Says:

    Gotta be honest, I’m not sure if I believe these people who post ‘in the know’ – Doormat Pt 2, dr duke, skippy, ??? – info the way I used to. Everything they post as of late tends not to either bear out or can’t be proven either way.

  217. 217
    ......... Says:

    Everyone knew he was showmancing Erin even before he was caught with the Aussie girl. Leo knows how to avoid photographers when he wants to. He has no use for Bar. He has Erin to take her place. He’s not in the market for a serious relationship.

  218. 218
    @210 Says:

    What pay out could there possibly be for Marchesa from having Taylor Momsen front row? Does Bar have photos of Leo with little boys /dead girls that he has to pull all these strings for her a year after? C’mon, stop having us on.

  219. 219
    ......... Says:

    I said payoffs or favours to friends. It’s not a big deal. Leo likes to be in control.

  220. 220
    219 Says:

    I wonder if he is busy converting right now. Marriage and babies.

  221. 221
    huh Says:

    #219= The crazy is back on the thread. Seems like you are really bored to come up with your crazy theories.
    @…….. #217: Oh, that. I agree with you on that one since it`s pretty obvious. But it`s not really working. Official girlfriend or not he doesn`t seem to try to be discreet. The rumors are around no matter what. This Erin girl is pretty pathetic. Leo is out with other women and she is there smiling when he wants her to. Is she this desperate or this dumb?
    @Philly: I see your point. I did believe skippy because that sighting was on twitter, too. Also knowing about his apartment in WeHo. You don`t really have to be an insider to hear things if you live in LA. Of course I`m not 100% convinced but close.

  222. 222
    @huh Says:

    Y’know what considering valid points #218 has said. I’m not sure if #219 is so off with his/her logic anymore.

  223. 223
    210 does not add up. Says:


    IF Leo & Bart are NOT together, why would he ask the Punisher for favours on her behalf…I am wondering if Harvey is especially fond of BarT (or his wife, a la MARCHESA) that they are helping a reconciliation. That is IF BarT AND leo are not already REALLY together and talking future, on the down low. Something tells me Weinstein is not the guy to do something just out of the kindness of his heart.

  224. 224
    huh Says:

    @223: What are you talking about? You don’t make sense at all! Too much free time on your hands? You should spend it in a more useful way! You sure have a vivid imagination!

  225. 225
    @224 Says:

    Look if this person frustrates you so much, then stop responding to him/her. His/her posts aren’t directed at you, we all have reason to write here, so why not leave well enough alone. It’s equally tiresome to see your aggressive rants against whomever the numbers person is as it is for you to read him/her. There is no monoploy on Leo forums. And its rich for you to say h/she has too much time on his/her hands since YOU’RE basically camped here monitoring what others write.

  226. 226
    sos Says:

    @huh:It’s kind of weird,and random.Man I hate those lame sighting quotes like that.”Couldn’t keep his eyes off her”or those other models right?lol.The JJ sighting at the Weinstein party seems pretty harmless.No mention of him hanging around bar or EH.I agree with#217.He don’t need Bar he’s got the new one.also about the serious relationship part too.
    Did you guys see the new pics of EH posted on the Weinstein party thread?Talk about freaking Deja vu.There she is smoking, shopping and getting lost in a parking I guess she hasn’t been around Leo’s cars too much.

  227. 227
    @SOS Says:

    Which thread exactly?

  228. 228
    huh Says:

    @225: See this is a site where people post and others respond. Maybe you missed that part. That`s what I do and FYI that`s what you do as well. If my comments frustrate you don`t respond to them. How about that? There is no monopoly on Leo forums and I never said otherwise. Did I say that this person shouldn`t post? No. So what`s with the monopoly thing. That person posted something I find ridiculous and I said my opinion. That`s what people do here. You just simply don`t like what I have to say and that`s why you keep picking on me.  It`s not aggressive rant as you call them. It`s responding and saying my opinion. 
    `camped out`. Sure, whatever you say.
    Anything else bothering you? If there is then think about your own advice. Don`t respond and just ignore my comments. That`s what I`m gonna do with yours.

  229. 229
    sos Says:

    @@SOS: this thread
    btw after a second viewing of those pics I realized her shirt is barely buttoned,you could see her bra.Like she’s shopping at Walmart or something.

  230. 230
    @228 Says:

    You could not have told that person to post for the simple reason that you have no right/ability to.
    As people here are free to post they are also free to air whatever feelings they have , no matter how questionable even though one possessive crazed Leo fan in no less than 3 posts tails them, demands explanations from them and tell them to get a life without any irony whatsoever.

  231. 231
    huh Says:

    @sos: Thanks for the link. I agree with the person who posted the link. Plain. Young and unsexy. The cigarette hanging out of her mouth is disgusting. Sorry if that sounds aggressive for some people but I hate cigarettes. It’s my personal opinion without the intent to offend smokers.
    You are right. That sighting was pretty random. I’m not saying it’s not true but it’s weird that it popped up overseas meanwhile in the US Leo wasn’t even listed as a guest in posts about the Friday party ( at least so far ).
    I also agree with the not a serious relationship thing. So no chemistry.

  232. 232
    huh Says:

    @228: Seriously what’s your issue. Yes, I dont have the right or ability to tell anyone not to post. That’s exactly what I said. So what are you talking about? You are making a huge deal out of nothing. Demand explanation? I did not demand anything. Asked but didn’t demand. You twist everything you can and exaggerate everything I say.
    Again TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE! Don’t read my comments and if they frustrate you DON’T RESPOND! Problem solved!

  233. 233
    Kind Rabbit Says:

    I don’t want to abuse his great women but i personally think that Leo is f**** piece of ****!He can carry only about his ass.It is a shame!Also I am sure his career is over….U will see soon his really great fails(Gatsby and others).I want but I really don’t see a bright future for such type of behaviour

  234. 234
    Did she say kind... Says:

    Apprently, LEO will win Oscar for Django. Yeah, Harvey. You wicked and punishing genius.
    We all know who HUH is….no craziness there (sarc).

  235. 235
    Kind Rabbit Says:

    Time to pay the bills will come very fast for him…I dont think that the most great failure will be Gatsby cash-failure.He can lose smt more important and I dont mean his ****,speaking about the most great failire in his career life.

  236. 236
    To the kind rabbit Says:

    what does smt mean….probably a sumb question.

  237. 237
    Kind Rabbit Says:

    @Did she say kind…:

    Actor should deserve an Oscar, winning is not great deal.

  238. 238
    Kind Rabbit Says:

    He won’t win Oscar nor for Django nor for other piece of art-****. There must be another aim when you are almost 40.If his life aim is only Oscar he WILL NEVER WIN.

  239. 239
    huh Says:

    @236: smt I guess it means ‘something’.

  240. 240
    raven Says:


    Ok I’m confused. I thought that Weinstein was the reason why Leo supposedly dated BL. So why would BR be at his party? Could she be trying to get into acting?

  241. 241
    Message Says:

    Why do people think that Harvey had a hand in Leo’s relationship with Blake? I am behind on my Leo gossip, I guess?

  242. 242
    @Message Says:

    Don’t pay any attention to it
    There were a multitiude of conspiracy teories from the anti-Blake fations cos Leo was behaving ‘out of character’ according to his obsessives. It was pure poison over the summer. His fans used the HW rumors about Blake to imply Leo was dating her by force/duress/ with photo ops/some even said he was paid to, to make themselves feel better.Never mind the fact that rumors had Leo and Blake already dating allegedly before te Met Ball of 2011 and flirting long before it bacame public. Now he is showmancing with Erin, and being public with Erin expect another conspiracy shortly.

  243. 243
    Philly Says:

    Its morning here in England so I’m just checking out the blogs.
    It was BS by the Leo fanatics like raven, showmance etc.
    Leo is the biggest star in HW. No one tells him what to do. As Doormat Pt 2 pretty muh confirmed, if any one does any manipulating its Leo and he is ALWAYS in control in relationships.
    Glad Meryl Streep won!

  244. 244
    Sad Says:

    Its cos of all that **** by about 4 Leo fans under different names – notice that despite the number of posts under Leo news, he still did not make the top 20 of JJ post in 2011, thats cos most of the comments come from the same IP address!!! – cool sane fans like C/G, Schlonginator, iheartcomments who liked BL etc left. Only iheart recently returned and she confirmed she left cos of the BL hate. And is trying to avoid the Erin hate now. Anyone have any goss on the Oscar bashes?

  245. 245
    soon Says:

    @@Message: he’s actually not being public with erin.he’ds doing the same stuff he did with bar. while i dont believe him”dating” her is a conspiracy they will be over by the summer! you mad? and thats ALL LEO!!

  246. 246
    @244 Says:

    @Sad: why dont you shut up and go play in some traffic?? EH is an idiot for dating someone that will be giving her the walking papers soon.

  247. 247
    Leo & his "dude crew" Says:

    As Saturday turned to Sunday morning, a baseball-cap wearing Leo DiCaprio and his dude crew headed to another section of the VIP area where the actor sat next to “W.E.” actress Abbie Cornish and TWC co-founder Harvey Weinstein. When DiCaprio first arrived, he was sucking on an electronic cigarette that glowed blue, but as he sat next to Cornish, he could be seen savoring a cigar while she lit up an electronic version that looked like DiCaprio’s.

    At closing time, DiCaprio and his posse headed for the exit, where he ran into a fresh-out-of-rehab Gerard Butler. The fit-looking “300” actor, who, earlier in the night, seemed to drawing on all his willpower as he eyed a passing trays of champagne flutes, asked DiCaprio where he was going next.

    The “J. Edgar” actor admitted that he probably was going “home.”

  248. 248
    Sad Says:

    And why don’t you eff off. Have a drink and drive.
    If EH is an idiot to be dating Leo you are even more pathetic specimen care about it to be waiting and gauging the relationship and how it ends. Twat

  249. 249
    @248 Says:

    And thank goodness we wont have to wait long!! You’re just as pathetic because you’re here aren’t you?!? I see no great discussions of societal importance in the last 50 postings and beyond on here so which one/s are yours?! : ) You do know you’re on a message board right?!?

  250. 250
    Sad Says:

    All the more reason you don’t have the right to tell me to shut up cos I said sthg a dickweed like you didn’t want to hear.

  251. 251
    Tru Says:

    Lively was the closest thing he’s had to a real relationship in years. Sad truth. Walking Heatherton through parks for photographers was a stab at cleaning up his image and winning the pr war. When it failed to achieve the desired results, he went back to business as usual.

  252. 252
    @250 Says:

    @Sad: and its obvious I SAID something a dickweed like you didnt want to hear. : ) But all that matters to me really is that Leo will break up with this B*tch by the summer and that’s whats gonna happen!!! Haters called it!! I don’t care if he is dating her for conspiracy purposes or the ******** one, SHE WILL BE GONE THIS SUMMER and thats all that I care about and am happy about! : )

  253. 253
    @250 Says:

    @Tru: you’re right, she’s another pathetic bar, the end is near for this one AGAIN! Business as usual with Leo…

  254. 254
    @250 Says:

    s c r e w i n g!!

  255. 255
    @Tru Says:

    If that was the case why did it end with Lively so soon?

  256. 256
    sos Says:

    @Leo & his “dude crew”: Thanks for that.Here’s the Pagesix version.
    Cleaned-up Butler charms

    Posted: 12:02 AM, February 27, 2012

    Gerard Butler appeared in top form at the Weinstein Co.’s Soho House pre-Oscar bash. The “300” actor, who just completed a rehab stint, was seen mingling, and charming ladies Saturday, telling one, “I feel pretty good.” “The Artist” star Bérénice Bejo, who’d jetted in from France with the cast and got a police escort to the party, told us, “We’re running on adrenaline. But I’m not staying too late. I need to get some rest!” Katy Perry also joined the Chopard bash, politely sidestepping a string of male admirers, and instead chatting to Harvey Weinstein about working together on a project. Leonardo DiCaprio hid under a ball cap while his ex, Bar Refaeli, seemed to keep a safe distance and introduced Russell Simmons to her beautiful friends. Zoe Saldana arrived holding hands with Bradley Cooper, and Scarlett Johansson introduced boyfriend Nate Naylor to the A-list crowd. Best actress Oscar-winner Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams took in a surprise performance by Tony Bennett.

    Read more:

  257. 257
    Tru Says:

    Because he’s not capable of sustaining a real relationship.

  258. 258
    huh Says:

    @Tru: I see your point and you are right. I wouldn’t call it a ‘real relationship’. It didn’t last long enough to be a relationship and I would say it was the closest to real as you said in #250. These young models are like playing a character and Leo is the director. Lively wasn’t up for that role and she walked I think. So the puppet master found a new girl.
    Also I don’t think he is happy. Hopefully he will make some changes sooner than later.

  259. 259
    riri Says:

    It ended with Blake so soon because SHE ended it! Say what you want about Blake Lively but at least she has the GUTS to walk away from Leo and not become a doormat.

  260. 260
    huh Says:

    @riri: I hate to admit it since I still don’t like her but you are absolutely correct.

  261. 261
    #259 Says:

    Hi. I’m not trying to be argumentative but is this your ooinion or fact? How do you know? Everyone including Lainey have put their spin on the split. I somehow believe Tru, beos her opinion leaves room for interpretation but were u a witness? And honestly I’m not being bolshie, I just like to differentiate btw rumor and true info

  262. 262
    Tru Says:

    They both ended it. He wasn’t ready for a real relationship. She wasn’t willing to wait around hoping he would change.

  263. 263
    Blake and Leo Says:

    Although I admit that since Gisele (on the beginning of their relationship) I din’t saw him again in love I really doubt that we could called a relationship to what he had with the Blake.

    Maybe in HER imagination (and goal) was to have it but never reached to be… more than anything for him.

    And that’s why (and I believe strongly) she ended. She saw that he will never change. Just like Gisele only that this one kept insisting for years until finally she give up.

    Look at her relationship with Ryan… everything is happening very fast. She tried to do the same thing with Leo but he’s was hopeless case.

    She wanted walk holding hands, public kisses regardless of the photographers, stay at home watching movies… He’s not that guy.

    And even though he looked like really wanted to be ready… He’s not ready to change

    Example number 1, the model with which he was seen flirting in New York when Blake went out of town for like a day for the promotion of Green Lantern in LA.

    If you remember from Cannes they were practically ALL THE TIME together. He was smitten, and was practically all over her.

    and there was no chance of turning to look to another one, because she was there ALL THE TIME…

    that is why he needs all his girlfriends there, with no life, be there all the time because HE KNOWS that in the the minute she turn around, He completely forgets about them and jump to the first skirt that he finds.

    He’s the type so… cheating type.

    I give him credit to him for trying with Blake, played to the little house, to the wifey… He tried, but simply isn’t in his being.

    Believe me if he were, will be already married.

  264. 264
    shut up Says:

    @Blake and Leo: First of all you make her seem like a sweet angel when she is not she took naked pictures on her phone then claimed that was not her in the photos. She is dating divorced Ryan Ronald who by the just ended his marriage after only two years to then be in a so called serious relationship with Blake give me a break please. Blake has issues has well. Leo is not dump he knows what he is doing. Blake is a trap money hungry famewhore.

  265. 265
    raven Says:

    @message: oh, about the weinstein thing. It was something people were posting on here and lipstick alley as a reason why he was with BL.I did not make it up, btw!! From what i remember it was said that weinstein had something on leo or that he needed to do weinstein a favor and help BL get recognized more. It was something like that. Not too sure on the details. I don’t buy it, as well i think he just moved on quickly like he has in the past and she’s young and she fits his type. Which is why it doesn’t make sense to me that Bar would go to the party of someone responsible for that, if it was true.

  266. 266
    Blake and Leo Says:

    Actually I don’t like her . I do believe She’s a famewhore and that either worked for him.

    She wanted to use his fame and try to domesticate him..

  267. 267
    riri Says:

    @Blake and Leo: I don’t like or hate Blake. I do believe she ended it with Leo because she wasn’t gonna put up with his crap and be another Bar. I think you summed up what was going on perfectly.

  268. 268
    some things never change Says:

    @shut up:

    bitching at people with different opinions and telling them to shut up. leo has some rude fans.

  269. 269
    @268 Says:

    Usually Leo’s fans hate to admit that he has a problem with commitment…

    Always blame the girlfriends, and but even though none of them are a keepers because most seek fame (Bar, Blake, Erin)…

    He’s not perfect neither!!!

  270. 270
    Philly Says:

    Thanks Tru. Come back with more goss/info when you can. I mean ASAP

    @huh – I think you’re right. I don’t think Leo is a happy individual right now.

  271. 271
    @Tru Says:

    A question i you are your name, in the Xmas Leo post, one poster said Blake bailed because of Leo’s constant cheating, but he visited her on the GG set whilst doing promo for J Edgar in NY to win her back?

  272. 272
    @271 Says:

    HAHAHAHA Seriously doubt it he tried to “win her” back

    1.- He doesn’t seem the type who begs.
    2.- Right after breaking (probably much earlier) he beging ******** every girl in Australia, so she was the last thing he had in mind.
    3.- She was already banging Ryan reynolds (you will see, this girl doesn’t waste time, she easily passes from one to another without any problems

    Also, I don’t think they break up because he was cheating or not. While he was in Sydney (before breakup) he was spotted in clubs every weekends but all sightings says he spent most all the time glued to his blackberry so there was much evidence to prove it.

    I keep insisting, she and her PR kept pushing with commitment, red carpets appearances, not run from her as if she had leprosy every time he saw a pap get close… you know famewhore things that he seems to not like at all. so she runs to another idiot who in fact she could drive.

  273. 273
    @@271 Says:

    How do you know? you are obviously a deranged Leo stan who believes he is an ‘innocent victim’ and all his g-friends are famewhores.

    Of course innocent Leo was just texting/sexting/joking in the nightclubs he was not doing anything with these girls.
    The Australian DJs publicly stated that his bodyguards forced them to delete photos of him with girls and he was scouting out girls to sleep with in Beach House

    Because you ‘insist’ her PR ‘forced’ Leo does not make it true.
    Your last sentence does not make any sense but as your hero Leo is making sure paps get clear shots of him with Erin, in Sydney, LA and Mexico he’s obviously happy to famewhore too

    Now go kiss your Jack Dawson poster bellafreak and let Tru answer the question

  274. 274
    Why, oh why? Says:

    Great just when Leo posts are going great we get the same freak on #264 and #272 to spoil it with their crap?

  275. 275
    Tru & Doormat Pt 2 Says:

    Please stick around, please answer the question in 271 and please please ignore the resident crazy. Cheers

  276. 276
    .............. Says:

    Leo didn’t try to win Blake back, and she didn’t want him back. He doesn’t beg and she had moved on. They did have a few close calls in New York. They were at the Dream Hotel on the same day. He was chasing K Kloss and she was with Donatella Versace. He was preparing for business as usual while on location in Sydney. She realised what was going on and called him on it. End of relationship.

  277. 277
    @276 Says:

    I also think that`s how it went down. I doubt he was crying over her or tried to get her back. He `learnt from his mistake` and went back to the same old, boring, predictable and pathetic pattern ( with a new puppet ) while she started a relationship with someone else.

  278. 278
    Message Says:

    @…………..: Sooo, does Erin know she wasn’t his first choice in VS models? She has been in LA with him for a while… He seems to be enjoying her company.

  279. 279
    @278 Says:

    Yeah, it doesn`t seem like there is anything else going on in her life other than being around him. Family or her life in NYC. Or it`s not like he goes anywhere for her sake.
    `He seems to be enjoying her company.` How do you know? He doesn`t like to be alone so he needs company. That`s all. A manchild spends time with someone on the same maturity level.

  280. 280
    sos Says:

    @Message: lol that was the rumor he had eyes for the Karlie girl.Eh wasn’t much of a chase for him,it seems though.I see he took her to Disneyland so whats next?Laker’s games etc…
    Anyway I’m not posting on EH’s threads,but I have to agree with that one poster about the genuine Leo fans being too bored to

  281. 281
    Thanks....... Says:


    for that. But isnt Karlie Kloss like 19? I have to be honest I thought Leo’s people deliberately planted that story iabout him and Kloss in the NY Post, so it could look like the EO of ***** Posses was in full effect, but he’s almost 40 and she’s 19 that would have been too gross. Even for Leo IMO.

  282. 282
    Thanks....... Says:

    Sorry that should say CEO of the P****y Posse

  283. 283
    @281 Says:

    The reason why I think the Karlie thing is true because she looks so much like Gisele. Totally his type but too young. Not like EH is so much older and she looks so young. Not much better than Karlie. Also it didn`t seem like it was hard to get Erin on board. Pretty easy actually. The perfect new puppet.
    @sos: It was predicted weeks ago that Disneyland was coming… Next is Lakers or riding their bikes in NYC. Nothing genuine or interesting about his uniform girlfriends or their uniform treatment. Doesn`t show much respect on his part. It boring just to talk about the exact same thing happening in his life again and again. Hard to predict an upcoming breakup. LOL.

  284. 284
    Oh...Awful Says:


    On the same moral level also

    he can attract only dull clueless plain models and now, this one is also has no shame at all

  285. 285
    @279 Says:

    And how do YOU know, he does not seem to be enjoying her company as Message said?
    Interesting you believe the Leo relyash stories once they have a negative/bitchy slant. You’re just determined to project the worst with whatev Leo has with any girlfirend like the fangirl freak you are zzzzzzzz.

  286. 286
    Oh...Awful Says:


    Relationships with eh are staged as always!
    desperate and empty girls always can get some attention from arrogant men

  287. 287
    Philly Says:

    So many conflicting stories. Merci beaucoup for the gist but if you really are ‘in the know’ – #210, 213, 217, 276 e.t.c
    What really happened at the Weinstein bash. Who was the blonde in the white dress Leo was allegedly fliring with? Did he and Bar cross paths? Did he hang with Scar Jo?
    I only ask becos this stuff has not been reported /speculated on much and is what a true ‘insider’ will know.

  288. 288
    Oh..Awful, EH, Ha Says:

    HM and whatever the crap your other names are Barfreak, as you hate Leo soooo much go follow Zac Efron !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. 289
    Oh...Awful Says:

    It is so f*** important who was and will be another hw ***** for sleeping and flirting with

  290. 290
    Oh...Awful Says:

    @Oh..Awful, EH, Ha:

    Go f**** urself with ur dull as always ideas

  291. 291
    Oh...Awful Says:


    @Oh..Awful, EH, Ha:

    eh is soooo f**** mature that she is stalking old leo not young zac!

  292. 292
    @Oh..Awful, EH, Ha Says:

    Go to hell and die slowly as Leo and EH haunt your dreams!

  293. 293
    sos Says:

    @Philly: That’s interesting stuff cause all i’ve read was about him hanging by Abbie Cornish and talking to Gerard Butler???Was he flirting with a blonde at the Weinstein bash?Or is this getting confused with the earlier Erin sighting?
    Now i understand that some of Leo’s girls may not of visited these places,but i’m guessing he’s the one suggesting them.Since it’s the same places over and over.This new Disney trip kind of makes the Dear Ted vid I watched even Some one wrote in asking if Leo would ever have kids.Nothing new but funny.

  294. 294
    @285 Says:

    I do not know and I never stated otherwise. It’s my opinion and I don’t think I ever said it’s a fact.

  295. 295
    Yes its your opinion Says:

    my question was in reference to your asking Message ‘How does s/he know’ Leo is enjoying her company, when all s/he stated was HER/HIS opinion that you seemed to have a problem with.

  296. 296
    @285 Says:

    Yes, it is my opinion ( like I said ) and I asked a question from this person who made a statement about how Leo feels about being with her. What`s your issue? Picking on nothing and you don`t have anything interesting to say. Ever.

  297. 297
    True its your opinion Says:

    The same way it was Message’s opinion without owing you or anyone an explanation as to why but you dont see the hypocrisy in your reaction LOL.
    You however took issue with that opinion, and now ask why others take issue with yours.
    Oh and like you ever have anything to add to the Leo debate aside to hector others here or on celebitchy as to why they see things the way they do. Enjoy your monolgue here zzzzzzz. I’m out.

  298. 298
    @297 Says:

    You’re out? Good! Finally! It’s gonna be tough not to have anyone picking on nonsense all the time! LOL!

  299. 299
    raven Says:


    he took Eh to disneyland? LOL Was Lukas with them too? I hope he isn’t this predictable with the SM. Maybe because there are so many women he has dated, that he has to repeat the same date activities, he’s run out of ideas, LOL. He could just genuinely like those places. I wonder if its like a test to him, how they behave at these predictable dates?

  300. 300
    WTF? Says:

    You still believe in this Leo SM crap. Even after these past few months
    I’ll give St. Leo girl stans this y’all are tenacious in ur belief

  301. 301
    ............... Says:


    He doesn’t cry. He was upset that she moved on so quickly and didn’t wait for him. The brunette at the beach house was his response. Bruised egos don’t make good decisions.

  302. 302
    ............... Says:


    Gisele was 19 when they started dating. Bar was 19 when they started dating. 19 has been good to him, but 22 will do. The chase usually is short. The courting of Blake was the exception, not the rule. He picked Erin off a runway and days later she was on a plane to Sydney. What more could he ask for?

  303. 303
    Oh...Awful Says:

    @@Oh..Awful, EH, Ha:

    What a stupid man you are!So it is obvious u are eh’s fan and defender.I’m not and never will be.So u can satisfy urself ,seeing her false dirty breasts,dull face, false lips, naked ***** in UR dreams,not mine,sorry

  304. 304
    Oh...Awful Says:


    At least madalina is not so plain and dull-looking ,as heat-on. She looks really beautiful on some photos!

  305. 305
    Truth Says:


    SM idea wasn’t a crap idea, the real crap is leo’s reality.

  306. 306
    Well thats Says:

    true but Leo himself was youger then.
    He was 5-6 years older than Gisele and 10 than Rafaeli ( I thought she was 20 when they met in Nov 2005?).
    With K Kloss we are talking almost 2 decades! That’s a helluva thing
    And could you answer Philly’s questions if you could please, well if you know anyway?

  307. 307
    @302 Says:

    What more he could ask for? Substance, class, something exciting, someone real not like his usual airheads. The age doesn`t matter. He is not after a 19 year old because it would be way too weird because of the age difference. Remember the Karlie rumor? She is 19 and clearly she was his pick not blah Erin. Erin was willing to jump ( and still is ) and that`s why she was picked. I doubt she will last long. She is just too boring.

  308. 308
    Oh...Awful Says:


    At least he also could have substance,class and something exciting.

  309. 309
    @307 Says:

    @Well thats:

    Erin might last longer than you think. What else has she got going for her? Will anyone care if he cheats on her? Leo knows what he’s doing.

  310. 310
    @308 Says:


    You think? Discussions about soul mates aren’t worth having until he grows up. That may be never.

  311. 311
    @306 Says:


    Bar had turned 20 by Nov 2005. She’s five years younger than Giz. Karlie will be 20 in August. She’s five years younger than Lively.

  312. 312
    @309 Says:

    I just don`t see this girl last long. That`s my opinion. He sure has a pattern and pick the ones who need a career boost and are willing to overlook his cheating ways. He definitely found the perfect dummy for that again but still this girl is so meh. I have just seen a VS ad last night. Erin was in it promoting some ugly tote bag that you can get at VS. I swear the bag was more interesting than her. Leo needs someone exciting. Gisele definitely gave her that, whether you like BAr or not ( no for me ) guys all over the world drool over her ( body ) – that`s a fact whether you hate her or not – and Lively… Let`s not start with that. He needs more than this plain Jane. That`s my opinion. Also Leo knows what he is doing you are right. But this guy looks more and more miserable. I would like to believe that he will depart from `relationships` like this.

  313. 313
    Message Says:

    @@307: Agreed. I think Erin is the next Bar. She is good company when he wants it. She is totally on call for him. She satisfies his need to have a constant girl, but also allows him the freedom to continue with the other shenanigans when she isn’t around. He knows she won’t hold him accountable for his actions. She will look the other direction and do what she is told. And, that is all he wants out of her. He doesn’t want to have to put a lot of effort or thought into it…

  314. 314
    @309&313 Says:

    I see your points but in my opinion it won`t last long. His exes were more exciting than this girl. I fall asleep looking at her. Also I do believe that even though Leo tries to remain very private he liked the attention his arm candies bring to him. It`s not gonna happen with her. She might be a VS angel ( for some reason I haven`t figured out yet ) but he certainly won`t get the same reaction. I do think it matters to him. I also think ( MY OPINION ) that he is with her because she was the `willing` one not because she is the one he wanted. My two cents…

  315. 315
    @309 Says:


    I see your points, but Bar exciting? No. She’s more exciting without him, but that’s not saying much. He hid her more than he hid Erin.

  316. 316
    Oh...Awful Says:


    Agree, I even think there is not only chance for growing ,but simply there is no time. He is almost 40

  317. 317
    @315 Says:

    I agree 100% on all that you said

    Only I’m confused when the Aussie press linked him with Alyce Crawford and Kendal Schuler, he actually denied it in interview after interview, print and spoken. His people even told GossipCop that the story was BS

    2 weeks later he is parading around in vest with Madelina and various models on his balcony? Wearing T shirts that say Lone Wolf – ‘Repent then sin some more’.? Knowing full well he was going to be snapped

    That U turn has to be the most bizzare Oscar strategy EVER

  318. 318
    @315 Says:

    No, I didn’t say Bar is exciting. More exciting than Erin ( with or without Leo ). All of his exes has some sort of appeal. More or less ( Bar definitely less ) but to me Erin doesn’t belong. Honestly by now it’s obvious what’s his pattern, motive and what kind of a relationship he wants. Not everyone he wants is up for that so he has to pick from the willing ones I think.

  319. 319
    @315 Says:

    I hope you understand what I tried to say. I don’t think Bar is exciting but if you compare her to Erin I think she has more appeal ( to guys in particular but also to some women because of her curves ).

  320. 320
    Blake Lively Says:

    I knew Blake Lively was going to leave his a** from the get go. She didnt give off a doormat or “cheat on me” vibe like Bar and EH. I don’t know how this one will end but its going to END soon also.

  321. 321
    Message Says:

    I think everyone is making good points. I am hoping it ends soon. Nothing against Erin, she just has nothing interesting or appealing about her. She is just kind of there. And I agree totally that Leo loves the attention. He craves it, and has mastered the game. He gets to proclaim how private he is while ensuring he is getting the attention, staying relevant. He is the kind of guy that needs to be worshiped, which is why he surrounds himself with sycophants that will make him feel the way all the time. And, the fact that there aren’t constant pictures of him proves how much control he has. He can hide out when he wants. He hadn’t been papped in a while, but has been in LA this whole time. That isn’t possible unless he is controlling more behind the scenes than we think. These are just my opinions… My perceptions of him and why he behaves the way he does. I’m sure I will get attacked in some way, but that’s just what I see.

  322. 322
    Ah Well Says:

    At least now for Leo fans realise that he is more like Kevin Connolly than Tobey Maguire, and quit with the idealising and SM stuff.
    Yeah right!

  323. 323
    Butter face Says:

    @Message: well said. Agree 100%.and I also think eh is the most boring, dull and unattractive gf hes ever had.her body is not great but her face is just plain jane butter face to the max. Theres nothing wrong with being plain jane but not when your supposed to be a model. She must have done some ‘ favors’ to get that job.even bar makes more sense as a vs model than eh.

  324. 324
    .................... Says:

    @Well thats:

    Leo is 11 years older than Bar. He gets older but his tastes don’t change. He was briefly interested in Kloss. He is a flirt. He doesn’t hang out with Bar. He knows Scarlett, but they aren’t friends. His relationship with Erin is not exclusive.

  325. 325
    Philly Says:

    To play devil’s advocate, Leo appears to have made changed SOME habits. He went skiing this Xmas (had no idea he was that way inclined), and only went to Cabo in February.
    Also very surprisingly for me, he has avoided court side seats for the Lakers Games’ this season, so he does change his itinary. LOL
    Sign of things to come?

  326. 326
    .................... Says:


    The bruised ego doesn’t make good decisions. He took the brunette to the paparazzi infested beach house shortly after photos of his ex and her new man appeared.

  327. 327
    .................... Says:


    I can’t argue with anything you’ve said. He likes attention as long as it is on his terms.

  328. 328
    yawn Says:

    Even this sighting makes me wanna fall asleep. Just like Erin in general. Snoozefest.

  329. 329
    riri Says:

    @yawn: sounds like same old leo, hiding and entering the back entrance. Rum date…how romantic!!!

  330. 330
    yawn Says:

    Yeah, romantic. Was there any sighting describing PDA or stuff like that? There were a lot with his exes. Some site had a post about this party ( plus tweets ) but none even mentions her being there.

  331. 331
    @yawn Says:

    that’s how insignificant she’s… for Leo , for the press, for victoria secret, for the world.

  332. 332
    @Philly Says:

    I also found very strange that he was skiing … I had no idea he was into that but I also found very strange that Bradley Cooper was there with them… I had no idea they were “that” good friends.

    Wonder if Zoe and Erin at some point of the trip they lost their boyfriends?

  333. 333
    riri Says:

    Back alley door midnight rum date, sneaking and hiding. How romantic.

  334. 334
    chella Says:

    @yawn: haha thanks for the one noticed! lol

    @@Philly: Leo also took Bradley Cooper on a dinner date with his mom for her birthday..his bed warmer was absent. They seem to have developed a close friendship rather quickly…..

  335. 335
    @chella Says:

    Seriously!!! Since that Bachelor party in Cabo last year, him and Bradley have been very…. “close”.

    Poor Lukas! he suddenly has no space in Leo’s heart LOL.

  336. 336
    SM Says:


    What does SM mean…

    @Ah Well:

  337. 337
    Amused Aussie Says:

    @sos: Could you pls summise what was said in the video- my computer just keeps saying this uploader is not compatable with your region. Thanks :)

  338. 338
    wtf Says:

    oh, leo, where your human dignity?where?2 drunks

  339. 339
    Yeah Says:

    I must admit there is something really wrong with him.Is he ill?

  340. 340
    QT Says:

    @wtf: he looks spaced out in that pic. I hope he crashes. some people need to take two steps back before they can take a step forward.

  341. 341
    sia Says:

    y’all got cocaine eyes

  342. 342
    sos Says:

    @Amused Aussie: The person asked Ted Even though Leo is a player are marriage and children out of the question.He said something to the effect of it would be a long,long time before he ever got married.He said he didn’t think Leo was one to do daddy duty alone.So he said it would be an even longer time if ever for any little Dicaprio’s running around.It did have some nice clips of LD on the redcarpet.
    Speaking of vacations does he ever go on one alone with just him and his gf?It’s like every vacation there is some friend or family memeber.Doesn’t sound too romantic.

  343. 343
    OMG Says:

    In the pic…

    More than look at him, I look at her… Really???, and this girl is supposed to be a model???

    I know these days anyone with a boob job can be a VS model, but seriously, her face looks less than average.

    I’m concerned about his low standards this days… in girlfriends, in life and in his career.

    The only thing that he does these days is f* all type of models (even that ones of lowest status) and attend all type of parties and events (even that ones of lowest status, again).

    He doesn’t have a purpose in life more than that????

  344. 344
    But her face Says:

    @OMG: she has a bull dog face and her boobs are so ugly.her nipples look like wrinkly prunes ewwwww

  345. 345
    345 Says:

    does SM mean soulmate

  346. 346
    345 Says:

    or is it some weird acronym ppl use to insult dicaprio

  347. 347
    answer Says:

    @345: sm means soul mate and if u wanna know more about the sm stuff to undrestan some talkings here u can read just jared leonardo dicaprio j edgar trailer thread,just answering to ur question,dear!
    and for the question of that guy who asked about blake and leo gg gossips:dear blake wasn’t at the latest golden globes,if u check u will see,and just there was some gossips which came out from blake’s side said leo was calling/texing to her a lot but then blake’s reporter said to gossip cop all are fake and after their split they didn’t talk togather at all!
    about leo/erin/bar at after party:bar and leo didn’t had any talk/something togather + erin wasn’t at the party too!she did tweeted “she is in miami for vs’s work at the time”
    sorry if i’m late about these questions,just wanna answer ur questions if nobody didn’t answed but if somebody said sorry for saying again and thx for reading!
    ravan,sos,amused assie&… hi dears, glad u r here too!ravan i read ur comments in sm thread about u’r reading this thread then i came here to know what’s going on!and thx it’s great esp. when i see u and other old friends here!thank u sweetie! hope u r well!big hug and kiss!

  348. 348
    @answer Says:

    How can you say with such complete confidence the text story came from Blake’s side and Bar/Leo did not talk at the globes party unless you were actually there?

  349. 349
    to 347 Says:

    sm is soul mate

    calling a texting gossips no come from blakes side. she said was made up an they have no contacts with leo.

    erin was at party with leo but not at party with leo an bar. leo and bar no talk to each other.

  350. 350
    to 348 Says:

    blake side said she no have contact with leo for months

    report at oscar party say leo and bar no talk to each other

  351. 351
    Tired Says:

    The most funny thing about leo today are bellazon freaks thoughts.In their delusional world which is permanently free of any kind of sad leo’s reality,leo can date even female giraffe – and obviously they will replace their avatars on giraffe’s avatars and would cry out that they( giraffe and leo ) would make cute babies! He can really pick up some available girls from bellazon and finally make them some babies instead of hanging around with so unnatractive,uneducated,shameless and really not bright at all model.

  352. 352
    @351 Says:

    Right! A couple of months ago they didn`t even know Erin existed and now all you can see is her in her bra ( since that`s basically what she does, no actual clothes ). To me it shows absolutely no personality. It will be the same with the next one. And they call people posting her haters and trolls. lol
    And now they are chit-chatting about Erin being pregnant. Are these people for real?

  353. 353
    Funny Says:

    The funny thing is that when Leo replace her (hopefully very soon ) for ANOTHER model of the VS catalog, they will replace their avatar too. LOL

  354. 354
    Erin Says:

    Today is her birthday… so tomorrow we can expect in her twitter account a pic with an stupid excuse that intentionally gonna show “her B-day gift from Leo”. Typical!

  355. 355
    @354 Says:

    According to a tweet Leo is in New Orleans working on his next movie with Tarantino. But given the fact that Erin doesn`t seem to have anything else going on in her life besides her d-list VS job and running after Leo she might be there… Who knows? But I bet a twitter ad is coming with an update about her `relationship` with Leo. She manages to squeeze out a tweet every once in a while. But of course according to comments on a certain thread she doesn`t violate Leo`s privacy by doing that… lol The funny thing is that even by tweeting nobody really seems to bother about her that much unless she is with Leo on a `rum date`.

  356. 356
    @355 Says:

    For me is more like they start dating him and suddenly no longer have a life. Following him everywhere. He controlling them and they happy. Models really have no brains!!

  357. 357
    rum date Says:

    For me the most recent headlines of Leo in a date with Erin, was more like: Wow, he’s still with her????

  358. 358
    0011 Says:

    Not all follow their mates around like little puppy dogs in between the occasional bra and knickers shoots, like Erin and Bar. Leo finds the special ones.

  359. 359
    0011 Says:

    Babies? Who wants them to have babies ? Pity the child with an anorexic smoker drinker cokehead and aging womaniser who’ve known each other few months for parents.

  360. 360
    raven Says:


    Message I totally agree and like your post #321. It makes so much sense when you think about it.

    @……….: Do you know if he likes it when men gawk at his gf’s? Like is that’s the attention he wants?

    @SM: I meant soulmate when I typed SM.

    Hi sos and Amused Aussie! *waves:)

    Hi answer :) I am ok at the moment, I hope you are well. hug to you too.

    rum date huh, well i guess that’s something new.

  361. 361
    To 360 Says:

    @raven: there s nothing to gawk at.his last two gfs have been really ugly.i don t know any guy who thinks blake is pretty and eh is plain fug

  362. 362
    @ Says:

    The only girlfriend I found completely unattractive was Bar. Fat flat face, squinty eyes, squat limbs, perpetual sneer, dreadful personality, and no style whatsoever. Erin can look cute in some photos, but she’s very average for a model and she gives off a trashy teen smoker with an eating disorder vibe. She makes Leo look like a dirty old man.

  363. 363
    QT Says:

    @@: Leo makes Leo looks like a dirty old man.

  364. 364
    @@ Says:

    your right, Bar was stocky and beady eyed but I still find her much better looking than these last two ugly mofos .

  365. 365
    @ Says:

    Leo is a dirty older man, but him with woman like Erin and the effect is magnified.

  366. 366
    face Says:

    At this point, no longer matter to me if they are pretty or ugly, great good body or nice nipples

    God! Is too much to ask that at least one of them has her own free will or brain????

  367. 367
    wookie Says:

    the smart ones don’t stick around for long

  368. 368
    @wookie Says:


    He ever has dated one of those??? smart ones??? I doubt it.

    For once he should try to date a normal girl… to check for himself that for not being a model doesn’t mean that will shatter half way.

  369. 369
    Message Says:

    @@wookie: Apparently Blake was smarter than we thought she was… We have to give her credit where it is due.

    This one has been following him around since their “relationship” started. And, he still has found time for other extra-cuticular activities. The whole thing is just weird.

  370. 370
    wookie Says:

    not all models are stupid. gis and blake are smarter than most. gis would’ve left sooner but she was only 19 and she didn’t know what she was getting into. jury is still out on erin, but it doesn’t look good. she makes it too easy for him.

  371. 371
    Philly Says:

    But I hear Gis wanted to go back to him in 2006@wookie:
    After she broke it off with Kelly Slater she was seen hagning around Leo’s mom and the word in LA was she was hoping for a reconciliation but Leo blew her off.
    So she did know what she was getting into and wanted more it seems!

  372. 372
    @wookie Says:

    Who knows maybe he will end up pining for the one that walked away from him. Thats often how men operate ego/jealousy/conjecture is a toxic mix. Can’t Tobey talk to him or are all his pals lobotomised sycophants?

  373. 373
    wookie Says:

    gis was already in too deep by then his mom was like family to her. she had a hard time leaving, but she did leave. leo blew her off and that was the final straw. word is he had his friends try to get her back and she said no.

  374. 374
    wookie Says:

    his friends and family accept him the way he is. he is in a difficult position when it comes to relationships, but he’s his own worst enemy.

  375. 375
    @wookie Says:

    Interesting. Thanx for that really but I heard the opposite. That G tried to come back after her thing with Kelly Slater but Leo said no. She confessed later in GQ mag that he was the only person that broke her heart.
    Indeed he was hears boasting that G was pissed he did not follow her around like a damn puppy (paraphrasing here)

    The word was they were privately asually hooking up around July/August 2006 and Bar’s mom ordered her to come to the US and hold on for life to er meal ticket.

  376. 376
    wookie Says:

    she has a heart to be broken. he’s too busy playing games. she quit him in 2005.

  377. 377
    me Says:

    Gisele and Leo… They were each other’s first big love and ‘real’ relationship. That’s hard to let go especially if you were an on/off couple for years. Maybe it was both who wanted to reconcile but not at the same time. I liked him with Gisele. Whether you like her or not Leo looked absolutely happy with her. I still see those photos of them together and the sad thing is I haven’t seen anything like those ever since. Not even close. I think Gisele was the closest to a real relationship for him. I think he learnt a lesson while dating her. That he wants a woman who he can control and lets him be in charge and lets him do whatever he wants to. So he started dating Bar. Then came Lively who was a ‘mini Gisele’ so it didn’t work so he went back to the same old habit. Too bad the same old doesn’t make him happy and it makes him look older.

  378. 378
    Yes Says:

    Amen to that. Bar is bad for him. Just want to see him with his equal.

  379. 379
    answer Says:

    # 348)dear,it’s so great when i see u wanna know everything by proofs that’s why i like here so,’cause u don’t belive even tweets without pics or some!
    anyway i said the text story came out by bl’s side ’cause i read it in some news at that time,i was searching to find it but u know it’s like finding a needle in a hay barn.
    about bar/leo,i meant th e post oscar party darling,if u pay attantion at the time of gg leo didn’t have date with erin! and i said leo/bar didn’t talk according to page 6 which said bar was aware to keep a safe distance from leo at the whole time(in after-oscar party) and erin wasn’t there obvi. according to her tweet at the time then her showing off in miami’s the vs’s!
    by the way i don’t know why u adore blake or even gis?! how u know blake did broke up or gis didn’t wanned to came back?! as i saw nobody knows the truth from this distance we have! and if u r saing just ur opinions so as i see(just my opinion) blake wasn’t the real/serious relationship,if u did had attantions over them never no site didn’t buy them so serious even jj always said the rumor gf in all news/ted c always said at the time leo’s doing this because of something and he knows what he is doing/&…..! if u r blake’s fans/defenders or something u will thumb me down! but no problem do whatever u want! and about gis she was with him for almost 5 year on-off relashionship full of flitrings even in front of her eyes/going to playboy mansion&…!and if u read thier news before, u got to know in the news always said leo is comf. when gis and his boyfrien/s were at the same places leo was! or he always was happy and blah blah blah!some of thier news r still in imdb!
    anyway,i just really want to see this erin be over now/so sooooooon!the only thing i belive is fiture always shows everything so will see the real about some of these girls maybe gis maybe blake +in my eyes both sides-leo and the girls- r doing one is innocent.both sides know what they r doing leo and the girls!
    and sometimes this bz make me laugh,although i think they r nice,at the leo’s gfs case it’s like even if he choose one of cinderella’s sisters most of them adore her from head to toe as much as if he choosed Marilyn Monroe most of bodies here blame her from head to toe!but sometimes i really like ur ugly truths u brings here! that’s why i like to come here and read ur comments whether u like my words or not!although i don’t write a lot! have a great time!

  380. 380
    me Says:

    Both Bar and Erin. They are both in his comfort zone after dating someone somewhat normal. They are safe and comfortable for him but not challenging or exciting. The ones who are willing. Erin is no different. Just think about it how suddenly she popped up in Sydney amingest those rumors.

  381. 381
    me Says:

    I think in a way he learns from every relationship and even though his girls are interchangeable inside and out he picks the next one to avoid past mistakes. Too bad it doesn’t work for him at all. Keeps chasing the easy ones that are wrong for him.

  382. 382
    Philly Says:

    I actually liked him with Blake
    I thought he seemed lighter with her especially in Verona.
    There was an apparent ease and almost mischief wfrom his inner self wit her. I think she challenged/surpirssed him. She was his first American girlfirend in a long time, fellow art lover, LA native.
    I would have bet on it ending differently. I stress JMO.

  383. 383
    383 Says:

    I somehow think he may have demonized Gi –in his own mind — as a way of coping “that she’s not the right one.” Time can do wonders on one’s own true perception. I do believe he needs another Gisele in his life. Someone that does NOT need him, but someone who challenges him. It’s definitely not Bar. This would have worked out a long time ago, if it was right. But, people don’t listen to that little voice in their heads – intuition. If it can’t be Gi, gotta be someone like her. His friends seemed to like her.

  384. 384
    nother Says:

    Now, he has an old gf practically stalking him, and leaving message after message that seems more in line with what Dicaprio might value about life. “Don’t NEED to be married,” “really want kids,” “I’m a simple girl,” “good girl, bad girl.” etc etc

    Coalesce until you have him by the ballz, and then “whack,” “We’re doing it this way, or else…” This is only speculation.

  385. 385
    me Says:

    @383: I agree. He needs someone who doesn`t need him. But the question is would he go for someone like that? I think he wants change and that`s why he went after Lively but he wants it on his own terms. Meaning he wants to be the same way he was ( with Bar ) but with a different / better woman. That won`t work so he went back to the old routine. He really needs to change his ways and most importantly he needs to want it, stick to it even if it`s challenging and not easy for him. Do you think he would be up for that? Ever?
    `If it can`t be Gi, gotta be someone like her.` True but he is not going for women like her only ones who look similar.

  386. 386
    Message Says:

    @Philly: I hate to say it, because I am not a fan of BL’s, but I think you’re right about them. He seemed genuinely into her… More so than we have seen from him in a long time. He was more relaxed, more open about being with her. He just looked… Happy. He rarely looks happy these days. Even when he is smiling, he isn’t smiling with his eyes. It’s all in the eyes…

  387. 387
    Poor boy Says:


    That’s because he is spoiled too much he is so unhappy.His life is not hard at all, he is lazy, he never bring even little efforts to win some of his gfs ‘hearts’.They always were and are available

  388. 388
    Poor boy Says:

    We all know that models aren’t great minds, they are pretty ignorant and he spent all his life with only models!So what can you expect now?His equal is Erin,Bar,that’s the way it is.

  389. 389
    me Says:

    He is definitely spoiled. He got famous and rich at a young age. He has everything he can wish for: money, fame, power…. you name it. People treat him like he was indeed the `king of the world`. He doesn`t need to make an effort to get anything including women. So why would he go after someone who doesn`t need him? That wouldn`t be easy for him and he doesn`t like that. That`s why he is with girls like Bar or Erin. Also because of all the fortune he has he forgot to grow up. He is on their level. Having fun without commitment.

  390. 390
    Poor boy Says:


    Well said!

  391. 391
    391 maybe Says:

    @me: @Poor boy:

    When he met the right woman the first time, Gi, he was young, screwed up, and has had to learn from his mistakes. I think we may see another Leo when he does find the next right woman. Bar certainly was not it.
    The right one will probably challenge him a little, be honest and demonstrate integrity from the start, have her OWN opinion, drive him a little crazy, but in the end he will have found someone equal. NO CO-DEPENENT romantic relationships. It never works.
    Sure there might be an occasional hook-up with Bar and Erin, but the guy is dating. He has learned and achieved a great deal in his life, but little things, little people learn early – might not be straight forward to him. He developed in HW, people using him….confusing environment. So, give him some time to find the right one; the odds are against him.
    Pay he leaves Bar in the dust.

  392. 392
    @391 Says:

    that would be Pray…he leaves….sorry.

  393. 393

    barès mom posted this article on twitter. She is claiming that LD and Bart are still seeing each other. Still phucking…dunno know, but it was almost implied

  394. 394
    I agree Says:

    @Message: @Philly:
    with the both of you.
    I also think we risk romanticising his relationship with Gis. According to iheart who was an LA PR who posted legit info here, even during his relaysh with her he was still a regular at the Playboy Mansion.
    I think she hacked her hair off and went to Brazil for a 2002-2003 hiatus cos she could not deal with Leo’s constant womanising.
    Then again they were both much younger.
    I’m also perplexed that the ‘SM advocates’ BS insist Leo wants a woman who challenges him. Are these people for real? All evidence points to the contrary!

  395. 395
    me Says:

    You know Leo is living in his little universe where everything is under control. But things will get out of balance eventually ( bad and unexpected things do happen in life and he is no exception ) and whether he likes it or not that might help him to get a reality check. That might make him thing about his priorities in life. It`s not like I wish something like that intentionally but certain things you just can`t avoid.

  396. 396
    me Says:

    @393: Why are you still following Bar or her mother? Also that article doesn`t prove that they are still seeing each other. I believe that one picture description has a mistake with the tenses. I think you are obsessing over this a little way too much and talk things into this that aren`t there. Also who cares about what Bar or her mother tweet? Maybe this is what they want but I doubt it will happen. But you give them attention that they want so much by posting about them all the time. Just my opinion.

  397. 397
    Poor boy Says:

    @391 maybe:

    You know there are great and famous people (minority in the past and almost absence of them nowadays) and there are really little and really famous people (majority).I suppose Leo’s mind isn’t famous for his greatness.Leo is just famous for his acting skills.Isn’t he really little (despite his age) like the the rest of HW?I suppose,yes.So why he is so unschcooled if he is little?That’s because he is lazy and spoiled.It’s really stupid to find a “right” woman, if you are spoiled and lazy!And Bar and Erin proved it.

  398. 398

    I’m beginning to think you are Mama Refaeli. She wrote that press release herself. Only The Sun was stupid enough to run it word for word. Mama knows this. She and her daughter have made a career out f catering to the kind of low class pervs that read The Sun.

  399. 399
    @398 Says:

    Hope you’re right. Sounds about right.Gotta post the stuff though.

  400. 400
    gis Says:

    i think leo learned that it was easier to cheat on model/they travel a lot/ with the gisele i dont think she was the exception, i think she was the template. he just doing it with girls that are much easier to manage and less drama models than gis probably was. it was probably hard for her to sit back and be quiet and take it

  401. 401
    none Says:

    @gis:i think she wasn’t the exception too!she tolerated like the other girls till her age line(24/25)! i think all of his gfs got dumped cos of their ages timeline,u know?all were at the 24/25 age timeline:gis 24(near 25) /bar 25+/ blake 24/this erin is now 23 don’t think she even could pass her 24 then get dump! it’s like he is getting be tired so so sooner than before!+i don’t think blake was the exception at all! she was like the others too!and she found another one so soon like the others even bar found some so soon after him but def. couldn’t keep them for long! if erin will dump immediately she will find another and he will too!but def. he always find so sooner than the girls except if he be at work!i don’t think any of these girls was so important/serious for him!he cheated to all of them no the exception!to all!if someday i see him around a girl with diff. treads ,she will be the one/she will be serious! be honest,anyone don’t treads over his/her real love like he did/still do over one by one of his gfs!that’s it!
    @Philly: blake was his first amarican gf?! no kristen zang was his first in publice,and like blake’s full of pr newsand it took less than 1 year(if i remmember good)/she is tv actress(+model)like blake!hehe! then a british model came for a short while then gis!with blake it didn’t work for a long time now erin whom i think won’t last so much! then who knows?maybe another hot and heavy in publice eyes like gis or maybe the real one (i hope) this time for first time!

  402. 402
    piu Says:

    @none: you can hope away becuase that will never be real! lol

  403. 403
    @401 Says:

    If you took time to read what Philly said underneath your rambings, you will see that she did not say she was his only American girlfriend.
    She said first ‘American girlfriend in a long time’ and yes 10 years is a long time
    And could you please take this Leo soulmate/ the one stuff back to your J Edgar thread. We here discuss the real Leo and what he is truly ike PR not withstanding. You ladies there see a Leo that does not exist waiting for a ‘foreign soulmate’

  404. 404
    my take Says:

    I went to a renaissance fair and there was a psychic there so I decided to ask about Leo and EH. The psychic first words uttered were It’s DOOMED. And I asked him what did he mean by this. And he says “not important to him.” And then “end soon.” I asked what else can he tell me. He says this year it will definitely be over and that there is another that is better that is coming. Then he said that Leo doesn’t really care about her. Take what you want from that, just thought I should share that.

  405. 405
    #401 & #404 Says:

    @my take – LOL. How is that info any different to what others have already said here without the benefit of ‘psychic, ESP, astrologers e.t.c?
    Could you ‘psychics’, ‘Leo the Great’, ‘Leo the Romantic’, ‘Flawless Leo but his girlfriends are b*****s’ but soul mate is coming peddlers stay in YOUR forum!

  406. 406
    my take Says:

    @#401 & #404: its not different, that’s what’s so amazing is that so many people are saying the same thing. I actually think Leo is an a-s-s but like all humans there is a possibility of redemption. And no we will not stay in “our forum.” Hello

  407. 407
    me Says:

    So it seems like Leo is ( or was ) on the Bahamas. His friend posted a photo of him there yesterday. I guess she is there with him since they guy who posted that photo is dating Erin`s friend, some bag designer woman.

  408. 408
    Soul Mate Says:

    You have to have a soul to find a soul mate. Leo sold his to a decadent lifestyle long ago.

  409. 409
    Soul Mate Says:

    He’s not looking for redemption. He doesn’t think there is anything wrong with his lifestyle and his entourage agrees with him.

  410. 410
    me Says:

    @Soul Mate: Sadly I have to agree with both your comments. His soulmate is his reflection in the mirror and his buddies. Not Erin, Bar or any of his exes. As I said before if something happens that disturbs the balance of his superficial world he might change but what are the chances?

  411. 411
    Leo Says:

    how long someone can have the same empty lifestyle without any real purpose???

    Partying with his pals, dating models, filming on the set, vacationing with his buddies and his model, and repet sequence during 38 years.

    How lame!

    And his friends are not doing him any favors, they just taking advantage of free travels and luxuries … What no one close to him tells: Wake up Idiot!!!

    Most of them are married or have children and him continued in the era when he was 20 years old.

  412. 412
    Silicon ugly model Says:


    I wonder why with all his money he can’t be with at least not so ugly and not so obviously whorish model like Erin.

  413. 413
    QT Says:

    @Silicon ugly model: money can’t buy class

  414. 414
    Erin Says:


    I just wonder what they could even talk… bras, panties, the new summer catalog???

  415. 415
    QT Says:

    @Silicon ugly model: And also money can’t buy you a quality woman. That’s just god’s way to ensure that the richies don’t get all the good women. That is something that you actually have to deserve. If you’re living a hedonistic lifestyle no quality woman will be in the vicinity only hos… What you put out there is what you will get back…Leo is putting out ho vibes so hos come answer the call…

  416. 416
    LWO Says:

    Quality women won’t last. Only the roaches will survive.

  417. 417
    Silicon ugly model Says:


    agree,Leo can’t buy class and soul for himself.But his models could be at least pretty

  418. 418
    drugs Says:


    and colon cleanses

  419. 419
    Silicon ugly model Says:

    His models after Bar and Giselle I mean
    And yes it looks like ho vib is just his lonely and lovely vib to share

  420. 420
    ho ho ho Says:


    he wants no mo than a ho. bar wouldn’t go. she was the biggest ho.

  421. 421
    What's your vote? Says:

    Who here would like to see him back with Bar? or a new woman?

  422. 422
    EQ Says:


    He is with his equal, sorry to say.

  423. 423
    @QT415 Says:


    Putting out ho vibes? He IS one.

  424. 424
    Explorer-1 Says:

    Heatherton looks like cheap frog!Only her hooked silicon lips are disgusting enough.Such an ugliness Bagamas(if she is there) could see only after uncle’s leo arrival

  425. 425
    sos Says:

    @me:Weird those tweets had him in NOLA,the pic is obviously him though.I don’t know what he was trying to take a pic of,food,Leo or the wall?i’m wondering if EH will have a tweet from there too?I thought Chuck was married to that woman?I guess this is who he is going to be hanging out with now since she’s friends with chuck’s GF/wife.They went to Disneyland with them too. Back to my question i asked earlier if he every goes on vacation alone,not really romantic.
    Did you guys read that bit from the March issue of German magazine InStyle.The part about him not partying anymore.I almost spit my drink out,yeah right…lol
    It’s posted on BZ.Speaking of BZ I’m loling at their hero whorship of the new gf.Although not all are jumping on the bandwagon just most of them.Did that with Bar then Blake,invaded their threads too.Of course the super fan of the gfs starts posting in the Leo thread all the info/pics they can find of them.Then when they break up nothing,only one or two are real fans.And atleast one of them was referreing to Blake as she who shall not be named after the break up.Total wtf moment on that one.
    It’s Paris Fashion week,is EH on the runway or on vacation?

  426. 426
    me Says:

    @sos: Yeah, it seems like EH is friends with Chuck`s wife/gf. Interesting that when they went to Mexico Chuck`s girl posted a photo of Heatherton in Mexico on her twitter account. Then they went to Disneyland and Erin tweeted about it. It`s the Bahamas now and this time Chuck posted ( half ) a photo of Leo being there. I guess Leo and his new one has a PR team to promote them…
    He is not partying that much anymore? Right. Like we didn`t read about his continuous partying in Sydney. Either parties with models or work. Leo tends to say what people wanna hear when he is promoting something ( Hoover ). Like marriage and kids ( someday ) but he keeps chasing barely legal panty model airheads. Sure Leo whatever you say…
    BZ… They turn into the fan of whoever he is dating. If you go to his account you don`t see anything else but blah face Erin in padded bras. A couple of months ago they had no idea who she was and now they are all about her. Those people have no personality whatsoever. The sad thing that these young girl ( they act like 6h graders ) rule that thread and run to the moderators whenever someone says something they don`t wanna hear. Kindergarten level.

  427. 427
    To be Fair Says:

    C’mon guys.
    I agree with what you’re somewhat. But I do think its hypocritical when peeps here glean information/[pics from BZ on one hand then in the same breath mock/sneer at them. It just seems kinda off to me. They do their thing and if they repulse y’all so much then dont go on the site. Simple as. Playing both sides does’nt make us any better than them, at least they are honest enough about their intentions.

  428. 428
    me Says:

    I see your point. I don’t read their comments anymore and it’s impossible not to notice the Erin fever. But the fact remains that they are the best source for up-to-date info. Call me lazy ( or somewhat hypocritical ) but if the info is posted there why bother looking for it?

  429. 429
    Who shall not be named Says:

    That was the nickname for whom some of you call Leo’s soulmate. LOL.

    You criticize the site but well seems to spend A LOT OF time there.

    BTW: Not all fans of Leo have to like the airhead with which he dates, including the worst Fake Lively.

  430. 430
    me Says:

    One more thing on BZ but I have to say this especially with the word hypocritical in mind. You go there and you disagree about anything Leo related and they won’t tolerate it. But have you seen the thread during the weeks leading up to the Oscars? Bashing Leo’s colleagues mainly Clooney and Pitt. That is allowed on the Leo thread? That’s when I gave up reading their comments and just focus on the new info.
    I’m not gonna post about this again because I said what I had to say without hating. They are a good source for Leo info and they deserve credit for that.

  431. 431
    me Says:

    @429: No, I don’t spend a lot of time there. Just look for new info and ignoring the comments. That doesn’t take a lot of time.

  432. 432
    Gis Bar Blake Erin Says:

    Black girl he hids, dark hair girl he doesn’t meet yet

    Those are names some call his soulmate. LOL. Most give up on soulmate. LOL.

    You criticize this but you seem to spend A LOT of time here.

    BTW: Worst airhead has shown to be Leo himself. Not all have to like it.

  433. 433
    @429 Says:

    This post was from Kevin Connolly on February 1st.
    KevConzz @ 02/01/2012 at 6:24 pm
    Well he’s definitely responding to Barf on Twitter.
    Maybe he’s supposed to be conduit for a reconciliation?

  434. 434
    and... Says:

    … let the Bar obsession continue. A year after the break up you sure spen A LOT of time posting and talking about her.

  435. 435
    Gis Bar Blake Erin Says:

    Bar dreams. Leo with Erin. He no care about Bar.

  436. 436
    @434 Says:

    It is easy; takes no time. I don’t spend a lot of time there. Just look for new info and ignoring the comments. That doesn’t take a lot of time.

  437. 437
    me Says:

    You see? The only difference is that I don’t spend a lot of time looking for irrelevant info on irrelevant people! :)

  438. 438
    Gis Bar Blake Erin Says:

    Next year Leo be with new girl. Is how he is. They should take what can get and leave. No man worth it.

  439. 439
    ckck Says:

    but how can you ignore the content in an insiders tweet #433. What does it mean.

  440. 440
    Oh FFS Says:


    But that was not an ‘insiders’ tweet. It was a remark posted by someone here and the Barf obsessed has refused to let it go.

    How many more Barasites wil keep using this non existent model as a talking point on these posts.

    Go to Barf news and post there or seek medical help!

  441. 441
    Lainey Says:

    There is no Leo without Lukas. And there’s certainly no Lukas without Leo. Leonardo DiCaprio and Lukas Haas have been friends for 20 years. Or more. They met when they were both auditioning. They’d always be up for the same parts. It was Leo and Lukas and Tobey and Kevin Connolly and they all picked up David Blaine somewhere along the line too. Lukas hit it early with Witness. Then, as we know, Leo took over the world. He brought his boys along on his rapid ascent. The ***** Posse ruled New York.

    And then adulthood arrived. Tobey married and had kids. And I wonder, I wonder if Lukas hasn’t done the same because he doesn’t want to leave Leo. Lukas is the one who’ll never leave. Who will come to Portofino on a moment’s notice. Who will tag along when Leo’s invited onto Roman Abramovich’s boat for New Year’s Eve. Who can drop anything when Leo calls. Or is it that Lukas can’t do the same because he can’t give up the one role he knows best: Leo’s BFF.

    The models, they come and go. But in Lukas, Leo has the ultimate secret keeper, his most trusted consigliere, the only one who will never betray him. The one, perhaps, who’ll never fall in love, never give up the party card, never put a girl, or babies, before the boys.

    Nothing more or less to add… is what it’s

  442. 442
    me Says:

    Of course Heatherton squeezed out a tweet about the Bahamas trip. She never fails to promote herself and this relationship… Leo knows how to pick the willing ones for sure!

  443. 443
    Erin Says:

    and…. she send the tweet. A little later than I had predicted but I guess she couldn’t be SO obvious and had to wait to get back.

  444. 444
    Bahamas Says:

    and of course he couldn’t travel alone with her… You can imagine 5 days
    alone with this dumb model… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  445. 445
    me Says:

    @Lainey: It is what she said it is. Other words co-dependency for nearly 40 years old frat boys. No wonder real women avoid these two and they are stuck with the Refaeli/Heatherton type.
    Yeah, the tweet. Sometimes it comes early ( Mexico or Disneyland ), sometimes after the event ( the showcase of her Christmas gift or Bahamas ) but it`s always there.

  446. 446
    me Says:

    @Bahamas: True. Also he couldn`t travel without her otherwise he wouldn`t be able to do a couples trip. Too bad that the other couples seem to be grown up adults in real relationships.

  447. 447
    @Lainey Says:

    The friends who have grown up haven’t grown up completely. They have their vices on the side. The women stay for the same reasons Leo’s girls stay, and the kids, if there are kids.

  448. 448
    @447 Says:

    It’s a little hard to believe that Jennifer Meyer stays with Tobey for the same reason why Heatherton is willing to stay with an aging and infamous womanizer.

  449. 449
    Devils Advocate II Says:

    Then I guess we have to commend Leo for not being 2 faced like his pals. It makes sense though, dogs do hunt in packs
    Shame they are all clocking 40 and acting like frat boys as #411 said how much sex /one night stands from brainless bimbos for 20 years does one need?
    And I’ll go easy on Erin, she’s only 22 and is dating JACK DAWSON

  450. 450
    @449 Says:

    I agree but I think a 22 years old girl is old enough to know who she is dating. Leo or Jack. If she is up for it it`s her business but I don`t think people respect or envy her for that.
    By the way do you really think ( young ) Leo equals Jack Dawson?

  451. 451
    @448, 449 Says:

    Tobey is a good dad but gambling and friendship with Leo have put him in uncomfortable sitchies. Erin has money, gifts, trips, parties in her eyes, not Jack Dawson.

  452. 452
    Total Shame Says:

    According to Heatherton’s behaviour and her photos she is a total ho, I feel pity for her future kids, she is obviously has nothing to be proud of. But really can you imagine a woman with him?(probably even not classy,just a decent woman?).I can imagine silicon ho like Heatherton with aging co-ho womanizer and only this present&future situation is ok and fair for him.

  453. 453
    Message Says:

    Apparently, after their vacation in the Bahamas, they both are in NOLA, where he is filming. What does this girl do with her life?? I can’t imagine spending that much time with someone and it not being a real relationship. So weird!

  454. 454
    Total Shame Says:


    It is ok that Heathrerton is with her co-ho-boyfriend, nobody wants ho-girlfriend – only uncle Leo – and she is mature enough to understand that leo is her last chance.

  455. 455
    Total Shame Says:

    Heatherton is a total shame,really.After Heatherton there is no chance for him to create a sane family, so I think heatherton is also his last chance to create insane, but family.

  456. 456
    Gay Says:

    Guys, why did u discuss this erin? Leo is gay, did you see his summer lover in rose polo?All these models are just beards,that’s why he doesn’t care a lot about them,that’s why he can be with only models like eH – mentally sane,beautiful models dont want to be in pr games with gay-womanizer.

  457. 457
    Fu...ckerton = No Life Says:

    This E. Fu…ckerton has no life. She followed him all the way to Australia barely even knowing the guy why woudlnt see follow him to Nola? But don’t worry everybody, they’re going to be over this summer.

  458. 458
    No Life Fu...ckerton Says:

    This E. Fu…ckerton has no life. She followed him all the way to Australia barely even knowing the guy why woudlnt she follow him to Nola? But don’t worry everybody, they’re going to be over this summer. Leo’s hos always follow him everywhere but you never see him following any of them anywhere.

  459. 459
    Erm...... Says:

    @Fu…ckerton = No Life:
    No one is worried. We’re just having conversation and good gossip.
    Leo is an adult. and can do whatever but judging my your sign in name you are obviously worried and are waaaaaaaaay too invested in this.

  460. 460
    @Total Shame Says:

    please stop saying those things or…

    You can imagine at the end he “decided” desperately (because there wouldn’t another sane reason ) try the family “thing” with idiot and blonde bimbo Heatherton?? Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!

    If that happens (In the chances of a parallel world) is just simply because she represents practically all what he wants in a woman that it’s by his side… no brain, not free will, is controllable, follow him everywhere, lifeless, no Real career, willing to overlook all his infidelities, ready to step aside, all about him, regardless of hiding and being the less important level in his life.

    She looks more than happy to be all that.

  461. 461
    @460 Says:

    A woman you describe won`t be able to catch him. And he won`t start a family with someone he doesn`t respect. The Erin/Bar kind of women are companions not partners. I can`t believe that I`m saying this but I have to agree with Lainey. Leo finds women attractive ( Erin???? ) but not interesting. I totally agree. His models are trophies and I don`t think he has any respect for them. Otherwise he wouldn`t cheat, wouldn`t order them around and would treat them with respect. I don`t think he will ever settle down and I don`t understand the `she is his last chance for family` idea. Why? There are always going to be Erins and Bars around for him regardless of his age.

  462. 462
    No Life Fu...ckerton Says:

    @Erm……: haha whatever, yeah your “conversation” speculating about someone you don’t know shows how much of a life you have. Carry on five fingers!

  463. 463
    @461 Says:

    You’re right!!!

    He gives a sh*t about her… I mean I don’t see him running to her everytime she’s away.

    Not in new york or Miami or where it’s made a catalog of vs.

    Uff! Thanks for bringing me to reality!!!

    At least for Gisele he moved to new york (kinda)

    and everytime that Blake was in filming in new york he went up there… with his real soulmate Lukas but… Let’s face it no girlfriend will never get rid of him.

  464. 464
    Erm...... Says:

    @No Life Fu…ckerton:
    At least its just harmless gossip. Not cussing at their names or wishing them ill like you. You clearly have issues.

  465. 465
    Total Shame Says:

    @@Total Shame

    Heatherton looks happy??I didn’t notice that.Probably Heatherton represents the reflection of his own mom? He said that he wants girlfriend like his mom and after these words Heatherton came into his life and even made some photos with his mum.LOL.

  466. 466
    Total Shame Says:


    His real sm is not Lukas,cos Lukas is not dumb modelizer.His real sm must be among aging bordels clients.

  467. 467
    Total Shame Says:

    His real sm must be among aging bordels clients or young bordels stuff.And why do you think that there is nothing to talk about with young ho like Heatherton?I think it’s pretty funny to ask her why she is so in love with her naked silicon ‘gifts’.Really,there is nothing to talk about with Leo,not Heatherton.I heard some of his interviews and I can say his words that represent his thoughts are pretty shallow and empty.

  468. 468
    No Life Fu...ckerton Says:

    @Erm……: And clearly you have reading issues. What ill did I wish her? I said she was a ho. And she is a ho. Harmless gossip? Harmless gossip? Also look up the definition of oxymoron. You’re definitely a moron and is no better than I or anyone else that post on here so get off your low horse.

  469. 469
    Mental Issues Says:

    @No Life Fu…ckerton:
    And you’re a loon considering you care so much to adapt her name to into a cuss word. Kiss my ass beyotch

  470. 470
    No Life Fu...ckerton Says:

    @Mental Issues: No thanks, but look at how many people called Bar, Barfie? Blake, Flake? I guess they were all loons right?! There is a place called Bellevue, sorry I mean Bellafreaks for freaks just like you. Yeah, I devolved her name into a cuss word because thats her purpose for Leo. He sure isnt interested in her intellect!

  471. 471
    sos Says:

    @To be Fair: Yea, you’re right we shouldn’t mock them.I just think they whole team girlfriend bit comes off as so phony.I saw that during the summer and before EH came into the picture.They aren’t above calling others haters while doing the same thing.Just as @me: pointed out.I’ll give credit where credit is due,the do find alot of info.It’s scary how much they find.
    The Lainey article i thought had cute pics of him and Lukas.Are we sure it’s just a bromance?lol
    It’s like he always has Lukas to go hoing with.
    I’m agreeing with,Message,#461,and #463.Does she model for anything besides VS,just curious.You know I do think his relationships are real,I just don’t think he takes them very seriously.IDk about the girls.

  472. 472
    19 Says:

    Lookie everybody…. page 19 – the Same Age LEO likes to date his Girls!!!!

  473. 473
    on schedule Says:

    His little puppy tweeted from a New Orleans concert so people know she still doesn`t have a life of her own and all she does is running after Leo. Ever since they started dating she skipped the holidays ( I know Christmas and Hanukkah tend to be different but she didn`t go home ) and it was the same with her birthday. No family or her life in NYC… I wonder how much longer Leo can take her.

  474. 474
    How? Says:

    @on schedule:
    How would people know that unless they actively seek her out or follow her twitter as well as Leo forums?
    I dunno how random people would know, its not like their whereabouts are on gossip blogs or magazines everyday.
    Don’t worry about how long Leo would take her, I’m sure both of them are fine without strangers’ ‘concerns’.

  475. 475
    @Dummy Says:

    @How?: this can be considered a Leo forum..and nobody is concerned, I hope something embarrassing happens to him for dating a bimbo!

  476. 476
    Message Says:

    I think there is a part of Erin that knows if she is not with him all the time, he will find other…. Things…. To do. That’s probably why she is following him around. It’s not how he behaves when he is with her. It is how he behaves when she is not. She must know how he operates.

  477. 477
    Total Shame Says:

    Guys, find please his papa&mama address.I am sure they must see this great heatherton’s stuff.

  478. 478
    @474 Says:


    It’s no different than following Lukas or Kevin on social media sites. Erin wants everyone to know where she is and what she is doing.

  479. 479
    Total Shame Says:


    Yeah,that prof.ho really thinks that tweets of ho are very important for humanity.

  480. 480
    Total Shame Says:

    Her co-ho Leonard agreed with that.He also thinks that ho,her life and her tweets are very important for all of us,and of course we must know that his co-ho is doing when she is not sucking his ****.

  481. 481
    @474 Says:

    The answer is very simple. His bellazon thread. You don`t have to `actively seek` info about him and/or her. You just check that one thread and everything is presented there. That`s all.
    Also it seems like you are very concerned about people posting here. It`s a forum and that`s what people do. Post opinion and info. You don`t have to read it…

  482. 482
    sos Says:

    @Message: You might be right about that.She got keep an eye on him.How long until he gets bored with that?He don’t seem to like to be on a very tight leash.Sadly i think this might last longer than people think cause she ain’t doing much and he’s not working out of the country.Does it matter though if he ends up picking the same type,again?
    He’s suppose to be at a Mobili party in Austin tonight.I suspect we’ll get some news and pics soon.I’m sure she’ll still be with him,Tobey and Lukas are also expected.

  483. 483
    @Message and @SOS Says:

    100% agree

    I remember at the beginning of the relationship, Gisele reject majors works to be with him in Italy when he filmed Gangs of New York… but that was just at the beginning, because I doubt she had gone that far doing that all the time. (besides that the guy even isn’t worth it)

    You wanna be a successful model you have to work hard otherwise you stay as a model catalog until you no longer have the face or figure.

    I also think the idea that they will last longer than all of us want… looks like a guy who leaves only when he has another safe…

  484. 484
    @483 Says:

    Let`s not compare Gisele to this girl on any level. Erin had like 2-3 VS jobs ever since they started dating and other than that she doesn`t do anything else other than following him. I just don`t think that works for Leo on the long run. There were always rumors that Bar was too clingy even though she worked and went home from time to time. So what would you call Heatherton?
    No matter what I don`t think it will last long. So no chemistry. He had more even with Refaeli and that wasn`t much….

  485. 485
    @483 Says:


    He finally decided to dump Bar when Blake was already a sure thing!

    Although when the girl was playing hard to get, Leo already counted on it, and that is why he was spotted that same night of Met Gala leaving her apartment in the early morning.

  486. 486
    @485 Says:

    It ended with Lively before having a new sure thing. Also he broke up with both Gisele and Bar for several months without a new girl. Just for the record.

  487. 487
    @486 Says:

    He ended with Lively ???? He???

    He broke up with both Gisele and Bar for several months without a new girl. He????

    Seems like the only time HE broke up with a girl was with Bar at the end. The rest of the time it seems that it was all them who sent him to hell.

  488. 488
    @487 Says:

    Well you don’t know for sure how those breakups went exactly, do you? Also it does seem like he changed some habits of his recently but whatever you say…

  489. 489
    @@486 Says:

    What about Kristen Zang???

    He had a on/off relationship with her for YEARS!!! but when Gisele came into the picture, he finally dump her!

  490. 490
    @489 Says:

    As far as I know Kristen broke up with Leo.

  491. 491
    Elena Says:

    @486 actually i think you’re right, bar may be the only girlfriend HE broke up with. it seems like leo is the type to get into a relationship really quickly but can’t figure out how to get out of one (or is too much of a wuss to dump a girl), so he just puts them through the wringer until they can’t take it anymore and break up with him. i know gisele said he was the only man who ever broke her heart, and bar wouldn’t have come back so many times unless she was truly desperate for him. and it seems like blake went after him for months before they finally got together. so i think it’s more of a case where these girls all want him but he treats them like absolute sh*t, and they finally can’t stand it anymore and cut him loose.

  492. 492
    Pics Says:

    OMG How pathetic is Erin Snapping those pics in her twittter with ALL Leo’s friends like saying:
    Look at me… I’m one of the gang. LOL

  493. 493
    LOL Says:


    I know right??? LOL

    In a couple of months when Leo dumps her will be like Erin who???

    The same expression that will have the rest of the world for her so call “model career “

  494. 494
    ll Says:

    He doesn’t need a new girl to run to. He’s fine with playing the field until he finds a new one who will be there when he wants them and put up with his philandering ways.

    He broke up with Kristen. They reunited after a year apart and she ended up leaving him. She loved him but she couldn’t trust him to be faithful,.

    He and Gisele took turns breaking up with each other, but he initiated their final break up. He had second thoughts and wanted her back, but she rejected the idea.

    He initiated all the break ups with Bar. She wanted more from him. He only took her back the last time because she said she had changed. Their relationship was not exclusive when they got back together for the last time.

    He chased Lively. He was feeling her out as a potential new girlfriend before he left Bar. He had not sealed the deal with her when he and Bar split. He invited her to dinner with Baz Luhrman after she had auditioned. He invited himself and Kevin to Jeremy Renner’s birthday party because he knew she would be there. He went to the Met after party at the Standard because he knew she would be there. He invited her to Spielberg’s yacht in Cannes.

    Erin could last longer than you expect. She’s got nothing better to do and has shown she will put up with his wandering eye.

  495. 495
    @494 Says:

    You must be an insider with all this knowledge about his relationships. Good for you!

  496. 496
    to be and to be Says:

    @ll: I agree with you on all the information except that Erin isnt going to last long. They will break up this year. That’s real insider information for you guys if anyone wants to know. You forgot to add that Lively broke it off with him. I’m sure that hurt his ego. In the meantime enjoy the comedy show that is EggFace and Lee-ho DiCaprio that will meet its demise this year. Won’t be long now.

  497. 497
    O'Rly Says:

    @to be and to be:
    No offence but how do you know?
    I’m truly ENJOYING this thread and appreciate the heads up/inside info/humor/ analysis, but honestly is there anything you could tell us that proves you actually have insider info, and not just a regular reader of other blogs and weekly mags (which hinted at the casual info and Jeremy Renner party already) or not just an internet prankster?
    I’ll keep my sceptic hat on meanwhile.

  498. 498
    to be and to be Says:

    @O’Rly: yes i do and no you cant have it but its going to happen this year. This sleep over relationship will not be long lasting at all…Skepticism doesn’t bother me. When stuff happens everyone shuts up.

  499. 499
    Preach Says:

    I am loving that Kevin retweeted that pic of him and Erin at the bash.
    If fellow twit ‘Kevin C-connection-to-Leo’, Bar sees it, will there be a ***** fight? Am I wrong in hoping for one?

  500. 500
    O'Rly Says:

    @to be and to be:
    Sceptism is not supposed to bother you. Of course when ‘stuff happens’ people react (whatever they may be), unless they have the benefit of foresight, everyone knows that. Thats not groundbreaking its common senese. I could say Sarah Palin would say crazy stuff this month just for the hell of it., it wont be from inside info but based on probability Your remarks confirm to me you sound like one of the ‘psychics’ or atrologers opposed to a person with info. Have a good day.

  501. 501
    to be and to be Says:

    @O’Rly: have a good day too and enjoy the break up news when it comes a few months down the road!! =)

  502. 502
    xXx Says:

    Here’s a link to an interesting tidbit: ossip/leonardo-dicaprio-i-dont-party-anymore-3044206.html?ino=3#wcol

  503. 503
    painted up w.hore Says:

    Make-up much? Does she look like a painted up or what?!? She is probably sleeping with Kevin too. I heard he is wild behind the scenes. Of course Leo would never be caught dead with a pic with EH.

  504. 504
    Leo's Brand New Puppy Says:

    I see Leo got himself a new puppy. I wonder if she follows him to the bathroom also?!? Speaking of which I haven’t seen any good pics of them together recently but I found this one. I don’t think I’ve seen it have you?!?

  505. 505
    @502 Says:

    Leo says things he thinks people want to hear and he says things to keep people from prying too much. Nonsense talk. He has no problem dating barely legal models and chating them up in clubs. Having his friends and bodyguard hand pick girls for him.

  506. 506
    @503 Says:

    Oh boy, she looks like a little girl who plays dress up. It`s even more obvious when you see her next to adult looking people. Leo looks almost like her father or rather her sugar daddy. Doesn`t he realize that she makes him look older?
    @505: I totally agree. He says whatever is best for him in the situation. He talked about settling down and having kids one day and that it will happen `naturally`. In reality he orders in the girls and picks them according to his criteria. He said he doesn`t party that much anymore. Yeah, right. While he was in Sydney the news was either about Gatsby or Leo partying with models. He was selling a movie and of course his image during that interview. He says whatever needs to be said to promote the movie and himself.
    I remember this one comment after the first posts came out about Sugar daddy and his new toy. It said something like ` Leo want to be taken so seriously as an actor but at the same time he keeps chasing these barely legal girls`. Spot on. He is working against himself by turning his love life into this sad cliche. I think he hit an all time low with Erin.

  507. 507
    SBY Says:

    I like Leo, but what is going on with his face? He’s puffy and baggy eyed lately. He was aging so well.

  508. 508
    @to be and to be Says:

    @to be and to be

    You say we hope the break in the coming months… months???
    You mean you still have to wait that long??? LOL

    To him is getting late to ending that ” whatever it is called”.

    At least give me something between the waiting like…

    Who is the next one???
    Erin is really believing that she will be the future Mrs. dicaprio?? LOL
    Or she just gives a **** about him too and just takes advantage of free publicity?? If she aware of the situation?


  509. 509
    xXx Says:

    Leo posed with his pals but not with her, if she don’t understand that he gives a **** about her, she’s stupid…

  510. 510
    @509 Says:

    Oh for christsakes. He’s taking publicity photos! Can he take the cap off or at least pull it up? What a mess!

  511. 511
    @510 Says:

    the cap doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that he pulls it down to his throat…

    What he think he’s??? cocky *******!!

  512. 512
    to be and to be Says:

    @@to be and to be: who cares? She won’t stick around long enough to be completely irritating like how Bar was. Again, I say they’re going to be over this year in a few more months for all to see including YOU. You won’t miss the headlines I assure you.

  513. 513
    @509 Diss Says:

    What a diss!!!! lol Leo posed with ALL his REAL friends and not her! omg!!! That’s the standard leo bedfriend treatment. He don’t love them hoes!!

    @511 Yeah he could lighten up, seriously Leo this isnt Titanic days no one cares anymore! lol

  514. 514
    Erin pics Says:

    I think we all know that he wouldn’t pose with HER ​​or ANY other at least in this life, but the fact that there is no pictures of her at the event, or arriving or no other besides the ones SHE posted it on her twitter…

    I mean… How low pathetic level this girl has? Stop embarrassing yourself!!!

    This is how important and relevant she’s… the only picture I saw with her… lurking in the back. LOL

  515. 515
    Not lol Says:

    Did you see Haas’s mother comments for heatherton on mobli?LOL.I am sure this woman missed all the real fun.

  516. 516
    Erin pics Says:

    @Not lol:

    What??? what did she say? post please!! :)

  517. 517
    lol Says:

    Somebody post please for Haas mom on mobli some really beautiful (inside and outside )heatherton pics.I am sure woman like emily will really like them.

  518. 518
    not lol Says:

    @Erin pics:

    Nothing truly funny.

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