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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio shows off his piercing blue eyes on the cover of GQ Australia‘s February/March 2012 issue.

The 37-year-old actor sat down with GQ and his J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood for an intimate discussion where Leo admitted he may have his eye on directing!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Leonardo DiCaprio

“Yeah. I do [want to direct]. And if I did direct, I would try to have the same no-bullsh*t approach to it as Clint [Eastwood] and his crew have. Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew,” Leo told GQ interviewer Mark Harris.

Also featured in the issue is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s Xavier Samuel, who posed for “The New York Jacket” feature.

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Credit: Craig McDean, Holly Blake, Styling: Wayne Gross.
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  1. 76
    @63 -65 Says:

    My post above (75) was meant for the drunk at #63 to #65.

  2. 77
    sos Says:

    @Super Bowl: According to the Daily telegraph they are suppose to be there two weeks.The weather is messing up the shoot again.

  3. 78
    @sos Says:

    I read another article that says that nice weather is predicted for the weekend…

  4. 79
    Eh Says:


    If Eh is cool and smart for you where are u from?Due to dicaprio the whole world knows where her(and others dumb models) cool brains are.So relax.

  5. 80
    Eh Says:

    @@63 -65:

    The only drunk here is exactly not me,idiot.

  6. 81
    Eh Says:

    @Super Bowl:

    It is not really important from you this tweet or not – u are the person who posted it here.

  7. 82
    Eh Says:

    Eh&ldc project is a great example of the deeply disturbed and empty heads and souls.Poor little fans,dicaprio shows them all his really favourite issues.

    What can I add?The pics told all for themselves.

  8. 83
    quid pro quo Says:

    @Super Bowl: It could be the case, but if SHE’s going to be there, why would they be advertising for chicks? I hope he wont be there, probably he will. I just get that feeling….hope not. He was in Sydney a whole week…

  9. 84
    photographer Says:


    Ok, nice figure, meh face, arms like ET. Enough said? I mean she looks like she came out of the last scene in Close Encounters of a Third Kind. (which I havent seen in a while, come to think of it, that might a fun nostalgia trip) and all the pubes and pores filtered out she looks like a department store mannequin mixed with an extraterrestiral.

    That’s a cute little pink dong Leo! No wonder he wanted that killed. How embarrassing, and with a little erection too? I mean it is hard to tell from that angle what the length and girth is, doesnt look too bad and think guys do keep growing a little bit…he looks to be about 25 there though…looks like it was taken around the time of the Beach.

    The official line was that this was a fake photo anyway. Who cares? My thing for Leo is above the neck anyway.

    I’m not saying she’s not attractive…all dressed up and professionally “did” for a runway show she looks great. Otherwise, Grace Kelley she isnt.

    I so hope he isnt in Indianapolis…somehow I would bet Leo doesnt “do” the Midwest..unless you call Vegas the midwest.

  10. 85
    quid pro quo Says:

    prolly that dude is the promoter and his job is to get people in buying drinks. I know people who promote clubs—they are VERY freelance..probably using the name unauthorized. Sigh.

  11. 86
    quid pro quo Says:

    @sos: I wonder why as well. Its because his top value seems to be hair color (dirty blonde) and model status. Its about status–either he has very middlebrow, conservative American male standards of beauty, or he’s just a jerk, either way. It’s about image too…I think with Gisele he got into the idea of being seen with a successful model. Even before that with Kristen Zang. It has to also be someone who is not very pretty in the face (face it, none of them were) so he doesnt get upstaged. Also has to be big breasted and have a nose job too.

    I think its foul. I mean you are attracted to whom you are attracted to…
    most people dont care or can find many types attractive. I guess since he thinks he can have anyone he starts with appearance and then tries to find someone who is amenable.

    Bottom line, its gross if you ask me.

  12. 87
    QUIM Says:

    It seems he is supposed to be there..or there are potent rumors running around Indy. But there are tons of celebs there—the Superbowl is there Sunday, so they are all in town for that. No actual confirmed sightings or photos, but his bimbo zombie is there so he’ll probably be “putting in” some time with her/it. Sigh.

  13. 88
    Eh Says:


    Grace Kelly? OMG. She isnt even Blake Lively.

  14. 89
    Eh Says:


    She doesnt look great even on the show because all the viewers know that even her hair is not her!I am silent about her fake and cheap boobs where probably her cool brains supposed to be!Did you see great and smart billionnaires with such a cheap and classless women?U can see this type of women only with DiCaprio who can allow to himself only this kind of stuff…Poor guy.

  15. 90
    Eh Says:

    And eh’s nose is really a village nose.The most beautiful nose in dicaprio’s life was interesting Giselle nose.

  16. 91
    Meh face ? Says:

    @photographer: more like a dog face. And judging from how Candace looks like in real life without all the enhancements we can only deduce that eh looks even more emaciated and her damaged nipples are probably even worse than in those pics that were posted here. On x17 they have pix of candace before all the photoshopping. Its all so fake

  17. 92
    sos Says:

    @photographer: lol I was kind of thinking the same thoughts on his hot dog.It’s hard to tell but isn’t he suppose to be uncircumcised?Not important just something to talk about.

    Tweet from yesterday idk he might make a superbowl appearance..

    Happy Saturday, bumholes! I’m at work with Dragons and roadies. Leo DiCaprio is shooting The Great Gatsby on the soundstage next door.

    hace 3 horas

  18. 93
    93...if i/m lucky Says:

    what’s the problem Jared? Did you see what 82 posted? But, you won’t let me provide some balance to this ‘Erin Reputation Slaughter’ (she hasn’t said or done anything stupid yet) with some nice CLOTHED pictures? I guess we know who is paying the bills. BC. They can say anything they want, and tow the line for you, and nobody gets the real truth. Nice. No, pathetic. Are you going to post me message from yesterday???

  19. 94
    94...if i/m lucky Says:

    Does this meet with JJ’s approval – not like the one from #82

    Leo is having fun with Erin, and she seems like the girl to get him to commune with nature in a sincere way. Btw – COED Magazine had this to say about Erin (Dec 2010):

    Btw – I don’t even know Erin. I’m a fan, and I’m appauled at the treatment she’s receiving from all the hired guns of a 1-year POST EX GF.

  20. 95
    95...fixed I think Says:

    Oh, C’mon. Allow people, regular people to post. Maybe not the last link, even though it’s gorgeous! A dif site..

    wow. amazing pics… :

  21. 96
    96...dunno what i did wrong? Says:

    AMAZING pic of Erin for Valentine’s day. Man…I have to get back to the gym:

  22. 97
    97...hopefully Says:

    I like her hair in 95, but the gut! BEER??? Try to be nice to Erin here. Seriously, already.

  23. 98
    98....with some Divine luck Says:

    It’s so funny that ‘Eh’ tries to plead BarT’s case by focusing on the looks of Leo’s gfs. Truth is, Erin is hotter than Bar. Get over it. But, maybe she has something else. A personality accented with ‘chill,’ ‘laid back,’ ‘not a girly grl,’ plus she hasn’t said or did anything stupid yet. She might even have qualities like, sincerity, integrity, loyalty, and CHARACTER. And I don’t believe her character has anything to do with the VS semi-nude shot promo. Unlike the list we have on a media ***** ex of 1 year. Poor Bar.

  24. 99
    Truth is Says:

    I cant believe shes a vs angel, let alone a friggin model. her face is average at best and she has no curves or boobage whatsoever. What’s considered beautiful for vs standards nowadays is a joke.

  25. 100
    Amused Aussie Says:

    @sos: Hes in Sydney- technically blue mountains- Gatsby still filming but behind cause of weather. Their under pressure cause leo, tobey, Joel and carey are all due to start new projects in US beginning of march

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