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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio shows off his piercing blue eyes on the cover of GQ Australia‘s February/March 2012 issue.

The 37-year-old actor sat down with GQ and his J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood for an intimate discussion where Leo admitted he may have his eye on directing!

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“Yeah. I do [want to direct]. And if I did direct, I would try to have the same no-bullsh*t approach to it as Clint [Eastwood] and his crew have. Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew,” Leo told GQ interviewer Mark Harris.

Also featured in the issue is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s Xavier Samuel, who posed for “The New York Jacket” feature.

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Credit: Craig McDean, Holly Blake, Styling: Wayne Gross.
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  • 201

    Do beleive that BarT and Leo are pulling a Chris B & RiRI. Never stopped hooking up in the last year. This next 12 months are going to be interesting. My guess is this has all been a PR lie.

  • Another Chris & Riri….

    PR Conspiracy. Bar would never let an opp for a pic go by with celebrities, such as Chris Brown (good fr of Jayzee and Be, who are friends with Leo). She is taking fringe pics; probably told to be discreet. She also wrote on her twitter some time ago, something like, SHE ONLY HAD 2 MORE YEARS TO GO. Whatever that means. It certainly implied she would quit modelling full time…lol. I know FULL TIME.

  • for 202

    oops – I mean chris martin is good friends with Jay and Be, from one of my fave all-time bands, COLDPLAY. Btw, my questionmark function is not working. Otherwise, you would have seen it after the name Riri. the Chris i am talking about with riri is obviously, chris brown. sorry for the confusion.
    Can someone tell me what TEAM SMT means….

  • Wonder

    I wonder how lost he is for dating someone obviously not bright ,angry as hell and jelous like witch as Bar?There is a lot of bright models for dating, no?

  • Wonder

    Leo, can you choose some pure models (if they exist!) in ur f**** spoiled life?Why did u promote Refaeli,Heatherton???Are u ok dude??

  • Answer

    @for 202:

    All the teams have left the building. Leonardo diCaprio is lost for salvation.

  • huh

    So according to JJ`s new post Refaeli was at Weinstein`s pre-Oscar party. And according to a tweet posted on Leo`s bz thread he was there as well. I wonder if they ran into or they avoided each other?

  • huh

    JJ has a second post about the party and it places Leo there.
    Also his bz thread has a sighting of him with Heatherton at another pre-Oscar party on Friday. `He couldn`t keep his eyes off her`. Coming from a no name Portuguese site. I love it when you hear nothing like this in the US where these parties are full of bloggers/tweeters and there`s media coverage and a sighting like this comes from Portugal or Brazil…

  • Leo & Bar

    I’m starting to wonder too
    Excuse me while I go puke…………….

  • ………


    What are you wondering about? It’s part of Bar’s payout for keeping her mouth shut. Weinstein is producing Leo’s next movie. If Leo tells Harvey to throw Bar some bones, he’ll do it. Marchesa had the tackiest front row I’ve ever seen at New York Fashion Week. Bar, Stacy Kiebler, Taylor Momsen. They all looked like hell in old Marchesa. Weinstein could wrangle better guests for his wife’s show if he wanted to. These were payoffs and favours to friends.

  • huh

    I was wondering about what I said I was wondering about. Whether they ran into each other or tried to avoid each other.

  • Sad truth

    Bar Refaeli and Leo DiCaprio is a great pair.They both were created for each other.Nobody is interested in Refaeli despite all her fame,nobody decent is interested in spoiled DiCaprio also.So they deserve each other in every possible way.Probably now Leo finally undestood this sad truth.

  • ………


    He’s trying not to be so obvious with his showmancing after the embarrassment of December and January, but it’s still going on.

  • @213

    What are you talking about?
    Erin was showmancing and hes beenb banging Bar quieltly all this while? Leo’s truly an idiot!

  • huh

    @213: what is still going on? Embarrassment in December and January? What are you talking about? Can you explain, please?

  • Philly

    Gotta be honest, I’m not sure if I believe these people who post ‘in the know’ – Doormat Pt 2, dr duke, skippy, ??? – info the way I used to. Everything they post as of late tends not to either bear out or can’t be proven either way.

  • ………

    Everyone knew he was showmancing Erin even before he was caught with the Aussie girl. Leo knows how to avoid photographers when he wants to. He has no use for Bar. He has Erin to take her place. He’s not in the market for a serious relationship.

  • @210

    What pay out could there possibly be for Marchesa from having Taylor Momsen front row? Does Bar have photos of Leo with little boys /dead girls that he has to pull all these strings for her a year after? C’mon, stop having us on.

  • ………

    I said payoffs or favours to friends. It’s not a big deal. Leo likes to be in control.

  • 219

    I wonder if he is busy converting right now. Marriage and babies.

  • huh

    #219= The crazy is back on the thread. Seems like you are really bored to come up with your crazy theories.
    @…….. #217: Oh, that. I agree with you on that one since it`s pretty obvious. But it`s not really working. Official girlfriend or not he doesn`t seem to try to be discreet. The rumors are around no matter what. This Erin girl is pretty pathetic. Leo is out with other women and she is there smiling when he wants her to. Is she this desperate or this dumb?
    @Philly: I see your point. I did believe skippy because that sighting was on twitter, too. Also knowing about his apartment in WeHo. You don`t really have to be an insider to hear things if you live in LA. Of course I`m not 100% convinced but close.

  • @huh

    Y’know what considering valid points #218 has said. I’m not sure if #219 is so off with his/her logic anymore.

  • 210 does not add up.


    IF Leo & Bart are NOT together, why would he ask the Punisher for favours on her behalf…I am wondering if Harvey is especially fond of BarT (or his wife, a la MARCHESA) that they are helping a reconciliation. That is IF BarT AND leo are not already REALLY together and talking future, on the down low. Something tells me Weinstein is not the guy to do something just out of the kindness of his heart.

  • huh

    @223: What are you talking about? You don’t make sense at all! Too much free time on your hands? You should spend it in a more useful way! You sure have a vivid imagination!

  • @224

    Look if this person frustrates you so much, then stop responding to him/her. His/her posts aren’t directed at you, we all have reason to write here, so why not leave well enough alone. It’s equally tiresome to see your aggressive rants against whomever the numbers person is as it is for you to read him/her. There is no monoploy on Leo forums. And its rich for you to say h/she has too much time on his/her hands since YOU’RE basically camped here monitoring what others write.

  • sos

    @huh:It’s kind of weird,and random.Man I hate those lame sighting quotes like that.”Couldn’t keep his eyes off her”or those other models right?lol.The JJ sighting at the Weinstein party seems pretty harmless.No mention of him hanging around bar or EH.I agree with#217.He don’t need Bar he’s got the new one.also about the serious relationship part too.
    Did you guys see the new pics of EH posted on the Weinstein party thread?Talk about freaking Deja vu.There she is smoking, shopping and getting lost in a parking I guess she hasn’t been around Leo’s cars too much.

  • @SOS

    Which thread exactly?

  • huh

    @225: See this is a site where people post and others respond. Maybe you missed that part. That`s what I do and FYI that`s what you do as well. If my comments frustrate you don`t respond to them. How about that? There is no monopoly on Leo forums and I never said otherwise. Did I say that this person shouldn`t post? No. So what`s with the monopoly thing. That person posted something I find ridiculous and I said my opinion. That`s what people do here. You just simply don`t like what I have to say and that`s why you keep picking on me.  It`s not aggressive rant as you call them. It`s responding and saying my opinion. 
    `camped out`. Sure, whatever you say.
    Anything else bothering you? If there is then think about your own advice. Don`t respond and just ignore my comments. That`s what I`m gonna do with yours.

  • sos

    @@SOS: this thread
    btw after a second viewing of those pics I realized her shirt is barely buttoned,you could see her bra.Like she’s shopping at Walmart or something.

  • @228

    You could not have told that person to post for the simple reason that you have no right/ability to.
    As people here are free to post they are also free to air whatever feelings they have , no matter how questionable even though one possessive crazed Leo fan in no less than 3 posts tails them, demands explanations from them and tell them to get a life without any irony whatsoever.

  • huh

    @sos: Thanks for the link. I agree with the person who posted the link. Plain. Young and unsexy. The cigarette hanging out of her mouth is disgusting. Sorry if that sounds aggressive for some people but I hate cigarettes. It’s my personal opinion without the intent to offend smokers.
    You are right. That sighting was pretty random. I’m not saying it’s not true but it’s weird that it popped up overseas meanwhile in the US Leo wasn’t even listed as a guest in posts about the Friday party ( at least so far ).
    I also agree with the not a serious relationship thing. So no chemistry.

  • huh

    @228: Seriously what’s your issue. Yes, I dont have the right or ability to tell anyone not to post. That’s exactly what I said. So what are you talking about? You are making a huge deal out of nothing. Demand explanation? I did not demand anything. Asked but didn’t demand. You twist everything you can and exaggerate everything I say.
    Again TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE! Don’t read my comments and if they frustrate you DON’T RESPOND! Problem solved!

  • Kind Rabbit

    I don’t want to abuse his great women but i personally think that Leo is f**** piece of shit!He can carry only about his ass.It is a shame!Also I am sure his career is over….U will see soon his really great fails(Gatsby and others).I want but I really don’t see a bright future for such type of behaviour

  • Did she say kind…

    Apprently, LEO will win Oscar for Django. Yeah, Harvey. You wicked and punishing genius.
    We all know who HUH is….no craziness there (sarc).

  • Kind Rabbit

    Time to pay the bills will come very fast for him…I dont think that the most great failure will be Gatsby cash-failure.He can lose smt more important and I dont mean his dick,speaking about the most great failire in his career life.

  • To the kind rabbit

    what does smt mean….probably a sumb question.

  • Kind Rabbit

    @Did she say kind…:

    Actor should deserve an Oscar, winning is not great deal.

  • Kind Rabbit

    He won’t win Oscar nor for Django nor for other piece of art-shit. There must be another aim when you are almost 40.If his life aim is only Oscar he WILL NEVER WIN.

  • huh

    @236: smt I guess it means ‘something’.

  • raven


    Ok I’m confused. I thought that Weinstein was the reason why Leo supposedly dated BL. So why would BR be at his party? Could she be trying to get into acting?

  • Message

    Why do people think that Harvey had a hand in Leo’s relationship with Blake? I am behind on my Leo gossip, I guess?

  • @Message

    Don’t pay any attention to it
    There were a multitiude of conspiracy teories from the anti-Blake fations cos Leo was behaving ‘out of character’ according to his obsessives. It was pure poison over the summer. His fans used the HW rumors about Blake to imply Leo was dating her by force/duress/ with photo ops/some even said he was paid to, to make themselves feel better.Never mind the fact that rumors had Leo and Blake already dating allegedly before te Met Ball of 2011 and flirting long before it bacame public. Now he is showmancing with Erin, and being public with Erin expect another conspiracy shortly.

  • Philly

    Its morning here in England so I’m just checking out the blogs.
    It was BS by the Leo fanatics like raven, showmance etc.
    Leo is the biggest star in HW. No one tells him what to do. As Doormat Pt 2 pretty muh confirmed, if any one does any manipulating its Leo and he is ALWAYS in control in relationships.
    Glad Meryl Streep won!

  • Sad

    Its cos of all that shit by about 4 Leo fans under different names – notice that despite the number of posts under Leo news, he still did not make the top 20 of JJ post in 2011, thats cos most of the comments come from the same IP address!!! – cool sane fans like C/G, Schlonginator, iheartcomments who liked BL etc left. Only iheart recently returned and she confirmed she left cos of the BL hate. And is trying to avoid the Erin hate now. Anyone have any goss on the Oscar bashes?

  • soon

    @@Message: he’s actually not being public with erin.he’ds doing the same stuff he did with bar. while i dont believe him”dating” her is a conspiracy they will be over by the summer! you mad? and thats ALL LEO!!

  • @244

    @Sad: why dont you shut up and go play in some traffic?? EH is an idiot for dating someone that will be giving her the walking papers soon.

  • Leo & his “dude crew”

    As Saturday turned to Sunday morning, a baseball-cap wearing Leo DiCaprio and his dude crew headed to another section of the VIP area where the actor sat next to “W.E.” actress Abbie Cornish and TWC co-founder Harvey Weinstein. When DiCaprio first arrived, he was sucking on an electronic cigarette that glowed blue, but as he sat next to Cornish, he could be seen savoring a cigar while she lit up an electronic version that looked like DiCaprio’s.

    At closing time, DiCaprio and his posse headed for the exit, where he ran into a fresh-out-of-rehab Gerard Butler. The fit-looking “300” actor, who, earlier in the night, seemed to drawing on all his willpower as he eyed a passing trays of champagne flutes, asked DiCaprio where he was going next.

    The “J. Edgar” actor admitted that he probably was going “home.”

  • Sad

    And why don’t you eff off. Have a drink and drive.
    If EH is an idiot to be dating Leo you are even more pathetic specimen care about it to be waiting and gauging the relationship and how it ends. Twat

  • @248

    And thank goodness we wont have to wait long!! You’re just as pathetic because you’re here aren’t you?!? I see no great discussions of societal importance in the last 50 postings and beyond on here so which one/s are yours?! : ) You do know you’re on a message board right?!?

  • Sad

    All the more reason you don’t have the right to tell me to shut up cos I said sthg a dickweed like you didn’t want to hear.