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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio shows off his piercing blue eyes on the cover of GQ Australia‘s February/March 2012 issue.

The 37-year-old actor sat down with GQ and his J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood for an intimate discussion where Leo admitted he may have his eye on directing!

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“Yeah. I do [want to direct]. And if I did direct, I would try to have the same no-bullsh*t approach to it as Clint [Eastwood] and his crew have. Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew,” Leo told GQ interviewer Mark Harris.

Also featured in the issue is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s Xavier Samuel, who posed for “The New York Jacket” feature.

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Credit: Craig McDean, Holly Blake, Styling: Wayne Gross.
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  • Tru

    Lively was the closest thing he’s had to a real relationship in years. Sad truth. Walking Heatherton through parks for photographers was a stab at cleaning up his image and winning the pr war. When it failed to achieve the desired results, he went back to business as usual.

  • @250

    @Sad: and its obvious I SAID something a dickweed like you didnt want to hear. : ) But all that matters to me really is that Leo will break up with this B*tch by the summer and that’s whats gonna happen!!! Haters called it!! I don’t care if he is dating her for conspiracy purposes or the screwing one, SHE WILL BE GONE THIS SUMMER and thats all that I care about and am happy about! : )

  • @250

    @Tru: you’re right, she’s another pathetic bar, the end is near for this one AGAIN! Business as usual with Leo…

  • @250

    s c r e w i n g!!

  • @Tru

    If that was the case why did it end with Lively so soon?

  • sos

    @Leo & his “dude crew”: Thanks for that.Here’s the Pagesix version.
    Cleaned-up Butler charms

    Posted: 12:02 AM, February 27, 2012

    Gerard Butler appeared in top form at the Weinstein Co.’s Soho House pre-Oscar bash. The “300” actor, who just completed a rehab stint, was seen mingling, and charming ladies Saturday, telling one, “I feel pretty good.” “The Artist” star Bérénice Bejo, who’d jetted in from France with the cast and got a police escort to the party, told us, “We’re running on adrenaline. But I’m not staying too late. I need to get some rest!” Katy Perry also joined the Chopard bash, politely sidestepping a string of male admirers, and instead chatting to Harvey Weinstein about working together on a project. Leonardo DiCaprio hid under a ball cap while his ex, Bar Refaeli, seemed to keep a safe distance and introduced Russell Simmons to her beautiful friends. Zoe Saldana arrived holding hands with Bradley Cooper, and Scarlett Johansson introduced boyfriend Nate Naylor to the A-list crowd. Best actress Oscar-winner Meryl Streep and Michelle Williams took in a surprise performance by Tony Bennett.

    Read more:

  • Tru

    Because he’s not capable of sustaining a real relationship.

  • huh

    @Tru: I see your point and you are right. I wouldn’t call it a ‘real relationship’. It didn’t last long enough to be a relationship and I would say it was the closest to real as you said in #250. These young models are like playing a character and Leo is the director. Lively wasn’t up for that role and she walked I think. So the puppet master found a new girl.
    Also I don’t think he is happy. Hopefully he will make some changes sooner than later.

  • riri

    It ended with Blake so soon because SHE ended it! Say what you want about Blake Lively but at least she has the GUTS to walk away from Leo and not become a doormat.

  • huh

    @riri: I hate to admit it since I still don’t like her but you are absolutely correct.

  • #259

    Hi. I’m not trying to be argumentative but is this your ooinion or fact? How do you know? Everyone including Lainey have put their spin on the split. I somehow believe Tru, beos her opinion leaves room for interpretation but were u a witness? And honestly I’m not being bolshie, I just like to differentiate btw rumor and true info

  • Tru

    They both ended it. He wasn’t ready for a real relationship. She wasn’t willing to wait around hoping he would change.

  • Blake and Leo

    Although I admit that since Gisele (on the beginning of their relationship) I din’t saw him again in love I really doubt that we could called a relationship to what he had with the Blake.

    Maybe in HER imagination (and goal) was to have it but never reached to be… more than anything for him.

    And that’s why (and I believe strongly) she ended. She saw that he will never change. Just like Gisele only that this one kept insisting for years until finally she give up.

    Look at her relationship with Ryan… everything is happening very fast. She tried to do the same thing with Leo but he’s was hopeless case.

    She wanted walk holding hands, public kisses regardless of the photographers, stay at home watching movies… He’s not that guy.

    And even though he looked like really wanted to be ready… He’s not ready to change

    Example number 1, the model with which he was seen flirting in New York when Blake went out of town for like a day for the promotion of Green Lantern in LA.

    If you remember from Cannes they were practically ALL THE TIME together. He was smitten, and was practically all over her.

    and there was no chance of turning to look to another one, because she was there ALL THE TIME…

    that is why he needs all his girlfriends there, with no life, be there all the time because HE KNOWS that in the the minute she turn around, He completely forgets about them and jump to the first skirt that he finds.

    He’s the type so… cheating type.

    I give him credit to him for trying with Blake, played to the little house, to the wifey… He tried, but simply isn’t in his being.

    Believe me if he were, will be already married.

  • shut up

    @Blake and Leo: First of all you make her seem like a sweet angel when she is not she took naked pictures on her phone then claimed that was not her in the photos. She is dating divorced Ryan Ronald who by the just ended his marriage after only two years to then be in a so called serious relationship with Blake give me a break please. Blake has issues has well. Leo is not dump he knows what he is doing. Blake is a trap money hungry famewhore.

  • raven

    @message: oh, about the weinstein thing. It was something people were posting on here and lipstick alley as a reason why he was with BL.I did not make it up, btw!! From what i remember it was said that weinstein had something on leo or that he needed to do weinstein a favor and help BL get recognized more. It was something like that. Not too sure on the details. I don’t buy it, as well i think he just moved on quickly like he has in the past and she’s young and she fits his type. Which is why it doesn’t make sense to me that Bar would go to the party of someone responsible for that, if it was true.

  • Blake and Leo

    Actually I don’t like her . I do believe She’s a famewhore and that either worked for him.

    She wanted to use his fame and try to domesticate him..

  • riri

    @Blake and Leo: I don’t like or hate Blake. I do believe she ended it with Leo because she wasn’t gonna put up with his crap and be another Bar. I think you summed up what was going on perfectly.

  • some things never change

    @shut up:

    bitching at people with different opinions and telling them to shut up. leo has some rude fans.

  • @268

    Usually Leo’s fans hate to admit that he has a problem with commitment…

    Always blame the girlfriends, and but even though none of them are a keepers because most seek fame (Bar, Blake, Erin)…

    He’s not perfect neither!!!

  • Philly

    Thanks Tru. Come back with more goss/info when you can. I mean ASAP

    @huh – I think you’re right. I don’t think Leo is a happy individual right now.

  • @Tru

    A question i you are your name, in the Xmas Leo post, one poster said Blake bailed because of Leo’s constant cheating, but he visited her on the GG set whilst doing promo for J Edgar in NY to win her back?

  • @271

    HAHAHAHA Seriously doubt it he tried to “win her” back

    1.- He doesn’t seem the type who begs.
    2.- Right after breaking (probably much earlier) he beging screwing every girl in Australia, so she was the last thing he had in mind.
    3.- She was already banging Ryan reynolds (you will see, this girl doesn’t waste time, she easily passes from one to another without any problems

    Also, I don’t think they break up because he was cheating or not. While he was in Sydney (before breakup) he was spotted in clubs every weekends but all sightings says he spent most all the time glued to his blackberry so there was much evidence to prove it.

    I keep insisting, she and her PR kept pushing with commitment, red carpets appearances, not run from her as if she had leprosy every time he saw a pap get close… you know famewhore things that he seems to not like at all. so she runs to another idiot who in fact she could drive.

  • @@271

    How do you know? you are obviously a deranged Leo stan who believes he is an ‘innocent victim’ and all his g-friends are famewhores.

    Of course innocent Leo was just texting/sexting/joking in the nightclubs he was not doing anything with these girls.
    The Australian DJs publicly stated that his bodyguards forced them to delete photos of him with girls and he was scouting out girls to sleep with in Beach House

    Because you ‘insist’ her PR ‘forced’ Leo does not make it true.
    Your last sentence does not make any sense but as your hero Leo is making sure paps get clear shots of him with Erin, in Sydney, LA and Mexico he’s obviously happy to famewhore too

    Now go kiss your Jack Dawson poster bellafreak and let Tru answer the question

  • Why, oh why?

    Great just when Leo posts are going great we get the same freak on #264 and #272 to spoil it with their crap?

  • Tru & Doormat Pt 2

    Please stick around, please answer the question in 271 and please please ignore the resident crazy. Cheers

  • …………..

    Leo didn’t try to win Blake back, and she didn’t want him back. He doesn’t beg and she had moved on. They did have a few close calls in New York. They were at the Dream Hotel on the same day. He was chasing K Kloss and she was with Donatella Versace. He was preparing for business as usual while on location in Sydney. She realised what was going on and called him on it. End of relationship.

  • @276

    I also think that`s how it went down. I doubt he was crying over her or tried to get her back. He `learnt from his mistake` and went back to the same old, boring, predictable and pathetic pattern ( with a new puppet ) while she started a relationship with someone else.

  • Message

    @…………..: Sooo, does Erin know she wasn’t his first choice in VS models? She has been in LA with him for a while… He seems to be enjoying her company.

  • @278

    Yeah, it doesn`t seem like there is anything else going on in her life other than being around him. Family or her life in NYC. Or it`s not like he goes anywhere for her sake.
    `He seems to be enjoying her company.` How do you know? He doesn`t like to be alone so he needs company. That`s all. A manchild spends time with someone on the same maturity level.

  • sos

    @Message: lol that was the rumor he had eyes for the Karlie girl.Eh wasn’t much of a chase for him,it seems though.I see he took her to Disneyland so whats next?Laker’s games etc…
    Anyway I’m not posting on EH’s threads,but I have to agree with that one poster about the genuine Leo fans being too bored to

  • Thanks…….


    for that. But isnt Karlie Kloss like 19? I have to be honest I thought Leo’s people deliberately planted that story iabout him and Kloss in the NY Post, so it could look like the EO of Pussy Posses was in full effect, but he’s almost 40 and she’s 19 that would have been too gross. Even for Leo IMO.

  • Thanks…….

    Sorry that should say CEO of the P****y Posse

  • @281

    The reason why I think the Karlie thing is true because she looks so much like Gisele. Totally his type but too young. Not like EH is so much older and she looks so young. Not much better than Karlie. Also it didn`t seem like it was hard to get Erin on board. Pretty easy actually. The perfect new puppet.
    @sos: It was predicted weeks ago that Disneyland was coming… Next is Lakers or riding their bikes in NYC. Nothing genuine or interesting about his uniform girlfriends or their uniform treatment. Doesn`t show much respect on his part. It boring just to talk about the exact same thing happening in his life again and again. Hard to predict an upcoming breakup. LOL.

  • Oh…Awful


    On the same moral level also

    he can attract only dull clueless plain models and now, this one is also has no shame at all

  • @279

    And how do YOU know, he does not seem to be enjoying her company as Message said?
    Interesting you believe the Leo relyash stories once they have a negative/bitchy slant. You’re just determined to project the worst with whatev Leo has with any girlfirend like the fangirl freak you are zzzzzzzz.

  • Oh…Awful


    Relationships with eh are staged as always!
    desperate and empty girls always can get some attention from arrogant men

  • Philly

    So many conflicting stories. Merci beaucoup for the gist but if you really are ‘in the know’ – #210, 213, 217, 276 e.t.c
    What really happened at the Weinstein bash. Who was the blonde in the white dress Leo was allegedly fliring with? Did he and Bar cross paths? Did he hang with Scar Jo?
    I only ask becos this stuff has not been reported /speculated on much and is what a true ‘insider’ will know.

  • Oh..Awful, EH, Ha

    HM and whatever the crap your other names are Barfreak, as you hate Leo soooo much go follow Zac Efron !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh…Awful

    It is so f*** important who was and will be another hw whore for sleeping and flirting with

  • Oh…Awful

    @Oh..Awful, EH, Ha:

    Go f**** urself with ur dull as always ideas

  • Oh…Awful


    @Oh..Awful, EH, Ha:

    eh is soooo f**** mature that she is stalking old leo not young zac!

  • @Oh..Awful, EH, Ha

    Go to hell and die slowly as Leo and EH haunt your dreams!

  • sos

    @Philly: That’s interesting stuff cause all i’ve read was about him hanging by Abbie Cornish and talking to Gerard Butler???Was he flirting with a blonde at the Weinstein bash?Or is this getting confused with the earlier Erin sighting?
    Now i understand that some of Leo’s girls may not of visited these places,but i’m guessing he’s the one suggesting them.Since it’s the same places over and over.This new Disney trip kind of makes the Dear Ted vid I watched even Some one wrote in asking if Leo would ever have kids.Nothing new but funny.

  • @285

    I do not know and I never stated otherwise. It’s my opinion and I don’t think I ever said it’s a fact.

  • Yes its your opinion

    my question was in reference to your asking Message ‘How does s/he know’ Leo is enjoying her company, when all s/he stated was HER/HIS opinion that you seemed to have a problem with.

  • @285

    Yes, it is my opinion ( like I said ) and I asked a question from this person who made a statement about how Leo feels about being with her. What`s your issue? Picking on nothing and you don`t have anything interesting to say. Ever.

  • True its your opinion

    The same way it was Message’s opinion without owing you or anyone an explanation as to why but you dont see the hypocrisy in your reaction LOL.
    You however took issue with that opinion, and now ask why others take issue with yours.
    Oh and like you ever have anything to add to the Leo debate aside to hector others here or on celebitchy as to why they see things the way they do. Enjoy your monolgue here zzzzzzz. I’m out.

  • @297

    You’re out? Good! Finally! It’s gonna be tough not to have anyone picking on nonsense all the time! LOL!

  • raven


    he took Eh to disneyland? LOL Was Lukas with them too? I hope he isn’t this predictable with the SM. Maybe because there are so many women he has dated, that he has to repeat the same date activities, he’s run out of ideas, LOL. He could just genuinely like those places. I wonder if its like a test to him, how they behave at these predictable dates?

  • WTF?

    You still believe in this Leo SM crap. Even after these past few months
    I’ll give St. Leo girl stans this y’all are tenacious in ur belief