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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio shows off his piercing blue eyes on the cover of GQ Australia‘s February/March 2012 issue.

The 37-year-old actor sat down with GQ and his J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood for an intimate discussion where Leo admitted he may have his eye on directing!

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“Yeah. I do [want to direct]. And if I did direct, I would try to have the same no-bullsh*t approach to it as Clint [Eastwood] and his crew have. Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew,” Leo told GQ interviewer Mark Harris.

Also featured in the issue is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s Xavier Samuel, who posed for “The New York Jacket” feature.

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  1. 151
    Mami Says:

    @skippy: Thank you Skippy for the deets. Euuu doesnt have dark hair. I see Leo is on a roll…or many…

  2. 152
    Well... Says:

    Whoever the two girls were in LA or the ones in Sydney Heatherton still seems to be around ( when she is needed ). She tweeted a photo with one of Leo’s best friends, Kevin Connolly to make sure it’s out there that she is still ‘on call’. What a pair these two make! One is cheating left and right and the other just keeps smiling… His mom must be so proud!

  3. 153
    Bar Pt 2 Says:

    She is no worse that the Israeli draft dodger, who’s still stalking Leo!
    He cheated on her and dumped her and she’s still clinging on to his pals
    Maybe both Erin and Leo know this is a casual thing and not a great love affair. Erin’s mom has yet to comment to the press like Tzipi did ofetn

  4. 154
    @153 Says:

    Seriously can we just stop talking about Bar? It`s not that I don`t agree with you. Quite the contrary. And that`s exactly why I personally don`t want to talk about her if I don`t have to. What`s the point of bringing her up? You are correct this is the same type of `relationship` he had with Bar but why can`t you just leave it like that? Either Erin knows he is playing the field and she is OK with it. Maybe that`s why the whole thing is so low key. Or she is simply a dummy who fell for him even though he is not changing. The funny thing is that instead of him bringing attention to her he is noticed for the other women not his official girlfriend.

  5. 155
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:

    Leo’s latest loser attaching herself to his aging fratboy douchebag friends is deja vu all over again. She’s doing a great job as his official doormat. There is no reason to bring up the one she replaced. After 5 years use she was tattered and soiled. It was time for a new one.

  6. 156
    @155 Says:

    I wonder if this one is going to last that long. Is she dumb enough to play along? His girls are so similar. Both inside and out. This one seems more low key than the last one and I guess that`s exactly how he wants it. She is so nothing without anything exciting about her but she has the VS Angel title ( even if it`s the most boring and blah one ) and that`s enough. Way to live your life!

  7. 157
    Salt Says:

    I can`t believe she posted a photo of her and Kevin C showing the world that she is indeed still attached to Leo. And it´s obvious she follows everything. JJ, Bellazon and every blog there is. Have to tell I think this girl is even worse than Bar. This one is smart. I just think Leo thinks he´s the one in control, when it´s the other way around. She´s playing him.
    Where does he gets all this girls? They are like leeches. Wake up Leo, you´re being played here.

  8. 158
    sos Says:

    It figures and I was half expecting it.Oscar weekend is starting,so i guessed we’d be getting the same stuff we got last year.Leo and GF at some party,although i don’t think eh attended any Golden globe parties?Plus one of the BZ detectives,noticed that her twitter gets quiet when she’s with Leo.Except for one or two pics snuck in.I was on the fence about skippys sighting and the yogurt shop?I was thinking maybe she was one of the girls.Not that it matters really with the Sydney girls.Ted C didn’t enlighten us any,but do find it interesting that the reader/writer witnessed him with the other girls.I think Ted is spot on with the last part,about settling down.Leo does blow hot and cold.
    Does Leo follow any of his gfs on twitter or do his gfs follow him?Or are they all just tweeting to poor Kevin?Got the crazy X and the new one on his
    I’m wondering how long this is gonna last too?I mean there doesn’t seem to be much heat between them,imo.Also the cheating i guess has already started.I thought that happened a year or two in?

  9. 159
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:

    He never stops cheating unless he’s in the heat of the chase and he has to to get what he wants. When he gets it, he doesn’t want it. Until she doesn’t want it. Then he wants it again. It’s a stupid game played by an insecure manchild who always needs to be in control.

  10. 160
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:


    Wake up, he’s a player and he doesn’t deserve better.

  11. 161
    Doormat Pt 2 Says:

    Poor Kevin is loving every minute of it. It’s part of his wingman duties.

  12. 162
    @158 Says:

    I don`t understand what does it have to do with Oscars? He is not nominated. He was at a pre GG party and one site placed her there but this year he has nothing to do with the Oscars.
    Also her twitter is not quiet when she is with her if there are photos posted that tell the world that she is with him. That`s the point. These photos are always there to let people know she is following him whenever she is not working. Like did Leo go to NYC once while not working to visit her? No.
    I have no problem believing skippy`s sighting. Since it was on twitter as well and it`s nothing that would be so hard to believe. Didn`t he do the same thing in Sydney? Even having this official gf couldn`t stop the rumors about him and other women. By the way I agree that the only interesting thing about that Ted C. item was the question. Ted tells his opinion ( no inside info ) but the person who asked apparently saw him with other girls. Then comes this tweet photo. Like Erin arrived in the middle of those rumors while in Sydney.
    What I would like to know is whether Erin is proud of being his girlfriend? I think Leo is an amazing actor and probably a great guy. But as a man / boyfriend… he is lousy, superficial and a player. So if you are his typical interchangeable gf it`s rather a cliche by now not anything respectful to be linked to him.

  13. 163
    To be Fair to Erin Says:

    Maybe Erin knows and is cool with it.
    I agree with #153, even the quotes to US Weekly ‘they’re just having fun’ suggests both know its not serious. So fair play.
    I would like to know how he feels about Blake and is Bar in LA still trying to reach him via Kevin whom she tweets constantly? Kev’s responses are often negligible, looks like hes trying to be poliite IMO.
    But is that why Erin tweetpicced them together?

  14. 164
    @Doormat Part 2 Says:

    I agree with you but don’t these women have responsibilities too
    By some accounts even when with Gisele, he was a regular at the playboy mansion
    It was even more tragic with Bar but they both tolerated it for long stretches band if they ended it Leo went after them again, and they always took him back.
    It takes two to tango.

  15. 165
    @sos Says:

    That’s too funny.Poor Kevin appears to be the go-to-man for all of them!!!!!!!!!!! To think all these guys are almost 40

  16. 166
    Ha! Says:

    EH is a dull plain head with desperate naked things,but Leo is ugly as hell himself.Inside and Outside!Did u see his latest pics?He is really ugly.

  17. 167
    @164 Says:

    yeah, they always took him back for a while. And it always ended. I think #159 said it right. It`s the chase and the control that drives him. I doubt anyone will ever be able to change that. Not Erin and not anyone else. Unless Leo changes and grows up. What are the chances?
    @163: Leo dated Bar for 5 years. Maybe she is friends with Kevin and that`s why they tweet each other? She was seen out with Lukas after the breakup. Also I bet Kevin spent a lot of time with her and he went to Israel with Leo for his second visit. My point is that without defending her it is possible that they just stayed in touch and there`s nothing behind it? I`m saying this because it was exactly the same with Gisele…
    As for Erin. Fun or not ( I don`t think anyone believes this is serious ) she is linked to him as a girlfriend and yet the rumors won`t stop ( even if she knows it`s just fun ).

  18. 168
    Ha! Says:

    His face speaks for his soul!
    Really speaks!
    Dirtiness. Emptyness.Venom.What else new inside him?
    I see nothing inspiring, nothing bright, nothing wise, nothing pure.
    Nothing is about him, not only about eh and others.

  19. 169
    Get lost Ha! Says:

    Unfortunately the former poster called Eh and HM that always ruins Leo threads with bizzare claims, bad syntax and once wished him death is back.
    Now unfortunately vile stupidity returns to Leo posts.
    Humor, Insight, Insider gossip R.I.P

  20. 170
    @164 Says:

    You’re only half right
    She tweets with Kevin but she’s always the one that pursues the convo with him. Not vice versa. I’m not suggesting there’s enemity but I dont believe its a ‘friendship’
    Also she was not hanging with Lukas in NYC.They happened to be in the same club during NY fashion week. Theres a reason you rarely saw Lukas in the picture when Leo and Bar reconciled for the 4 millionth time in 2009/2010. No Cabo, No Basketball games
    Theres a reason he did not go to Israel, and there is a reason they dont follow each other on Twitter. Lukas HATED her
    And no I’m not Tinkerbell.

  21. 171
    Ha! Says:

    @Get lost Ha!:

    Bad syntax is far more great quality than all dirty and empty heads here and there!

  22. 172
    Ha! Says:

    My bad syntax doesnt add the human face to your beloved Leo,really unfortunately for you!

  23. 173
    @170 Says:

    I still think people focus and obsess over Bar a little way too much. Like why would anyone bother to follow her tweets after the breakup? Or analyze her conversation with Kevin? I don`t think Leo`s friends hated her. They stay in touch and yeah, probably hang out as buddies. Big deal! As for Lukas there were photos of him dancing with Bar not looking like he hated her but I bet you have an explanation for that as well. And my question again why do we need to bother about her at all? She is gone so why can`t we be just happy about it? And it`s for sure that Leo hasn`t upgraded with the new one. And probably won`t with the next one…

  24. 174
    Ha! Says:

    Hey, producers!

    It is time to replace spoiled pigs
    It is hard to believe that pig eyes actor is all that we deserve right now on screens and there is no great actors in the whole world!Someone GO AND FIND GREAT GUYS, please.I cant see this dirty stuff anymore.

  25. 175
    @@170 Says:

    What photos of Lukas dancing with Bar and it was never on JJ or Twitter? If you have seen these so exclusive pics ( which I doubt exist)you obv follow Lukas and Bar closley while hassling others for doing the same. Look becos you’re a Bar fan, you cant say one thing and when people call you out on it, insist otherwise and then question/dictate the topics of converstaion of how you want Leo posts to go

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