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Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Covers 'GQ Australia' February/March 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio shows off his piercing blue eyes on the cover of GQ Australia‘s February/March 2012 issue.

The 37-year-old actor sat down with GQ and his J. Edgar director Clint Eastwood for an intimate discussion where Leo admitted he may have his eye on directing!

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“Yeah. I do [want to direct]. And if I did direct, I would try to have the same no-bullsh*t approach to it as Clint [Eastwood] and his crew have. Seriously, there are no frills on his set. It’s a small, tight-knit crew,” Leo told GQ interviewer Mark Harris.

Also featured in the issue is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s Xavier Samuel, who posed for “The New York Jacket” feature.

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Credit: Craig McDean, Holly Blake, Styling: Wayne Gross.
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  • ……………


    He doesn’t cry. He was upset that she moved on so quickly and didn’t wait for him. The brunette at the beach house was his response. Bruised egos don’t make good decisions.

  • ……………


    Gisele was 19 when they started dating. Bar was 19 when they started dating. 19 has been good to him, but 22 will do. The chase usually is short. The courting of Blake was the exception, not the rule. He picked Erin off a runway and days later she was on a plane to Sydney. What more could he ask for?

  • Oh…Awful

    @@Oh..Awful, EH, Ha:

    What a stupid man you are!So it is obvious u are eh’s fan and defender.I’m not and never will be.So u can satisfy urself ,seeing her false dirty breasts,dull face, false lips, naked pussy in UR dreams,not mine,sorry

  • Oh…Awful


    At least madalina is not so plain and dull-looking ,as heat-on. She looks really beautiful on some photos!

  • Truth


    SM idea wasn’t a crap idea, the real crap is leo’s reality.

  • Well thats

    true but Leo himself was youger then.
    He was 5-6 years older than Gisele and 10 than Rafaeli ( I thought she was 20 when they met in Nov 2005?).
    With K Kloss we are talking almost 2 decades! That’s a helluva thing
    And could you answer Philly’s questions if you could please, well if you know anyway?

  • @302

    What more he could ask for? Substance, class, something exciting, someone real not like his usual airheads. The age doesn`t matter. He is not after a 19 year old because it would be way too weird because of the age difference. Remember the Karlie rumor? She is 19 and clearly she was his pick not blah Erin. Erin was willing to jump ( and still is ) and that`s why she was picked. I doubt she will last long. She is just too boring.

  • Oh…Awful


    At least he also could have substance,class and something exciting.

  • @307

    @Well thats:

    Erin might last longer than you think. What else has she got going for her? Will anyone care if he cheats on her? Leo knows what he’s doing.

  • @308


    You think? Discussions about soul mates aren’t worth having until he grows up. That may be never.

  • @306


    Bar had turned 20 by Nov 2005. She’s five years younger than Giz. Karlie will be 20 in August. She’s five years younger than Lively.

  • @309

    I just don`t see this girl last long. That`s my opinion. He sure has a pattern and pick the ones who need a career boost and are willing to overlook his cheating ways. He definitely found the perfect dummy for that again but still this girl is so meh. I have just seen a VS ad last night. Erin was in it promoting some ugly tote bag that you can get at VS. I swear the bag was more interesting than her. Leo needs someone exciting. Gisele definitely gave her that, whether you like BAr or not ( no for me ) guys all over the world drool over her ( body ) – that`s a fact whether you hate her or not – and Lively… Let`s not start with that. He needs more than this plain Jane. That`s my opinion. Also Leo knows what he is doing you are right. But this guy looks more and more miserable. I would like to believe that he will depart from `relationships` like this.

  • Message

    @@307: Agreed. I think Erin is the next Bar. She is good company when he wants it. She is totally on call for him. She satisfies his need to have a constant girl, but also allows him the freedom to continue with the other shenanigans when she isn’t around. He knows she won’t hold him accountable for his actions. She will look the other direction and do what she is told. And, that is all he wants out of her. He doesn’t want to have to put a lot of effort or thought into it…

  • @309&313

    I see your points but in my opinion it won`t last long. His exes were more exciting than this girl. I fall asleep looking at her. Also I do believe that even though Leo tries to remain very private he liked the attention his arm candies bring to him. It`s not gonna happen with her. She might be a VS angel ( for some reason I haven`t figured out yet ) but he certainly won`t get the same reaction. I do think it matters to him. I also think ( MY OPINION ) that he is with her because she was the `willing` one not because she is the one he wanted. My two cents…

  • @309


    I see your points, but Bar exciting? No. She’s more exciting without him, but that’s not saying much. He hid her more than he hid Erin.

  • Oh…Awful


    Agree, I even think there is not only chance for growing ,but simply there is no time. He is almost 40

  • @315

    I agree 100% on all that you said

    Only I’m confused when the Aussie press linked him with Alyce Crawford and Kendal Schuler, he actually denied it in interview after interview, print and spoken. His people even told GossipCop that the story was BS

    2 weeks later he is parading around in vest with Madelina and various models on his balcony? Wearing T shirts that say Lone Wolf – ‘Repent then sin some more’.? Knowing full well he was going to be snapped

    That U turn has to be the most bizzare Oscar strategy EVER

  • @315

    No, I didn’t say Bar is exciting. More exciting than Erin ( with or without Leo ). All of his exes has some sort of appeal. More or less ( Bar definitely less ) but to me Erin doesn’t belong. Honestly by now it’s obvious what’s his pattern, motive and what kind of a relationship he wants. Not everyone he wants is up for that so he has to pick from the willing ones I think.

  • @315

    I hope you understand what I tried to say. I don’t think Bar is exciting but if you compare her to Erin I think she has more appeal ( to guys in particular but also to some women because of her curves ).

  • Blake Lively

    I knew Blake Lively was going to leave his a** from the get go. She didnt give off a doormat or “cheat on me” vibe like Bar and EH. I don’t know how this one will end but its going to END soon also.

  • Message

    I think everyone is making good points. I am hoping it ends soon. Nothing against Erin, she just has nothing interesting or appealing about her. She is just kind of there. And I agree totally that Leo loves the attention. He craves it, and has mastered the game. He gets to proclaim how private he is while ensuring he is getting the attention, staying relevant. He is the kind of guy that needs to be worshiped, which is why he surrounds himself with sycophants that will make him feel the way all the time. And, the fact that there aren’t constant pictures of him proves how much control he has. He can hide out when he wants. He hadn’t been papped in a while, but has been in LA this whole time. That isn’t possible unless he is controlling more behind the scenes than we think. These are just my opinions… My perceptions of him and why he behaves the way he does. I’m sure I will get attacked in some way, but that’s just what I see.

  • Ah Well

    At least now for Leo fans realise that he is more like Kevin Connolly than Tobey Maguire, and quit with the idealising and SM stuff.
    Yeah right!

  • Butter face

    @Message: well said. Agree 100%.and I also think eh is the most boring, dull and unattractive gf hes ever had.her body is not great but her face is just plain jane butter face to the max. Theres nothing wrong with being plain jane but not when your supposed to be a model. She must have done some ‘ favors’ to get that job.even bar makes more sense as a vs model than eh.

  • ………………..

    @Well thats:

    Leo is 11 years older than Bar. He gets older but his tastes don’t change. He was briefly interested in Kloss. He is a flirt. He doesn’t hang out with Bar. He knows Scarlett, but they aren’t friends. His relationship with Erin is not exclusive.

  • Philly

    To play devil’s advocate, Leo appears to have made changed SOME habits. He went skiing this Xmas (had no idea he was that way inclined), and only went to Cabo in February.
    Also very surprisingly for me, he has avoided court side seats for the Lakers Games’ this season, so he does change his itinary. LOL
    Sign of things to come?

  • ………………..


    The bruised ego doesn’t make good decisions. He took the brunette to the paparazzi infested beach house shortly after photos of his ex and her new man appeared.

  • ………………..


    I can’t argue with anything you’ve said. He likes attention as long as it is on his terms.

  • yawn

    Even this sighting makes me wanna fall asleep. Just like Erin in general. Snoozefest.

  • riri

    @yawn: sounds like same old leo, hiding and entering the back entrance. Rum date…how romantic!!!

  • yawn

    Yeah, romantic. Was there any sighting describing PDA or stuff like that? There were a lot with his exes. Some site had a post about this party ( plus tweets ) but none even mentions her being there.

  • @yawn

    that’s how insignificant she’s… for Leo , for the press, for victoria secret, for the world.

  • @Philly

    I also found very strange that he was skiing … I had no idea he was into that but I also found very strange that Bradley Cooper was there with them… I had no idea they were “that” good friends.

    Wonder if Zoe and Erin at some point of the trip they lost their boyfriends?

  • riri

    Back alley door midnight rum date, sneaking and hiding. How romantic.

  • chella

    @yawn: haha thanks for the one noticed! lol

    @@Philly: Leo also took Bradley Cooper on a dinner date with his mom for her birthday..his bed warmer was absent. They seem to have developed a close friendship rather quickly…..

  • @chella

    Seriously!!! Since that Bachelor party in Cabo last year, him and Bradley have been very…. “close”.

    Poor Lukas! he suddenly has no space in Leo’s heart LOL.

  • SM


    What does SM mean…

    @Ah Well:

  • Amused Aussie

    @sos: Could you pls summise what was said in the video- my computer just keeps saying this uploader is not compatable with your region. Thanks :)

  • wtf

    oh, leo, where your human dignity?where?2 drunks

  • Yeah

    I must admit there is something really wrong with him.Is he ill?

  • QT

    @wtf: he looks spaced out in that pic. I hope he crashes. some people need to take two steps back before they can take a step forward.

  • sia

    y’all got cocaine eyes

  • sos

    @Amused Aussie: The person asked Ted Even though Leo is a player are marriage and children out of the question.He said something to the effect of it would be a long,long time before he ever got married.He said he didn’t think Leo was one to do daddy duty alone.So he said it would be an even longer time if ever for any little Dicaprio’s running around.It did have some nice clips of LD on the redcarpet.
    Speaking of vacations does he ever go on one alone with just him and his gf?It’s like every vacation there is some friend or family memeber.Doesn’t sound too romantic.

  • OMG

    In the pic…

    More than look at him, I look at her… Really???, and this girl is supposed to be a model???

    I know these days anyone with a boob job can be a VS model, but seriously, her face looks less than average.

    I’m concerned about his low standards this days… in girlfriends, in life and in his career.

    The only thing that he does these days is f* all type of models (even that ones of lowest status) and attend all type of parties and events (even that ones of lowest status, again).

    He doesn’t have a purpose in life more than that????

  • But her face

    @OMG: she has a bull dog face and her boobs are so ugly.her nipples look like wrinkly prunes ewwwww

  • 345

    does SM mean soulmate

  • 345

    or is it some weird acronym ppl use to insult dicaprio

  • answer

    @345: sm means soul mate and if u wanna know more about the sm stuff to undrestan some talkings here u can read just jared leonardo dicaprio j edgar trailer thread,just answering to ur question,dear!
    and for the question of that guy who asked about blake and leo gg gossips:dear blake wasn’t at the latest golden globes,if u check u will see,and just there was some gossips which came out from blake’s side said leo was calling/texing to her a lot but then blake’s reporter said to gossip cop all are fake and after their split they didn’t talk togather at all!
    about leo/erin/bar at after party:bar and leo didn’t had any talk/something togather + erin wasn’t at the party too!she did tweeted “she is in miami for vs’s work at the time”
    sorry if i’m late about these questions,just wanna answer ur questions if nobody didn’t answed but if somebody said sorry for saying again and thx for reading!
    ravan,sos,amused assie&… hi dears, glad u r here too!ravan i read ur comments in sm thread about u’r reading this thread then i came here to know what’s going on!and thx it’s great esp. when i see u and other old friends here!thank u sweetie! hope u r well!big hug and kiss!

  • @answer

    How can you say with such complete confidence the text story came from Blake’s side and Bar/Leo did not talk at the globes party unless you were actually there?

  • http://deleted to 347

    sm is soul mate

    calling a texting gossips no come from blakes side. she said was made up an they have no contacts with leo.

    erin was at party with leo but not at party with leo an bar. leo and bar no talk to each other.

  • http://deleted to 348

    blake side said she no have contact with leo for months

    report at oscar party say leo and bar no talk to each other