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Miranda Kerr: Sydney Opera House Visit!

Miranda Kerr: Sydney Opera House Visit!

Miranda Kerr wears a cute belted dress as she steps out of the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday (January 31) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old Aussie model has been in Sydney for the past several days. Earlier in the week, Miranda posed for some pictures in a white bikini!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Have a great day everyone! I’m off to work to shoot uk vogue xxx” Miranda tweeted – we can’t wait to see the final photos!

On Saturday, Miranda, her hubby Orlando Bloom, and their son Flynn flew into Sydney together looking happy as can be!

FYI: Miranda is carrying a Burberry bag.

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Credit: grey wasp/blue wasp; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • hey beauty

    She can grace whatever she wears and looks stunningly beautiful!

  • ha ha

    eff this b already!!

  • sydney

    miranda looks very old lol.

  • af

    at the opera house.. why?? theres nothing to do there.. unless of course she wants a photo op.. oops.. as if a ‘celebrity’ would do that.

  • dira

    eww bloated Pinocchio face.

  • zoe

    She looks gorgeous and not old at all. Actually she could try to look older to save her ugly hubby’s face.

  • @4

    Uhmmm, because there are meeting rooms there, you moron.
    She’s had business meetings there before.

  • YAY!

    Even dressed prim, proper and professional, she is still so gorgeous!

  • af

    @@4: you moron? how lovely. I’m from Sydney, i know why a celebrity would go to the opera house.. and it’s not for a meeting as she could have done that in one of the hotels board rooms. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for your sweet comment though, It’s lovely to have an adult reply to me.

  • @9

    You made a snarky comment and now whine that people were mean to you?? Poor baby. Cry me a river.
    The fact is that there are meeting rooms, there, right? So if you knew this, and still claimed that there was no reason for her to be there, then yes, you are a moron.

  • af

    @@9: oh shut up… ‘snarky comment’. it was an honest one.. theres no other reason to be there other than a photo op. Go argue with someone else.. maybe your own reflection.

  • @11

    And you were the one complaining that you couldn’t talk to an adult?
    You’re just mad because you were called out for your ignorance of the Opera House. Must be embarassing for someone who claims to be from Sydney.

  • @zoe

    Brought this over from the other thread for ya…
    “You have a problem, Zoe. A serious and possibly unhealthy obsession with Miranda Kerr. One that drives to to CONSTANTLY insult her loving husband. You may try to use sockpuppets to pretend to be someone else, but you aren’t fooling anyone.
    You need professional help.”

  • af

    @@11: yeah ok

  • WOW!

    First glimpse of Miranda at the awards show tonight…..GORGEOUS!!

  • @af

    As the other post stated, there are meeting rooms at the Opera House, where she has been before on business.
    But I think that her presence there today had more to do with the AACTA awards are taking place tonight. She is presenting an award, so she was probably there for rehersals.
    She looks beautiful, either way. Her skin is ridiculously perfect.

  • oy2

    I’m not saying it’s wrong of her, or out of the ordinary in the modern world of celebrity, but it’s quite obvious that Miranda and her team chose the path of autopromotion – they choose to inform an agency or two of her plans for the day.
    That doesn’t change the fact that the paps come because her pics sell – if nobody bought those pics (like JJ or the Superficial), they’d stop coming. I don’t think that makes her a famewh*re, although some of the reasons she/her publicist chooses to have her covered for hardly classify as ‘work’ and very firmly as ‘gossip fodder’.
    It’s a conscious career choice and she doesn’t seem to mind the fallout from it. I don’t see why anybody – fans or not – should pretend that it’s anything other than that.

  • Jenna

    Wish she would stop tying back her hair. Doesn’t look good on her pancake-face! And that is one ugly dress.

  • love her

    She must be one of the most beautiful mom ever. I think Flynn resembles his mommy a lot more. Now we know why he’s so darn cute. You can’t look bad with Miranda Kerr’s fine genes, can you?

  • @17

    You admit that her pics sell, then still try to claim that she, or her team, has to call the paps? That makes no sense whatsoever.
    Paps in Sydney know that she, Orlando and Flynn are there. That’s all that they need to know.

  • vic

    ugly dress,ugly bag,ugly Face

  • Mellisa

    Media wh*ore. We wouldn’t know a thing about her if she didn’t marry an actor.

  • @22

    LOL! She was an up and coming model, and working for VS, before she met Orlando. Sure she gained fame from being associated with him, as would happen with any woman that he dated. But ignoring her early success just makes you sound really desperate.

  • Mellisa

    @@22: And trolling a Miranda Kerr thread makes you ‘sound’ really psychotic. Are you her pi*ss catcher? Because if you’re not you should be. :-)

  • @24

    That’s right, I forgot to apply the hater double standard.
    Haters can stalk the girl across the internet 24/7/365, but if one fan comments on their insults, or proves them wrong (again), that fan is OBSESSED!!!!!!!!
    And you wonder why we call you hypocrites?

  • Mellisa

    @@24: You troll a lot of miranda kerr threads. This is my first comment so i think that makes you wrong. And i’m not sure what you’re trying to prove – But i do know you’re off your n*ut. Anyone who breaks down each sentence of a comment on a gossip site then turns it around to make them think they’re right needs to seek help.

  • @26

    You think that there’s only one Mirana fan here?
    And you think that we need help?
    BTW, A fan following threads of someone they like is NOT “trolling”. That is normal behavior. But HATERS scouring the internet for her threads only so that they can post insults, is the epitome of TROLLING. And definitely NOT normal.

  • oy2

    @Mellisa: You’re wasting your time: Miss “@” is completely argument-proof.

    I wonder if Miranda Kerr knows what kind of fans she has.

  • @28

    Arguement proof? Because she’s right? LOL!
    Miranda has fans who won’t let haters spread lies and inuendo. Gee, I bet that she loses sleep over that every night. HA!

  • LOL!

    I love it when the delphidiots are on the ropes!
    Caught in their lies and hypocrisy, and not even able to turn it around on the fans!
    Poor haters!
    Miranda scores another Vogue, and they are beside themselve trying to spin it their way!
    Oh, and we’re still waiting on the official delphi party line to answer the boob job question.
    How can she be back to her pre-baby size if she had implants? Huh?
    C’mon, explain!
    You morons sure tried to convince everyone that you had *cough* “proof” *cough* that she had surgery.
    Where are you now?
    Not even enough honor to admit that you were wrong?
    Of course you have no honor.
    Silly me for expecting that much

  • oy2

    You react as if somebody attacked you personally. Don’t know about others but I didn’t.
    I honestly would like to understand what it is that you fans are trying to accomplish, or at least the reasons for your actions, and I mean it – I do, for professional reasons – but it never makes any sense to me.
    It’s almost as if you were identifying with her, but that’s not possible, since then you would be models and not Internet commentators.

  • @31

    Again, why are you questioning the motives of fans, but not the motives of trolling haters?
    If you were a true ‘professional’ you would be looking at both sides, and not expecting only one side to have to explain themselves.
    A fan will naturally defend the celeb that they like from unwarranted attacks. The REAL question is why the ‘haters’ feel this obsessive, burning, need to attack someone that has never done anything to them. Maybe you should be questioning them, instead of ‘LOL!’.
    BTW, LOL! is a well known ‘fan’ on this site. She (?) loves to use the haters own words against them. They can’t respond, because they know that she is telling the truth. I think that she is hilarious.

  • oy2

    Pray tell, what do you think a ‘true’ professional is and what exactly is that profession?

  • @33

    Why don’t you tell us what job is that which consists of telling fans not to be fans on a gossip site? I’m really curious

  • @33

    So now yo are pretending that you DIDN’T imply that you were a “professional ” in human behavior???
    Let me refresh your memory, since it happened waaaaay back in post #31
    You said, and I quote…
    ” or at least the reasons for your actions, and I mean it – I do, for professional reasons ….”
    Now what was your question again???

  • oy2

    Wow, struck a nerve, didn’t I. There’s some stressed out fans out there.
    So for clarity – what exactly have I said against Miranda? Just to emphasize – AGAINST MIRANDA.
    Also, yes, professional in human behaviour I am and there’s been no instructing nor questioning. Nor denying, learn to read.
    Bait set, ready… roll!

  • 34

    No stress at all. I just really wanted to know what kind of job was that, as you might imagine I can’t think of a profession consisting of people who go to gossip sites where the presence of fans of a celebrity is expected and ask them why do they defend said celebrity.
    As a so called expert in human behaviour you must be more than aware of what a fan is. You know, people who tend to be interested in a certain public character, and like to support them and wish them well.
    There are millions of fans, of millions of celebrities that belong to many jobs, normally modeling, acting and music. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that. And don’t tell me that when you go to a post of another celebrity on a gossip site, fans react positively to attacks against their idol.

  • Alyne

    Love her!!! she’s so beautiful!! and i love it that she always wears her hair up, she has a beautiful face and beautiful skin. That’s her best asset and she doesn’t hide it behind her hair!

  • @36

    No nerve struck, don’t flatter yourself. Or do you consider saying things worth a response as to be ‘striking a nerve’, if people actually respond to you?. But I highly doubt that a “professional” would hate a total stranger the way that you do.
    But that doesn’t surprise me from a hater. And don’t try to claim otherwise. Your posts on other threads prove that you are one of the psychos that stalk Miranda across the net only to insult her. What a sad life you must lead.
    “Professional” my @$$.

  • Mellisa

    @@36: my god you’re insane. I am sincerely scared of the people who come into contact with you. Please take medication before leaving your house. And i’m sure you’ll be more comfortable in a padded room or on a angelina jolie thread as they’re as crazy as you. go! go! go!

  • @40

    LOVE IT!!!
    When haters are confronted with truth and logic, they label that person as insane! You know, since both of those are such alien concepts!
    Too darned funny!

  • @Mellisa

    So someone says that they’re a “professional” that comes to investigate human behaviour in a gossip site while they provoke fans -to make the investigation more neutral and unbiased I guess- and you think that the “insane” part is the one that shows a little skepticism….

  • Mellisa

    @@40: you are crazy. that is all im getting out of this. you. are. crazy.
    And adding the ‘LOL’ doesn’t make you seem any more sane.

  • HA!

    Oy outed herself as an idiot hater on the other thread, so anything that she says is guaranteed to be complete and utter BS.
    Haters are even too stupid to keep their sockpuppets straight.

  • Sandy

    Miranda looks beautiful and she has flawless skin. Does anyone know the website that I can go to to purchase kora skincare products? She always looks very stylish.

  • @45