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Rooney Mara Replacing Blake Lively in 'Side Effects'

Rooney Mara Replacing Blake Lively in 'Side Effects'

Rooney Mara is taking over Blake Lively‘s role in the upcoming Steven Soderbergh thriller Side Effects.

Also starring in the film, about a woman who turns to prescription meds to cope with the anxiety of the upcoming release from prison of her husband, are Jude Law and Channing Tatum, Deadline reports.

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Filming is set to begin in April, and the film will be released in 2013.

DO YOU THINK Rooney Mara is a better fit for the role?

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# 1

great decision. that makes the movie worth watching. go Rooney!

# 2

Hahahahahahahaha….that is all.

# 3

Awesome!! Rooney can actaully act (and she’s good at it) unlike Blake.

# 4
Spray Tan Hillbilly @ 01/30/2012 at 4:58 pm

I think Blake Lively woulda have been good too (she was good in The Town), but I like Rooney Mara more.

# 5

bwaaahahahahahahahaa that gotta hurt! You don’t need to sleep around with a-list to get a job! Just be a good actress POINT BLANK PERIOD

# 6

I wonder how can they do that if they already had cast Blake? I guess no contract was made yet…why announce it then? Oh well.

# 7

Rooney looks like Demi Moore 2.0.

Neither of these women get to where they are w/o sleeping around.

# 8

Serves her right. Her people keep running their mouth when her role wasn’t confirmed as they have in the past. I’m glad Rooney got it. She can actually act.

# 9

Thats like asking whats better a better movie citizen kane or the hottie and the nottie?

Mara is an Oscar nominated sensation – Blake is just an average but good looking actress

No brainer.

@tara: There was some company who was investing, but as soon as Blake was part of the project they pulled out. Obviously. She’s the worst actress ever. With Rooney the movie is bound to be great.

Gossipgirl @ 01/30/2012 at 5:22 pm

The role never belonged to Lively in the first instance, so Rooney is not getting her left overs.

They should have replaced Channing Tatum while they were at it. I like when real actors replace talentless eye candy.

I actually find Blake pretty,but in terms of acting eh. Even in pictures she never has any expressions. Just very bland
I was very impressed w/Rooney in The Girl W/Dragon Tattoo. I wanna see more of her. People kinda criticize her calling her cold,but to me she seems very shy and nervous in interviews. I find it cute.
idk,I see alot of potential in her. I’m excited

BloodbuzzOhio @ 01/30/2012 at 5:31 pm

@Sayer: Right, that’s why Rooney received an Oscar nomination last week. Demi Moore has never been close to getting that kind of attention. I doubt she slept with Terrence Malick, a recluse, who also gave her a lead role in Lawless.

Everything about Blake is overrated. Her looks and her….”talent”. I’m glad Rooney got it. I’m tired of people sleeping and trashing their way to get roles.

Blake is not leading lady material.

for a part like that, it was a good choice. blake is beautiful, so is rooney. they are completely different types of women. for a funny light movie blake would have worked, for a darker or more serious movie rooney will probably work. no need to attack either one of them. they both have their places in cinema.

yeaah! in your face Lively

rooney like her or not for her dubious interviews, IMO, she is a real good actress as she proved in TGWTDT. More believable also because she is not typical HW beauty. Blake, ha, any b itchy looking blonde could play on gossip girl. leighton is better anyway.

Blake isnt good enough for this roll

Hate Lively, so this news makes me happy. Rooney Mara is a much more talented actress. Sorry Blake, stick to showing up at every single Hollywood event in a new dress, that’s what you do best.

Good luck to Rooney
But how odd the Blake haters are still here to spread their lies
So the liars allege slept with Sodebergh too? And which red carpert has she been in this year? The one Jason Wu event?
LOL her haters seek her out at events and see/namecheck her even when shes not there.

Asking which I prefer more is the Sophie’s choice of unlikeable actresses; like being asked to choose a viper or a tarantula as a cuddle buddy. Rooney is the consummate entitled actress and Blake is the consummate casting couch actress. I would prefer neither to be honest. If Blake got the role she would be fluttering around with Ryan Reynolds or whoever-the-hell for publicity and if the movie goes badly “Aloof” Rooney won’t hesitate to say she didn’t want the role because it was stupid and she TRIED and TRIED to sabotage the audition but goddamn it she got it anyway (as if she couldn’t turn down the role) and then chat nonsense about how she really is an edgy, cool Lisbeth incarnate (and fail miserably at convincing anyone) and finally make a weak argument that she isn’t spoiled (which again no one will believe, because she would have spent the entire media tour being condescending and critical of the opportunities she was afforded). At least Blake would be publicly gracious, however she actually feels privately because she only leaks personal information. Whatever. I won’t be seeing it, Soderbergh or not.

Rooney is so BEAUTIFUL !

@BloodbuzzOhio: I compared Mara to Moore in terms of LOOKS.


that movie haywire??

Well considering Rooney can act without that stuttering effect makes replacing Blake a better choice. Blake is fine but I honestly cant stand that stuttering and deer in headlights look she does.

eww rooney sucks..get naked in a movie for most of it and get cast…classy!! i would of rather see blake in the movie!!!

Because of her superfical looks, fake boobs and bleached blonde hair, Blake will always be limited with her choices of roles. Directors and producers prefer types of actresses like Carey Mulligan and Rooney who are natural looking but can perform.

@megan: What the hell are you talking about? That sentence doesn’t make any sense! So because Rooney was nude in a film, that means she isn’t classy? You know what isn’t classy? Bad grammar! ‘Would of’ should be ‘would’ve’!

And Blake is the antithesis of classy. Pointless plastic surgery, fake tan, ****** dresses.

That being said, I heard that the full story and I do have at least a bit of sympathy for Blake. You don’t fire someone just like that.

good move. mara will do a better job. blake has zero range.

sweetness @ 01/30/2012 at 9:00 pm

boy why are people hating on Blake. I think it speaks volumes of how low this director is if he wanted Blake and then his backers dictate who his lead should be…Why are the ok with Channing Tatum? Is he some great thespian?

She was locked in for the role but the money was pulled right from under them. Nobody except Steven was confident in Blake(can’t blame them).

i see Blake’s PR spinning this to her advantage: Blake Lively left the role to pursue other projects…etc. except everyone in Hollywood and perceptive people outside the industry will see this for what it is: Blake Lively is NOT lead actress material. she’s NOT an A-lister or even B-lister no matter how much her PR people put her in the same category as Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Carrie Mulligan, Jennifer Lawerence, Emma Stone. she’s not a horrible actress…but she’s not award nominee material either. it can’t get much clearer than being replaced by an Oscar nominated actress.

longchamp @ 01/30/2012 at 9:11 pm

6 one way, 1/2 dozen the other – who gives a rat’s.

just lookin’ fwd to the reports of cattiness and claws btwn these 2, should be a riot in the gossip pages. lively’s not the type to go softly into the night.

bobbyweiner @ 01/30/2012 at 9:24 pm

haha Blake even went to Soderberg’s last premiere, probably thinking she had the role

i guess they said who would we rather have a teen choice nominee or an Oscar nominated actress

stick to the CW Blake, i hope it wises up her pr machine to stop leaking news before anything is official, it annoys producers

COMMONSENSE @ 01/30/2012 at 10:27 pm

Rooney Mara is a much much better actress than Blake Lively. Blake Lively is not a good actress Green Latern that all I have to say.

Blake was pretty good in The Town, I thought.


Rooney is a great actor.

I suppose that this clarifies once and for all that Lively did NOT sleep with producers or directors since nobody fought for her. As for Mara, does the fact that she received an Oscar nod makes her an excellent actress forever and ever? You know, all this rejoicing at a person’s misfortune is truly disturbing. It reveals a big societal problem. No empathy, no sympathy = no heart. Beware.

Oh please. Blake will be just fine and will get other roles. She’s not ready for a big role like this. Favors can only get you so far….

Mara is smoking hot, great actress. Ten times better.

I think it’s clear that actresses have little to do w/casting. If anything, this “rumor” gives the public a glimpse into how films get made (and controlled) by producers and the ones with the money backing a film.

I’m not a fan of either actress, and everyone keeps saying Rooney’s role in Girl W/Dragon was all that, but personally, still think that Noomi Rapace was the one who created the character.

So if anything, I look forward to seeing how Mara does acting a role that she herself can be the sole creator of.

No comparing of the two actresses! They are diverse types for diverse roles. And there are many roles that Rooney Mara could never pull of, but Blake Lively could. Only because RM does the “goth” stuff and BL does not won’t make RM more interesting in the long run.


Rooney will be more successful because she is a better actress.

I agree Blake showed interest in evolving with her performance in “The Town”, but Rooney Mara is on an entirely different level of acting. And unless youve watched “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, you cant possibly understand that. I have trouble remembering that Rooney Mara is an entirely different person than her character; Lisbeth Salander. She has undeniable talent. Blake just isnt there yet.

WTF are you in every Blake post to spew your ies about her??
The same way you did with the Instagram Thanksgiving piture
U hate her we geddit then just don’t read on her FFS!
Go to Emma, Jennifer et posts and worsip them.
As for #Naomi the Bar R freak, pls get her a runway contract or some ish

We should stop mentioning incessantly that Lively mumbles. I just watched interviews to Chastain, Lawrence, Mara and Wasikowska on the occasion of the January cover of Vanity Fair. Only Wasikowska was fully intelligible. Mara is truly beautiful but she seriously lacks warmth. Very, very stuck-up as well.

Lively is pretty and I think she should focus more on rom-com movies I will love to see her doing that.

Come on, give her a chance.

I find it amusing that people are all over themselves about Viola Davis not being taken seriously as an actress, even as they watch petty acts of sexism and misogyny like this pass right under their uppity little noses. Give her a chance!


Umm…have you ever seen her on Gossip Girl??? Enough said.


Gossip Girl sounds like a bad show in itself.

I really liked her in The Town. I am sure she must be good if she is acting in an Oliver Stone movie.

Go to hell everyone! Blake is amazing, beautiful and a really good actress. You’re all jealous because you know you’re nothing next to her.

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