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Brad Pitt: 'Inside the Actors Studio' With Jonah Hill!

Brad Pitt: 'Inside the Actors Studio' With Jonah Hill!

Brad Pitt arrives at Pace University to tape an appearance on Inside the Actors Studio on Tuesday (January 31) in New York City.

The 48-year-old actor (in Dolce&Gabbana) signed autographs for fans before heading inside to join his Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill.

Over the weekend, Brad was in Los Angeles where he and partner Angelina Jolie took their kids to see Cirque du Soleil’s new show, OVO.

The couple also hit the red carpet at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards, where Brad was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role.

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving to tape Inside the Actors Studio

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brad pitt inside actors studio 02
brad pitt inside actors studio 03
brad pitt inside actors studio 04
brad pitt inside actors studio 05
brad pitt inside actors studio 06
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brad pitt inside actors studio 08
brad pitt inside actors studio 09
brad pitt inside actors studio 10
brad pitt inside actors studio 11

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  • LOL

    PT just posted her comment at CDAN.She said she thinks the answer is Angie and Zoe.
    Good answer PT.
    Who wants to bet Angie is so going to call that number that Brad is gone at least for 4 days?
    Have fun Angie.The funny or sad part is Brad probably think what a great partner he has.Always thinking about her kids and NO ONE else.LOL
    I so will pay any amount of money to see Brad’s face the day he finds out about all Angie’s GFs.

  • wow


  • busted

    He looks so good.

    I love Brad in a sweater..the man can’t miss ever.

    This has been a long time coming.. So many amazing roles.. I can’t wait to see it. .

  • Alice

    He looks so young. He is beautiful

  • Really

    He is so overrated!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    This man is so fine.

  • LOL

    Everyone goes to Inside actors with their husbands or wives or gfs or bfs.Even Aniston and Clooney took their fake ones.
    But no Pitt is alone.Because Angie has a date with her new GFs whom she bites her neck at SAG.
    Angie is having fun.
    Their relationship is so fake that Angie makes such an obvious moves in front of all those people at SAG.
    How embaressing for Brad.Talking marriage and love while your GF is shagging a woman behind your back?

  • vi

    I’m not being a hater or anything but I was just curious how things work in HW.
    The film was out a long time back and made money, and is there for oscar too , what I don’t understand is why are they still promoting it.

    its a genuine question so if someone could answer me how it works without being nasty and all.


  • a lurker

    I can’t wait to see this ITAS. Brad looks sexy.

  • Saffron

    @ Passing Through

    Looks like you have your own little stalker/troll. How pathetic is that? Lol!!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Poor idiot.

  • Katrina

    He looks like Thor. hunk

  • Lara

    He looks great, looking forward to the interview. A big crowd there to watch, lucky them.

  • thelookoflove1365

    Looking handomse Mr. Ptt. Another show I won’t miss.


    He is real life Ben Button, ages backward, he looks 35 not 48.

  • PH

    lol: you are really a horrible horrible person. You made sure you were first to post your trollish comments on this new thread. You are well and truly a faniston and jenhen. Hate away, it’s not going to change Brad and Angie’s life.

  • lulu

    OMG. so handsome !

  • Dakota

    Love this look on Brad. He looks sexy and far younger than George Clooney.

  • so true

    When Brad shaves beard, he always looks younger than his actual age. So handsome as he is now.

  • queenbee


  • believe

    Love this man and his family! Am still hoping he will win an Oscar. He deserves it for all the fine work he has done.

  • ll

    wiglet looks washed and ready to go

  • believe

    Does anyone know when this will actually air? Thank you in advance.

  • marie

    darn it. I have a friend who goes to Pace and they can get into the taping of that show and bring a friend :( would have been awesome to see it live

  • marie

    darn it. I have a friend who goes to Pace and they can get into the taping of that show and bring a friend :( would have been awesome to see it live

  • queenbee

    DAYUM!!!…He is so freakin’ SEXAY!!!!

  • Cute

    He gets more good looking as he ages.

  • sara

    Jonah Hill got fat again!! cmon jonah get it together

  •* ADa_




  • Brad the Hunk

    I love Brad the Hunk,i think the whole worrld loves Brad except ffor a few trolls who pity the ex who is living with another woman’s man.

    Go Brad You have deserved an Oscar a few times so here s hoping.

    MAUUH xoxo

  • shallowhoe

    brad pitt= yummmmm

    jonah hill= ewwwwwwwwwww

  • zzzz

    Can’t wait to see Brad dance around questions in his mumbled monotone voice while having his asz kissed in stereo.

  • queenbee

    I don’t know if any of the fans heard, but David Letterman LITERALLY BEGGED BRAD PITT TO COME ON HIS SHOW LAST NIGHT!!….He expressed that it is eating away at him that He’s been calling Brad FOREVER to come on his show, but now Brad is in New York, and he’s doing Jon Stewarts show and not his! LOL!!…LETTERMAN IS FUMING MAD, AND HE’S LETTING EVERYONE KNOW IT!…That sicophant Paul Shafer said a couple of annoying things to fuel the fire, and David said some things to get Brad riled up like…that its Angelina’s fault he hasnt’ come on the show…WHICH IS A LIE!….THEMS FIGHTING WORDS TO TALK ABOUT A MANS WOMAN….and Letterman did it on purpose to chastise Brad for ignoring his pleas to come on the Late Show……see the video below from about 14 minutes….He rants about Brad for at least 7 minutes…even after the commercial! Brads such a nice guy, I’m not sure if he’ll continue to ignore him, or give the guy a break and stop by. ….it is David Lettermans 30th anniversary of doing his show tomorrow (2/1/12)…

  • busted


    the movie has not completely opened overseas. Still quite a few markets to open.

    This is a nominated film. So yes if interest continue it will make more people see it.

  • ella

    Does anybody know what channel this is on or all i need to know is it on a cable station? If so i can’t get it .. Dammmm i luves me some Brad
    would love to see this on tv.

  • Yay

    can’t wait to see it! but i wish he was doing it solo without hill

  • busted


    Ohhh don’t.

    Jonah is not a heartthrob but he has a great personality.

  • geez

    he is so gorgeous.

  • busted


    thanks for helping to make this a ratings winner.. We know you fools could not stay away from the TV if your pathetic lives depended on it. Brad is wonderful in these kinds of interviews.. I’m sure you know that because the haters watch everything he does..

    so happy viewing.

  • XIII

    Bromance on the house!

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Bravo. But I don’t know when.

  • dawne

    Brad is all man. A complete and whole man. And I’m not a big man fan. Straight but too much of a feminist to bear most men. But Brad is the real deal. He wears all the hats, no pun intended.

    Had to laugh, Ticky just got dug in deeper. Was watching Extra and they did a piece on Vanity Fair’s new issue where they glamourize all the new women stars, like Mara and Chestain etc. The women whom will be sought for fertile female roles. Ticky just became more irrelevant if that is possible. In the end of it all, fame just isn’t enough. To sustain a career being a female over forty you pretty much have to a Streep or a Jolie. And this latest bomb about to contaminate three or four theatres should really seal the deal.

    I am getting sick of thumbing these g.d. trolls down……….they are beyond effing boring and not worth a case of carpel tunnel.

  • alana

    talking smack about Angie is not the way to get Brad on his show.[letterman]

  • tish

    It’s not on cable, just a reg station which would be different wherever you live
    If You don’t have Cable no worries you can still see it.

    Brad sure looks yummy . LOL @ Letterman.

    Whats the matter with having Ticky on his show? .OOPs i forgot she bores everyone to tears. AND DAZ THE TRUTH.

    KUDOS Brad , We enjoyed MoneyBall, saw it twice and i don’t like baseball. Fantastic movie.!

  • trt

    @vi: I’ll answer your question without being nasty. It’s because the movie is up for awards. They do the same thing to the other actors (check George Clooney). If they don’t do it for the others, then it’s a case of not really interested due to low demand or some other such thing.

    Brad is very popular, in demand and not only because of Moneyball. This is the only time that he goes all out to accommodate those who are after him for their show or mag. The others have had their turn (round table, etc.) but they weren’t much publicized or if you are always on the JP thread, then you might have missed them. You can google and see if they have write-ups about the other Oscar nominees.

  • thelookoflove1365

    Holy Sh*tballs!!!, as Bethanny Frankel would say. Trolls, you’re sh*tting me with your cray cray. CDAN blind item got you all atwitter!.
    Hmmm, these MADAPAKA’S give me headache-trolls.. .
    I thought you trolls said Angie was talking to Johny hence, the so called cause of JD/Paradis split. Now, you claimed Angie will be sharing spit with another woman, because you are all desperate for it to be Angie.
    Let me see-
    Do you think Angie will act like a 2 bit hooka, knowing
    1. she is Amb for UNHCR
    2. she has 6 children
    3.she is in a committed relationship
    4. she is a budding director and has a bright future in it
    5. she is a screenwriter (1 so far)
    6. she is member of Foreign council relation (?)
    7. i’m sure the list is long…
    just to get a number of B list actress supposedly to hook up later? Can’t she ask Holly to get the phone # at least?. Geez.
    Now trolls, we know you’re all desperate to fling mud at these couple, but sorry to k*ill your buzz. This is not Angie. She has never been a two-timing kind of girl. Oh noes. She did not two-timed her 2 ex hubby, not even the baby-hating,unless its bio- kid Billy Bob. She ended those relationship before embarking on a new one. Because that who she is, contrary to what you beleive or read in the tabs.
    And as much as you wanted that BI to be Angie, you’ll be dissappointed because even if let’s say, Angie is not with Brad, as a mom, she will NOT embarrassed her children in that way. She loves and respects her children too much to act like a big H (w*HORE). LOL!
    And don’t tell me in that roomful of beautiful people, Angie is the only one who had a bi-relationship in the past. If you beleived that I have a bridge…
    but of course you trolls wish that BI is about Angie. FAIL!

  • Cheery

    I seem to recall years ago Brad was first invited on Inside the Actor’s studio but declined because he didn’t think his body of work warranted it. Very modest of him considering he already had many celebrated/acclaimed films to his name (fyi, Jennifer Aniston has already been on the show…).
    Anyway, I’m glad he’s finally agreed to go on! There should be a lot to talk about between Moneyball, The Tree of Life, Inglourious Basterds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Burn After Reading, The Assassination of Jesse James, Babel, Spy Game, Snatch, Fight Club, Meet Joe Black, Seven Years in Tibet, Twelve Monkeys, Seven, Legends of the Fall, Interview with the Vampire, etc…
    and those are just some of my personal favorites :)

  • anustin

    re.tarded Maniston got 6 “peen” in 7!callous vaj.

  • teri

    Such a beautiful man <3

  • Passing Through

    # 10 Saffron @ 01/31/2012 at 8:23 pm
    That’s nothing new. She’s been stalking me for years. For a while there I had 4 or 5 stalkers at once. They’re prolly still lurking out there…cuz that’s what crazy people do…