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Cynthia Nixon: Bisexuality is Not A Choice - It's A Fact

Cynthia Nixon: Bisexuality is Not A Choice - It's A Fact

Cynthia Nixon has clarified remarks she made about sexuality being a choice.

The 45-year-old actress, who is sporting a shaved head for her role in Wit, recently was quoted in the New York Times as saying that for her, being gay is a choice.

“My recent comments in The New York Times were about me and my personal story of being gay. I believe we all have different ways we came to the gay community and we can’t and shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into one cultural narrative which can be uninclusive and disempowering,” Cynthia said in a statement to The Advocate.

“However, to the extent that anyone wishes to interpret my words in a strictly legal context I would like to clarify: While I don’t often use the word, the technically precise term for my orientation is bisexual. I believe bisexuality is not a choice, it is a fact. What I have ‘chosen’ is to be in a gay relationship,” she added.

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    For some people it’s a choice but for MOST it’s not a choice. People just need to accept that.

  • Mimi

    Go away freak!

  • lisalouise

    It’s incredibly unfair for her to feel pressure to clarify her own life. The Gay activist should really learn their place. Isn’t this supposed to be the very point…the freedom to be ourselves without the fear of being ostracized?

  • Delphic

    She didn’t need to clarify her comments. She is her own person and if nobody else likes it, they can shut the fúck up!

  • James

    People need to stop being so sensitive.

  • Mimi

    Let me clarify my own comments. I do think she’s a freak, but not because of her sexuality. I couldn’t care less about that. I think she’s a freak because she’s got those crazy Charles Manson eyes.

  • PC gone awry

    Oh the irony from people who pride themselves on “Tolerance” while trying to stop freedom of speech and thought.

  • hannah

    maybe she should just STOP TALKING altogether. there’s a thought.

  • molly

    it means she will take it where she can get it. Being gay is not a choice for most. she should be quiet.

  • Jack Sprat

    @lisalouise: Lisa Louise, that would be your point and the point of most gays, I should imagine. However, it never has been the only point of many of those who have anointed themselves ‘leaders of the gay community’ over the years. Think back to the early days of what would later become known as the ‘AIDS Crisis’. The gay bathhouses on both coasts were doing bang-up business and being gay and male, to many of the habitues of these establishments, meant nothing if it didn’t include unlimited and largely anonymous sex. If you’ll take the trouble to go back through the issues of ‘Penthouse Magazine’ of that era, you’ll find a number of articles by the gay activist and writer Marco Vassi. He was sounding the alarm over what was then being called ‘GRID’ and roundly condemning these so-called ‘leaders’. Later, when everything blew up, these moral pinheads and their political allies did their best to make Reagan out to be the villain in all this. He wasn’t. They were. (Indeed, some of them, maintained Vassi, had FINANCIAL interests in the success of these establishments.) A lot of people died because of their unwillingness to give up their partying. Today, it’s just a different game that they’re playing. If your liberty has to take a back seat to their narrow ambitions, then they’re every bit as willing to sacrifice it as any of the usual suspects. Corruption comes in all flavors.

  • Jack Sprat

    @PC gone awry: PC Gone Awry, I don’t suppose these self-described ‘tolerant’ lot would welcome a little history lesson, so I’ll give it anyway. The NAZI ‘Brownshirts’ (or SA) who did all of the Jew-bashing and Communist-bashing and other street theater in the early years of Hitler’s rise and ascendance to power in Germany were led by and largely consisted of homosexuals. (Rather awkward calling that lot ‘gay’, although they certainly seemed to have a jolly time breaking things and people.) Their mass rallies in the countryside resembled nothing so much as a Moral Majority fantasy of what would happen were the Boy Scouts to allow un-closeted gays as members and leaders. Lots of slap and tickle while exercising hearts and lungs wearing very little clothing. That whole dynamic went away when Himmler eliminated his rival by bringing to Hitler’s attention these goings on. (Adolf had some serious issues psycho-sexually. An interesting read is a book by his only childhood friend. Weird.) It’s an historical oddity that the NAZIs ended up persecuting gays. Germans had had an almost unique attitude toward homosexuality among Europeans at least since the Middle Ages. Negative attitudes largely consisted of a pronounced, but laissez faire, contempt. Of course, Hitler was an Austrian. Among THEIR other ‘accomplishments’, 70% of their men in uniform were SS, rather than Army. As were a very disproportionate number of the death camp guards and officers.


    if it’s not a choice then it must be in their genes.