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Lana Del Rey: 'Born to Die' Debuts at #1

Lana Del Rey: 'Born to Die' Debuts at #1

Lana Del Rey smiles as she leaves her hotel on Tuesday (January 31) in Paris, France.

The 25-year-old singer signed autographs for fans on the way out of the hotel.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lana Del Rey

Lana‘s album Born to Die is now available to purchase on iTunes and in stores!

“Thank you for making the record #1 in 11 countries. Your sweet words have softened the effect of even the harshest reviews. I adore you,” Lana wrote on her Twitter account earlier in the day.

By the end of the day, the count came up to 14 countries – congrats, Lana!

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  • yhtak

    the album is brilliant! love it! love her ! congrats Lana :)

  • Jaden

    You are joking, right? This album is brilliant? You deaf? All I can think of when I listen to it is how awful she was trying to sing on SNL and her Dad’s money!

  • Sara12

    The album is amazing, I loved it from start to finish.

  • Asha

    I like her music but I hate everything about this artist. I am all for individuality and being who you are. This chick has changed her persona so many times until she got lucky with “Lana Del Rey”. It is not like Lizzy is pressed for money anyway, she is a trust fund baby who has never struggled in her life.

  • LOLA

    Who said you have to be poor and have struggled in your life to be talented?? I didn’t say that she is in a genius or something but the girl has talent and a voice so give her credit for that. I mean it isn’t her fault if she is lucky enough to have a Dad who can afford to help her do whatever she wants to do with her life. I mean it isn’t like her music was garbage in Paris Hilton way.. Even if it isn’t perfect give the girl a break.
    Artists shouldn’t be judged on wether or not they come from a rich or a poor family.

  • Jessica

    She’s incredible. Love the album and I actually purchased it on itunes

  • Mink

    Lana is amazing. Her voice is out of this world and she seems to be a very down to earth girl. Im a fan!

  • megan

    nice job.

  • june

    I dislike her and her music!

  • George

    Times are changing. Leave your worthless negative feedback at home bitches. It doesn’t matter how many times she’s tried to succeed or how much money her father has. What matters is that unique, funky, sexy voice that comes out of her big lipped mouth.

    She has talent, regardless of the bullshit.

  • nah

    I love that picture from the left to the right. just take the faces.

    we all need the paper! I’ll take your back entry later! what you want? I’ll stuff that in your mouth! I’m sorry for you, your old music sucks! Can I have a nautograph?

  • B

    Lana or Lizzy Grant, Whatever she’s going by now is the biggest poser EVER!!!
    She’s pretend indie music for mall rats.
    You are a clown if you think she or her stupid cd is “amazing”

  • Zoey


  • Blake

    She is an embarrassment to music!
    She’s man made corporate “indie pop”
    Hot Topic mall store’s wet dream.
    what a joke

  • Lala

    Oh yay! Poser indie music for stupid little kids!
    Well done Lizzy Grant! Oh, I mean “Lana Del Rey”
    LMAO!! Stupid

  • Shelby

    The power of Hot Topic mall rats made this #1 on iTunes.
    Impressive . Tween power!!!!

  • Ian

    You can tell the age bracket that actually BUYS this fake indie girl’s music by the amount of times her music is described as “Amazing”. Haha! Too funny

  • Maximisses

    Every time I see her picture, all I can think of is Plastic Surgery nightmare!!!!

  • sea

    Blue Jeans live performance on SLN was quite bad. Btw it’s a copy of Madonna’s Bad Girl.
    I hate her duck lips.

  • fontrum

    She’s so AWESOME! I watched her SNL performance and couldn’t get through it because of her AWESOMENESS. She’s so awesome she should totally get Rebecca Black to open for her. They were made for each other. I wonder what hapless desperate cash-strapped performer will be bribed by daddy to perform with her.

  • faxperez

    after all the publicity they have received … have been no surprise debut

  • nina


  • K

    You people disgust me. Dont you have a life instead of cyberbullying other people. Get up from that chair and go bullying someone from your family, instead of someone that did nothing against you. What a bunch of losers

  • Elisa

    I understand people who take time to write comments because they’re supportive to an astist, like them, praise them… but spending time to trash and hate with no valuable arguments is as shallow and sad as the people who wrote these.

  • Apocalyptoid

    Lana’s stage presence is still a little hit and miss, she is young – at 26 I would have been terrified to get up in front of an audience – but her recordings and artistic vision are magical, the melodies are haunting, and with persistence, she will become a great stage artist as well. She is lucky to have financial backing to allow her to achieve this, but that should not be counted against her or used to denigrate her. True the SNL performances were not her best ones, but there are other live performances where she really shines. I look forward to one day seeing her live!

  • amanda

    I get so sad every time I see her. I remember her as Lizzy Grant and now she’s become something she’ not. From the fake lips to the awkward persona…I wish she’d just stay true to who she really is. I’m not knocking her success, I don’t wish failure upon anyone, I’m just someone who wishes she could have remained herself and made it big rather than becoming a fake.

  • chanel

    I wonder what she was saying to that one fan and doing with the phone.