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Michelle Williams: I Want To Go Back To Being A Mom

Michelle Williams: I Want To Go Back To Being A Mom

Michelle Williams lands to chilly weather in New York City on Monday (January 30) at JFK Airport.

The 31-year-old actress arrived on a flight from Los Angeles, where the night before, she looked amazing in red at the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

“I just want to go back to being a mom for a while,” Michelle said on the red carpet. Michelle, who is mother to 6-year-old daughter Matilda, has no new film projects lined up.

Michelle recently was nominated for an Oscar for her work in My Week With Marilyn. The 2012 Oscars will air on February 26.

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Credit: Allan Bregg; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jenna

    Go ahead, nobody’ll miss you anyways!!

  • ..

    Love her. Don’t know why so many hating on her. Better you play the mom-card than the we-will-marry-just-for-an-oscar-card or I-do-have-a-new-girlfriend-just-for-award-season-card…

  • ingrid

    Go ahead to jealousy.. Why you guys hate her so much? That just makes me laugh.
    Go ahead Michelle, being mom or acting, you’re adorable in both..

  • AmberWaves

    I don’t belive it. Somethng good roll will come up and she will take it. Not right away, but in a few months. I wonder. How actors take the kids with them everywhere, when they are make a movie? The kids need to have friends and go to school and live in a house, not for a few weeks in different cities with all different people, but with the same situation. Little kids can get very lonely too.

    Michelle was dating a director. He has stayed out of the spotlight for this Marilyn stuff, but I bet that is a big part of why she is going to take a break. She should have something normal in her life. I think it’s a good idea. Take a break Michelle.

  • clara

    the best mom in hollywood. good for her!

  • LisaT

    I wish Michelle all the best but I am sure when a good project comes her way she will jump at it. After all she does have to pay bills and make money. She can afford to lay low but later she might not.. Plus I must add and tell Michelle, that once you are a mom always a mom. You cannot choose to just drop it and then pick it back up. Even when away from Matilda and working you are still her mom and always will be. That is part of being a parent.

  • tom

    It would be so nice to make enough money to take a leave from work anytime you want to.

  • Delphic

    @tom: Well it’s not like she’s Tom Cruise or anything. She does mostly independent films. I can imagine the paycheck for the new Oz film has secured her financially for a few years.

  • Leenah

    Oh c’mon..all the other moms in the world have a job and can also be moms.I don’t get’s like being a mom is a full time job,but why are they complaining?They earn more than any mom earns and still need time off to be only moms?Give me a break.

  • Frozoid

    IT wasn’t chilly in New York yesterday – not by January standards. It was about 50 degrees. And today and tomorrow it will be in the 60s. Sure wish Jared would check the weather page before writing this.

  • luke

    wow she already played the widow card and now the mom card

  • Pickles

    I have to laugh at some of these comments! Michelle is set for life. She is worth millions, and so is Matilda. Michelle doesn’t work for pennies! Yes she does lots of indie work, but she also make movies where she gets paid. I bet her minimum salary is around $2 Million. For something like Shutter Island, or Oz it is probably much higher. You don’t work with people like Leo and Martin Scorcese for pennies.

    She can afford a house in Brooklyn, and I read somewhere that she has another place away from the city in the suburbs of New York. She probably has a house in LA, too. Michelle is doing fine. She could afford to never work again.

    Don’t forget, Matilda gets all the The Dark Knight profits, and Matilda probably owns the Brooklyn house, now, with Michelle as her legal representative. I bet Michelle is practical, not all blinged out like a lot of random celebrities. I bet she and Matilda live a regular, ordinary life of well to do families. Not outrageous, but very comfortable.

    Jared lives in NYC doesn’t he? Do you ever go outside jared, or did you go from Utah to LA for all the awards stuff? I need to get twitter so I can follow you.

  • hannah

    she is not looking good lately. i dunno if it’s her hair color, cut, or she gained a little weight. whatever it is, it is not working.

  • SS


    Parenting is a tough job. Even if you have loads of help and earn pots of money, it is a HUGE challenge. You can end up emotionally scarring a life forever. Think about it!

  • SS

    I wish she’d go back to her longer hair, she looks so hot then.

  • AmberWaves

    The last thnig Michelle needs to do is lose more weight.

  • Gossipgirl

    Oscar season and we get overload of a handful of actors. Go home Michelle, nobody’s stopping you. Why not quit the business altogether?

  • U

    Who’s he ?

  • jd

    She could never make another movie and nobody would miss her.

  • The Williams Greed

    How rich Michelle Williams is after stealing Heath Ledgers estate from his
    parents and sisters. To benefit from someone’s insurance policy is
    disturbing and greedy. This nobody actress will go through life being
    regarded as nothing. Do you honestly believe anyone would want to be like this loser woman? Once other children find out about Matilda’s history she will be disgraced by them.

  • France for Michelle

    You know Michelle did you ever consider bowing out of Hollywood completely? If you are such a responsible mother why don’t you just apply
    all of your time and attention on Matilda and make sure she stays out of
    anything related to Hollywood. That would mean you have to QUIT acting
    and stay away from anything having to do with Hollywood.

    Molly Ringwald moved to France and so why don’t you?

  • jilli

    i havent seen a pic of matilda for a long time. would be nice to see her some time. who takes care of her while her mom is going to all these functions? a six year old takes a lot of care and attention.

  • Random

    I don’t know what it is exactly but Michelle Williams really irritates me. I don’t know why… maybe it’s her dour public demeanor or maybe it’s her poetry recitals during interviews or perhaps it’s the whole wounded bird routine… I just don’t know.

  • Random

    @jilli: Dude seriously? What are you doing keeping tabs on some little kid? I’m sure the kid is well taken care of… haven’t you heard Michelle Williams is a good mom.