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Miranda Kerr & Cate Blanchett: 2012 AACTA Awards!

Miranda Kerr & Cate Blanchett: 2012 AACTA Awards!

Miranda Kerr and Cate Blanchett strike a pose at the 2012 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards held at the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday (January 31) in Sydney, Australia.

Miranda, 28, wore a Collette Dinnigan gown, Prada heels, and accessorized with a Bulgari clutch and earrings.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Cate, 42, arrived in an Alexander McQueen dress and served as a presenter for the night.

Also pictured: Former Charlie’s Angels star Rachael Taylor, whose film Red Dog was the most nominated of the night.

FYI: Cate is wearing Open Toe Epine Pumps and a “Sesame” clutch, both by Roger Vivier.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr and more at the 2012 AACTA Awards

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Credit: Lisa Maree Williams; Photos: Getty
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  • Krstn

    The stunning Cate!

  • Called

    Cate is a true elegant talented beauty not this chipmunk alien modern day Bratz doll Kerr chick.

  • Queer Boy

    Hey Just Faggot. Quick plagiarizing everyone you homo

  • SS



  • Jen

    Not feeling Cate’s dress, but she looks absolutely fantastic otherwise! Love her!

  • juniper

    miranda’s so perfect. eff-em-el.

  • wow!

    Cate looks gorgeous, but not crazy about the dress.
    Miranda looks stunning across the board.

  • Billiam

    LOVE Cate, this is what a woman should be, utter class and beauty oozing from every pore, she is SENSATIONAL!!!

  • @8

    So true, she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet! She has got it all!! Why have rags when you can have silk?? Miranda Kerr is looking younger and younger all the time, not good when you only pose nude and in your scanties, it is kinda disturbing, maybe idiotic Orlando Bloom is a pedo?

  • YAY!

    Great examples of beauty at any age.
    Miranda, fresh, young, sexy and gorgeous.
    Cate, older, elegant, sophisticated and stunning.
    Love both of them!!

  • @9

    That’s funny. Just in the last threasd you hater idiots were saying that Miranda looked old.
    Did one of you not get the memo?
    BTW, Your apparrent obsession with Miranda’s n*dity is what is truly disturbing.

  • Aussie Lover

    Cate is a great lady, met her more than once and she is only ever kind and gracious, she deserves all her success.

    Miranda Kerr, I was told by a guy not so long ago that he had slept with her many years back and she was up for anything, he had a threesome with her and her friend, said she acted like a p0rn star with the fake moaning and trying to look sexy, said she was crap at bl0w jobs too, I don’t believe she would be crap in bed, sorry!

  • @11

    How am I a hater? I used to think she was hot, now she is getting younger looking it is creepy, as I said Orlando Bloom is a pedo.

  • Mystic Lady

    Cate is perfection even though she is 42 she still looks better in every way than Miranda.

  • @12

    I see that the haters are so desperate that they’ve abandoned just trying to twist facts in favor of bald faced lies.
    Nice, really nice.
    That post shows more about your character than Miranda’s BTW.

  • @14

    That’s your opinion, and your welcome to it. I happen to diagree because you can’t really compare their physical beauty.
    They are both gorgeous in different ways. Cate has a ‘handsome’ beauty, while Miranda has a ‘pretty’ beauty. Apples and oranges.
    To each his own. But I like both of them.

  • @12

    I pretty much never believe this kind of stories when they start as “I was told by a guy”, but I think that people can do whatever they want with their sex life as long as they don’t hurt anyone.
    Miranda’s haters get more puritan by the day, boring people, boring.

  • @17

    Oh, they only pretend to be puritanical as a way to insult Miranda.
    If you go to their sites, you’ll know that it’s just an act. Foul language and imagery is how they communicate best.
    Remember, there are more than a few reasons that they have been labeled ‘hypocrites’.

  • Cierra

    I love Cate Blanchett!!!!!! She is forever stunning to me!!!

  • oy2

    Note to Kate Blanchett: Never get linked to Miranda Kerr in a JJ post again. Trust me. PS. Classy, keep it up!

  • @oy2

    Most people in the world who know who Miranda Kerr is think she’s a supermodel that works for VS and some high fashion designers, and I suppose that’s what Cate Blanchett thinks too, so I doubt she feels the need to run away from her in a panic. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Caroll

    gorgeous Cate, in that old Hollywood glamour kinda way, classy and elegant, she’s got that almost superhuman personal magnetism. Amazing woman, a true star:)

  • oy2

    @@oy2: “in a JJ post”, sweetcheeks – missed that part, didn’t we?

  • @oy2

    So I guess you meant “Cate, don’t appear on a JJ post”?

  • @20

    Classy? What in the world would a hater know about being classy?

  • YoDa

    One’s kinda famous for, well, being famous and being a walking, talking commodity (along with her family) who sprouts way too much self-help and affirmation stuff (sorry, that’s not going to save the world, but just make people more selfish).

    The other is rock solid talent , though Elizabeth II and Aviator were crap, sorry. But loved you in Hannah, Bandits, Pushing Tin, Ben Button, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Veronica Guerin, The Gift, Mr Ripley, and just about everything else.

  • @26

    One question…
    How does advovating charity work make people more selfish?

  • Lucy

    Cate Blanchett is a golden goddess. I love her personality and talent. The best.
    Gorgeous dress !

  • ellie’

    Wow you people can’t see..Both of these woman are beautiful..

  • YoDa

    That doesn’t in itself make people more selfish. Telling people that all they have to do is sit pretty, think positive, “treasure yourself”, visualise, and manifest their goals without a care to society makes people more selfish. It’s a matter of degree, but it also makes people more passive, materialistic, and irresponsible. Why? Because everything is a result of your thoughts. Hence, if something happens, e.g. irresponsible father leaves the home and doesn’t take care of their child, it’s that child’s fault since they didn’t “think positive”. If you criticise someone, you’re “being negative”, even if that someone is doing harm. If you get mugged in the street, you attracted that situation yourself. Ad nauseam.

    The Secret and Co are why the US is going to hell. Everyone is just so “me-me-me”.

  • @30

    But although Miranda has always said how important it is to visualize your goals, she is hardly sitting by the side of the road waiting for something to happen. She’s setting a great example by starting her own company, getting her book published, and making strides in advancing her career. Being positive, and being lazy are two completely different things.
    What is driving the US, and most every other country down is the sense of entitlement that some people have. I DESERVE a new car, so I shouldn’t have to work for it. While Miranda, et al, shows people that if you work hard towards your dream, anything is possible. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

  • Sandy

    Miranda is very beautiful. starting her own organic skin care line shows how successful she is as a business woman. Miranda does a lot for others through her charity work. She is a wonderful mom to Flynn.

  • YoDa

    It’s not about what you do on an individual basis, it’s about what you do on an individual basis at the expense of society. Check out Chris Hedge’s writing on The Law of Attraction. God Bless America! *ironic*

  • @33

    But what does that have to do with Miranda’s positive outlook on life?

  • Jenna

    Both women look stunning. Love Cate – classy and elegant woman!

    Though I wonder why Miranda, a model, has been invited to a movie award ceremony!?? Is she following H. Klum who always makes an unnecessary appearance at the GG and Oscars??

  • @35

    She’s the fashion ambassador for David Jones, a major sponsor of the event. Plus she was presenting an award, not just making an appearance.

  • @33

    She’s a public person. As such, she’s a potential role model for many people (sadly). Hence, her outlook on life, particularly as she went to the trouble of getting a ghostwriter to put together a book for general sale, is something that should be publicly examined, just like any other public adviser or anyone trying to give advice to others.

    In other words, her outlook on life isn’t just her outlook on life, it’s become a matter of public interest.

    And her whole point in “Treasure Yourself” is mainly centred around the same things as The Secret, Law of Attraction, all the things that have made the States a toxic place filled with self-obsessed, unbalanced, unashamed narcissists. Again, i.e. get interested in yoruself, visualise, think positively, take action, all in the cause of me-me-me.

    Now, you’ll see a lot of self-help authors selling the exact same easy formula. At the same time, there are lots of people who do this RESPONSIBLY (i.e. Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck), who say yes, it’s good to get your personal life together and achieve stability, but you have an obligation to serve others, to pay attention to the greater good, and even to limit your desires.

    Don’t get me wrong. Miranda Kerr is clearly a nice person, probably with good intentions re her book. But it’s all fair game and justly so if you put it out there for public consumption. And as they say, the road is hell is paved with good intentions.

  • @37

    I think you’re being way too interpretative about the purpose of her book. By that logic I could say that Cate Blanchett only makes movies to get money and be famous and glorify herself, all for me-me-me.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Cate Blanchett very much and I think that she just likes acting and if she becomes rich on the way good for her, it’s just that I think you’re taking the conclusions you find more convenient about each of these two ladies.
    I haven’t read “Treasure Yourself’” and I’m quite sure I never will as that kind of books are not my cup of tea, but really, I don’t what made you think it’s about ignoring other people’s needs for one’s benefit. In fact Miranda’s actions tell that she does help other people.

  • @37

    No offence, but this conversation is beyond your current capacity. Peace out! :D

  • @38

    The above message was for @38

  • @39, 40

    I’m going to guess that A) replying to what I said with proper arguments instead of cheap condescendence is beyond your current capacity or B) you didn’t appreciate having your double standard exposed.

  • @37

    I’m sorry, but I can’t read your posts without having a good chuckle.
    You think that the US is toxic? A nation filled with the hardest working, most productive work force on the planet is lazy? That the nation that gives more and does more for global charity efforts per capita than almost any other country is selfish and self centered? Do you think that everyone in the country is like the Kardashians or the idiots on Jersey Shore? Do you think that just because we provide for our poor that we don’t celebrate success? Gee. Maybe you should actually do some research before blaming the world’s problems on America, and on self help books.
    BTW, to paraphrase one of Miranda’s messages, ‘we all have dreams, but it’s up to us to make those dreams come true’, means that no one is going to just hand you anything. It’s your responsibility to get it done.
    Dom Monahan made an interesting comment to a pap when asked what he thought was the biggest difference between America and England. It took him about a heartbeat to say that it was America’s positivity that he loved. He said that in America, if you have an idea you are encouraged to go make it happen. In England, if you have an idea, you will only find people who tell you that your idea isn’t very good, and you shouldn’t try to make it work, you’ll only fail.
    As for Miranda being a role model? Heck yeah, I think that she is a great role model. Hard working, ambitious, healthy and positive? Yep, sounds good to me.

  • Sandy

    Miranda is a very good role model. She is hardworking and ambitious and is a positive person. I like that she does so much to help others. She is also a good mother to Flynn and has a loving and supportive husband.