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Taylor Swift Not Playing Eponine in 'Les Miserables'

Taylor Swift Not Playing Eponine in 'Les Miserables'

Taylor Swift will not be co-starring in the big screen adaptation of Les Miserables.

The 22-year-old country star had been linked to play Eponine, but Universal Pictures has confirmed that West End performer Samantha Barks will take on the role, according to Playbill.

“Most incredible moment of my life!!!!” Samantha, who starred in both the London production of Les Mis and the show’s 25th anniversary concert, tweeted.

She’ll join a cast that already includes Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Sacha Baron Cohen, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter, and Eddie Redmayne.

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  • Amanda

    Also, obviously everyone who says Taylor deserves the role has never seen the production of Les Mis themselves. There is not one aspect of Taylor that fits Eponine’s personality and since Taylor cannot act (as seen in Valentine’s Day) how the hell is she supposed to do justice to the character? And Eponine is a very popular character. You don’t want to mess with the Les Mis fandom with the casting for her. And let’s not even get into the singing portion. Les Miserables is 100% singing and Taylor Swift cannot sing for her life.

  • TR

    Someone from the production must have listened to Last Christmas by Swift and said “OMG she can’t sing! What were we thinking!?”

  • well…

    What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at that audition. I can’t even begin to imagine what Taylor Swift must have sounded like trying (and failing) at performing as Eponine. Can someone please leak just one song? One scene? Anything? Please. I imagine it would go something like Chris Klein’s Mama Mia! audition and the possibilities are simply titillating. Obviously she scared the piss out of the director/producers because they wouldn’t trade singing ability for millions of fans. You know it’s bad when money isn’t enough in Hollywood…but I digress.

  • giuseppe sallo

    Simple case of the media blowing smoke over. I don’t think swift would have taken the part anyway.

  • GG


    Oh, so having a Phd means you are smart?? I work at a University and some of those with PHDs are some of the dumbest. I know I’m no brain, but I can hear, and I know Taylor could not have carried a role this big with her weak voice. When are you obsessed fans of hers ever going to realize she cannot sing that well? I don’t dislike the girl. I think she has great class about her and a lot of charisma, but her singing is anything to be desired.

  • jd

    this was almost as phony as her dating Jake Gyllenhaal

  • GG

    Guess this was one thing Scott Bruchetta couldn’t buy or fix for her.

  • Julia

    Agh Samantha Barks? Horrible person!
    Taylor Swift would of been great! Just needs a vew vocal lessons like Nick did to play Marius.

  • JeriDiary

    Just Jared, interesting how the majority of us are very happy that TS is NOT going to be in this production but yet when I tried to THUMBS UP THE FIRST 4 comments it made it a negative. The first comment had like over 50 likes and when I hit the thumbs up it made it a negative by 2. So my like turned into 48. I just view the first page and it looks like all the likes were dumped. IT IS YOUR SITE JARED SO YOU WILL DO WHAT YOU WANT. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS DID TAY TAY PAY YOUR SITE? * I’ve learned that bloggers can be bought

  • Gia

    @ Jen…. You MAY have a PHD – but you may also need to look into getting a hearing aid. This girl is talentless. She has a very flat voice, w/no vibrato at all. When all the little girls (who listen to her) grow up, she won’t sell records any more. Sorry, but facts are facts. There is a very good reason why she has never been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. They only induct people that have long standing careers & they know she doesn’t. They KNOW she is a teeny-bopper artist. Face it, she can’t sing & was given this “role” as a country singer because she was cute. I will love it when her demise as an “artist” happens. The ONLY reason she gets awards is because of teeny – boppers & because the country music scene doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. They all “stick together” & are nice people, therefore they aren’t going to really tell her she can’t sing. That is what the Opry is for. Hence – why they haven’t inducted her. Hell, Carrie Underwood was inducted just a couple of years after starting in country music! Why do you think that is MS. PHD???? Go back to school & learn some common sense! – And go to the doctor & get some ears that aren’t tone deaf.

  • Gia

    @GG: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your comment! Read mine below yours. LOL – we pretty much said the same things.

  • Aarron

    @AmberWaves: Why are you so obbsesed with bashing Taylor Swift? your pretty scary actually its like your a stalker or something, no one really cares as much as you do. And Taylor doesnt advertise at all, she is never in magazines and never on tv. The only time you will hear or see Taylor is if you listen to the radio or search her name on google. Taylor is one of the least exposed super stars in America.

  • Aarron

    @Gia: Your the same people who said Taylor would dissapear in a year when she started…its now been 6 years and she’s the #1 country artist in the world and one of the best selling artists in all genre’s. This idea that Taylor only sings kidy songs and that all her fans are little girls is just profoundly wrong. Im guessing you have no real knowledge of Ms.Swift and that your just some deadbeat child who is threatened in some way by her. Taylor Swift is at the very beggining of her career and I cant wait for the rest of the ride.

  • steffie321

    aaron, gia, jen and gg are all the same person replying to itself.

  • Scott

    @veronica: First of all Veronica you need to calm down this is a stupid comment section. Second you shouldnt even be on this article if all your doing is saying negative things toward a person you have never met. I relize that your probably a 15 year old girl…and well im not, but I will reply to you anyway pretty much becasue you called me a retard. First thing you have to relize is that you need to take your own advise and see that not everybody likes the people you do. You shouldnt let your apparent hate of Tayor Swift blind you. I for one love Taylors voice I think she sounds like an angel and would rather listen to her then anyone else. You obviously dont and thats fine. Why is Taylor famous? Becasue her “fans” love the way she sings and she connects with us. You dont think so, so your not a fan. Why do Lady Gaga and LFMAO have more views on youtube? Well first of all…who cares its youtube all these people have stupid amounts of views, and second theirs alot more whores and skanks then decent people who like that trashy music. With that said niether of those two groups have more fans then Taylor as seen by Taylor beating them in album sales and beating Lady Gaga in every fan voted award they have ever been in togather. As far as Adele goes she’s just the hottest thing of the year. As far as broadway singers, they only do it for 2 reasons 1. they actually really like it. and 2. they have big voices but nobody cares so they go to broadway to get paid for it. Im a fan of Taylor Swift and I really dont care if you are, she doesnt need you as a fan. If you actually sat down and listened to her I think your opinion of her would change. Taylor will have a very long career and will continue to make her fans happy. I have spent WAY to much time on this and no im not retarded Veronica.

  • steffie321

    Peace to any Swift fans. However, if you are not familiar with Les Miserables and the vocal talented needed to be in that show then do your research. Then you will understand. Just like when Swift attempted the Star Bangled Banner she should not put herself in those situations. She is good at what she does, that is it.

  • maria

    @Scott: I don’t dislike Taylor. And I agree with most of what you said, but there is no way on the face of this earth that you can say Taylor sings like an angel. You can’t be serious. She sings one kind of song well…….country. But that does NOT require great voice range, at all. Musical theatre requires very broad range in vocals, and Taylor simply does not have that. I admire her song writing, her fun, easy songs, and her dedication and joy of performing for her fans. But this does NOT make her right for this role that requires SO much more. Even trailers of the Lorax are painful, because she has no depth or emotion in her speaking voice. She is just not an actress either. She needs to keep her day job……she’s very good at that.

  • carolinagirl

    @irene olson:
    You are wrong on so many levels. Taylor is not talentless. She may not be the best vocalist but she can somewhat sing, she is getting better. She is a great writer, can play the piano, banjo, guitar, ukulele. I saw her back in June and she kicked a$$, Best concert that I ever went to. What a hater you are.

  • carolinagirl

    She can too sing.

  • carolinagirl

    @sweet girl:
    You are not supposed to hate anyone jerk.

  • aquarius64

    I think the studio heard the outcry of Swift’s being cast in this role and feared a box office backlash, so they gave the role to another girl. Congratulations Samantha!

  • Scott

    @maria: Maria you sound much more sensible than most on these boards. But like I said before I find Taylor to have a wonderfull voice. Trust me I wouldnt be buying her albums or listening to her if I didnt like her singing, and niether would the almost 6 million other people who purchased her latest album. I cant explain why there is two polorizing sides to this but there is. You dont think she sings that well and thats fine. As for the movie, I did want to see Taylor in this movie because I am a fan and I do want to see her act. Maybe this wasnt a good starting movie though because of the great acting that is needed, that said this new girl is no actor either. I think Taylor should start acting in a few less challanging roles as I do want to see her act. The potential acting and broadway singing aside the actual character of Eponine was perfect for Taylor.

  • Shireoki

    @AmberWave. Alot of your comments are opinions and not facts, therefore are arguable. Opinons: Taylor can’t sing. People only like the way her songs are wrote and not her voice. She’s in people’s face all the time and that’s why people like her. I don’t know what your point is because these are all arguable. Maybe you should just keep your comments “intelligent” and stop putting “LOL” on everything that’s not very funny anyway.

    - I’m glad she didn’t get the roll, her voice is not strong enough. However I love Taylor for what she does and what she represent. I also love the songs they let her sing and help her wrote. I don’t see what’s wrong with her being in people’s face all the time, so far she’s a good role model for young girls. She has a pleasant enough voice with a positive enough message compare with the booty shaking songs or something vulgar.

  • paula

    I still say that Lea Michele is the best option but anyone other than Taylor Swift is good. At least this Samantha Barks person has experience.

  • okok

    people can argue about her ‘talent’, acting, music career etc but les miserables is NOT for someone like her.. or lea michelle (or kristen stewart.. because you know someone was pulling for her). This is a beautiful story that shouldnt be associated with any pop star.

  • Caroline

    Thank God, they replaced Blake Lively with Rooney Mara, and now they’re replacing Taylor Swift with a way better singer! Hollywood’s finally getting it sanity back!
    But seriously, she’s cute and all but girl doesn’t have the skills!

  • Veronica

    @Scott: Untrue. I never said I hated Taylor Swift. Go ahead, ask me anything about her. I bought 3 of her studio albums. Taylor Swift, Fearless and Speak now. In the Speak now booklet, for the song You’re not sorry, she has it written on the walls in the bathroom. She wrote a song for her bulimic friend in her first album called Tied together with a smile. In all her albums, she has secret codes in all her lyrics, lyrics which I took time to look through because I do *like* her. Her best friend’s name is Abigail, also in her 15 music video. She is rather close to Caitlin her fiddle player compared to the rest, during 60minutes, it was shown that she shares a dressing room with Caitlin and Liz, which I find cool. I bought her speak now world tour dvd and cd set (Proof: She sang JUPITER by train, and she also sang fearless with a ukelele in the middle of the stadium). She has a 12 string guitar, which she plays during her speak now concerts while singing mean, while she sits on a couch. Oh, and I’ve attended her concerts, 1 from fearless, 1 from speak now. So as you can see, I am a fan too in my own right, but sometimes, you have to be open to reality.
    The reason why I started disliking swift.. slowly, is because of how she portrays the victim all the time yet she is far from so, and her immature fans are just adding fuel to the fire.

    What I’m saying is that fans like you are mean. You sing to the lyrics MEAN all the time yet you don’t realize you are yourself. Taylor would never call broadway singers that. If you must admit that you’re disappointed, go ahead, but to disregard broadway as real music is just immature. No, I am not 15, nor am I 16 you tool. I am 24. Call me an immature 24 year old, go ahead, I live in a nice house in a big city, I drive a BMW and I am a medic student, probably far richer and more successful than you will ever be, so go :) Calling people “whores” makes you not only sound immature, but uneducated. How would you feel if I called your mother a Whore?

    I never said I dislike Taylor. I just believe some fans are the reason why most people dislike Taylor. You need not defend her to the point of being obnoxious or rude. It’s hypocrisy when you start quoting “I’ll bet you got pushed around, somebody made you cold
    But the cycle ends right now cause you can’t lead me down that road” yet you are as bad… nay,! worse than a majority of so called “haters” out there. So what if Taylor didn’t get the role? she has an extended tour in Australasia in March, why must you slam broadway? A big number of broadway stars have and will accomplish far more than you ever will. Why can’t you just be happy for taylor and her ever-growing fame in lieu of sounding like a hack? Grow up .

  • Veronica

    @Veronica: sorry, i meant “FEARLESS booklet” for im not sorry. My bad

  • Veronica

    and singing “15″ on a couch, she sings “mean” on a platform wearing a lacy dress.

  • Tallyho

    @carolinagirl: actually, i agree, but i disagree on the banjo comment. It’s not a banjo she plays during mean. It’s a guitjo or a bantar, it’s played exactly like a guitar, but made to look or sound like a banjo. So.. she isn’t actually playing a 4-5 string banjo, which requires knowledge on how to play the banjo, but she’s just playing a guitar which looks like a banjo. A 6 string one. As a matter of fact, her bandmate during the performance, plays the banjo, not her. shes just playing rhythm guitar on the bantar. (She uses a capo some more, and banjos do not use capos.)

  • Emma

    @jen this movie is based on a musical (and a book) that has been around for ages, and has been full of TALENTED stars. While I’m sure TSwift is a good person, and at times her voice is okay (sorry, just my opinion), but the musical is based in, like, 19th century Europe. Twangy voice, pale, innocent TSwift playing a girl who has grown up with a horrible life and chooses to help the boy she loves get the girl HE loves, and *SPOILERS* eponine eventually dies…
    I saw Valentine’s Day, and personally, she just doesn’t have the acting/singing chops to pull this off.
    Sam Barks? YES.

  • Christy A

    Thank God, I can actually see the film if it doesn’t contain that complete talent vacuum.

    Samantha Barks will be great – loved her performance in the 25th anniversary production.

  • stefanoLiquiGold

    @InTheIndustry: HOPE NOT! My ears.