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Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Features Jessica Chastain, Rooney Mara

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Features Jessica Chastain, Rooney Mara

Check out the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue’s cover for 2012!

The cover, shot by Mario Testino, features a group of the fresh stars from the year for a special edition of the magazine.

Featured in the pic: Jessica Chastain, Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Also pictured: Elizabeth Olsen, Pariah actress Adepero Oduye, Shailene Woodley, Paula Patton, Felicity Jones, Lily Collins, and Brit Marling.

Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood Issue will hit newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on February 2 and will be available nationwide on February 7.

FYI: Shailene, Rooney, and Mia are wearing Ralph Lauren Collection.

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58 Responses to “Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Features Jessica Chastain, Rooney Mara”

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  1. 26
    kris Says:


    I also heard that jessica is lying about her age .She is not considered young hollywood.The other girls are in their 20′s, she is at least in her late 30′s.I heard she is talented but she should be proud of her real age.There’s nothing wrong if she started at an older age in hollywood as long as she is talented.

  2. 27
    mel Says:

    jessica sys she’s 26 right? i don’t buy it but whatever she’s a good actress!

  3. 28
    anne Says:

    let’s see how many of these truly make it. Hollywood hve made of the academy awards a joke when they decided to give each year a young actress a nomination, now they are all competing against each other and in a couple years a true movie star and wonderful actress will show up and be the queen just like angelina did years ago.

  4. 29
    Jerry Says:

    I’m astounded by how poorly conceived this cover spread is. Especially if you compare it to last year’s hot Hollywood cover with Mila Kunis, James Franco, etc. This is just not easy to even look at. At least Vanity Fair are consistent – the black actors are shoved away in the back/outer covers.

  5. 30
    anne Says:

    @Jerry: VF has always been consistent on not making gret, iconic covers. These last spreads have nothing when you compared them to their first one with REAL stars… Now it seems that if you have a break out role, you’re on the cover when that privilege should be for people that have already made it past their break out roles because half of these ladies won’t be around for that much, I mean, all of them are good but they’re not Al Pacino/Deniro/Hoffman material…

  6. 31
    truthis Says:

    Hollywood is soooo white washed

  7. 32
    Face Says:

    Their Young Hollywood covers haven’t changed much over the years. It’s a rotation of the past year’s hottest and frankly, mostly white actresses. But hello airbrushing! I had to stare at each face to figure out who was who with all the editing that was done.

  8. 33
    Bee Says:

    @TC – That is true that this issue has recognized those actresses before, but they are always kept off of the front panel of the cover. Even when Zoe Saldana was recently featured in this issue, coming off of starring in two of the biggest movies ever, she was placed on the second panel. I for one refuse to support publications like Vanity Fair until they leave their antiquated ways and recognize that beautiful and talented actresses come in ALL colors.

  9. 34
    Susie Q Says:

    no emma stone?

  10. 35
    caxposed Says:

    @ck: They have; they both have been on it TWICE, and one of them (2010 I think) featured both of them as well as Mia Wasikowska who also appears on this issue.

  11. 36
    Jerry Says:

    @Anne: I’m not for a minute questioning the talent or star quality of the actresses featured. I am a fan of pretty much all of them (though Rooney Mara leaves me cold though) but rather the way it was styled. It’s just not a very good cover. It is a ‘young Hollywood’ concept so to compare them to the Hoffmans and Pacinos of the past isn’t quite fair. Some of these actresses will go onto great careers and Oscars – and others will fade away.

  12. 37
    YoDa Says:

    Mia Wasikowska has an extremely versatile look. She can look 12 or 45, depending on makeup and costume.
    To me, Jennifer Lawrence always looks bloated and stiff onscreen, and has a really “man” presence.

  13. 38
    beth Says:

    Jessica Chastain maybe talented but i really dont like women who lied about their age.It should be Shalaine on the cover instead of her.Shalaine is 20 and jessica , who knows how old she is.In most of her interviews, she doesn’t disclose her age.Im so disappointed.

  14. 39
    real age Says:

    Mandissa from American Idol went to high school with Jessica.She tweeted their yearbook pic.Mandissa is 35, so Jessica is 35 almost 36 years old.Don’t lie about your age.

  15. 40
    Hep Says:

    Don’t know why people bother to complain about the Vanity Fair issue. It’s the same thing every. This year is actullly better than the 2009 and 2010 when they didn;t even bother to include any people of colour at all.

    Felicity, Mia, Lily and Jessica look absolutely wonderful on the cover. They’ve all got a perfect Old Hollywood aesthetic. Woodley looks so ridiculous like she is about to fall over and what have they done to poor Lizzie Olsen’s face? She looks like Hilary Clinton!.

  16. 41
    jennie Says:

    I know Jennifer Lawrence has a naturally puffy face but they’ve put waaaaay too much blusher on her cheeks to give her the illusion of cheekbones. It looks like someone punched her and left her with bruises. LOL!

  17. 42
    Hep Says:

    Adepero Oduye looks fabulous! Wonderful she’s in such a high profile photo shoot.

  18. 43
    MadHatter Says:

    They are styled to look like famous Hollywood starlets but some work better than others. At first I thought Mara was Louise Brooks but now I’m pretty sure she is Theda Bara, Collins looks exactly like Elizabeth Taylor, Chastain is styled like Rita Hayworth, Patton is Lena Horne judging from the hair and Odeyu is Dorothy Dandridge. Not too sure about Wasikowska. Maybe Lana Turner? Olsen is Grace Kelly. I’m not too sure about the others.

  19. 44
    Eileen Says:

    Those four are on the cover because they “shined” the brightest in the past year. Also, they all look great. I don’t really care about how old they are pretending to be or what race they are. But I’m pretty sure these four young ladies deserved it.

  20. 45
    Romeo Says:

    There aren’t that many emerging black female stars to begin with and it’s paranoid to cry racism when the few there are aren’t simply featured on the cover

    30 actually, #27

  21. 46
    Nicole Says:

    JENNIFER LAWRENCE <3333 love her!

  22. 47
    Come on Says:

    What a shame this magazine is so short sighted. We have a diverse world out here and clearly they feel they have the monopoly (still) on who’s who in the up and coming world of Hollyweird. Yet you want to shop your movies everywhere. Congratulations to the girls featured but the issue looks dumb, boring and very old. Its like they’re stuck in a time warp! it’s 2012! get over this white superiority complex bull s.h.i.t We’re all equal of equal measure and equal talent..oh yes, I forgot! you have to look right…still. *yawn*

  23. 48
    Love Says:

    I don’t understand what is up with this Jessica Chastain’s real age issue. In her bio it was stated that she was born in 1981 and now she is 31 years old woman. And I think she really does look like 31 years old depending on her make up and dressing style and she also looks older for her age sometimes which isn’t surprise. A lot of actresses today don’t look their age. Even 14 years old teen actors look like a 30year old women. As for her being on the cover, she absolutely deserves it. She came to the spotlight this year with her amazing performances in several successful movies. So she is considered as a fresh face of Hollywood she deserves to be on the cover.

  24. 49
    thetis Says:


    “PRECIOUS” you stupid moron and to critical raves – if you went to movies that you actually had to think to watch you would know that.

    All you did was showcase you’re own expansive ignorance but hater usually are dumb as hell – well go back to your coloring book.

  25. 50
    thetis Says:


    Weak argument when you considered when Zoe Saldana had Star trek and Avatar and still didn’t make the cover but white actresses with not half the year she had did.

    No black actress has ever been on the cover only the inside flap no matter how great a year she had.

    AND VF acts like Asian and Latino women don’t exist.

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