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Brad Pitt Covers 'Vanity Fair Italia' February 2012

Brad Pitt Covers 'Vanity Fair Italia' February 2012

Brad Pitt flashes a smile on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia‘s February issue.

The 48-year-old actor sat down with VF‘s West Coast Editor Krista Smith and his Moneyball director, Bennett Miller, to chat about the success and accolades the film has received.

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“We worked hard. We wanted to tell a story. We wanted it to mean something to people,” Brad shared.

“We talk about the long run of films, not necessarily how it comes out of the gate, but does it have something to say about our time now, and will it have something to say in 20 years … [I'm] very happy when it takes that trajectory,” he added.

Also pictured: Brad greeting a huge crowd of fans while leaving The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Wednesday (February 1) in NYC.

FYI: Brad will be joining Angelina Jolie in Croatia and Bosnia a bit later this month, where her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, will have its official debut!

Brad Pitt Interview Part 2

Click inside for part 2 of Brad‘s interview

Brad Pitt Interview Part 2
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    lookin delicious,as always.

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    Great pic. Lots to look forward to for the fans.

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    my god that put this handsome clothes that put everything looks great FOREVER I LOVE BRAD PITT

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    P.T from the last thread.Cam Dias look like hilary clinton.

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    He get’s better with age. Love the JP!

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    Sigh, the man of my dreams! Tristan all grown up.

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    Hope we will get pictures of Brad on The Daily Show.

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    Love him. I can’t get enough of the Jolie-Pitt posts.

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    It would be great to take the Oscar hopefully give it

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    @It’s SOOOO OVER:
    Do you have a brain?

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    Me encanta Brad Pitt sigue pasando tiempo y para mi sigue siendo tristan

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    You’d think the idiots would learn something from 7 years tabloids lies? I guess not, no hope for the idiot

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    Great pix & always love to see Brad in video interviews — many thanks Jared.

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    Great cover. Yummy he looks gooood.

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    And like clockwork, the troll are here to try to ruin our drooling and fun … tsk, it’s been seven years, and still same old same old.

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    Brad is looking great on the cover. I am looking forward to seeing Brad on TDS tonight. I am hoping Letterman won’t rant about Brad not on his show again.

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    Such a beautiful smile. He and Angie both have beautiful smiles.

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    there are BILLIONS of celebs with twitter accounts, none reported this news????????

    where is the link of the blind item, and don’t u dare link from IUC.

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    If it’s so over why are you here? No one here cares what you have to say, you are white noise. Continue wishing, hoping and praying for BA to break up, it’s not going to happen. Get a life. Brad and Angie are living their life and you are worrying about someone who does not know you exists.

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    @It’s SOOOO OVER: You are so hurting.A&B have a lovely family.Sorry you lost out.

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    @It’s SOOOO OVER:

    this rumour is going NO-WHERE
    it will remain buried on comment sections and never go mainstream like access hollywood, ET, E! etc

    idle internet pathetic gossip will not break as a brangelina split.

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    How handsome is Brad? That smiwle I remember it from Thelma and Louise. He still got it!

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    Only the dumbasses don’t know what kind of person Angelina Jolie really is make up these fake stories. Angelina never is a cheater.

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    @It’s SOOOO OVER:

    can’t wait for this news to break over all mainstream blogs like popsugar etc *rolls eyes

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    De verdad, que triste es ser un “anti”. It really sucks to be a hen.

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    CDAN has some truth about some Blind Items, there are also made up ones too. Similiar to tabloids, sometimes tabs got it right, like John Edwards or Demi Moore’s husband, but most of time are just lies to sell magazines

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    Wow, with all the cameras on her and Brad at the TELEVISED SAG awards, all that could be given as “proof” of Angie “asking for the number of a B-list actress” was a stupid blind item? NO ONE even took a picture of Angie “kissing” this actress on the neck and giving her a bite except a stupid Blind Item? Sheesh, with all the photographers and television cameras around you would think at least a couple would take pictures of Angie “cheating” on Brad. The JP fans are right: the trolls are getting less and less imaginative in their lies. We could shoot down their lies with BOTH hands tied behind our backs.

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    silly but cute “Brady Bunch”-inspired graphic (the pictures of the kids are adorable) with an “insider” sharing thoughts on what each JP kid thinks about the “news” of their new twin brothers:

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    7 years already, the trolls are still dumb.

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    And the JPs are usuallybused to sell when sales are low. Of course Angelina is the one attacked because women are the ones buying gossip. Who cares? Only those pathetic living inthe past, those who have been waiting for 7 years plus to finally say ” i told you so, see? They broke up”. Keep waiting.

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    Angelina is not a cheater, neither is Brad. So the tabs really need not waste time on this angle. To OK magazine, Angelina isn’t pregnant either, she was drinking wine at SAG.

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    It must be so frustrating going to bed every night for seven (7) years praying for two people you don’t know to break up, and it’s not happening. IMO your head must be ready to explode. Remember this saying, when you hate someone it’s like you drinking poison hoping that person will die. Please stop ki!!ing yourself and get a life. Your life will take a turn for the better, and you will feel better about yourself, and that’s a healthy thing.

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    Just too much..

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    Another magazine, I did not see the HReporter here – my state, will try again this coming Saturday.

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