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Michelle Obama Covers 'Prevention' March 2012

Michelle Obama Covers 'Prevention' March 2012

Michelle Obama graces the cover of Prevention‘s March 2012 issue.

Here’s what the First Lady had to share:

On her workout routine: “I work out 6 or 7 days a week. But I do yoga now twice a week, because I’m beginning to notice as I get older that flexibility and mobility are critical.”

On whether she works out with her husband, President Obama: “I usually get up to make sure that the girls get to school. And once they’re out, I go up to work out. He comes up afterwards. So I’m usually in the middle of my workout when he’s starting his.”

On how Barack’s approval ratings affect her: “I try not to pay too much at­tention to the polls. I like to stay focused on what my husband is achieving for our country, and I’m really proud of what he’s been able to accomplish. If you look at what he’s done on health care alone, it’s really remarkable. He passed the Affordable Care Act, and because of that law, kids now get free preventive care, in­cluding healthy weight screenings. That’s going to help us prevent obesity before it starts.”

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  • Lisa

    Bye bye Obama THE MARXIST TWIT, roll on to November

  • ashley

    gag me.

  • Cooler

    @Lisa: You’re an idiot. You should look up what “Marxist” means before you say anything on the topic.

    PS. Michelle looks great.

  • Morgan

    Michelle Obama is a class act. God help us if “The Newster” is elected with his wife number 3. She looks like a mannequin. The Dough Boy thinks he’s “hot Stuff” though. He wants Brad Pitt to play him in a movie. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Beca

    Wow I didn’t know so many people hated her. Lol I actually like her

  • OFraud

    That “Let’s Move Campain” was NOT Free, It cost us SIX Billion dollars to “teach” us how to be healthy and UNIONS got the bulk of it.

  • OFraud

    She also “persuaded” chain restaurants to serve smaller portions yet cost didn’t go down.

  • Nicole

    Alot of racists in here…have mercy on their souls.

  • deke

    I am not a racist by any means. The Obamas need to go! They have taken advantage of their status.

  • wright

    50Kwasted on Lingirrie won’t make change the fact she is uglier than her racist pastor.

  • messNBC

    MessNBC is their propaganda mouthpiece constantly calling racist anybody that disagrees with his failed policies, not to mention all the corruption swept under the rug..solyndra,fast and furious,

  • Never again

    40million Hawaiin vacay ,,40 christmas trees during a prolonged recession and rolling her eyes at 9/11 flag folding ceremony….unpatriotic

  • Nicole


    Did you feel the same about the Bush’s?

  • I know who you are

    To the ONE worthless bag of filth POSTING UNDER DIFFERENT NICKS on this thread : The evidence that you are a retard will still be available to readers, and stringing together a bunch of insults among a
    load of illiterate nonsensical writing was hardly effective…
    You’re a putrescent mass, a walking vomit.

  • Nicole

    Obama cant make laws without Dems and Repub’s. The Repubs has shut down everything Obama has tried to do so….The only thing I blame Obama for is not demanding respect from these racists beasts and being to nice to these evil people that is only giving him a hard time because of his color. Do you think these Senators would of yelled “liar” while Bush was making a speech or pointed a finger at him like he’s some sort of child? Heck no!!! This country was built on racism and always will be but the Bible clearly states, the bottom will be at the top and the top on the bottom. So, all yall racists better pray that the top will have some compassion for yall.

  • Nicole

    @Never again:

    Oh please, you’re the perfect example of a racists….. all Presidents have taken vacations and bought Christmas trees for the White House and you’re reaching with the eye rolling. Michelle is not some hoodrat, okay?

  • Desiree

    I see the blogs have their pom poms ready for the election again.
    Now do tell us about those cociane fueled gay trysts and radical college friends, who are they, the fake SSN and why are they as sealed as his writings.
    The Illegal Alien Aunt and UncleDUI with multiple wives on welfare (our dime).

  • WOW

    He starting to make Bush and Carter look appealing again.

  • Really?

    Thanks Nicole.

    BUT this is not about Obama, election, Pres. Obama.

    This is about FloTUSA and her platform of eating healthier, lighter, and excercising.
    Eating fewer desserts and ,more fruits and vegatables.Every FLofTUSA ahs a plateform. A non-political one.

    Would you prefer it she eat more deserts. Fruits adn vegatables are not that imporant. You can get fruits and vegetables in dessserts like Caroot Cake and Apple Turnovers, LOL.

    FLofTUSA , Laura Bush wanted us to read. She pushed literacy.
    FLofTUSA ,Hillary supported children’s education and a nat. health care.
    FLofTUSA Barbara Bush, pushed reading and literacy.
    FLofTUSA ,Nancy Reagan said to just say no to drugs.

    And so on.

  • LoriLori

    Keep up the good work Mrs.O.
    The teabagCrazies never make any sense but here is a Fact for you:


  • Nicole


    I’m responding to the racists on this site that breeds like roaches.

  • Erin

    I think she looks pretty but anyone who thinks her husband is not prolonging this recession by his radical out of control spending is out of their minds. He has got to go.

  • may

    So typical ..if someone has an opinion about the Obamas that is unfavorable they’re considered a racist. This is precisely the reason why I became an independent. Democrats are self-rightous arrogant hypocrites.

  • deke


  • angel

    May – let’s see, since Obama’s been in office, we’ve taken out Bin Laden and more than a dozen other terrorists who were threats to this country, the U.S. auto industry was rescued, the stock market has risen hundreds of points, and the unemployment rate is falling, while under Bush it skyrocketed up. Given the successes of the Obama administration, and also given that this is an entertainment site, covering numerous celebrities who have been Obama supporters and are Democrats, and who work on films, television programs, or albums with progressive themes, it is quite reasonable to read into some of the above rants and lies more than an hint of racism. Why aren’t these people on the Fox News site, where they don’t have to read flattering stories about the Obamas or celebrities who are Democrats?

  • Angel

    One other important point – 3 of the richest people in America, including the two richest, who actually know what they’re talking about when it comes to business, have given their support to some of President Obama’s economic policies. Billions of reasons to trust their opinions more than those of a few commenters here.

  • Marcus

    May,, You an stay an independent all you want because democrats dont want you as a democrat and saying negative things about the president does not make you racist. The issue is that if Obama was white he would be more liked and that is the bottom line. The kinds of attacks on his character is the issue and whites brought race into Obama;s candidacy not blacks or Obama. Whites continue to bring racial issues into the equation with Obama. This thread is about michelle Obama not about the president himself and it seems that many whites have this issue with Miss Obama that they never had with other first ladies and it at times comes off as petty. I never heard anyone say anything bad about Laura Bush but Miss Obama gets hate in spades and that the issue.

  • Mejay


    How have they “taken advantage” ??

  • Samir

    she’s classy


    It’s not racial to be angry about the economy and jobs when BHO has spent Three Trillion in debt owed to China and only made matter worse.

  • OFraud

    I take back what I said above. I was lying.

  • Lisa

    I eat my own p**p.

  • Desiree

    I just want everyone to know that I totally deny having s*x with my dog. Repeatedly. I have NO IDEA how those rumors got started and the pictures are FAKE.


    I’m sorry. I’m mildly retarded and I can’t control what I say.

  • OFraud

    I collect stamps and my life is so good.

  • ashley

    I have watched Porky’s more than 100 times. It is my favorite literature.

  • wright

    I’m so sorry everyone – I’m a hateful person because my life sucks. I have a LOT of envy for others. I need to seek counseling so I can be normal again.