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Michelle Williams: Oscar Nomination Caught Me Off Guard

Michelle Williams: Oscar Nomination Caught Me Off Guard

Michelle Williams stops by the Ed Sullivan Theater to tape an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday (February 1) in NYC.

The 31-year-old actress paired her Erdem dress with Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a Balenciaga coat.

Last week, Michelle was on the Today show where she shared how she got news of her Oscar nomination.

She had been busy getting 6-year-old daughter Matilda ready for the day, then headed to a friend’s house for breakfast, with the pal opening the door with, “Michelle, they just called your name on TV.”

“It was a very sweet way to hear that news … [the nomination announcement] slipped my mind, which is something that’s so great about having a kid. You get really absorbed,” Michelle said.

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  • Oh please

    She’s such a phony. As if she got naked and talked about Heath Ledger to GQ just to forget about Oscar.


    Oh yeah, she had NO idea the nominations were even coming out, of course not! Of course her agent didn’t call her! She’s a mommy! It’s gross the way she is using Matilda like this.

  • funnyguy

    I think she stole my curtains, again. :(

  • Gossipgirl

    Will she give it a rest with the preciousness and fake surprise, already! I can’t wait for the awards season to be done. Winning an Oscar is like the kiss of death for many a career….so hopefully Clooney and Williams win. Christ on a cracker!

  • Tessa

    Phony baloney!

  • BS

    “Off Guard” really, they actively campaign for those awards.

  • Sue Denim

    Her hustle is shameless but it sucks coz it will actually work.

  • Kirsten

    I used to like her but I HATE how she plays the game and uses Matilda/Heath for sympathy and promotion. She wears mature/motherly clothes, is never seen on the carpet with any man and she claims that she had no idea about the Oscar nomination. Please, her agent and a million other people would have called her around 5 or 6 that morning.

  • Evie

    Lying bitch!

  • c’mon…

    She must be dense if she couldn’t guess that she’d be nominated for an Oscar after being nominated for the Golden Globes and other major awards competitions. That is always a foretelling of the Oscars. Why is she trying to grab the public’s sympathies lately? She was lucky to hook up with Ledger because that was her foot in the door.

  • ha ha

    let’s hope we don’t see her again after the awards for a long time, she’s supposed to take a break, of course, to be with her beloved Matilda! Heath’s child! Hope she was at least being honest about the break!

  • Jesslyn

    Am not getting her old lady fashion lately.

  • Rob

    I think she’s a great actress, but that’s complete bull. As if she’s been campaigning so hard to be caught off guard by what she’s been trying to get for the last few months.

  • Random

    Clearly Michelle Williams is a very strong person for accomplishing all that she has… what I don’t get is why she is so afraid to show that side of herself in public. She’s be more interesting if she added more shades to her virtuous poetry reading little girl lost routine.

  • WWWW

    She looks so sweet.

  • Nano

    I think she’s pretty, but her face has been looking plastic lately! How come?

  • hate her

    michelle is SO AFRAID to be seen with a man, to be in a relationship.

    because if she will be in a relationship, sha cant play the victim anymore.

    now, she plays the : “oh poor me, my man heath is dead and i’m left alone to take care of our child”.
    “poor, poor me, im still in love with heath, i cant be with another man, so i cant gve my child a sibling…..”

    she is one real lucky bitch. she is not that great of an actress,but she was always on the right place and on the right time.

    if weinstein wasnt so heavy behind that shitty movie of hers marlyn monroe, she would only dream of an oscar nomination .

    but she would propaply have got an razzie award, that’s for sure….

  • luke

    oh please, NOBODY is buying this crap!

  • Jenna

    That is one ugly dress!! And who’s going to believe her fairytale of not remembering the AA nominations?? Puleeze…as if.

  • Gimmme that Oscar!!!!!

    Her shtick is really annoying and transparent. She can play the “Widow Ledger, Mother of the one and only Ledger heir” all she wants but she is far, faaaar from anything resembling a widow. He couldn’t even stand her at the time of his death because she was using the love for his daughter against him all because he dumped her and found somebody else. She has the nerve to say she likes to imagine she and he would’ve gotten back together. Ahhaha!!!! We’re supposed to forget about the ugly custody dispute and the lawyers? As if Heath would have ever wanted to patch things up with her clingy, frumpy, vindictive ass. Gemma Ward must laugh her ass off at that lame GQ interview. I can’t wait for Michelle to go back to dating nobodies like her and stop milking Heath Ledger’s name. Nobody would give two craps about Michelle Williams if she hadn’t “happened” to get knocked by Heath Ledger.

  • Rosie

    Her arms are freaky long!

  • ADL

    @Gimmme that Oscar!!!!!:

    As if you know anything about their lives.

  • luke

    spot on @Gimmme that Oscar!!!!!

  • Candy

    I hope she goes away for a looooong time.

  • Delphic

    She’s a great actress, but this award season she has been bothering me. But when it comes down to it, she is an actress and I don’t really care what she’s like outside of her profession and it should be the same for everyone else. No wonder every celebrity sounds like PR robots. Gone are the days when Bette Davis was a bitch!

  • ronny

    Grow up and stop being jealous. Heath would never want you anyhow honey.

  • Random

    @Delphic: Completely agree that an actors private life shouldn’t be important. I can’t stand to see people talking about her kid. Her child has zero to do with anyone.

    However I’m not sure how much has fundamentally changed since the days of Bette Davis except that nowadays ballsy women are less marketable. Perhaps the PR game was more controlled back then but it seems the “private” lives of stars were always being marketed in one form or another.

    I think it takes a great deal of emotional maturity to navigate that part of the job well and I think Ms Williams main problem is that she doesn’t yet possess that maturity. She should invest in a good therapist and get a few things squared away before she decides to return.

  • mankind

    could some of all this be guilt due to the fact they were only split a few months before the horrible and unforseen death of the father of her child? im sure she must be like anyone in that situation, a lot of what ifs and if id only done that. the lady is only human so im sure lots of those thoughts did and probably still do occur to her especially when she looks at her little girl and sees him.

  • U

    She’s so cute .

  • hhkhkj

    Beautiful humble human being!:)

  • ADL

    Stop saying she’s pretending to not know, she SAID in the interview that she knew the night before.

    Say what you want but she’s one of the most talented actor of her generation.

  • Carpet Nobody

    Please. How dare you put her on some pedestal. Michelle wasted the precious time of Heath Ledger when instead he could have found his real soulmate and won academy awards because he is one of the most talented actors of our generation and not this nobody actress.

  • sally

    Leave Michelle alone he better than all of you bitter btches dissing her