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Penelope Cruz: PETA Anti-Fur Ad!

Penelope Cruz: PETA Anti-Fur Ad!

Penelope Cruz gives fur the cold shoulder in this new ad for PETA.

The 37-year-old Spanish actress “is a muse for filmmakers and a perennial favorite on ‘best dressed’ lists on both sides of the Atlantic‚Ä”but never, of course, in fur,” the animal rights organization wrote on their website.

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Penelope‘s ad will appear on a 70 foot billboard near New York City’s Penn Station today, Us Weekly reports.

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    I’m all for animal rights but why would you associate yourself with those hypocritical PETA nuts? >.>

  •!/Renan_NY Renan Gama

    Cute, Mrs. Cruz….

  • http://justjared POLO

    i hate PETA. every time peta ask people to donate for animals, what they really mean is,” give us some money so we can make more ads showing naked celebrities, masturbating and playing with vegetables.”

  • alternative

    She must be jonesing for better roles since she can’t hookup with her costars anymore like she used to.
    Her vagg has grafitti “Every AList guy was here”.

  • fitzlombard

    errrr….the lady’s probably in need for some dirty cash….
    can’t bear those hypocites! bad move pene, bad move!

  • Rose

    although I am not supporter of PETA, I think the use of fur is disgusting and totally unnecessary, and that’s what matters, so I say good for her.

  • sara

    What a hypocrite! She not only wears fur vest, but also those Ugg boots made with raccoons fur!

  • Rose

    @sara: I see your point but it would be great if others who use fur realized that this is something horrible and became aware of the importance of respecting the lives of all beings. Better late than never, right?

  • ha ha

    oh, my bad, i thought you had to pose completely naked to do these ads. i guess the women who didnt wanted to then……..

  • bg

    i love sooo much more now!!penelope<3<3

  • lola

    I really don’t like the use of fur and we should treat animals well but we live in a world where we care about animals but not humans.

  • Mark

    As a conservationist PETA really frustrate me. I am passionate about our wild life here in Australia and while it might be fine to say do not farm Minks for just Furs we have problems with feral pests killing our native wildlife and puttiing them at risk of extinction, animals such as Bilbys, Numbats, Bandicoots, etc,etc. I say wear a fox skin coat from Australia and save the Bilbys. PETA you need to learn the word conservastionist instead of being an enviromental vandal, you are a terrible group.

  • Lilly

    @Mark: if you have problems with foreign species invasion into your territory is exclusive fault of man, so I doubt you’re a conservationist or wildlife protector as you claimed because if so then you wouldnt write that last, horrible and stupid phrase you wrote: “I say wear a fox skin coat from Australia and save the Bilbys”.Those who are part of PETA are extremists and that cause them to lose sight of what matters: the love and respect for life. And Mark you’re a F-loser because what you criticize is also what you do.

  • Mark

    @ Lilly: You are right that the problems with we have with feral animals is mans fault and it is our responsibility to right the wrongs. Back in the 1970s fur coats especially fox coats were very (I have absolutely no interest in fashion) fashionable. This made fox skins very valuable, thus they were hunted down to very small numbers. Nowdays most are only disposed of by hunters coming across them when hunting pigs , deer etc ( more feral pests in Australia that do other enviromental damage) or they are poisened with 1080 or stricknen (a slow painful death) by farmers to keep them under control.
    Man/Woman have a lot of mistakes to deal with, the worst is overpopulation, we are consuming our enviroment at a massive rate and destroying the habitat that our native wildlife requires to survive.
    Apparently PETA urged the 31-year-old reality TV star to re-think about wearing fur when they unveiled a billboard of the fur-clad beauty next to a skulk of foxes with the tag-line: ‘These Babies Miss Their Mother.’
    Well we have a lot of baby native animals dying because a Fox ATE their mother . Call me a F-ing loser if you want, makes no difference to me, I do not care about fashion or some star. Trying to save all species is what I care about and when there is a species somewhere they should not be the damage is catastrophic, our fault, I m trying with what limited resources I have to fix the problem. But firstly the ferals must be contained and our native wildlife consereved.

  • Lilly

    “Well we have a lot of baby native animals dying because a Fox ATE their mother “… omg!! that’s just stupid, really, are you a grown man or a 11 years old?. Look, the difference between you and me is that I do not defend statistics nor am I happy with mediocre reality, I want more, and appreciate every living being of this Earth. So good luck in your job blaming foxes of all your problems, proposing its slow death while are skinned alive. Sure, a true passionate nature.

  • Lilly

    *a true passion for nature.

  • mark

    @ Lilly. Skinned alive! Wow are you poorly educated or just badly informed? I have never heard of anyone skinning foxes alive, might have been some idiots over the last few centuries, but there has been plenty of unneccesary animal cruelty throught the centuries.

    There are currently 27 Mammals extinct due to introduced predators and loss of habitat due to population increases in Australia. Currently the Rock Wallaby, Numbat, brush tailed bettong and Bilby are at risk due to introduced predators at the moment.

    I think you need a reality check,it seems to me that I am discussing this issue with an 8 year old.

  • Lilly

    @mark: I am not misinformed at all, I have an excellent education so you know. Why do you think I am against the use of fur? by the cruel and horrible way to kill animals. So, you’re the one who does not know the subject. Hopefully find a way to save from extinction the animals so wonderful and unique in your country, without resorting to cruelty and viciousness. I wish you well.

  • mark

    No Lilly you are still misinformed. At the moment the animals are destroyed in massive numbers to control their population and the skins are not used because the fashion industry went away from fur coats (makes no difference to me but if it means sustainable manangement, in the long term that is the path to take). When I die I hope that my organs may be used to provide life in a usefull way. Most of the cruelty I have seen has come from mismangement, or even worse mismangement based on emotional desicions and not fact based desicions. I will stick with my previous comment, that a reality check would be well worth your while.

  • Lilly

    @mark: Every year millions of animals are killed worldwide to supply the fur industry. 50% of animals that die in these circumstances are hunted with trap steel-jawed trap, an instrument that traps animals, hurting them, fracturing them and maiming them, often without causing death that occurs sometimes after many hours or days, at which time the hunter spends collecting dams. We often hear that buy fur coats from breeding animals is an alternative more “human” face of outrageous killings carried out by poachers with guns and traps. It crosses our mind the phrase “sustainable use” to relieve guilt.
    But imagine for a moment that you imprison him in a confused situation, locked in a cage where he can barely lift your head, and then spent several weeks unable to move, no natural light and locked with thousands of types like you, screaming all around, then come to look for you, and say they have chosen to make a coat with your skin, so they are debating which technique used to kill you, breaking your neck, electrocute you, beaten with a mallet in the head, by means of a lethal injection or slow death caused by carbon monoxide.
    Will it help your pain, know the miserable life you have to live, did not alter the natural balance?.
    Millions of animals die each year in the hands of the fur industry, through traps that cause a slow death, but also through breeding sites are “manufactured” in series within tiny cages and cramped living desperate years before death extremely painful. Breeders have to deal with cannibalism and self-mutilation by animals, because of the unbearable tension that suffer: not allowed to behave naturally, so animals, are restricted to move, domesticated and genetically manipulated.
    To make a coat is needed: 8 wolves, pumas 8, 8 seals, 15 foxes, 15 otters, 15 lynx, 15 ocelots, 25 kangaroos, 30 beaver, 35 raccoon, 50 ferrets, 55 marten, 60 mink, 250 squirrels, and 300 chinchillas.
    Over two million dogs and cats are killed annually for their skins, especially in China and other Asian countries. They are slaughtered at least ten dogs to make a single coat – or more, for wearing fur of puppies. Up to 24 cats are sacrificed to make a single coat with their skin. The skins of dogs and cats are also used in trims, linings, hats, figurines and home remedies. They are also used in dog toys and footwear. The slaughter of these animals is often violent and merciless. Cats are strangled inside their cages in the presence of other cats. Dogs are bound around the neck with metal wires, then cut them. The wire loop cuts their throat as they struggle to escape, before losing consciousness. In Harbin, China, HSUS investigators witnessed the killing of a German shepherd – still conscious and blinking – as he tore the skin. In a dog-breeding farm several hours from Harbin, the researchers witnessed dead dogs hanging from hooks while others – still alive – waiting their turn in a cold room and dingy. It is customary to place false labels on the skins of dogs and cats to hide their true origin. The dog fur products have been sold as gae-wolf, goupee, Asian wolf, China wolf, Mongolia dog fur, Sobaki, Pommern wolf, and loup d’Asie. The cat fur has been sold as rabbit, maopee, Goyangi, katzenfelle, natuerliches mittel, chat de Chine, and gatto cinesi.
    This is just one example of which leads me to despise people like you Mark, cruel and heartless.
    And one more thing, everything is emotional in this world, everything is. With no emotions we are nothing. The “statistical economics facts” of conveniences and assumptions change all the time, emotions are what guide us and because of them we, the human being make history.

  • mark

    No Lilly I call cruel and heartless letting a world grow to a population of 7 Billion. This loss of habitat is the worlds biggest issue for our flora and fauna. Take for example the amount of land it takes to provide a lettuce in the supermarket. First we turn the land into cultivation, this takes a bulldozer, plus the materials that make the bulldozer have to come from a mine which we tear up more flora and fauna, the minerals have to be transported, this will take trucks, ships fuel all coming from tearing up the enviroment, then we will have to make the roads as well, more enviroment trucks machinery and fuel. than the plastic bags and boxes for transport, oil and wood based product plus the factory consuming land and power that makes the cartons and bags, oh and there was the factorys to make the trucks and the bulldozers. Anyway back to the lettuce, than there is the tractors maintaining the cultivation, the water which is than taken from the enviroment, oh and the pumps and irrigation equipment, than we have to pick them that will take a tractor ,fuel etc. Than truck them to the supermarket. And I am sure that I have missed plenty of other resources that require enviroment and create loss of habitat., so even if you are a vegetarian you are still a problem
    In China and Asia, they are very overpopulated, the bigger the population the higher the poverty rate, the more cruelty that will occur.

    There is no trapping being conducted in Australia other than feral pigs, they are trapped in ring traps, which is just a high fence that they cannot bulldoze their way through.

    Ill get back to you later

  • mark

    @ Lilly continued> The reason trapping was banned here is because it is inhumane and people also find it is very labor intensive so it is conducted more in poorer countries were although it is labor intensive it is cheaper because these people re-use the traps. I never said it was right but you are trying to relate This Country to others.
    We do not have problems with poachers like they do in other countries because the problem is feral pests. Yes Kangaroos are shot (more get accidently run over by heavy vehicles at night) and used for some human consumption but most are used for !!!!!!!!!!!!! “Pet food” (that is dogs and cats, you know meat eating animals).
    Your comment—-It crosses our mind the phrase ‚Äúsustainable use‚ÄĚ to relieve guilt, shows me how narrow minded you are. You are happy to see native animals become extinct to un-natural predators or you do not care if we just destroy the pests and waste a resource.
    Some abbattoirs workers in Australia were sacked today because of animal cruelty, as they should have been. The abbattoirs are neccesary, the cruelty was not.
    You and PETA are living in a pipe dream and not looking at the bigger picture. Self Righteuos and so vain.

  • Lilly

    @mark: I do not limit myself to advocate only for the lives of those living in my own country but on the planet, unlike you. So I’m educated in what happens around the world. I already got your position: the sadistic killing of animals is entirely justified, “because I brought a couple of foxes to my home and Oh!! but what a strange thing that happened, they were reproduced! Incredible.”
    Your ridiculous reference to my “narrow-minded”, you need to associate me with Peta and all your insults just show me your desperation to validate your point. And if you think I’m offended by you saying that I live in a dream, well, that was said of all those who did something that matters.

  • mark

    Well Lilly. I have looked around most of the world and in the end decided that we need to look in our own closet and protect our section of the world because there are certain countries that seem to think that the world should be ruled by one power and do not respect the customs of others. Your comment again!—I already got your position: the sadistic killing of animals is entirely justified, ‚Äúbecause I brought a couple of foxes to my home and Oh!! but what a strange thing that happened, they were reproduced! Incredible.‚ÄĚ
    You have forgotten my comment from the 3.2.2012—You are right that the problems with we have with feral animals is mans fault and it is our responsibility to right the wrongs.
    Sorry but you are losing creditbility with me.
    I was not here 220 years ago.

  • Mari

    well Mark, I think we will not convince each other to change our minds. Anyway it was a pleasure to exchange views with you :)

  • Lilly

    the previous message was mine! I am my sister’s laptop, sorry.

  • mark

    All good Lilly. All the best!

  • Ruby

    I am so Anti-Fur its not even funny I really love animals and couldn’t even imagine wearing fur when ever I see somebody wearing fur I just want to kick them in the teeth!