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Brad Pitt: 'Daily Show' Interview!

Brad Pitt: 'Daily Show' Interview!

Brad Pitt sits down for an interview for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday (February 1) in New York City.

The 48-year-old actor chatted about his Oscar nomination and getting his movie Moneyball made.

Brad also talked a bit about another one of his Oscar nominated films, The Tree of Life, but Jon quickly told Brad that he had seen the film five times and could not understand it!

In case you missed it, check out Brad on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia‘s February issue.

Check out the interview below…

Brad Pitt: ‘Daily Show’ Interview!
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  • believe

    He is so gorgeous. Love how he handles this interview.

  • Lily

    I hate Jon Stewart

  • I love men aging gracefully

    He’s a much more attractive man than any other stars of his age group (and that is including Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise).
    And he’s a nominee for the Oscar!

  • Roxy

    O-M-G!!! This man is so sexy, he gets sexier every day. Yummy. I really wants him to win the oscar. I’m so sick of George Cloony.


    brad luvs FJWPs
    but lots 4 u
    jolie really big vvh0re
    use rubber suit

  • Rose&Sage

    The Oscar go to……. Brad Pitt yummy yummy

  • Brad is as hot and sexy as…

    … a dead slug.

  • Katie

    @I love men aging gracefully: Johnny is too bloated now… alcoholic maybe? As for Tom, he has a good plastic surgeon, he looks good, but still he is so NOT appealing… ewww
    Brad has a natural charm & an effortless sexual allure. Angie is a lucky woman.

  • bizzy bee

    Brad, I hope you are well wherever you are tonight and that you have your beautiful family with you.

    Not much else to say, getting sleepy lol. Good night, my fellow JP fans! :)

  • Rose&Sage

    Team Brad and Angelina I loved

  • Roxy

    @Katie: Totally agree with you, he does have a natural charm. He doesn’t try to be sexy, he’s already sexy. I’ve always loved his eyes. As for Tom Cruise the only thing I like about him he makes some decent movies, I likes the MI movies, other than that his laugh is just scary…Team Brad Pitt all the way for the oscars

  • dari

    I love how he always is so gracious and pushes other actors, writers etc to the forefront. It seems like so many of the younger celebs are all about me-me-me. With Brad it is always a team effort. No wonder those that work with him always tell everyone how great he is–because he is!

  • Love The Shoes

    @I love men aging gracefully: YES!!!!!!! I get so tired of Johnny Depp being thought of as super fine when yes, he is, but Brad is MORE super fine. Johnny is lovely but grimy. He and his zoot suits are tired. Brad beats them all and thems just the facts.

  • cam

    Gorgeous Man! Great Guy!
    I watched pt 2 of the interview and Jon Stewart is now a fangirl..

  • Katie

    @Brad is as hot and sexy as…: And you have the repartee of a limax.

  • Roxy

    @Love The Shoes: HAHAHAH!!! You’re cracking me up. LMAOOO at zoot suits.

  • Dc

    Brad is very charismatic. I find him ruggedly handsome. None of these new young actors come close to him. I do not find Tom c. appealing in any way. Johnny depp is fine but not like brad. I also don’t understand the craze for him and clooney. Brad all the way. Lucky lady Ange is, but then he a lucky man for having Angie.

  • Dakota

    Handsome, charismatic, intelligent and funny, he has it all & a beautiful family!!

  • Lucy

    He is a perfect man.

  • awww

    Brad is gorgeous. He is so charming.

  • lurker

    forget Tom .C,Gc AND ,j.Deep.Brad all trhe way…his eyes..awww

  • jmho

    Luv Brad!

  • nancy

    oh he’s so sexy, oh he’s so gorgeous! PLEASEEEE, he’s an overrated piece of s.hit, along with the skeleton lollipop partner oh his.

  • fyi

    Brad’s interview with Insider the Actors Studio clip: Jonah Hill experience

  • anustin

    bahaha…and re.tarded Maniston is what? a fatzo fuggy and…….she need to fckkkk a producer to get a with it!!!

  • Marieme

    Man! What good stuff. Brad is so relaxed, intelligent and charismatic! I love how the audience goes nuts. There is genuine affection and admiration for this man and he deserves nothing but praise. No wonder Angelina is always glowing! This hairstyle is so sexy too! Rowr!

  • Sean

    He never ages but his wife looks 47

  • lylian

    Just read the article from the Guardian someone posted in the previous thread. I was reading the comments too (which must have been moderated because most were actually on point and not full of garbage). Anyway, here is a comment from this person andiek
    3 February 2012 7:48AM at the guardian article:
    “When I was in Marrakech a couple of months back, the taxi driver my Riad had arranged to pick us up from the airport had happened about telling us that he’d been the driver for the cast and crew of a Hollywood film.

    That film was Babel, and the driver had met Brad Pitt. He’d never heard of Brad Pitt before that – not at all – but he said he was a genuinely really nice guy and while filming on set in the desert, ended up paying for a village to have electricity connected. Brilliant!”

  • lylian
  • Emma

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Brad

  • mir

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  • Ako si Gladys

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the “god and goddess of LOVE and BEAUTY”… Love the whole family!!!! :-)))

  • NAN

    He he he,Dolly’s friends are not happy that Brad Pitt is very Popular when he is with Angelina Jolie ,

    Angelina Jolie is a good wife for Brad Pitt !!!

    Poor Jen The X huh ?,she had been said 7 years ago !

    ” In 5 years I’ll be on my way to have family and kids ” (VF 05)

    Now is 7 years gone by Jen The X’s womb is still EMPTY !


    Jen The X will be 43 + year old and still No Baby…..Ouch….Ouch.

  • lylian

    I think that Brad is taking a lot of effort to appear on these shows not only because he wants to increase the BO and DVD sales of Moneyball and TOL, and of course, his own chances of an oscar, but also because frankly, it gives amazing publicity to Jonah Hill. It is true that Jonah does not appear in every interview with Brad. But it is also a reality that if Brad weren’t appearing in some of these interviews, I doubt if Jonah would have been invited to those interviews himself. Brad is generously ensuring that he is able to shine a light on his friend Jonah, just as he had done for Casey Afleck a few years ago.

  • anustin

    bahahah….sooo jealous of his babies lol momma.suck it! trollniston!she’s fugg and a peen changing biyotch!

  • a fan

    Katie @ 02/02/2012 at 11:19 pm +17

    @I love men aging gracefully: Johnny is too bloated now… alcoholic maybe? As for Tom, he has a good plastic surgeon, he looks good, but still he is so NOT appealing… ewww
    Brad has a natural charm & an effortless sexual allure. Angie is a lucky woman.
    JD did look bloated in The Tourist but I still liked the movie a lot. But had to wonder how much sexier their interaction could have been if he had looked better. After all he was starring next to Angelina. That in and of itself should have made him go on some of sort diet before he began shooting.

  • JP Love

    Was reading this article about ITLOBAH and it struck me again how in love and supportive of each other Brad & Angie are- I recall all those pap photos with Brad diligently taking pictures & cuddling with Angie. After seeing this VERY well-done complex, intense movie it is even more touching how they were their usual love bird selves. For those (troll?) naysayers, who think Brad isn’t “good” enough for Angie- go see ITLOBAH and then re-look at the onset pics of the JPs. Not many (any?) of Brad’s peers would would pass on 20M pay days to hang with their kids and be onset photog/gaffer /financier of their SO’s passion project.
    That crew proved invaluable for the first-time director, who shot the film in Hungary on a limited budget. “I’ve got six kids, so I was used to multitasking,” she said, ” but I learned something new every day, starting with how to look through the camera. “I’ve had experiences on film sets where people worked together and were kind to each other, and I’ve had other experiences where it was hierarchical and people were rude to each other, so I was very careful in picking a crew that was not only talented but some of the nicest people in the business. They all took pay cuts because they wanted to tell this story.

    Read more:

  • a fan

    I know this is not the subject of this thread, but just want to mention it now while I am here: Angie is a naturally slender woman. Right after she finished breast feeding Shiloh and then right after breast feeding the twins, she was thinner. Look at her breast in Salt. She is smaller than her normal dimensions. Breast feeding makes a woman lose weight. Why people make such a big case out of Angie’s slight decrease in weight after she has given birth and breast fed her children, is unfair and misguided.

    But Angie was always considered a sexy woman because she is slender with natural curves and she carries herself well and has a beautiful face with mysterious, mischievous eyes.

  • beverlyhills

    JD’s character of frank was meant to be bloated and not the usual dashing man, alexander pierce needed to be incognito.

    btw, anoosha-youbetterlikeme is back, and posting articles from german websites…i remember phoebe was a german, preacher to not talk about aniston, and thought she was better jolie fan than anyone…..things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • teri

    Brad Pitt is amazing and I pray he wins his oscar. He’s been overlooked four times IMHO, enough already.

  • dawne

    BTW, on the last thread I mentioned the Peeps article on Ticky with the preceding pages plastered with Angie and Brad at Sag…………like Clooney, the other major fameho, she was allowing them inside ‘their’ new home……………forgot to mention how awful the interior design is…..they featured a couple of rooms, one of which is her ‘work out’ area for her ‘yoga’……………no one gives a sweet shite about her workouts………guess it is to remind us of her ‘bawdy’……..they are simply running out of things to print about her. But Huvsie still busy trying to stay on the payroll.

  • dawne

    Troll on board with a busy thumb……….if only Ticky gave a shite about these now desperate losers.

  • busted

    @a fan:

    I liked The Tourist.. Loved Angie of course and Paul was my favorite. Johnny was not the best part of the film. He is not sexy in that WORLDLY way.. He was the problem in the movie. Not Angie. She and Paul had great chemistry.. I wanted to see more of them. And less of Johnny.

    I like Johnny as a person.. I think he is a sweet and kind man. Not of this world in way.. But I don’t find him the least bit sexy. Never ever have found him that that sexy. I think it maybe because the parts he is most known for are weird character roles with loads of makeup. I’m not use to seeing him as a normal guy. And that for me was the problem

    But like I said I like Johnny.. just not interested in his films.

  • 2busted

    To busted. I think there’s only 1 movie of Brad’s I’ve watched where he hasn’t been sexy (in California he was scary not sexy)but in Johnny Depp’s case, its a mixed bag of sexiness. I LOVE him in in Chocolat– he was soooo sexy. You should check that movie out.

  • Fully Understood Moneyball

    and it still sucked

  • teri

    @Fully Understood Moneyball:

    I don’t think you were smart enough to understand it. Next…….

  • busted

    @Fully Understood Moneyball:

    Your comment is just idiotic. There was nothing to not understand about Moneyball..

    the joke was that Tree of Life was the film some either got or didn’t but when you are just making a dumb comment to make a comment just show how ignorant you are. And that you are making random negative comment just for WHATEVER reason.

    I guess that is all you have.. so go at it.. Continue looking like a fool.. it fits you to a T

  • G

    Lovin the hair. He’s Tristan again.

  • Wonderbust

    i see willow has shaved her head..wonder if she will receive backlash like SHiloh did..prob not..double standards