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Brad Pitt: 'Daily Show' Interview!

Brad Pitt: 'Daily Show' Interview!

Brad Pitt sits down for an interview for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday (February 1) in New York City.

The 48-year-old actor chatted about his Oscar nomination and getting his movie Moneyball made.

Brad also talked a bit about another one of his Oscar nominated films, The Tree of Life, but Jon quickly told Brad that he had seen the film five times and could not understand it!

In case you missed it, check out Brad on the cover of Vanity Fair Italia‘s February issue.

Check out the interview below…

Brad Pitt: ‘Daily Show’ Interview!
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  • funny tweet

    Looks like David S is on the same page as Seth McF:
    DavidSpade This means bore.

  • Fic

    Angelina cried out as she felt herself shudder and climax as Brad nibbled at the sensitive pink folds that concealed her entrance. Brad grinned as she tugged at his hair, trying to pull him up so they were face-to-face. Sliding his hands up her smooth back, he licked and kissed her lips and began to kiss every inch of her body, including the slight scar that marred the lower portion of her belly. She was so beautiful and Brad loved her more than she would ever know. He had been sleeping when he heard her moan in her sleep. He had turned to wake her when he realized his sexy lady love was having one of those hot and wet fantasies. As if that weren’t wonderful enough, he had heard her yell out the name “Achilles” and what better way to reprise his former role than like this? Deciding to mess things up a bit, Brad pretended that she was “Olympias,” mother of Alexander and also an indirect descendant of Achilles according to myth. So, while she had been sleeping, Brad proceeded to make love with her with his hands and mouth. But now it was time to use another tool. His rock-hard pen!s. Before she could say anything, Brad flipped Angelina onto her stomach and got up on his knees behind her. Pulling her hips back towards his erection, Brad inserted the tip of himself inside her and then thrust all the way in. Angelina cried out at the sharp and full sensation, but soon her cries became moans of pleasure as Brad grabbed hold of her hips and began to ram himself in and out of her at a steady pace. She grabbed onto the bedposts for support as Brad began to increase the length of his pace and thrusts, punishing her with his speed stick. She muffled her scream into the pillow, not wanting to wake anybody up. After a few minutes of building up the pinnacle of their sexual flight, Brad and Angelina climaxed together in a hot and beautiful mess. A few seconds later, it was Angelina’s turn to be the dominant one. Angelina watched as she lowered herself unto the Bradley pony, watching his c0ck disappear seemingly forever inside her. Bracing her palms on his chest for support, Angelina began to grind as Brad played with her big breasts. She was the hottest MILF he had ever seen. Soon after riding him for what seemed to be eternity, Angelina climaxed, unable to stop from screaming her powerful and intense 0rgasm into his face. Brad kissed her as she fell forward in a disheveled heap. He came soon after, for nice guys always finish last. After a few minutes of snuggling and some pillow talk, the lovers soon fell asleep once more, with their limbs entangled and melding into one another’s, just like their love. The End

  • groundcontrol

    MIR Auction Items
    By Alec Baldwin
    30 Rock set visit with Alec
    By Max Brooks
    Private World War Z screening with Max
    DAMN! These are good items.

  • bdj

    From Fugly First.
    McGreedy shuddered as he gazed upon McNeedy’s bare make up free face. Nothing could hide the large pores and lard chipmunk cheeks with the beedy closed set eyes. McGreedy ran from the bedroom in terror with Dolly barking, “Wait for me”.

  • bizzy bee

    One of my favorite songs attached to my favorite couple. So glad they took a chance on love. <3

  • bdj

    Entire article at link

    GK Films, writer-director Angelina Jolie, and the distributors of In the Land of Blood and Honey are utilizing publicity, marketing, and new media devices to enhance the film’s role as a purveyor of education. The Center for the Study of Women recently cosponsored the premiere of the film, which centers on a relationship between a prisoner and her captor in wartime Bosnia, circa 1992 to 1995. The relationship becomes a crucible through which to explore the sociopolitical events that both surround and impact it. In addition to representing this time, place, and community with impressive accuracy, the producers of the film have used it as an opportunity to provide more historical and social context to viewers who explore its official website
    It seems difficult to deny that, with In the Land of Blood of Honey and its publicity, the filmmakers and distributors have pushed the boundaries of what kinds of industry and independent films are possible, and what cultural functions they may serve. Let us hope that its success will allow the film and its surrounding discourse to serve as models for other Hollywood power players.

  • Jaye

    I see someone has been indulging in fan fiction. I wouldn’t think this would be the place for it, but this isn’t my site.

  • bdj

    Jolie-Pitt head to Bosnia


    5 February 2012

    Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt will visit Croatia and Bosnia this month for the launch of her directorial debut, a Bosnian wartime love story, a distributor said.

    The movie In the Land of Blood and Honey will have its official debut in Sarajevo on February 14 and in the Croatian capital Zagreb three days later, the local distributor, Blitz Film, said in a statement.

    The film has already had a preview screening in Bosnia in late December, as a number of victims’ organisations in Bosnia had expressed concern that the film would not correctly present their plight.
    Most of them eventually hailed the movie as objective and sincere.

    The international premiere of Jolie’s directorial debut, filmed in 2010 with a number of actors from the former Yugoslavia, took place on December 5 in New York and it will go on general release in Europe in early February.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – Hilarious! :)

  • Wonderbust

    so im super late but i had no idea that Angie’s uncle wrote “wild thing” here is the song
    talented family :)

  • Goop


    This is an imposter “GOOP” …… not me.

    I’m sure Brad deserves a lot of credit from UNHR and USO and SOS

  • heather

    Love you Brad , keeping you in my dreams.

  • Golddustwoman

    @Love the JoliePitts:

    Oh jeepers, the pressure, the pressure to get a good story for you all.LOL.

    On the Oscars debate here is my take: I went to the London film critics awards recently where the Artist won big. Jean Dujardin won best actor. In my opinion the win was wholly deserved. I think his performance is magnificent in a perfect film. (He’s also totally gorgeous)!!

    Afterwards i spoke to a number of voters who also have the Bafta vote. They said they simply could not understand why Clooney was the Oscar front runner. They had good words for Brad, were loyal to Brit Oldman (but didn’t love the film or him in it) but were bowled over by Dujardin.
    The Baftas have become a landmark point on the Oscar trail. Normally I’d say whoever wins the Bafta is on target for Oscar. However, this year, my feeling is, the voters feel Dujardin deserves it but they have a Brit who has been overlooked for many years in Oldman so may feel some pressure to vote for him.
    So, imo the Bafta battle is between these 2.
    Oscar, however, I think is a VERY tight battle between Dujardin and Clooney.
    Brad’s time will come but not this year.
    As for Lainey and her obsession with the ‘campaign’ by B & A – she is out of her depth in her useless Oscar analysis. Michael Caine once said, ‘EVERY actor wants an oscar, anyone who says he doesn’t is LYING!’
    Does Brad want an Oscar, yes. So does every one of the other 4 men in the running. Do you think Damien Bichir wants it any less just because most people haven’t heard of him and he’s not Brad or George?
    Brad’s time will come.

  • Moneyball

    Golddustwoman- thanks for sharing yr info- I’m still hoping for Brad! Even before Moneyball & TOL, he had one of the most diverse and most accomplished resumes of anyone. If Brad retired today, he would have already achieved his very admirable goal of leaving behind fine work for his children. As fans, we should cherish the next few weeks because it could be several years before we see the JPs at award shows….not that they won’t be making fabulous movies for us to see, it’s just that these upcoming movies don’t seem to be ones that attract award attention. If 12 yrs….is well -received, Brad could get nominated as a producer, unless, of course, they find a way to screw him out of that, too. Or maybe Angie will make her Afghanistan story.

  • Golddustwoman

    Never say never Moneball – I get a feeling Angelina is looking hard for that killer script that will get her Oscar number 2. She could find it any time. Personally i’d prefer her to sweep the board with a best actress win than get acclaim for directing another film that doesn’t get a large audience.
    Don’t get me wrong, kudos to her for that but female stars have a limited shelf life in Hollywood, whether we like it or not.
    Angelina is at the peak of her fame and beauty. She needs to capitalize on that and secure her movie legacy with a few box office smash hits and the odd Oscar bait film in between. There will be time for directing etc later. I want to see her win a big slew of awards, be undisputed box office queen and slay the opposition over the next few years.
    But, I totally agree with you, let’s enjoy them on the red carpet these next few weeks.

  • juju

    Golddustwoman @ 02/05/2012 at 7:50 am
    i doubt that angelina is thinking
    of oscar or awards
    when she doesnt even seem
    to want to work that much
    she was never about awards
    or a career driven actress

  • busted


    actually JP fans use to write some amazing fan fics and to my knowledge they posted them on this site for the fans to read. Then the HAGS started having a melt down and stole them.. I guess they just couldn’t handle it.

    LOL.. someone posted a while back that one of the hags at IUC stole a post of a JP fan that went to one of Brad and Angie premiers and changed it to make it about Aniston. I think it was because we had said something on this site about how her fans never tweet or write accounts of meeting her. So this dumb twit took a JP fan account and wrote it like she had seen Aniston at some premier.. LOL.. funny how in all the years of premiers the woman has had that only one of her fans wrote about it.

    Brad and Angie together is HOT.. and I get how they can inspire some creative writing. I wish I could write like some of the fans.. but.. I sure enjoy the fan fics I have read. And have not doubt the HAGS are at home locked in a room enjoying them too.. Such losers. They claim not to like this couple but spend time reading fan fics about them.. now that is all kinds of perverted and weird..

    Does anyone here want to read some romantic fan fic about Lenny/Squiggy.. HE LL to the NO..

    So let the hags have a creamy time reading about Brad and Angie.. probably the closest some of them have ever gotten to having a man or woman in their lives..

  • busted


    ITAWY.. if you look at what she has been saying in interviews.. acting is not on her agenda. She doesn’t seem to have much passion for it right now. Look she has not worked in front of the camera for about 2 years. That is a long time. If she was about the acting right now she would have done a movie to just do a movie.. We see that all the time.. I miss seeing her, but like that she doesn’t feel the need to do a movie just because. I think she is at the point where for her to act it will have to be a great script that moves her.

    but she has said she wants to be a Director now.. so I think the fans should prepare for seeing her less in front of the camera and more behind it. She and Brad have both said they were going to be acting less and less.. some people just didn’t listen.

    But I miss her too.. I hope she does that film in April.. but we will have to wait and see.

  • history

    If Brad doesn’t win this time, I can’t imagine that he’ll be nominated again- why? Besides the fact that he keeps saying that he sees the end of his shelf life, he doesn’t have the inclination to purposefully select Oscar-bait material. Just by coincidence, some of the stories that Brad has selected to tell have been too important even for the oscars to ignore. If wwz rolls out as a triliogy, he’ll have time for little else and i think he wants to retire sooner than later- Angie wants to retire even more than he does. IF they FINALLY decide to give Brad an Oscar, it will probably be after he is dead and one of his kids (probably Maddox) may or may not go pick it up. And, of course, George will come back from the grave or screeching out of the nursing home to find away to coat tail.

  • busted


    If Angie is Directing. I don’t call that retiring.. And Brad is Producing loads of projects.. again not retiring..

    does that mean they will act less.. sure. but that is not retiring..

  • chunky pipe

    …geeh, noone liked ‘tree of snorrah’ with the t-rexes?…hahahahaha…well, you can’t blood from a turnip…hahahahahahahaha…

  • chunky pipe

    …I tell you, hollywood wastes more money than wall street…throwing good money after bad…

  • IMO

    i kinda wish Brad stopped going to all these appearances because hes obviously not going to win..i dont recall him doing this for Benjamin Button and that was probably because he knew he had no chance. It just makes him look all can spin that its for promotion of MOneyball but lets face it, the DVD came out a month ago and the movie even longer(Brad has never pormoted a DVD anyways)..even on AJ’s imdb the fans were saying he is doing too much..the overexposure will not win him bonus points and when he looses he will just be laughed at because of his all rag on Clooney but Brad is doing the SAME thing.

  • briseis

    @IMO: I personally don’t mind … more of Brad to see … besides, I think he’s more invested in MB because he produced it and he went through so much just to see it get made … anyway, next year you can sit back and enjoy not seeing Brad since his movies this year are not Oscar bait. Me, I will just enjoy drooling over and over at his appearances on TDS, CBS, The Today Show, and ITAS on Friday. BTW, thanks to those who posted the links to his appearances, much appreciated.

  • http://computer Susan

    When you make a movie it is your JOB to promote it. Brad look desperate, you wish. Fans are loving his many appearances, talking about his family and his former boring life, I can never get enough. By the way he is a grown up, and he knows what is best for him, fans and trolls can have opinions, but his is the one that counts. Who is going to laugh at him? Are they going to laugh at the others also, for not winning? of course not, now give your tiny brain a rest.

  • Strange

    Goldustwoman, what media do you represent? Seems strange you’re posting here if you’re a legit journalist. We’re fans here. Not right to try to fool the young fans on board here with made up stories.

  • briseis

    OT: I know a lot of people do not like Stacy Kiebler for being George Clooney’s latest beard, arm candy, or whatever, but Lord, that woman has got the greatest legs nowadays. I don’t know what kool-aid stuff tabs and mags have been imbibing, saying that Ticky has got the best body and legs in HW. Stacy K has her short, stumpy legs and now getting fat body beat hands down. Stacy has Ticky in a tight wrestling lock and wins. Both faces are meh, though.

  • trt

    hi, briseis. good morning.

  • chunky pipe

    …pitt is more invested in ‘monkeyballs’ than ‘tree of snorrah’?…he gave himself four, count ‘em, 4 chances to lose…hahahahahahahahaha…he is trying to win by hook or crook or come h.a.i.l or high water…hahahahahahaha…

  • also

    I agree- as others have said, people DON’T LISTEN to the the JPs- Brad FINALLY doing ITAS is a big sign he is close to done- he said he didn’t want to do it until he had a sufficient body of work. I think doing several of these shows that he’s never done before is an experiment and a farewell. Also, CCOBB was premiering overseas during Jan-Feb when he would have be doing the shows he’s doing now. Angie has said even more about doing less/retiring. It will definitely be a treat if we do see her in front of the camera again. Yes, she is good at/liked directing, but she feels shy about it and knows it takes a lot of time. The house they sold translated into one skipped movie.
    history @ 02/05/2012 at 8:22 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    If Brad doesn’t win this time, I can’t imagine that he’ll be nominated again- why? Besides the fact that he keeps saying that he sees the end of his shelf life, he doesn’t have the inclination to purposefully select Oscar-bait material. Just by coincidence, some of the stories that Brad has selected to tell have been too important even for the oscars to ignore. If wwz rolls out as a triliogy, he’ll have time for little else and i think he wants to retire sooner than later- Angie wants to retire even more than he does. IF they FINALLY decide to give Brad an Oscar, it will probably be after he is dead and one of his kids (probably Maddox) may or may not go pick it up. And, of course, George will come back from the grave or screeching out of the nursing home to find away to coat tail.

  • briseis

    @trt: Hi there, tita. Kumusta ka? Ang aga mong mag-posting!!
    Chunky pipe, cook, or whatever name you are going by nowadays: I have not commented on your recent postings. Please ignore mine, as I have no intention of going into a pointless debate with you. I get it, you hate Brad, I love him, we’ll never see eye to eye, end of story.

  • juju

    Strange @ 02/05/2012 at 10:40 am
    ritzy gal came to mind

  • Golddustwoman

    @Strange – Excuse me?
    Can a journalist not be a fan too?
    I don’t need to prove myself to you. I f you don’t want to read my posts, don’t do so.

    I’ve posted on and off for several years on different forums. I’ve fought horrendous battles on behalf of B + A against Aniston nutters but this is the first time I’ve been called out by a B + A fan!

    How very rude of you to suggest I ‘make up stories’.
    Please point to anything I’ve posted which is fanciful or untrue.

    Other posters have been very gracious and if you look back at my posts I asked whether they might like me to report back from the Baftas. Several said they did. If they still want me to, I am still very happy to do so for them.
    Your post is totally uncalled for.

  • chunky pipe

    …why was it so important to make ‘monkeyballs’?…why? why? why?…the a’s ain’t won nada!…just a team like the dead, I mean redskins where players go to retire after eeking out another check…

  • denise

    @Golddustwoman: I think she has found it in Cleopatra. No doubt that if she gives a good performance she will win another Oscar. I don’t think she is really concerned about that, but this is her next award winning film. She is destined to become a great director in the future. People will give her the opportunity to direct again on something she didn’t write.
    As for BP maybe he will do another role and get that Oscar but not this one. I think he should do something like Kalifornia and become a not so pretty bad guy in a movie to win the big O.

  • chunky pipe

    …last week and the week before that, y’all been going on ‘clooney this, clooney that’…now, this cat is everywhere…hahahahahahahahaha

  • juju

    Golddustwoman @ 02/05/2012 at 11:23 am
    she is right to find it strange
    i dont believe a jornalist would waste her time
    going to a buried celebrity comment section
    to offer to share news of brad nd angelina
    no ofence but that is ritzy gal modus operadis lol

  • Rose

    @IMO: Why do you say he”obviously not going to win”. How would you know that? I can say in my opinion he is going to win. The only people who knows who is going to win are the people counting the votes. From what I gathered, the voting has not been closed as yet. Also, people must remember this is business. There are many people who have invested millions of dollars to make this movie and they are looking for a profit on their investment.
    Have you not seen all the happy fans going crazy to see BP in NY and everywhere he goes. BP is one of the most beloved HW star all over the world. When you read the gossip sites and the weekly rags you may think that he is not at the top of his game, but don’t believe everything you read in the rags and on some of the blogs. They say things to get hits, that’s how they pay their mortgage and car notes.
    Also, he is not the only actor selling his movie, it’s their job to sell it. You hear more about Brad because he is the biggest star at this time and it would appear for a long time to come. There is only one BP and everyone is trying to be like him, believe that. #224

  • juju

    modus operadis – modus operandis

  • jonah

    I think Brad wants to help Jonah, too. Yes, CP will probably get the Oscar, but Brad bringing Jonah along and/or talking up Jonah gives Jonah invaluable exposure and credibility. Jonah plans on working for many more years; Brad does not. Both he & Angie are always SO KIND and generous to their co-workers- it is really exceptional in a town that is so cut-throat. Their shared compassion for others is yet another reason they are so good together!

  • Strange

    Golddustwoman, I will skip your posts from now on because your madeup life is an obvious and blatant cry for atttention. Fans of all ages read this blog and it is not fair for younger fans to be deceived into thinking they’re getting firsthand RC info from you. If you’re a legit journalist, it would be unethical for you to give this info to a blog when you are being paid to report for a newspaper, mag or tv station. Enough said.

  • beverlyhills


    you were invited into the JP house with ur sister once?

    like chunk in the goonies, and his micheal jackson story lol

  • chunky pipe

    …hahahahahahaha…now, ‘fool’s-gold’ got y’all ppiiss-y…hahahahahahahaha…

  • beverlyhills

    some fans lie too.
    some claim to have pics with the JP’s (or staff like holly goline), then never provide any evidence, just their word.

  • lily


    IMDB are a bunch of brad hating waah waah I miss old angelina “fans” so you can f$ck off with that. Coming here like we’re suppose to give a crap about what those losers are saying including YOU. You can go back there and whine together.

  • Rose

    @Golddustwoman: If you are not a fan it will come out in the wash. Why are you arguing with another fan. Everyone has a right to believe you or not. If you want to post something post it. The true fans will know if you or legitimate or not. If you are a fan we will appreciate to hear what you have to say, if you are not we will thumb you down.

  • Berlin

    Jolie, Streep join Arab Spring at Berlin film fest
    Sunday, Feb 05, 2012

    BERLIN – The Arab Spring uprisings and political turmoil in the West will dominate the 62nd Berlin film festival starting Thursday, as Hollywood royalty sprinkles stardust in the frigid German capital.

    Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Robert Pattinson, Antonio Banderas and Christian Bale are due in town to present new films at the first major European festival of the year, and arguably its most topical.

    “Farewell My Queen”, a drama starring Diane Kruger as Marie Antoinette on the eve of the French Revolution and told from the point of view of the underclass – a kind of “Occupy Versailles” – will set the tone for 11 days of world premieres.

    “There is a clear theme running through the Berlinale this year and that is upheaval,” festival director Dieter Kosslick told reporters as he unveiled the line-up featuring nearly 400 films.

    “A lot of stories are seen from the perspective of the underdog and that theme of radical change and political awakening applies to our opening film too.”

    “Farewell My Queen” by French director Benoit Jacquot is one of 18 pictures vying for the Golden Bear top prize, to be awarded by a jury led by British director Mike Leigh and including US actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Franco-British actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn and French director Francois Ozon.

    Also on the panel is Iran’s Asghar Farhadi, who took home the Golden Bear and swept the acting prizes last year for his wrenching drama “A Separation”, setting the film on a trajectory that has now seen it nominated for a foreign-language Oscar.

    Berlin prides itself on being “edgier” than its chief competitors, Cannes and Venice, with a more overtly political programme.

    This year’s event will spotlight the Arab Spring one year after the fall of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak with documentaries shot on the ground, panel discussions and feature films dealing with the region’s history and cultures.

    And three films in the festival’s Forum section will spotlight the nuclear disaster at Fukushima last March, including “No Man’s Zone” which takes viewers into the contaminated area around the stricken reactors.

    Jolie is to present her directorial debut “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, a Bosnian wartime love story, and participate in an audience discussion after the screening.

    Streep will pick up an honorary Golden Bear for her life’s work and the festival will show the top films of her career culminating in a gala screening of her new Margaret Thatcher biopic “The Iron Lady”.

    In the competition, 2007 Golden Bear winner Wang Quan’an will unveil his sweeping Chinese epic, “White Deer Plain”, based on “one of the most controversial novels in modern Chinese literature,” Kosslick said.

    Chen Zhongshi’s prize-winning bestseller depicts the hardscrabble lives of generations of families in the countryside before the rise of communism.

    Filipino art-house star Brillante Mendoza’s will join the running with “Captive”, starring French screen icon Isabelle Huppert as an aid worker kidnapped by Islamic extremist group Abu Sayyaf.

    US actor and film-maker Billy Bob Thornton, who won a screenwriting Oscar for his own first outing as a feature film director, 1996′s “Sling Blade”, will premiere the Vietnam War-era drama “Jayne Mansfield’s Car” in the competition.

    Other entries in the main showcase include British drama “Bel Ami”, based on a Guy de Maupassant novel and starring Pattinson of “Twilight” fame as a young man who manipulates Paris’s wealthiest women to realise his ambitions.

    Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci co-star in the picture, which will appear out of competition.

    Bale will also appear out of competition in “The Flowers of War” by Chinese master Zhang Yimou.

    British Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald will unveil his keenly anticipated documentary on the life of the late reggae superstar Bob Marley.

    And Shah Rukh Khan will delight Bollywood fans at a screening of the German-India co-production “Don – The King is Back”.

  • trt

    I wish Brad and Angie would make more movies before they call it quits on acting. They can produce and direct but it would be an awful shame not to see them on screen from time to time. They have such a great presence that every time I see some movie write up or preview for a new film I keep wondering how Angie or Brad would have done if they had been in it.

    The two are such beautiful actors and entertaining to watch. Look at Clint Eastwood. He directs, produces but still acts once in a while. So does the other greats like de NIro.

    In these days where other actors are killing themselves trying to get roles or attention, the JPs seem to be the only ones reluctant to take advantage of their bargaining power. Wish they’d relent and take more roles cause their fans are really interested in seeing them. They don’t have to be Oscar bait or huge blockbusters…but they should be good ones and have legs.

    ***Maybe Brad would get nominated again for WWZ. It looks like it’s going to be good.

  • Rose

    @briseis:#228 You know that’s one of my pet peeve about SS great body, not. You can take a walk any where in NY all 5 boroughs and see better body than SS. This is something she and her guru made up and sold it to her fans like the sexiest woman of all times. However, the peopled did not buy the sexiest woman, they laughed at her instead.

  • juju

    fyi @ 02/04/2012 at 11:51 am

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    # 132 Golddustwoman @ 02/04/2012 at 9:48 am

    angelina won’t be at bafta.she has press work in serbia on feb 11th.according to bafta’s insiders only brad has confirmed his seat.

    besides the link to angelina press work in serbia
    can u post the link to those bafta insiders