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Hayden Christensen: Chateau Marmont Man

Hayden Christensen: Chateau Marmont Man

Hayden Christensen picks up a friend before heading to Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 1) in West Hollywood.

The 30-year-old Canadian actor was spotted out taking a pit stop with his girlfriend, Rachel Bilson, over the weekend.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Christensen

Hayden and Rachel were also spotted together at the Toronto airport in late December.

Be sure to check out Rachel‘s recent Hart of Dixie rap video on Funny or Die!

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen heading to Chateau Marmont…

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  • stacy

    I am starting to not like him. And I really do want to like him. I feel like he’s taken a beating in his career. But he’s got a major case of doucheface going on lately.

    Maybe it’s the haircut…..

  • Monica

    Oh Hayden, you look amazing! Hope there’s a Jumper 2!

  • tina

    Oh baby baby!

  • tina

    Looking good Hayden!

  • Jax

    Stacy, it’s being around that famewh*re GF, she almost always has a serious case of b*tch face unless she’s mugging for the paps. Guess that rubbed off on him. Too bad.

  • Kate

    he looks so young,pretty))
    is he still acting?

  • Shari

    What happened to his career!?!?! IMDB says he hasn’t acted in 2 years, and he only has one thing scheduled in pre-production right now. Sad sad sad sad saaaaddd

  • christa

    His friend is the Canadian rapper K-AOS they have known each other for awhile. Hayden was in one of his music videos and they often seem to hang out when Hayden is in LA. Hayden doesn’t look like he is in the best mood.

  • ozzie

    i bet he is still being attacked by psychotic star wars fans like george lucas still is. Hollywood isnt his scene either. Why work if you don’t need to?

  • call me crazy but…..

    No one wants him. There are up-and-coming young stars out there who actually can act and are more guaranteed to get butts on seats. I don’t dislike the guy but I’ve watched a few of his films and his performances in them haven’t been inspiring. Yeah, yeah the blah blah Life as a blah blah house one and the Glass one are the only two that raise his acting creds to just above the flatline of his career. But that’s about it. And they were like 10 years ago. Since then not a single decent performance in almost a decade! You think producers don’t know that?

  • tina

    What kind of mood are you supposed to have walking through a parking lot. LOL

  • Katrina

    Hayden is as HOT as ever, besides who the heck looks like their having a party walking from their car to a restaurant! I DO think Hayden needs to grow out his hair, he just looks SO much better with longer hair tousled on his head and sides! WHY IS IT MEN think buzzed hair on the sides look good? Women don’t! I always tell my husband’s stylist to keep the sides longer….you have to have something to run your fingers through! Sexy that way too…

  • Anonymous

    @Jax: How is Rachel a famewh-re? She’s hardly seen out and about anymore and at least she has a JOB.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! It’s like he and Rachel switched roles – she’s the “breadwinner” thanks to Josh Schwartz and he’s the mooch!! Maybe Josh & Rachel can give him a job on her show??

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but, the only fans this guy has is those 30-something women who find him hot. I don’t think anybody actually likes him because of his acting, if you did you wouldn’t criticize so much on who he dates. He certainly doesn’t have any guys fans- so just a bunch of loud, obnoxious women who can’t stand seeing a guy *they don’t even know” with another women.

  • Just me

    Hayden looking good there. Jared why you keep trying to sell that repeat everything other sities to promote rachel. He live there and not with rachel at all. We do not see who in the car.who care about rachel video and it did not help her show at all. You need to stop mentioning rachel everytime he be by hisself. Just because rachel said it do not true. This is the second time that hayden has been seem by hisself. Rachel has been runnimg behind him this past weekend and in canada too. You can not make everythimg is fine with them whem she would not get out of the car or show her face when she was with him. IDo not know why she do not come out anymore she use to come out with him too shopping with her mom and sisters she lied about not going anywhere.about her show josh gave it to her.she can not do nothimg for herself still without jared promoting her relationship with hayden.its not helping her show are hayden at all. Rachel show sucls and she never gping to marry each other at all. Just using him until she can found someone better.jared you did not mention who wrote the rap video her co star on hart of dixie. Rachel need to stop using hayden that way. She knows that she really do not want him that way at all.all rachel islie about things she do about his work maybe if he would have stayed away from rachel and got some work instead and not bother about coming to la two yrs ago when ypu are done with someome iys over.its have not help his carrer at all.soit is his fault for not gettimg any jobs rachel will leave him soon.

  • KC

    Hayden looks great, his clothes even match! Yes, he does look good with long hair, but I think his hair looks fine here. I bet he buzzed it himself in Canada, it looked like he had done that in the photos when he picked Rachel up at the airport in December in Toronto. He turned down a movie last summer, The Unknown Son, and then was listed a few weeks later in Battlecreek. If he really wanted to work more, he could. A year ago, Rachel was not working as an actress much, and now look at her. He is driving an Audi, I don’t think he is strapped for cash. He has a working farm, also.

  • get real

    @ 16 Just me

    You need a reality check, honey! Hayden was seen with Rachel twice this weekend, and Rachel works full time filming Hart of Dixie, plus she does ShoeMInt and Sunglass Hut. She is pretty busy. You are the one telling lies about Hayden and Rachel, making up things about them and you don’t even know them. They are together! Grow up and get over it.

  • kosher

    That’s ultimate mugface of a hacktor who cant get job coz of his shitty talent and just hopped on to Elay to get photo-ops – wowza!!!

  • fitzroy

    Yeah HC should make an immediate request to Josh S. to even get him a guest appearance at his in-significant other’s zero-rating TV show rigth before it gets its predictable cancellation,,, as Faaart Of Dixie just scored already the “lowest rating of any CW scripted show has gotten the entire 2011–2012 television season”.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Sheesh, your’re deluding yourself lady. Course the guy wants to act. He’s an actor. Just not a very good one. He’d have given his eyeteeth to have been in a film like Inception, say, or The Grey, or Man On A Ledge. The kind of films that, if ya get them, really push an actor. So what does Christensen get? A bit part in Takers, a second rate, very generic heist film, or Vanishing…the one that vanished w/o a trace. These do not showcase an actor’s talent, if he has any. I could go on.

    Look, I really have no beef w the guy. I like Rachel Bilson. I think she’s a lovely looking girl w a sweet personality but I’m not gonna get jealous coz she’s dating Christensen. Why? Coz she’s an actress and bout as far removed from my social circle as it’s bout to get. She’s a total stranger w her own life who I happen to watch occasionally on a the TV. She is happy with Christensen and he is happy with her coz they sure as hell wouldn’t have got back together if their love for each other had turned sour. And I hope they stay happy together. They have my blessings.

    None of that changes the fact that Christensen is a mediocre actor at best and the only ones who want to see him in a film are his fans. The rest of the viewing audience don’t give a damn coz he can’t bring a part to life and get the audience to invest in his portrayal of a character. Why? Damned if I know! People were willing to give him the chance after the prequels. Lots of people out there understood that George Lucas is a cr*p director who should never be allowed to come near actors or dialogue. So along came Jumper. And guess what? Christensen’s performance damn almost blew his entire career. Now he’s gotta work his way back up from too many bad performances and that isn’t gonna be easy unless he can prove that he can actually act. So far, he hasn’t done that. Those, ma’am, are the facts and I now rest my case.

  • tristgrey

    Star Wars creator, George Lucas just recently announced that he’s already done/retiring in movies. He m.u.s.t. follow suit.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Damn, a post almost as long as the crazy ‘Just Me’ chick who seems to think that Christensen should stay single for the rest of his life so she can have a relationship w him inside her own head.

    @Just me:
    Ya should think bout getting professional help. That kind of obsessing over a total stranger is way over the top.

  • Holly

    @fitzroy: I don’t think you read the correct facts, even though I’m a Nikita fan, Nikita has been getting the lowest ratings. HofD fell when it came back from a 7 week break and was preempted in a popular market for a basketball game that night. So people couldn’t even watch the show.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Glad to hear it. He is the guy solely responsible for f***ing up his own prequels. Not the actors. Just G ‘the word of god’ L.

  • Holly

    @call me crazy but…..: “Just me” is absolutely crazy. She makes all these crazy things up in her head, saying “why did Rachel lie about saying she will never go to Canada again, but now she’s up there.. she’s a liar!” When exactly did she say she was never going to Canada again?? lmfao

  • phat-ruley

    He’s just an -Orlando Bloom Redux-. If acting jobs would continually be that scarce, He will be seen soon be “”hawking””” some crap cologne, cheap Japanese or other Asian RTW’s and talking about how he likes not being in the spotlight anymore (really?!). A consistently questionable talent like him has.NO.staying.power and /or charisma for a leading actor in HW.

  • periwinkle

    Mr. Christonesen seems to forgot to take his happy pills again. He only smiles when he’s promoting his (nowadays) small-time movies & doing carribean vacations. Get a clue, boy. Only 20 people in America think you’re actually talented & still bankable, and the rest, not (3x) really…

  • Jenna

    He looks good in these pics. Nice to see him hanging out with K-OS again. They always seem to have a good time. Plus I love his car.

  • headline

    Ryan Gosling get a snub from the Oscars…
    Hayden Christensen get a snub (continously as deseved) from the casting agents…

  • nina
  • maya

    he is so hot really like him

  • just me

    Jared hayden and rachel is not a real couple at all anymore. still single so is rachel.she hides out at home until she get ready to come out. You never show her by herself anymore. You are not showing the truth about her. She was with her mom shopping last month. Why you did not show that. Rachel does go by herself alone.magazines do call them a couple are mention them anymore. Rachel only use Hayden for attention when he is there nothing more. Both are single. Rachel don’t care nothing about the show. Only a paycheck for her. She want to be in a movie. That’s.why she follow hayden around when he come there
    hoping he will put her in a movie.that. is why she hooked backup.with him

  • @ just me

    Wow, you are still delustional about Hayden and Rachel, as usual. Rachel just got back from Canada at LAX last night, lol! See her new thread.