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Leighton Meester Reflects on 'Gossip Girl' Audition

Leighton Meester Reflects on 'Gossip Girl' Audition

Leighton Meester bundles up while walking around the Gossip Girl set on Wednesday (February 1) in New York City.

The 25-year-old actress recently talked to THR about the CW drama, which reached its 100 episode milestone.

“I started auditioning back in December 2006. The process was really long. At the time, I wanted to move to New York, but I didn’t have a reason or any money. So when my agent sent me the Gossip Girl script, I thought Blair was perfect for me,” Leighton shared.

“Originally the script had my character suffering from an eating disorder,” she added, “but they ended up taking it out.”

Also pictured on set: co-stars Chace Crawford and Elizabeth Hurley!

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  • shanelle

    Glad she was picked as Blair Waldorf! Can’t imagine anyone else playing Blair! She was perfect for the job (still is)

  • kel

    Sh is so pretty.

  • kel

    She is so pretty (sorry for misspell).

  • anna

    She is perfect for the role. I can’t imagine anyone else. Leighton is such a natural beauty with great talent. She and Ed are the best actors on the show.

  • ck

    It was 63F in NYC yesterday..not sure “bundles up” is the right word(s).

  • Belle

    I love her

  • ILH

    I was missing Leighton

  • kayla

    that’s because Blair in the book has an eating disorder.
    And Blair on the show also has one. There are at least 3 episodes where they highlight this, most prominently it is in the Thanksgiving episode Blair Waldorf Must Pie.
    In another episode, when she thinks she is pregnant the first time and isnt sure if Nate or Chuck is the father, her mother is concerned her sickness is from eating disorder.

  • Big Smile Huge Grin

    Why isn’t she more popular? She’s prettier and more talented than the other one. Sometimes hollywood confused me.

  • torrance

    @Big Smile Huge Grin: i think it’s cause blake is a tall, leggy blonde. she has more typical model looks. and she is the headline name on gossip girl, like her name is listed first in opening credits.

  • fee

    In Bad News Blair, it’s implied that the disorder was partly influenced by her mother. At breakfast when Blair reaches for a croissant her mom tells her it might be better for her to have lowfat yogurt.

  • Charlie

    @torrance: Still more beautiful than Blake. Way more. Leighton is natural.

  • Ash

    She deserves the same if not..more credit than Blake. grrr
    I really hope she does well after the show ends. She needs to step up her game though.

  • Sarah89

    I like Leighton more than Blake. :S Blake is only more ‘popular’ because she dated Leo and now Ryan… Anyway, Elizabeth Hurley is coming back? Awesome. :)

  • b

    That was a stupid choice to tke the ED out, it could of been a great plot

  • fiona

    @b: i agree. i guess they could say she (the character) is in recovery.

  • YoDa

    She has done pretty well considering her background. Her mum had her in jail or something, and keeps suing her for money.

  • WAlterBisho[

    I really like Leighton and Blake is my favorite on the show. Out of GG cast she seems the most normal and well, talented. But it creeps me out to hear actors reflecting on their past saying we had no money and no place to live in – but you still had an agent – how’s that possible if you say you didn’t have any money?

  • WAlterBisho[

    I meant Blair , not Blake , sorry . Blair is my fav on the show

  • addison

    I will never for the life of me understand why Blake Lively is so much more famous than Leighton. Leighton single-handedly carries Gossip Girl, not to mention the fact that she insanely gorgeous. I like to think that out of the two of them, Leighton’s the one people will still be talking about ten years from now.

  • RTD

    Blake is just more “famous” than Leighton bc of her PR team and her famewhore skills. She was none back to 2008 and 2009 (somehow) and everything was about Leighton (and I personally think Blake’s style was quite awful and Leighton the it girl atm).The famewhoreness started in 2010 and it didn`t stop. Blake is trying to be this big fashion icon, spread rumors about herself, date famous guys and that’s why she gets US Magazine covers and all that. Leighton doesn`t do any of this, so that why we get the impression Blake has more credit when she actually have not (but she’s trying).

  • mickeyxoxo

    The only scenes I look forward to on Gossip Girl are scenes w/ Leighton. She makes any scene w/ any of the other actors really fun…whether it’s w/ Dorota, Nate, Dan and of course Chuck. She’s absolutely just talented, stunning and a delight.

  • JDS

    She and Ed Westwick are the best actors on Gossip Girl, and they get the best story lines. Love her :)

  • Mavis

    I love Leighton! She sounds fun whenever I see an interview with her..or at least a down to earth girl! I also think she is a better actress than Blake, but that I think is because she is versatile.
    I also would’ve loved to know how Alexandra Chando would’ve done her version of Blair Waldorf. I guess totally different, but I’m curious :)
    But Leighton is Blair Waldorf, nothing will ever change that!