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Madonna: 'Give Me All Your Luvin' Video Preview!

Madonna: 'Give Me All Your Luvin' Video Preview!

Check out Madonna in this sneak peak from the upcoming music video for her song “Give Me All Your Luvin’”!

The 53-year-old singer’s video was previewed on Thursday night’s brand new episode of American Idol.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Madonna

The song also features Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.!

Madonna will be performing “Give Me All Your Luvin’” at the Super Bowl half time show this weekend. Can’t wait! Check out a 90 second snippet of the song, which was released earlier in the day.

Madonna: ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ Video Preview!
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  • nanette

    I was embarassed for her kids.
    It was forgettable and predictable.

  • Boring

    Does strutting and stomping count as dancing?
    Generic overmanufactured pop.
    At least Gaga is a realy musician, songwriter and actual performer.

  • Alex A Aguilar

    Amazing Madonna.

  • I called it!

    I wish she’d sit her old ass down.

  • Johan Antonio

    I Love Madonna

  • TYB

    Good lighting and make-up artist can perform miracles, and I wanna thank he for covering up her tranny arms and granny hands.

  • Jlo was beter

    This explain why she is hating on Gaga, she is jealous of her. What a horrible song and video. She is way too old to be acting like she is in highschool. Not even Miley or Selena will do a video like this. Can’t wait for MC comeback.

  • Britney Fan

    Britney &Madoona The Best Of The World.

  • Alice

    Why is M.I.A. here? She is much better than this.

  • Marie Martell

    This is bad.. very bad..

  • Gio

    OMG obsessed !!! she looks amazing!!!! sound great!!! absolutely love this!!! little hater monsters, go to hell with ur MAMA:) !

  • :)

    @Boring: that was a clip and she will dance at the show w/o looking like an electrocuted monkey!. Lady Pastiche is nothing more than a DJ mixing old hits she has no talent anybody can buy piano and singing lessons and be average like she is. Madonna is an ICON and paved the way for wannabes like her. Madonna plays a guitar, writes 99% of music look it on ASACP writers registery, Madonna is a performance artist. Matter of fact watch the Blonde Ambition tour versions of papa don’t preach , live to tell, oh father & like a prayer and you will see where Lady Pastiche got her ideas. Madonna does bubble gum pop Music, Holiday, Get into the Groove, Celebration but she also her more innovative poetic songs Frozen, Sky fits heaven, Nobodys perfect, like a prayer, til death due us part, promise to try, spanish eyes, oh father, papa don’t preach, live to tell, Vogue, Rain, Erotica, deeper and deeper, human nature, bedtime story, candy perfume girl, Ray of Light, Swim, Skin, Impressive instant, Runaway lover, Don’t tell me, What it feels like for a girl, Paradise not for me, Im so stupid, Nobody knows me,Intervention, x-static process, Mother father, Future lovers, let it will be, Isaac, forbidden love, devil wouldn’t recognize you, voices and those are just some of the ones I like and all written or co- written by Madonna. as for Lady Pastiche you can go to BMI the registry she uses and see she has up to co-writers even on BTW the single that was “GOD sent and took 10 mins to create” yet 3 others worked on it and t still sounded like a cross between Vogue & expess yourself lol. It only took 2 to write Madonnas, Madonna & Shep Pettibone!

  • Queen Gaga

    LOL, Gaga can rest easy.

  • :)

    @Queen Gaga: LOL, she is resting now cause BTW sucks and her book sucks her album of the decade aint even album of the year. Thanks to Adele who sits home and does nothing. And she will need her rest cause she will have to tour for 4 years to break Madonna;s record lol.

  • dippy jokri
  • love

    see this pic, she still hot!

  • Dooley

    Gaga copies Madonna…Madonna copies Avril Lavigne.LOL!!!

  • Jr

    Omg! LOVE LOVE Madonna!!!

  • Kinsley

    Yay! Its cute! Can’t wait to bump this!!

  • Starr

    MIA looks so hot in this video! It’s cool to see her having fun and being silly! This is a total Summer jam, love it :)

  • Uh oh

    So good!

  • Turbo

    I love we live in a world where Madonna and Lady Gaga can co exist , I love them both so much! This song/video is hot!!

  • Jace

    Good stuff! I’m excited for her Superbowl performance! Madonna is back b!tch!! lol

  • Austin

    YAAAAAY!!! :-P

  • Kris

    Madonna is hot! This track is everything!

  • Whatevs

    Gaga’s career must be in trouble. Why else would her butler monkeys attacking Madonna so viciously. LOL

  • sue

    Is anyone else thinking Gwen Stefani Hollaback girl?

  • Whatevs

    @Queen Gaga: You’re right. Gaga should just sleep for a while. She’s tired and her last single couldn’t even crack Top 10. LOL

  • LooseLipz

    Horrific sh*t. I’m embarrassed for her.

  • Vanessa

    Madonna rocks!

  • Bob

    She is the Goddess!!!
    Gaga suck!!!

  • Chris

    Wow people are so weird about age. I’m not even a fan but looked out of curiosity and it’s just a fun, light song that I think is kinda cool. Madonna looks awesome. It’s not meant to be deep and meaningful, the meaning behind this is fun!

  • Chris

    Madonna = HOT
    Gags = reductive & revolting

  • cutts

    who gives a crap how old she is, why does it matter her age, she looks amazing, can dance it was the video editing she was suppose to look like that.
    this is ridiculous madonna has been around forever all you know she can dance, she always writes her own music, she directs, she is amazing.
    so whatever jealousy problem you all have over her is stupid.
    who cares about the rest of the artists, they are all great and they probably all sit around laughing at you all getting yourself worked up and fighting with each other over who is the better artist. well there is proof that madonna is the number one. so stop arguing, they are all great. stop judging others, she is old enough to do whatever she wants, who are you to tell her she is to old to dance, sing and live her own life. no one will ever tell me i have to stop dancing. get a life. video is catchy and doesnt follow anyone, kind of reminds me of the 80′s with hey mickey your so fine in a way better madonna way and just the video. She is awesome always has been and always will be, so find something better to do with your time than to judge madonna. first of all she doesnt care. second of all neither does anyone else care about your negative attitude. i dont see you making millions of dollars do nothing. so get lost

  • cookie

    I really liked it :)

  • matthew clear

    I like this new song BUT its not her best work. Disapointed.

  • Boris

    Madonna is a beautiful and stylish!

  • :)

    @Dooley: You’re smoking crack Madonna being ironic “every record sounds the same” so she chose a beat that has been used over and over Avril didn’t invent it. plus she has the perfect reason to make a cheer song the SUPERBOWL.

  • Marsel

    Madonna the quen of pop a hlavne HOHYNA






  • darklight

    I lvoe this video!! WORLDWIDE SUCCESS!!

  • Mirabelle

    She needs to retire!

  • Elizabeth

    LUVing Madonna’s “Give me All Your Lovin”!!!! It is sooooo great. It is nice to have happy music to listen too for a change. Everything is so dark and weird lately!!!!

  • manuel

    for sure!!!!madonna is copying gwen!!for sure!