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Willow Smith: Shaved Head Pics!

Willow Smith: Shaved Head Pics!

Willow Smith debuts a new look: a shaved head! in these photos from her WhoSay account.

The 11-year-old “Whip My Hair” singer also recently shared photos of herself attending a ballet class, captioning a pic, “Dance your feelings out…”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Willow Smith

In January, Willow hit the red carpet in a vintage dress for BET Honors 2012. Also at the star studded event were superstar singer Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Willow Smith’s shaved head?

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Photos: WhoSay
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  • becca

    i think it’s cute! must be nice to just wake up and go… even if it is just to school!!!

  • Jade


    BUT, on the other hand, she can’t sing that irritating song of hers “I whip my hair” anymore…

  • Jessica

    LOL. no comment.

  • love

    ain’t she gone bad as rihanna?

  • jh

    don’t use the word disgusting when describing a child. And it’s just hair, it’ll grow back. I’m pretty sure the people who defended shiloh and her short hair shouldn’t be so ignorant.

  • Shieroc

    She looks a lot like her brother with this haircut.

  • Lalalove

    She’s a beautiful little girl. Maybe her hair was damaged from all the “whipping,” braiding, and chemical treatments. Give the little girl a chance; it’s only hair. smh

  • pr person

    Who cares? She is only a child and these pics and this question should be on JJ Jr…. not here.

  • Nice

    Big deal! She can do whatever she wants to!

  • crystal

    OMG, why did they cut her beautiful hair?

  • Mary

    she is beautifull…not many people can shave their head and still look good:)

  • chanel

    @jh: agreed. When a child wants to try new things you shouldn’t reprimand them. When this little girl I saw on tumblr wanted a mohawk her parents gave it to her and everyone said it was lovely but when Willow cuts her hair off it’s ugly? I think it’s beautiful.

  • mimi

    What’s the deal with this girl and her hair. She seems a bit obsessed with her hair. It seems as is she’s trying to prove that she’s doesn’t care about hair, but ‘methinks the little girl doth protest too much.”

  • plami

    She looks even more like a boy now lol …

  • ali

    thats what happens to a kid who never hears the word NO .

  • gemma

    its just hair
    calm down
    she can have braids, extensions, but isn’t aloud to shave her head? in my opinion extensions are worse than a bald head – And more damaging – with all the hair loss and chemicals that go with it. And kids seem to be dressing more like 20 yr olds these days so this really isn’t anything new. her age ‘celebrity kids’ are drinking/doing drugs etc so if this is the worst that she does than does it really matter? and more importantly she’s not your child.

  • justathought

    I’m sorry but I’ve never met two more narcissistic and insufferable kids than her and her brother. Parent FAIL.

  • lani

    children aren’t narcissistic or insufferable on their own. Parental ‘fail’ (ugh that word is annoying and should be left to 12 yr olds) or not SHES not doing anything wrong. ITS HAIR!!!!!!! toddlers and tiaras has babies getting spray tanned, complain abt that.

  • anne

    How is she suppose to whip her hair now?

  • speechless

    A 11 year old shouldn’t shave her head bald!!!!!!!!!!!! With 20 it’s ok but not with just 11!

  • Elle

    No 11 y.o girl wants their head shave.! It was probably the mother’s idea.

  • JoD

    Who gives a damn? She is s kid pushing into grown-up business. No way she did that on her own, some daddy- or mommy-idea is behind this. My 11years old daughter would not just shave her head on her own. And to whom is it exactly of concern, what she thinks?

  • Raichill

    She is an unattractive child anyway. Her shaved head just makes her look even worse.

  • Tami

    Unattractive child? May I ask what the hell do you look like then? Leave her alone it’s just hair . She didn’t cut an arm off. It will grow back and maybe she wanted her sides to be even . Because she had a Mohawk before maybe she wants it to. Grow back equally . But anyway why are you judging a little girl she’s 11. Chill

  • camillus

    Self indulgant Brat, do they let her have her way with everything?

  • Jazzelle

    @JoD: How is it that she is in grown peoples business. I am tired of hearing that ridiculous statement. Do you criticize, the parents of Abigail Breslin, Elle Fanning, and other child actors who are in an adult industry like Willow?
    If you were concerned about the price she MAY have to pay for her fame, or the child star curse befalling her, that would be cool, But dont sit behind a computer and be downright JUDGEMENTAL

  • sheila

    She is very unfortunate looking poor thing and the bald look emphasizes it even more. I see a nose job and many tweaks in her future. And for those who say don’t criticize a child..remember this no ordinary kid, she’s a child thrust into the spotlight, she DESPERATELY wants to be the public eye, she is doing public things like going to premieres, making records, ect. she wants stardom bad so with the spolight comes criticism, good and bad. The good is she has rich parents, the bad is her unfortunate face but the rich parents’ money can fix that later. LOL.

  • Keepin It Real

    You all sit on here and give praise when Angie and Brad butcher their child’s head and just because it is Will and Jada’s kid you have negative ish to say!! Very amusing to me..

  • Yesss

    Her Parents are rumored to be Divorcing so let her Vent ok!!! You have no Idea how it is affecting her so just stop Judging her!
    I think she looks Beautiful with No Hair and I hope she can overcome her feelings of disappointment, im sure Divorce isn’t an easy thing for a child to Endure!

  • jojo

    Oh my God!!! Can somebody stop her. :-(
    it is not a good step.

  • Cindy

    She is beautiful, but this I hate! And i do hope it is because of hair damage. this child rules the house and that is NOT good.

  • F. Bond

    She is too young to make decisions about shaving her head. She is not even 13 yet. It will grow back, but what will she want next, a tattoo?

  • Cindy

    This is not all about her hair, it is about WS sitting around on Tv from the time this child was 4 saying he couldn’t tell her anything and thinking is was funny when she was allowed to do and say what she wanted. It is a bout a mom who wants to recapture her failed music career instead of trying to get herself some self esteem. Jada is talented, but dwarfed by WS. She is looked down on in many circles as a no talent who grabbed the golden boy by the heels on her way out of the gutter. I don’t agree. But she wanted acceptance way too much instead of being a mother she is being to much of a friend and it will backfire.

  • ShaRocks

    Does Willow’s hairstyle affect your life?!?!?! All the negative comments about this CHILD is unecessary…People get a grip…It’s hair that will grow back…Furthermore, Willow is not your child…

  • ha ha

    she is one of the ugliest kids ever, and on top of it she makes stupid faces which only makes her look worse!

  • Ashamed of the stupid parents

    Once I found out my favorite Hollywood couple had an open relationship, it broke my heart. It seems like the old child stars were allowed to do as they please. This is how they are parenting their kids. I hate it for all. By the way Jada, I believed what you said about how kids act that make more than their parents. I think the child already has a “homosexual” bug instilled in her.

  • Stupid willow

    What the hell is wrong with this girl there r ppl out there that will kill for that is what makess ppl beautiful imagine Kristen stewart without hair, UGLY!! she is soo dumb y will she feel lyk its an awesome idea to shave her hair cuz it sounds too britney spears 2 me. she beta not walk in britneys footsteps then i will know she is completely retarded nd stupid. y cant she be lyk her bro hes so hot but shes so …. how r they related? anyways its nott realy bout hair its bout the stupid choices ppl make.lyk the choice she made 2 sing now shes causin hearin loss evry 2 bad her hair was the only reason i lyked her

  • ShoNuf

    Typical N… with a HUGE ATTITUDE, destined to fail !!!!

  • geechiegurl

    Rumor has it as that one of her friends or someone she knows was diagnoised with cancer and she cut it all off in regards to that friend

  • Prippit

    why does it bother you? its Her hair not yours

  • http://- kendra

    she still looks good and stop bein un nice to dis lovely girl and remember her song is not iritatin i love her

  • http://- kendra

    i think she looks good cut or hair besides it is the same willow and her song is not iritatin i love her song it makes me whip all the time

  • Surprised

    i wasnt expecting this! her hair was so pretty, and it proberly wasn`t her idea. Still, she looks nice. i just liked her hair better before.