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Win Tickets to 'The Hunger Games' Premiere!

Win Tickets to 'The Hunger Games' Premiere!

The Hunger Games will be having its highly-anticipated world premiere in Los Angeles next month and we’ve got our hands on a pair of tickets to give away!

One lucky reader will score two tickets to the red carpet event, held Monday, March 12, at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.

The Hunger Games, which hits theaters March 23, stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, and Woody Harrelson!

NOTE: Transportation and accommodation for this contest will not be provided.

STEP 1: LIKE on Facebook

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STEP 3: READ the official rules.
STEP 4:: ANSWER this question in the comment section – “What district would you like to live in and why?” Also be sure to leave us the email address (will not be published) used on your Facebook so we can message you that you’ve won.

Approximate Retail Value: $200

This contest ends Wednesday, February 22, at 4:59 p.m. EST. Good luck!!!

This contest is now closed. The winner is Dannika who submitted the following answer to our question:

I believe that the District that would best suit me would be District 8. I really like working with cloth and fabric, so District 8 would be for me. Also, I love the fact that they were right behind D12 in the rebellion. They aren’t well-represented in the books, but I think they’re one of the most important districts! Without them, the other districts may have never rebelled. Since they were such an inspirational District, I believe we should give them due credit. In the books, they don’t have much of a spoken influence, but they make everyone’s clothes! Even though they are not one of the poorest Districts, they aren’t exactly filthy rich. I connect with them in a lot of ways. I do really pride myself on being inspirational and standing up for the right thing even though there may be consequences. I liked that even though the Capitol made things a LOT worse for them, they never gave in. They were strong and loyal to their fellow citizens of Panem. I’d love to be in a District who was willing to take a stand so strongly for what they believed in.
In the real world, I compare them to workers in underdeveloped countries. They are incredibly perseverant, even though they don’t get many rewards for their service. I’m sure the people of D8 wished they were more appreciated for their efforts. Their strong wills and good nature inspires me to do my best in everything I can. I think that they connect to workers on an even deeper level in that they want to get out of it for something better. Bonnie and Twill, for example, are a pair of people who fled D8 for D13 in hopes of having a better tomorrow. Even though they never made it, I think their sacrifice showed what a strong District D8 truly is. I would be honored to be a part of their fight.

Thanks to all for entering!!!

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  • Courtney

    District 4, because i like to swim and fish!

  • http://@hkern Hillary

    I would live in the capital because they have the most interesting fashion sense!

  • http://lpower5 Lana

    District 12 – Because I love Peeta!

  • Jeffrey Litt

    I would like to live in District 13 because there’s nothing anti-establishment/ anti-Capital!

  • Gabrielle

    I’d liked to live in District 12 so I can be with the Boy with the Bread. <3

  • Beth

    District 10 because it’s the livestock industry, and I’d want to live on a ranch or farm!

  • Chelsea

    District 13 – I can’t see my self starting the uprising but I can see myself jumping in once it had started, which is what the people of District 13 did. Also District 13 isn’t ruled by the Capitol, therefore no one I knew would have to participate in The Hunger Games.

  • Catherine

    I would live in District 12 so that I could be friends with Katniss, Peeta and Gale

  • Chloe

    I don’t really have a preference on District. I don’t want to live in the Capitol though. I was put in District 6, and I’m okay with that (:

  • Trinity J

    I would love to be apart of district three because it is known for being the main creators of various mechanical products such as automobiles and firearms. And I’m sure that the capitol is often dependable on them when it comes to technical and mechanical support. There fore when an uprising occurs firearms, weapons and transportation will be needed and district three would be a powerful help AGAINST the Capitol since technology is this districts specialty!

  •!/SaraMarieCoop Sara

    District 12 because the Peacekeepers are lenient!

  • sooojealous

    She’s ugly!!! Ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly… eeeeeuck ugly!!!!

  • Ava Leong

    I think it’d be fun to live in District 4 because I love the ocean!

  • http://@ivanaFool Elizabeth

    District 12! Because it’s where the rebellion started.

  • Briana Moore

    After reading about the other districts, I would have chosen 12… simply because the Capitol left them alone more than the other districts. They have less help, but they also have less interference. Plus… they have cheesy buns! ;)

  • http://@brittanylynnx33 Brittany

    I would like to think I would live in District 13. I think I would have been part of the rebellion or making noise somehow. I’ve always believed that you have to stand up for what you believe in, therefore, I think I would have been in District 13.

  • Dominique

    District 12 so I can hunt with Katniss.

  • Lisa

    I would want to live in distract 4. I grew up not far from the ocean and the highlight of my summers would be jumping in the warm atlantic and pretending to be mermaids with my sisters. When my grandparents were alive we would go down to Florida to visit them every year. When I was little a dolphin swam up against me. I’ve always felt a special bond to the ocean, especially after that.

  • District 12

    I know District 12 was on the poor side but it was way better than all of the other districts to me. It wasn’t as strict. They had food…not a lot but they weren’t too bad off. And if Katniss was there then all is right with the world. Too bad I’d have to steal Peeta from her.

  • Ev

    Definitely District 13 – it has that mysterious cloak of ‘is it or isn’t it there’.

  • jessie

    I would want to be apart of district 4. In most of the other districts like 12, you are starving. You can barely provide for your family, no matter how hard you try. Yeah you get left alone by the capitol, but you are left alone to starve and die. There were times when Katniss thought she couldn’t put food on her families table and had Peeta not done what he did, she and her family would have died. The rest of the district didn’t go out and hunt. No one did that and it was rare for Katniss to have had that skill/drive/opportunity. In district 4, you at least had the ability to provide for yourself and lead whatever chance of a healthy life you could and had you been thrown into the games, you actually had a chance to survive. Coming from district 4 you were strong, well fed and capable of doing anything the other career districts could without feeling such a necessity to be loyal to the capitol. I don’t think any of the districts would be fun to live in but had I had no choice, I think 4 would be the best place to be and when the rebellion started you would be taking part in it to.
    Plus, the love story between Annie and Finnick is the sweetest thing and they really showed that four did have that sense of pride in their district and those who lived there

  • Vi Nguyen

    District 4. FInnick.

  • Abigail

    I personally would love to live in the Capitol instead of the Districts, because of all the fabulous colors, clothes and entertainment. Also, if I was in the Capitol I could help with the rebellion from the inside!

  • Natasha Nielsen

    District 4, because I am a swimmer!! :))))

  • KristinaH

    District 12, so that I would know Katniss and Peeta!

  • Mina

    District 4. I would make awesome sushi. ;)

  • Lindsey Kupfer

    District 4 because I love to swim and I love to eat any kind of fish :D

  •!/TickTockHG Blair

    I would want to live in District 12, not just because of Katniss or Peeta but because they seem to have less restrictions and rules in their lives than the other districts!

  • Kirsten

    District 11. It’s a terrible district to live in due to the poverty and punishment but I would want to protect Rue.

  • Hannah Cole

    If I had to choose, I would live in District 1. Considering the people in District 1 train a lot in case they are indeed reaped. Therefore, they are much more prepared than most of the other tributes…besides the fellow “Career” tributes, of course. Thus, if you were reaped, you would have a higher chance of winning the Hunger Games since you are prepared. Another reason I would choose to live in District 1 is because they make the luxury items. Who doesn’t love luxurious things?! That is why I would prefer to live in District 1.

  • Nicole Venable

    I would live in district 11, because that’s the place i would want to help start an uprising the most. They had some of the most hardships and I would want to help.

  • Danielle Romero

    I would like to be from District 11 because Rue and Thrasher competed in the Hunger Games with class and did not compromise their morals. They were also the first District to start the uprising.

  •!/NicoVenable Nicole Venable

    I would live in district 11, because that’s the place i would want to help start an uprising the most. They had some of the most hardships and I would want to help.

  • sabrina

    I would like to live in District 12 to be able to hunt with Katniss and Gale! PICK MEEEEEEE <3

  •!/NicoVenable Nicole Venable

    I would also like to live in either district 1 or 2 or even the capitol so I could be closet to the heart of it all, maybe even infiltrate!

  • http://@itskristint Kristin T

    District Twelve, to hang out with Katniss of course! Pick me, I want them tix! :)

  • Meg S

    I liked both (Amy Jones)! I would hate to live in any of the Districts, but if I have to pick, I’ll go with District 4 for the fish.

  • Emily L.

    District 8– the first district to rebel after Katniss started the revolution! Way to dive right in district 8. I like it!

  • Jewels

    I would live in capital i love cinna. and would love to work on his fashion Genius team! :P

  • Kristy

    District 11, even though it’s where the peacekeepers are harshest. It sounds beautiful, with the orchards and the music. Life would be difficult but if I had people like Rue and Thresh to look up to, then I’d be alright.

  • Susie

    District 12 so I can hang out with Gale and Katniss to fight for freedom!

  • Jewels

    capital because i love cinna and would love to work on his genius team.

  •!/Jerrielle Jewels

    capital because i love cinna and would love to work for his amazing genius!

  • Tiffany

    I would live in District 2 because they’re freaking badass. I know they’re the bad guys in the movie, but who cares? They are winners, and so am I!

  • http://@stufu81 Stephanie

    I would want to live in the Capitol…DUH!!!

  • Taylor

    District 4, I love love love water!

  • Lauren

    I would want to live in District 12 so that I could be best friends with Katniss and marry Gale :)

  • Katherine

    I would love to live in District 4! 1. Finnick Odair?! 2. It is near the water.

  • scomon323

    I would live in District 4 to be near the ocean!

    I love these books and the movie comes out on my birthday – I would love to be able to go see the premiere!!!

  • Ariana Carbonaro

    I would love to live in either District 4, because I love the beach, or District 1 because it is Luxury,and who would ass that up?!