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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Lunch With Faith!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Lunch With Faith!

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter, Faith, after having lunch with Keith Urban on Wednesday (February 1) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 44-year-old actress attended the Australian Academy Of Cinema And Television Arts Awards before getting back to work on Paperboy with Zac Efron.

Nicole has been frequently updating her blog on her official website with some of her favorite things.

Some of her obsessions: Darrell-Lea licorice (“Always on my list!”), pavlova (“Whenever we make this for people they always flip out”), and Stumptown Coffee (“I stumbled across a little espresso bar in New York in December, and discovered this delicious organic coffee”).

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  • Moh123

    ohhhh cute Family

  • Kason

    Faith’s face looks like it hurts.

  • Marj

    What a beautiful family. It looks like baby Faith has a birth mark on her forehead which will eventually go away. Keith just oozes with sex appeal, gorgeous couple.

  • Melissa

    My all time FAVORITE couple! And they make beautiful children together. Keith is one lucky man and Nicole is one super lucky woman!

  • love

    What a beautiful family! Faith is sweet.

  • Gossipgirl

    Granny Kidman.

  • Dee

    What a perfect couple. Nicole is beautiful and Keith is handsome and they make beautiful little girls. Gossipgirl, are you a little jealous ???? How many more names are you going to come up with this time???? I know i am a little envious of them but I still think they are the greatest because they don’t have big egos like a lot of famous people.i

  • shane

    I wonder if Nicole used the same surrogate for both her girls. They look just alike. Sort of homely looking.

  • deb

    The baby looks like she is autistic.

  • Jenn

    With all her money you would think Nicole could go to a salon so her hair could look decent. It always looks a mess.

  • joann

    Nicole made fun of Tom being shorter than her, and she is with another man who is shorter than she is. Such a hypocrite. Then she lied and said she has never lived in California, yet she lived in California with Tom and their two older children.

  • tom

    This site need monitored!

  • the others?

    I don’t stalk nicole BUT I haven’t seen pics of her with her kids with tom cruise in ages…

  • sandy

    BEAUTIFUL , LOVING FAMILY . So nice to see both Nicole and Keith so happy and living every moment of their lives.

    What beautiful little girls. Very sad to see such sad comments this site allows.

  • Jenna

    OMG, is that little girl cute or what?? I just wanna pinch her chubby cheeks.

  • xoxo

    They need to dress up a bit more.

    There are some pictures of Nicole, Tom and older kids but very few. They were able to keep the kids out of cameras. During those days, you also don’t see Tom with the kids i.e. none are trotting the kids in front of the cameras. Celebritity kids obsession has gone way overboard.

  • dari


    No she did not make fun of Tom for being short–she said she could wear heels again. Think about it. If she felt she couldn’t wear heels–Tom was probably the issue not her. She loved him and tried to please him. Katie not so much. She doesn’t care that she towers over him and he appears to have bigger lifts these days.

    As for her living in California–she has said she felt like a gypsy with no permanent home. She never considered CA a home. She had residences there, but also in London, NYC, CO, Paris and wherever else Tommy had homes. They globe hopped a lot during their marriage.

  • Kason

    @dari: She mocked Tom. Admit it, and Keith wears lifts on the red carpet just like Tom.

  • joann

    @dari: #17

    Tom was not the issue. Katie wears heels all the time, HIGH HEELS. Higher heels than Nicole wears. It was Nicole having an attitude, NOT TOM. Don’t try to put that on Tom.

    Nicole made that statement right after she and Tom broke -up, because she wanted to malign TOM, make people think he was that shallow. When it was her who was that shallow.
    As I said, Katie wears higher heels than Nicole ever wore.

  • Jennifer

    Nicole always looks rough and tacky. Why does she not get professional help for her hair.

  • dari


    Wow, bitter or something? She made one negative comment about the divorce which Tom instigated in a very cruel way. He had a huge party in Dec. celebrating their union and then zapped her publicly. She made a joking statement to Letterman about Now I can wear heels. What made her feel that she couldn’t? Tom that is who! She wears them with Keith. And yes both men have lifts. Letterman was pinning her to the wall and she tried to defuse the situation. Go back and look at the tape.
    And I say based on all of the divorces that play out in Hollywood in the public eye–one comment from Nicole hardly ranks the bitterness and ire that you are showing. One comment. She has always graciously talked about how much her time with Tom meant. How she loves him because they have two children together. She has never ever said anything snarky or rude or cruel about him unlike so many other actors and actresses about their ex-spouse.
    So wow you really must hate her!

  • Jennifer

    @dari: #17
    Nicole DID live in California. They had two mansions in California and she lived there with her husband Tom, and their children. She is a bold faced liar.

  • joann

    Nicole mocked Tom about his height, and then she married another shorty.
    Tom never had a problem, with a woman wearing heels, with him. Nicole just wanted to mock him on national television.

    Katie has no problem wearing very high heels, and Katie does not mock Tom.

  • wren

    Marriage – Hollywood style.

  • GG

    If anyone is to be blamed….it’s Tom. He took up with one of his costars and left Nicole. Then when he started dating Katie he acted like a child just getting his first girlfriend , running kissing and showing off for the cameras and how about jumping on Oprah’s couch….talk about making a fool or mockery out of his previous marriages. Face it, Tom Cruise is a control freak and can’t be statisfied. Nicole has always been respectful of her marriage to Tom. Nicole has class and now she is happily married to Keith and does have to worry about him talking their kids away from her. BTW, Joann, Tom doesn’t allow Katie to do anything…..give her time. If he tires of her and moves on there’s no telling what she will do.

  • mickey222`

    Something is just “off” about this couple.

  • http://Comcast Dee

    Nicole Kidman and Keith urban Perfection !!!!!!! They have two beautiful daughters also. Most of the people leaving the Nasty remarks must be the same person, there cannot be that many crazy people with that much hate in them.

  • fani

    beautiful family

  • a-nonny-mouse

    that is such a gorgeous blue! both, but Keith’s T in particular

  • a-nonny-mouse


    First of all; Nicole’s hair does not “ALWAYS look a mess” … anyone who has their hair done so much (as she needs to for red carpet and movies and stills shoots) knows that one needs to give it a break from the heat (styling), which can be rough on hair.
    This is her downtime, so as long as she and Keith are happy with it, so be it.

    btw, I wonder if there is a single person who does NOT click open the hidden comments. If anything, it draws more attention; defeating the whole object; just saying.

  • Birmingham

    No wonder the negative thread is so quiet. The nuts are all here! You lost skeptics and continue to lose everyday.

  • holly

    @a-nonny-mouse; I don’t open the hidden comments because I know it’s the nitwit E slackers who have nothing to do but troll the internet in search of Nicole Kidman pictures so they can write something that Nicole will see. Because they actually think Nicole will see it and cry into her satin pillow. Truly they aren’t rowing with both oars in the water.

  • holly

    @Birmingham: Is the negative thread quiet? One of them must be on vacation so the other one doesn’t have the usual 10 usernames to talk to.

  • Ybbony

    BEAUTIFUL family! Anyway you look at it…they are perfectly happy and in love that it shows even in the little, simple things they do. Keith holding nicole’s hand and faith’s shoes and Nicole looking tenderly at faith…sooo adorable! Happy for them!!! Faith is perfect and an angel!!!

  • taco

    @holly: The vile comments posted, and they are some of the worst ever posted here, are retribution for the past couple of days where they were called out for their sick games from over half a decade. You just know Susie Q was chomping at the bit for JJ to post some family pics and he was late on this one. That’s what it is. They are out to get Nicole and think they will do it online. Why else do you think Meddlin Mary was begging a journalist to prove Kidman lied about Sunday’s birth. They are absolutely livid that nothing they have done has made a difference – except put Keith and Nicole’s security on notice regarding their ugly mugs.

  • Joan nz

    When I go to the markets I do not dress up HELLO !!!!!!

  • Mandy

    Faith looks like a cherub, sooooooo cute. Nicole and Keith sure make beautiful children together. Beautiful family!

  • Warner

    Faith Margaret is a bundle of cute! Let’s face it, the whole family is gorgeous!

  • irene olson

    Gorgeous couple, gorgeous daughter. It makes me feel happy to see how happy the Urbans are. They both have had tough times in their lives and now they have peace and happiness. Favorite clebrity couple.

  • Rachel

    That is a very unfortunate looking child. Hopefully she’ll grow out of it.

  • irene olson

    People should not make negative comments about Nicole’s hair. Her hair is extremely curly and it is very hard on the hair to straighten. I have curly hair like Nicoles, and it is a nightmare to deal with. Hopefully her daughters with have a little wave and not the wild curls.

  • ali

    the fact that her adopted children do not want to live with her
    and are not in touch with her say alot about her .
    she is maternal ONLY with her biological kids .

    selfish woman .

  • Faith Beauty

    The only truth that you never see Nicole with other children with Tom,is they have brain-washed.Tom make them into ridiculous church.Conner and Bella make freinds with scientology,Tom took then away from Nicole.Tom is the wosrt father ever,He just know to control them in his hand,and make them funny him.Katie is,Suri is,her adopt children are!only except nicole running away from Tom.she has saved,Thank god!!!Nicole is away from that crazy man!!

  • Ka simply

    Beautiful faith with family :)

  • lace yung

    Aww………finally, Ive seen her youngest baby, she’s so lovely!!!
    Keith and Nicole must be the most low-key couple in the biz……rarely, I get to see photos of this uber-talented couple’s babies!!!!

  • lace yung

    I forgot to mention that this couple look pretty devoted to one another.

    Im beginning to adore them both!!!!!!

  • Simone

    Awww… this baby has a food allergy. Cute baby though:)

  • who

    Faith is a-DOrable! I really like the family Nicole and Keith created for themselves. Too cute.

  • deke

    What is wrong with Faith’s face? It is red all over.

  • renee

    Nicole does not make pretty babies.