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Orlando Bloom Hits Queen Street in Sydney

Orlando Bloom Hits Queen Street in Sydney

Orlando Bloom goes for a walk along Queen Street on Tuesday (January 31) in Sydney, Australia.

The 35-year-old English actor is spending some time Down Under with wife Miranda Kerr and their son Flynn.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

The day before, Miranda showed off her super toned body in a white bikini while working on a photo shoot aboard a yacht.

Orlando can next be seen reprising his role as Legolas in Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, opposite Elijah Wood, Evangeline Lilly, and Cate Blanchett.

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  • jesslyn

    orlando!! <3 :)

  • penich

    This guy isn’t even an actor any more, he has a tiny part in The Hobbit, what else? NOTHING. All this guy does is follow his wife around because she is more famous than he is, and he is desperate to stay relevant, he is ugly and Miranda could do much better than him, I would LOVE her with Gerard Butler, what a couple they would be, she really doesn’t need this middle aged ugly mess dragging her down!

  • @2

    Totally concur with you. I always wondered what she saw in him when she could have had any one, why him? He is just really unattractive and has nothing going for him, he trapped her by getting her pregnant, I am so glad it hasn’t slowed her down!

  • Sighs4l

    Sweet! He sure cleans up nice.

  • Pepper

    miranda can’t even stand him! have you guys seen their candids and any other photo of them together? he looks into her but she looks at him with distain, for example; those balcony photos and the ones of them on that Yacht on new years eve, she is cringing at his touch and pulling away from his kisses, she cannot stand him, i hope now she realizes and dumps his ass for someone who is worthy of her and someone who she can feel good with, can’t blame miranda as I am creeped out by him too, he is just horrible.

  • Leenah

    Orli will always be my first Hollywood crush..I still like him,even though Jim Sturgess is my nr.1 now.

  • Koa Baker

    I really like how normal he seems to be, a real nice guy.

  • noir

    I don’t know why, but I feel sorry for him.

  • LOL!

    On the first page and ‘Zoe’ has already used three sockpuppets!
    P A T H E T I C ! !
    But oh, so funny!

  • @2

    LOL! You think that Orlando is middle aged, yet want Miranda to date Gerard Butler instead?
    Boozing, womanizing, flabby, OLD Gerard Butler?
    Well, that comment says everything we need to know about you and your stupidity.

  • sara

    Gosh he looks handsome!
    Can’t wait to see him as Legolas again!

  • YAY!

    he’s so gorgeous!

  • tal


  • torrance

    wha? where yo purple pants at, bloom? and where is your red phone at??

  • Frozoid

    He’s fleshy. Is he a boozer?

  • donnadew

    Gerald Butler, LOL! Talk about non-relevent!!!

  • @LOL!

    If you think there is only one person who can’t stand this fugly pig then your must be a total idiot. Sorry to say that, but Orlando Bloom is not perfect in everyone’s eyes.

  • @17

    I don’t think that anyone believes that he is “perfect”.
    But there can’t be that many idiots who actually believe that his beautiful wife is more famous and/or successful than Orlando Freakin’ Bloom.
    That’s a very special, very unique level of stupidity.
    He looks goregeous in these pics, BTW.

  • he looks

    FAT! It’s kinda weird because I used to think he looked slim?!

  • bloated

    Haha he looks like a ball. This psycho likes to date slim women yet he allows himself to look like a bloated b*stard. Orlando, haven’t you ever felt ashamed when standing by your wife, who just ranks 4th on the most desirable women list so effortlessly. You really make a good Beauty and the Beast pair lol.

  • Sandy

    He looks really good here. Can’t wait to see him in the hobbit. Miranda and Orlando are a beautiful couple. He is not bloated or fat. He looks handsome. He and Miranda are both successful and famous. Great that he’s spending time with his lovely family.

  • lol

    @bloated: A good Beauty and the Beast pair…well said! How about this…Snow White and her beloved Dwarf =)

  • HA!

    The idiot hater sockpuppet just keeps sounding more moronic every day.
    She must really love making a fool of herself.

  • GUH!


  • Sandy

    Orlando looks handsome in these pics. He does not look bloated or fat. The haters sound more and more pathetic each time they post. Orlando’s handsome, Miranda’s beautiful and Flynn is so cute.

  • miranda

    Honey, lose weights please.

  • @23

    You sad lonely shipper is the only person who make a fool of yourself.

  • Miranda with Butler?

    What a joke! She deserves so much better than Bloom or Butler. Both of them are plain ugly and stumpy and talentless.

  • @Sandy

    Lighten up toots, no need to be overly dramatic. Their opinions are not pathetic, they’re just different from yours. Not everyone thinks Orlando Bloom is handsome. So what.

  • @29

    Don’t you know these clever fans never allow people to hold different opinions on their Saint Bloom? If you say anything against him, you must be a pathetic hater Zoe(who’s that?)!

  • sunshine

    I don’t think he is the type of gorgeous sexy men like Johnny Depp, Jude Law, David Beckham or whoever it is. But I find him a bit chubby cute. He looks like a cute boy who has yet to get rid of his baby fat.

  • wow

    You really are sockpuppets, aren’t you.
    Same sentiments, all posted within a short period of time = sockpuppets. Why even try to deny it?
    And no, differing opinions are not what is pathetic. Moronic and false commentary is what is pathetic.
    You can like Miranda without bagging on her husband, and father of her child. Without being stupid enough to call one of the most successful actors of his generation a “loser”. And believe that Miranda is gorgeous without calling a man who apppears regularly in ‘hottest’ polls aroung the globe “ugly” or “hideous”, right?
    Those types of comments are what earns these socks the “pathetic” label. And well do they deserve it.

  • aww poor thing

    Being the only person on this board to defend her beloved idol must have driven Mayfreak crazy. Looking how she repeats the same words angrily is just too amusing!

  • wow

    Uhmmmm, since when did May start writing in (near) perfect English?
    Must mean that I’m not May, eh Ms, Sockpuppet?
    And since you mentioned repeating the same words….the only people that use the “freak” moniker for her are the delphites. And here I thought that you losers always claim that you don’t ever come to this site. You guys couldn’t tell the truth to save your lives, could you.

  • @34

    bealze uses it, too. But she claims to have left delphi.
    Now she spends her time as ‘Kerrazy’, and making fake Miranda Kerr twitter and blog accounts.
    She’s the poster child for pathetic.

  • round face fail

    Orly, round face does not look great on everyone. Your wife is the only one who can have round face and still look gorgeous.

  • @sunshine

    I’m sure he’s as cute as Miranda’s puppy frankie. Don’t you think so? He acts like a dog by following his hard-working wife all over the world.

  • @37

    Actually I think Frankie is much cuter than him. Don’t remember where I read from but Miranda did once say that she’d choose Frankie over Orlando “of course”. I can somehow get the reason he tries desperately to stay with her. You know, if you’ve already known how popular your wife is in male world, you are supposed to stay closer to her to make sure there’s no one going to take your place. No doubt there are millions of men dying for his place, and he definitely knows it better than everyone else.

  • i just want to ask

    Where’s his neck? His face is too bloated to let his neck be seen.

  • LOL!

    OH EM GEEE!!!!!
    A family that travels together????
    That proves that they don’t love each other!!!!!!!
    Of course love and togetherness as a family COULDN’T be the reason, right????
    I guess that’s why Miranda DESPERATELY flew to Durham, NC, and Germany and New Zealand all those times.
    And why she moved to LA even though her work is based in NY 80% of the time.
    She is DESPERATE to hold on to her rich, successful HUSBAND!
    Why didn’t I see it before?
    And yo wonder why we call you pathetic???

  • DLB

    He use to be a very handsome guy, I dont think the extra weight works on his face tbh. If man is not cute w/ sunglasses on, then they arent cute at all lolz

  • Midlife crisis

    He really reminds me of a big meatball. Btw I think he has started to face his midlife crisis.

  • SS

    For the love of God, WHO CARES ABOUT THIS ASS BANDIT?

  • @43

    Evidently YOU care.
    I mean, since you went through the trouble of putting on YET ANOTHER sock.

  • http://justjared @22 and 5

    You all ask what Miranda saw in him. Everyone can answer this easy question! Hollywood career, publicity, smartness, abilities, handsome face!! Now I ask you all one question. What did he saw in Miranda? I will answer, he saw nothing, he just wanted a fling like he used to (every handsome man do that), but this woman kept sticking to him, like a leach, because she wanted his status to benefit her!
    Fat face, ugly quartered nose, far apart eyes, teeth as huge as elephant’s……. so much of it, too little to count, SERIOUSLY I have noticed, she has started to lose her face definition, jaw line is a thing of past for her. If she hates him so much why is she with him? She is not a village girl, who is forcibly tied to a man she doesn’t like, and has a baby with! I actually noticed Orlando doesn’t like her, because she wears his ring, he doesn’t, she speaks about him in most of the interviews, he stays neutral! Over-rated she is, and that’s for sure!! Kingdoms of chipmunks are really proud of her, and they think their Queen is too good for anyone, you all will never find anyone suitable for her from this world; you all should find her someone from the other planets……. Aliens if I might suggest will be a quick fresh start.
    Orlando please stay away from this chipmunk, she will engulf you, as well as well as your career (he used to be liked by everyone), since he is with her, his stars are not in good influence, leave her, you can do much more better, than just a panty model, a stitch in time saves nine!!

  • http://justjared @38

    If she choses Franky over Orlando, then he should have chosen Pig over Cabbage patch…… difference between Pig and Miranda?
    She is a pig with dimples!

  • http://justjared @37

    She keeps following him, too, New Zealand, England, LA, on his shoots, then she might be sidi!! An old bi*ch with a loose chin, Let he hit her thirties; she will be a lonely ugly Alien, Yes without Orlando!! I bet he is willing to leave her, just waiting for an opportune moment. That’s what I love about him, calm and easy going, staying with a woman he does not even like to spit at!!

  • http://justjared @38

    She is a free sample, anyone can have it, yet will not want to lose real products, for that sample, that everyone has seen her naked, no secrets at Victoria secret!! She sticks to him, Hollywood career!! Her is what? Bland modeling career, to pose in clothes, or without!!

  • http://justjared @28

    PIGS? Aliens? Yeah, Chipmunks, she really deserve someone her class!

  • Sandy

    Orlando looks handsome. I don’t see where the others have said he looks bloated or fat. He does not look bloated or fat in any pictures. He works out regularly. Miranda is a beautiful and successful business woman. She obviously loved her husband because she flies to wherever he is working to be with him. He flies to where she is doing shoots to be with her. They love and support each other. She does so much for others through charities. What’s with the hate towards Miranda and Orlando? He comes across as easy going and a very nice person and Miranda comes across as sweet and down to earth.