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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Journey 2' Premiere with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Journey 2' Premiere with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens strikes a pose at the premiere of her film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Thursday (February 2) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old actress, who looked stunning in Maria Lucia Hohan, was joined by her beau Austin Butler.

Also hitting up the premiere was Vanessa‘s BFF Ashley Tisdale, in a Nightcap dress, and co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Dwayne Johnson.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa and Ashley went dancing together! Check out Vanessa and Ash break it down to Beyonce in the video below…

FYI: Vanessa is carrying Stark‘s “Beverly Drive” clutch.

18+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, and others at the Journey 2 premiere…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 07
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vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 10
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 11
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 12
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 13
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 14
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 15
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 16
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 17
vanessa hudgens austin butler journey 2 premiere 18

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Marie

    Austin is just a CHICLE!!!!

  • huh?

    What’s a chicle?

    & that’s a gorgeous dress.

  • tianhuo

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  • tomasiy

    She looks gorgeous! I saw one picture where her dress was like flying… GORGEOUS!!!

  • tomasiy

    He is just her boyfriend! And I think this is the first time that Vanessa has someone with her, by her side at one of her big moments! Thats really good if you ask me, he is with her, and he is the one she loves, he is the one making her happy now!

  • tomasiy

    Ashley needs to eat something! Her legs are like chicken legs, but maybe she is stll sad or has personal problems or something, but she is looking really bad lattely, soooo skkiiiiinnnnnnny! And she is always with the same dress style, but her hair looks so cute!

  • florence2

    Absouletly love the dress the colour and style suit Vanessa so much, and I was so happy to see Austin there to supoort her which to me did’nt come as no suprise as they really love each other that is so clear to see in all the photo’s we have had of them since becoming a couple, I hope it contiunes for many year’s to come and have a feeling that by the end of this year a engagment will be announced between these two, I for one would be over the moon for them they look so good together and Austin is drop dead georgous and look’s like a real man.

  • ?WHAT?

    I am really surprised she decided to share her spotlight with someone. Normally she likes all the focus on herself. But, then again she probably doesn’t feel threatened by a D lister.

  • Haters Suck!

    She looks fantastic and its great to see Austin by her side for her moment. Also saw another pic of her josh and the rock, man i seriously hope promo for this movie never ends.

  • katie

    She looks amazing!
    I am totaly in love with her dress
    I cant believe Bulter is there though.
    Shouldnt he be on some street corner

  • llws88

    Has she ever considered dancing as a profession? She seems to do that better than acting…*shrugs*

  • raggedy

    SHOCKS!!! That VaneXXA and her latest boytoy were not canoodling on these pics!

  • thetis


    She use to pose with Zac and all her co-stars so either you’re ignorant or just to filled with hate to rely on facts but it is okay what goes around really truly does come around – I would start looking over my shoulder if I were you.

    Oh by the way D listers are usually people who’s careers have already failed – not ones like Austin who are just getting started.

  • ?WHAT?

    @thetis – you said it perfectly “she posed with her co-stars” (all for her own benefit)

    I was completely correct in referring to Austin as a D-lister regardless of what you may think.

    And last but not least, take your idle threats back to your little high school hallways or social networks where someone actually listens to that cr@p.

  • blue

    not an actress, not a singer, so why she’s on your blog jared.

  • Andriana

    @?WHAT?: You seem to be listening. You cared enough to comment back. lol

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    Haters and fault finders are one and the same.They’ll never change.

    Two thumbs up V!Very pretty once again.You shine without any effort at all!

  • Couper


  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    @ blue

    huh?u know what you’re talking about?what do you call a person who’s been doing movies since she was 13 , has released 2 CDs and sang for the US president at Christmas in Washington?

  • bella

    @blue: You’re a moron!
    She’s an actress and singer

  • Alice_Fierce _click me!!

    This guy reminds me of some other actor….i know it..just can’t put my finger on it…

  • amy

    at least he supports her at her premier’s :) such a beautiful woman and the cast seemed to bond so much love it :)

  • Emma

    How many months have they been dating for?

  • Nice One

    Vanessas a damn good dancer

  • TheHungerButch

    Why you guys hate Austin Butler so much?? He is come to support her and she looks happy with him. That’s what a good boyfriend, always support her girlfriend. And for everyone who called her slut and famewhore, YOU GUYS ARE SLUT AND FAMEWHORE. You guys are so brave to called her slut behind her back, but do you guys have a courage to say that infront of her?? I don’t think so. So stop calling her slut, whore, bitch and etc. HATERS THIS IS FOR YOU: Mirror yourself before talking about someone else

  • To a few people here who hate them ;

    If you don’t like them, stop visiting this board.

    If you have time enough to make derogatory comments, care about your own life

  • boji

    Vanessa looks a vision of loveliness in canary yellow and Austin by her side makes a dashing figure. So glad he went along to support her. I must say they make a beautiful couple. Saw the movie and v was vivacious, feisty and hot in my opinion. Loved watching her and the onscreen chemistry between her and josh.


    She should be on the show, “At least you can dance…”

  • maria

    Such a nice evening for them all! Vanessa looked amazing in that dress…..gorgeous color, pretty flowy Grecian style, and just very feminine. She and Austin looked lovely together, and I like his support, no matter where he is in his own career. He’s only 20, and is adorable and talented as well. I love how people think someone’s career is what makes a relationship good. LMAO. How shallow is that? Well, it didn’t work with someone more well known either, so maybe this is better? Who knows? All I care is that he treats her well, is supportive and protective, and respectful.

    It was also great to see Ashley there for a change. She and Vanessa took a great pic with Rachel MacAdam. Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • Rebecca

    You know Austin it would’ve been kinda nice if you at least helped Vanessa walk down the stairs

  • evz

    Stunning woman in a yellow dress… love her. I’m so happy that her friends and bf were there to support her…

  • Kelly

    lol austin was prob like “oh, im going to the premiere and post on the red carpet with vanessa while josh is crying in the corner”

  • Xox

    She looks so beautiful! I love her dress and I’m glad Austin was there for her.

  • angel

    I LOVE that Vanessa brought Austin with her to the Journey 2 premiere, just so that the haters will go mad bahah. Idec if I sound mean. BOOM

  • Rose

    At the most or at least her bf doesn’t overshadow her, it what she truly needs to shine, you can tell van rules this relationship and feels confident on her own, she doesnt need his help to get down the steps or to cling to him like she usually did with the ex. I wish them both the best in their relationship for the period it last, becos whoever is talking engagement here should know that relationship in HW are usually illusions.

  • Jenna

    And they made it through the premiere without sucking face?? Amazing achievement!!

  • boji

    Get yr facts straight.they don’t suck face on official appearances. Good looking couple.

  • YETS

    love the dress!!!

  • maeli

    Vanessa is a great dancer and this dress is amazing

  • leave zac alone

    Austin and vanessa look great together, they look very happy it is nice they are sharing here. Even though Vnessa went to premiere of “Charlie St Cloud”, Zac never went to her premieres for her movies.H was out of town on shoots, tours or work related or had already broken up. I know Zac is very happy for her now , and I have all hopes that one day soon, they will all be friend again.

  • jaded


  • The80sRule

    Journey 2 aka the band with the lead singer from the Phillipines

  • miss infamous

    IM actually impressed with the dancing

  • LisaLipps

    The headline actor is Dwayne Johnson but Just Jared is only interested in what Vanessa does. How about a little respect for the Rock?? Or anyone who’s name isn’t Vanessa?

  • ;)

    @Rebecca: I thought the exact same thing

  • Haters Suck!

    if you want to talk about the rock then talk about the rock. Been a big fan of him all the way back to his wwe days glad to see him going back to that again. The rock is one of the most awsome dudes ever. Met him back when the wwe came to my hometown for a show years ago only for a few minutes no pic but I got an autograph which I still
    have it was so cool. Vanessa and The Rock two of my favorite people ever.

  • india

    her boyfriend is not goodlooking.

  • aaron

    vanessa clearly has the better stripper moves.
    not surprised. she is really raunchy/tacky/trashy.

  • d

    Geez so many of these comments are absolutely juvenile. Why don’t you guys stay on JJ Jr?

  • sam

    Vanessa looks stunning. Nice that Austin went along to support her. What a lot of you don’t seem to know is that too much focus on your career can destroy a relationship. Don’t think Austin is doing that. He seems laid back, easy going and “present” for Vanessa. That’s what she wants in a guy.