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Vanessa Hudgens Visits Mom Gina!

Vanessa Hudgens Visits Mom Gina!

Vanessa Hudgens stops in for a visit with her mom Gina on Friday (February 3) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress wore a cute boho inspired outfit and a pair of sky high wedges for her catch up session with mom!

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The night before, Vanessa premiered her flick Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in LA.

“Any chance you get to work with a legend, the legend being Michael Caine, you take it,” Vanessa said of one of the reasons she chose to do the film. “To be on the same screen as him is such an honor. You’ve got to work with the greats to learn from the greats.”

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens visiting her mom…

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  • Roz

    She needs to pull her bra strip back on…that isnt fashion, it just looks messy

  • @Roz: Shut up

  • alla

    agreed!! does she own a bra?

  • thetis


    I see the same dumb lonely people with nothing to offer the world but hate have arrived.

    Well you get what you give you poor things.

  • Haters Suck!

    she looks great. hope she had fun last night

  • elendur

    Isn’t she visiting Gina and Greg. Why leave out dad unless they got divorced. Were they at the premiere? I know Stella went.

  • amy

    Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler leaving Journey 2 After Party in Hollywood!

    Look at this video clip.

    He does not take good care of her

    he is merely with her to use her for his own career and reputation

  • Haters Suck!

    Seriously!?!?! im not even going to bother

  • ?

    It looks like vanessa just picked up her sister. There are pics of them around town.

  • boji

    Our gal looks great here. I love how she always has time for family. Saw her sky diving experience. I must say she is one brave girl, a true guy’s gal. Awesome, indeed.

  • boji

    @amy, silly! She has an escort. He always leads the way as in the first video of them together. Then, Vanessa hung onto Kim, one of her close friends. Notice, how he always makes sure that she gets in first. Well, if that is not gentlemanly, what is? He also opens her door for her each and every time we’ve seen them together. Enough of the’ he’a using her “nonsense

  • annii

    grow up little zanessa fan

  • annii

    gorgeous girl <3

  • annii

    yeah, she took her sister and her sisters friends to get their nails done, she has an amazing relationship with her family!

  • annii

    a couple of weeks ago some fans got to met Vanessa’s mom and dad when they were on vacations together (V was with her sister in LA) so i think they still together… i dont really know, but Gina and Stella are always talking about papa Hudgens (he works), he just hate cameras, las year he was with Gina, the girls and Austin at the Iris premiere.. so yeah…

  • pimmy sileki
  • kami


    i would think she’d be visiting both her mom and dad. far as i know, they are still married. vanessa mentioned one time that he’s a retired fire fighter.

  • maria

    Hope she had a wonderful time last night! She looked lovely!

  • juliet

    so i heard Vanessa called austin her “boyfriend” in an interview. like we dont know

    yeah, asking Vanessa about austin in a magazine interview aint cool man

  • amy

    @Haters Suck! boji: why is he the gentleman?

    Yesterday, while she was going down stairs from her house in a dress, he didn’t help her down but went down first.

    And it’s her who always covers the dating expenses
    What’s worse, there is even a photo in which she was buying his swim pants

  • boji

    @ Amy, why are you doing your darn best to put austin in a bad light ie. finding fault with him as Vanessa’s bf any way you can? Vanessa is obviously not complaining. Just because he is not a well known actor and is not a big earner doesn’t make him a lesser person Vanessa is happy with him for now and refers to him as her bf. I’m happy that he came out to support her. Just stop finding fault with him for such a petty little thing. Enough already.

  • amy

    @boji: He may look like a decent gentleman to you but not to me
    And I just told what I saw myself

    He is so poor that he can’t even buy a swimming suit.

  • boji

    Lol, Amy,you make me laugh with comment like that. Vanessa buying him a swim wear from australia does not mean he can’t afford one. Grow up, child! It just means that v is a generous person. She loves her bf and what is so wrong about wanting to spend on your bf if you can afford it? Do not judge a person’s character by his/her material wealth. When I went out with my then bf, we would go Dutch because we were both students. It made sense. Then when I started earning I would buy him things. Of course if vanessa was the bigger earner then, it would make more sense if she chooses to pay the bills. It is about economics.

  • ?????????

    Mommy was probably giving her a lecture about all the gross PDA in front of the paps. Vannessa what a naughty, slutty girl you are

  • maria

    @boji: I agree, boji. Just how does amy know she pays for everything? Is she there at the end of every date, every breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. when the wallets come out?? Just because we saw her pay for one lunch doesn’t mean she always pays. As far as the swim trunks, geez. We saw her buy hundreds of things for the ex over the years too. I think when she sees something she likes, or that someone else would like, she just buys it. I do that all the time. As far as coming out of the house, it looked to me that he was watching out for the train of the dress. Afterwards, he led her to the car, and made sure she got in first. Not sure what more you’d want of him.

  • maria

    @?????????: Stop being such a frigid witch. It IS ok to kiss, cuddle, and sit on your BF’s lap on vacation. There’s a place for everything, and on vacay, it’s all ok. All couples do. Feel sorry for you. You must never get any.

  • nila

    I love her outfit!!! the top is from free people! the pants, I don’t know but they are awesome

  • florence2

    Never heard of a strapless bra@Roz:

  • boji

    @ Maria, Vanessa did indeed buy for her ex and him her, I bet it is the same with Austin. I figure Austin hasn’t had the opportunity to talk about v or he very much avoids talking about his private life like her. We don”t know that yet has he has not had the media exposure like her ex. I just hope that he is not a crowd/fan pleaser. I like what I’ve seen thus far


    I’m sorry, he is no gentleman,, when he went the basket ball game he walked in front of vanessa, not even close, which would not be safe, i know i go to games all the time, you never walk alone, i saw the video of them walking, out out of after party, and vanessa”s face. looked upset with him, he walked in front of her, and she yell at him, for leaving her behind, I don’t care, he should of walk her down the stairs, even josh used to walk her down the stairs, even her ex, walk her down the stairs, that video told it all, even the paps don’t have repect for him, they ask him, who he was, i thought everyone knew who he was, making out with vanessa all the time. yes she bought her ex jeans, when she was shopping for herself, she didn’t have to buy his clothes, she may have gave him sugestions, on his clothes, i saw alot of pictures her and her ex shopping together, but he bought them himself,her ex made more money then she did,he didn’t have to ask her to buy, his clothes, i was married to a genleman, this guy, just once in a while, opens the door, that is never leave your girlfriend like that. vanessa was not happy with him.

  • Jasmine

    I love her wedges

  • http://- Lika

    She needs to really lose weight. And then her young boyfriend, it just will not stand

  • annii

    but he is her boyfriend lol

  • annii

    lol stop you zanessa fan
    Vanessa buy things for all her friends, she gave some things to kim, ashley, laura.. (they posted some pictures) so whats your problem? the fact that you think he is not good enough for her, and Vanessa and all her friends and family are always talking about HOW GOOD HE IS WITH HER AND HOW HAPPY HE MAKES HER, just prove that pictures and videos and what the fans think is just a bunch of lies (just look at her past relationship, they looked “happy” and they ended lol)

  • annii

    another zac efron fan.. ok

  • annii

    trololol cry cry…

  • maria

    @BARBARA: You are putting your own spin on it, Barbara. He has either walked with her, or walked ahead and opened the door for her every time we’ve seen. And leaving her house the night of the premiere? Maybe he just wanted her to be the first one seen, and be the focus. After all, it was HER night. And he WAS watching out for her dress on the stairs. And who are you comparing him to? The ex who ran to the car and hopped in first, with no concern for her? Who opened the door for her once in the five years I followed them? You can’t be serious. Also, Vanessa bought far more than “a pair of jeans” for the ex. She’s a very generous person and likes to buy things for people she loves. Don’t know why that’s such a big concern.

  • vanessafan
  • kelly martineau

    Where are pictures of Nessa and her sister driving around down? And getting their nails done.

  • amy

    @Boji maria: You know nothing about him

    BARBARA’s right about that.

    He always walks away ahead of her.

    He even doesn’t bother to protect her

    Okay, If he is a real gentleman, explain why he didn’t help her when she was getting down the stairs.

    and As you can see it from those pictures, Always Vanessa makes affectionate gestures toward him not the other way around

    He doesn’t even try the first move of expressing love to her

    He is just using her

  • amy

    I can’t see the love in Austin’s eyes

  • boji

    @ Amy, knock on wood. Your outlook is so narrow minded, you’re just born in the wrong century. There’s just no getting through to you. What a pity!

  • Sally

    @Amy: agree… Austin could be more gentleman and kind to kaya…just saying

  • Sally

    @Amy: agree… Austin could be more gentleman and kind to Vanessa…….…just saying

  • elendur


    When and where have Vanessa family and friends stated how good Austin is to her? I have not heard them say anything. Do you have some links you could show?
    The only quote I,ve heard was from her during funny talk with Josh when she said he’s a great guy.

  • amy

    @Boji: You too saw how he treated her yourself. Anyway, no matter what I say, you would stand up for him

  • Nicky

    @amy: I agree.
    As some other people here said. I’d like to see where he helped her with her dress, especially from the position behind her where he is.

    He tries to get more attention with her by his side. Well at least the are known worldwide now for PDA 24/7. It’s not the best publicity but it’s publicity.

  • bella

    @BARBARA: Are my ears weird? I didn’t hear her yelling at him on the video

  • boji

    Once you’ve made your mind up to dislike a person, you’d go all out all to comvince yourself and prove your point. All we kmow is Vanessa’s happy and so are her friends with Austin and Ashley knows him the best and she’s v’s BFF .

  • amy

    @Boji: he is a gentleman just as you said, I wonder how come he always goes first or doesn’t help her getting down stairs

    And just as BARBARA mentioned, he went ahead of her when they went see a basketball game

    He is not a good boyfriend!!