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Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Park Playtime!

Gabriel Aubry & Nahla: Park Playtime!

Gabriel Aubry pushes his daughter Nahla on the swings at a local park on Friday (February 3) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 36-year-old model and Nahla laughed and played together on the swings before heading to the sandbox where they filled their socks up with sand!

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Over the weekend, Nahla and her mom Halle Berry went out to brunch together with Olivier Martinez.

15+ pictures inside of Gabriel Aubry and Nahla playing on the swings at a local park…

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gabriel aubry nahla play park 01
gabriel aubry nahla play park 02
gabriel aubry nahla play park 03
gabriel aubry nahla play park 04
gabriel aubry nahla play park 05
gabriel aubry nahla play park 06
gabriel aubry nahla play park 07
gabriel aubry nahla play park 08
gabriel aubry nahla play park 09
gabriel aubry nahla play park 10
gabriel aubry nahla play park 11
gabriel aubry nahla play park 12
gabriel aubry nahla play park 13
gabriel aubry nahla play park 14
gabriel aubry nahla play park 15
gabriel aubry nahla play park 16
gabriel aubry nahla play park 17

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  • jj

    He reminds me of that guy from Lost

  • cam


  • alex

    finally. this is how it should be. a father with his daughter. i just don’t like how halle has dealt with this divorce and custody agreement. she shouldn’t let her feelings against gabriel keep him from his daughter. just saying.

  • omd

    he’s a good dad. halle is cray.

  • llws88

    @alex: I whole heartedly agree! Gabriel seems like a loving father, and she just can’t replace fathers (e.g. Olivier Martinez) any time she feels like it. Halle doesn’t like Gabriel anymore, but this is his daughter and he has a right to be part of her life. If Halle knew she wanted to have the kid to herself, she should have gone to a sperm bank instead of having a child with her boyfriend at the time smh

  • llws88

    Gabriel seems like a loving father, and Halle just can’t replace fathers (e.g. Olivier Martinez) any time she feels like it. Halle doesn’t like Gabriel anymore, but this is his daughter and he has a right to be part of her life. If Halle knew she wanted to have the kid to herself, she should have gone to a sperm bank instead of having a child with her boyfriend at the time smh

  • ali

    poor guy , i feel bad for him . he seems like an amazing loving
    dad . Halley used him to get pregnant and now she treats him
    like dirt .

    its a shame that a woman like her (Hally) who grew with a
    dad that abused her mother ( bad roll model ) , would deprive her own
    daughter a good loving father . better than what she had
    growing up .

    its very sad for everyone . especially that adorablle kid .

    Halley , you may have an academy award but you sure are selfish
    cruel and emotionally not intelligent .

    money dosnt buy Class or a good heart .

  • Lilene

    Kudos to Gabriel for making sure he’s a part of his daughter’s life! It sickens me to see how far Halle’s gone to try to get him out of it. I have to admit that I’m no longer a fan of Halle and won’t support anything she does anymore because she seems so nasty and spiteful. I remember Halle herself said Gabriel was a great father and then not a month later they break up and then she starts an all out war to get him out of Nahla’s life. She’s a bad mother and she should be ashamed of herself.

  • amensister

    what a bunch of hypocrites you lot are, if hallie does it, its a photo opportunity, if saint gabby [yeah ive got a temper] does it, its ahh isnt he a caring dad.


  • Liz

    Sweet daddy & his little girl…

  • Anthony

    This is so stage! Sickening

  • shui

    exactly!!!!! Somebody should tell her that. Never liked her. She always seems so strict and slighty depressed.

  • Romi

    They’re so lovely!!! I love this two, I wish them a life together and full of love and moments lived together!

  • huggy bear

    stage my ass you don’t see him kiss nahla on her lip for every one to see like halle man that dirty old man . now that stage

  • nun

    hot daddy! I feel sorry for him, he doesn’t really look at ease, don’t think this is staged at all. It must be hard with such a psycho ex

  • A

    I now it’s immature but…#TeamGabriel
    Halle lost me as a fan when she started draging Gabriel and her daughter through the mud, publicly. It’s a shame because I used to really like Halle and supported her 100% by going to see everything she was in, even X men but then she started with the racist and outdated One drop rule and calling her ex, the father of her child, a bunch of nasty names. She seems batsh!t crazy and spiteful and I feel sorry for everyone around her. Especially her daughter.
    I’m past cringing and feeling embarrassed for Halle, now I feel nothing for her but hope she’ll come to her senses for her daughter’s sake.

  • denise

    @huggy bear: #14

    Olivier did not kiss that child on the lips. I saw him carrying her as they walked with Halle, but he did not kiss her. So if you are going to make these accusations up, you better pony up the photo to prove it.

    NOW, prove your accusation. Or shut up with your lies.

  • XYZ

    I really feel pity for this guy. He shouldnt have gone so far with mental Halle. Or he could have got a white man. Sorry, Gabe, once u go black u can never go back. In a bad way. Just look at Tatjana Patitz and Heidi Klum for instance.

  • XYZ


    A white woman, sorry.

  • huggy bear

    i don’t know you lady but please don’t call me a lier go look at thepictures of him playing on the beach with hahla last weekend before you talk

  • wren

    Halle Berry has a history of questionable behavior and decision making – a hit and run, many marriages all apparently crazy (according to her), she calls the paps to publicize. I don’t know much about Aubry except he’s real good looking….and very white….just saying. All I know about Oliver Martinez was that he broke up his marriage for Rose McGowen, another piece of work. This craziness is more Halle Berry poor decision making, and it’s an absolute shame that there is a child involved.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Halle is probably FURIOUS right now. Funny Nahla doesn’t look scared of her father!!! She never does!! She looks like a normal little girl enjoying a day at the park with her father – as opposed to hanging out with Halle’s boyfriends!!
    Halle needs to give it a rest already. She needs to ask herself why is it that there is something wrong with ALL the men in HER life?? I’m starting to think the only thing wrong with these men is they had the unfortunate experience of Halle Berry!! Gabe better be careful – she might try and run him over!!!

  • ol

    i seriously feel for this kid. I’m sure Halle berry thought because she was a celebrity she’d get away with all the bullsh*t she is spreading. blah! i was raised by my dad and i think keeping a kid from their parent is hanus. (unless they’re abusive etc..)

  • RCG

    Some folks are so full of hated for Halle that they lack the ability to reason and be objective. Have you ever ever lived with Halle or Gabriel, if not,
    you don’t know anything about their lives behind closed doors. In fact ,if Halle did not want her child to have a father she could have went to a sperm bank or adopted. This child was planned by both parents and is loved by both parents. Are all the pictures you see of this man with his child are fake?They were in a relationship and it ended, big deal, happens everyday. Halle grew up in an abusive home, has been abused and works with abused women and children. A good mother is concerned about the well being of “HER” child. Gabriel grew up in numererous foster
    homes so an intelligent person would realize, that he, most likely, has emotional baggage that he needs counseling for. And this baggage could quite possibly affect his ability to have relationships with people in general when there is conflict.

  • dmil

    @RCG: Halle knows exactly what shes doing. slamming him in the news will make him look like a bad father… if she was a decent human she’d realize that her DAUGHTER will grow up and read about it 1 day.. to me that doesnt seem like a stable or positive parent

  • Wrong

    @denise: WRONG

    JJ isn’t letting me post any links…check Radar Online & Daily Mail are two of the several sites showing the two kissing from last weekend at Halle’s Malibu beach home for staged photos. Innocent or not, it still looks creepy. Google search the fake bfs name.

  • JJ2009

    So, I guess the judge isn’t in Halle’s pocket after all, her tragic mulatto victim bit didn’t work against St. Gabe. Neither one is a saint.

    Good Aubry is doing Anger Management. Halle therapy will see. Hope the Judge orders if he hasn’t already about them doing co-parenting classes.

  • denise

    @Wrong: #28

    You don’t have any photo of Olivier kissing that child it The mouth, because HE DID NOT DO IT! So stop the lying.

  • denise

    @Wrong: #28

    You don’t have any photo of Olivier kissing that child in The mouth, because HE DID NOT DO IT! So stop the lying.

  • Jennifer


    You are lying. You know there is no photo of Oliver kissing Nahla in the mouth on Radar and Daily Mail. None to be found.

    Also JJ always let us post links. So you are lying, just like denise says you are.

  • lani

    @denise: actually he did, just go to another gossip blog. they were at the beach i think?

  • melina
  • Mary

    I dare any of you to find a photo, and post it, of Olivier kissing Nahla on the lips. Put your proof where your accusation is.
    If you are going to make loose-lip accusations, you better be able to prove it.

    You won’t be able to meet my dare, because you will not find a photo of him kissing Nahla on lips.

  • melina
  • lmao

    Some of you are ridiculous. You have no idea what went on between Halle and Gabriel mind your business

  • kolkok

    @lmao: this is a gossip blog where ppl have an opinion. if u dnt like it……. leeeeeavvvee

  • lmao

    @kolkok I never said you couldn’t share your opinion….learn to read. I’m simply stating that the comments are ridiculous and judgemental.

  • kolkok

    @lmao: if i couldnt read how would i be able to reply? MYSTERY!!

  • Sili
  • woops

    @Mary: are you embarrassed to be so wrong? because two people have posted a pic of it.

  • hubbybear

    denice their is so look at olivier martiner and halle berry daughter hahla share a tender moment on jan. 29, 2012 look it up before you run your mo.

  • erica
  • odessa

    Cute father and daughter, oliver is just gross

  • Dn

    Thanks melina. huggy bear and others were right. melina psoted the link and then others psoted other links.

    If Gabriel Aubry had a girlfriend who did this, Hall Batseht Crazy Berry would in court ASAP .
    Olivier is not Nahla’s dad. I , personally, do not like on lip kissing for anybody to a child .
    Not even the parents.

    I never say that growing up. Ift is something new people started in recent years.

    Halle Batshet Crazy Berry is a vindicitve, extremely rich, lawyered up, loud as in her pr machine can spin and so gabriel Aubry is out of his league.

    What he needs to do is give up…in a snese. See his daughter with Halle’s nanny present, his own nanny present, and perhaps a few friends of his nearby too. Is that enough witnesses. No sleepovers or vacations. WAIT, I say this because he can keep that god relationship open with his child .
    Halle is going to fight him, make his life he ll every 6 mnths or so like clock work.
    It is Halle’s crazy head goal in life to get this man out of Nahla’s life, to make sure the child hates the father, to make sure that Nahla has as a good f*&^ed childhood life and relationship with men as Halle did and due to Halle’s insecurities and rage, to make sure Nahla stays close to her.

    Parents like Halle Batshet Crazy Berry don’t understnad that the child gets hurt and the child grows up. When Nahla is 15, 16, maybe even 14, Nahal will be able to be with her fahter. Communicate with him on her own.
    At a certain age, she could want to live with him.

    Ask Kim Crazy Vicious Basinger how that parent alienation, giving Alec’s private phone call, YES very harsh words of his which he regrets, to the media Ask Kim Crazy Vicious how now Ireland seeks and go to her father and they looked great doing a red carpet awards show a while back.

  • amensister

    why is it that gabby only have DAYS with nahla and not WEEKS

    why wont the court allow that, and he has never taken her out of state either. why has the judge/court not allowed him

  • Dn

    Because he cannot.
    Halle has fvull custody, and everything.
    he has only visitation and Halle wanted it that way and got that.
    No joint custody.

    NOW, Halle, her evil plan all along, is make Gabriel Aubry out of the child’s life all together.Make sure there is not parental bond there.
    Make sure Nahla doesn’t know him and fears him. Make sure all these court cases are on record and in the public gossip sites.Make him just give up and then Halle can say that he left as her father did and that is ok and look how Mommy is successful and you do not need a ,man except for one thing. Let Nahla see lots of dadies , via Halle’s constant parade of boyfriends. “See , honey. Men are no good. You don’t need them except for one thing.”

    Halle Batshet Crazy Berry. Evil. Nuts. Nutty as a friutcake. Mixed up. Warped mind. She is a lil off. She is f*&^ed in the head.
    Halle’s elevator does not reach the top floor. Nobody is home upstairs in her head.

    Another other sayings anyone would like to add.

  • Lulu

    This child shouldn’t grow up in front of cameras, be a prop for parents or have therapy sessions at age 3. Take her away somewhere and raise her out of the eyes of papparrazi !

  • For Denise/Jennifer#2

    Comment with links are pending…I will try using shortener Radar Online Daily Mail

  • For Denise/Jennifer#3

    @For Denise/Jennifer#2:What do you call the above photos…looks like you SKANKS R STILL WRONG!

  • just posted them

    @denise: see link…just posted them