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Matt Bomer: Super Bowl Events with Son Kit!

Matt Bomer: Super Bowl Events with Son Kit!

Matt Bomer and his adorable son Kit attend the 2012 DirecTV Super Saturday Night at Victory Field on Saturday (February 4) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The 34-year-old actor also checked out the Verizon NFL Training Ground at the Indiana Convention Center, where he tested his knowledge on football trivia.

Matt will soon guest star on an episode of Glee as the older brother to Darren Criss‘ Blaine. The pair will be performing a duet of a Duran Duran mash-up, according to TV Line.

15+ pictures inside of Matt Bomer checking out events before the Super Bowl…

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matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 01
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 02
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 03
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 04
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 05
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 06
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 07
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 08
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 09
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 10
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 11
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 12
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 13
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 14
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 15
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 16
matt bomer super bowl events with son kit 17

Credit: Tasos Katopodis; Jeff Kravitz; Theo Wargo; Photos: Getty, Film Magic
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  • Nina

    The worlds most perfect man is a DILF!

  • Ally

    perfection defines this man…love him and Kit is so adorable :)

  • Guilherme

    Excuse me, but I just want to know if he is gay

  • Drew

    That kid is adorable. And yes, Bomer is gay. He has been out for ages. He also has perfect hair.

  • Caroline

    I didn’t know Matt had a son. Who’s the mother??

  • Donna


    Oh, please, have you never googled him? Or been here before? He’s married to/partnered with Simon Halls; they have Kit and a set of twins, Henry and Walker, that Simon did via an egg donor and surragate.

  • Karih

    Yes, Matt is gay, that’s not news, he said in a recent interview that he has no girlfriend but a boyfriend (Simon Halls). But as far as I know, Matt is not the biological father of these children, maybe Simon or adopted?

  • Caroline

    Well, it’s not Matt’s son then. Or has he adopted him? Well, if he hasn’t then it’s certainly not his son. Fact.

  • bedds

    Sweet jesus, this man is perfection. My man ovaries are exploding!

  • abc

    @Caroline: are we really going to have a discussion on sematics?

  • meller

    I bet Matt is a bottom. Don’t they call him Matt ‘Bottom’ Bomer in West Hollywood? Maybe I’m mistaken. :/

  • Buzzy

    She looks about as convincing with that football as Lucy Ricardo.

  • Jared

    Troll hard at work here

  • Kav

    Matt had such a great game in the Beach Bowl as usual. Love him.

  • Drew

    @Caroline All three boys are his. He has been with his husband for years and they’ve raised them together. Not sure whether they’re biologically his or his husband’s or neither, but legally and in any way that matters, they’re his.

  • Casandra

    @meller: No you confusing him with Cavill I think.

  • Laly

    I’m sure he scored well during the football trivia since his father played for the Cowboys.

  • YAYA

    He is too sexy. It’s always the gay guys that look like that.

  • Matt’s is a gr8 athlete

    Saw some action pictures of Matt playing so well …HE IS SOOOO FIT.
    I know that, but to see his ripping muscles in action just takes my breath away. And such a fantastic actor

  • Just love MATT BOMER

    Matt, I enjoy everything that you do! Your talents are unlimitted. Keep it up and enjoy your success!

  • Marion

    Kit is so cute!!!

  • Sarah89

    Matt Bomer! <3 I bet he's an awesome dad. :)

  • unf

    Amazing actor,amazing athlete,singer,dancer and oh so sexy

  • Donna

    @ Karih – just to correct your statement, Matt did say very quickly in a recent interview when he was asked if he was single, he said “No”. So people can interpret that the way they like. He “did not say he had a boyfriend”. Matt likes to keep his private life private and most of his fans respect him for that.

    From all reports the past few years it appears that Matt is helping to raise Simon Hall’s biological kids that Simon had through a surrogate before him & Matt were together. So yes, he is not the biological father but is their father in every way that counts & he seems to be a great dad.

  • Amanda


    Uh, no. He is a great actor/singer/athlete, yes. But oh geez whatever made you think he could dance? Watch that chuck episode where he has to dance. The camera angles try so hard to hide how bad he is and mostly succeed but if you’re looking…

    But anyway yes, that is one hot and talented man.

  • JJ controversy

    Why so many different names under the same IP address? I mean more than the half of the comments here. I’m just saying the fact. Don’t be fooled, girls.

  • .Ca?

    this comment @Jared: is also one of them coming from the same place as well as @Casandra: So, someone talking about “troll” is the troll and this person is jealous as hell of …..Henry Cavill.

  • R

    Amanda, are you on crack? Just watch White Collar you mentalist.

    Caroline, so adopted kids will never have real parents apart from ther abusive baby makers? You are truly evil.

    Cassandra, tell me about it. Cavill is such a closet case.

  • R

    @JJ controversy:

    Fan girls are insane on Just Jared? Is there anything knew? I just hope he closes down comments because idiots like Caroline give humans a bad name.

  • abc

    what is with all the haters? he’s gorgeous, and apparently a good person and father. why all the dislike?

  • Bomer fan “cheaters”

    @R: You are very weired. Caroline is asking a question, she isn’t creating many names to looks like she has many supporters. “Cassandra” by the way, this person is a troll creating many names. Many blogs IP bann for such a behavior. Then, omg, many of this thread’s Bomer’s fan comments will be gone. lol

  • @abc

    There’s just one, maybe 2 top, jealous troll who is/are on all Matt Bomer’s post , make negative and homophobic comments under different alias and delete its/their cookies to put thumbs down on every positive ones.

  • Thinkpad

    So one of Matt Bomer fans make comments under many different alias by deleting its cookies, then making a negative comment for Henry Cavill. I bet the fan is actually a very unfortunate looking miserable man jealous of the British actor. HAHAHA

  • Karih

    @Donna: In the interview I have seen here in France, he said that he said no to a question “if he is single” and no to the next question if he has a girlfriend, so except if he dates animals, he insinuates he has a boyfriend ;-)

  • Karih

    @JJ controversy: @Thinkpad: How do you see IP, I can’t see them. :-O

  • Sar

    It doesn’t matter how you came by your children, if you love them, are raising them and are responsibile for them, then you can call them your child.

    I love Matt Bomer, he is always doing excellent charity work and seems like a decent man.

  • NikeR

    Plus, Matt himself said he has three children and their name… (during the Today show, June or July 2011.)

  • claire

    who cares if his children is adoptes or biological is his son

  • @abc2

    And did some comments down over 100 times b4 lol dumb

  • Charlie

    Sure Kit is well taken care of and has a wonderful mother. Matt Bomer: M for mother, B for botto…*cough* *cough* ;)

  • correction

    Matt Bomer does not have kids.
    Matt’s boyfriend has kids – a man who can help his career.
    Bomer is just another man wh***e who would f***** everyone and everything for $$$.

  • @Karih

    He/she can’t see them, he/she’s just totally and crazily obsessed by Matt and spend his/her time on EVERY JJ’s Matt Bomer posts to make several negative comments and put thumbs down 20 to 50 times a day on every positives notes to hide them. It would be funny it it wasn’t so scary and if this obsessed troll wasn’t so homophobic.

  • Rob from Canada

    @@Karih: You sound dangerously obsessed by YOUR troll…and you crying. Obviously, “@Cassandra” and you are a trolling man. LOL The dumbest fan from Matt Bomer fan EVER.

  • Lola

    The funniest part is that more than 50 or more girls (and possibly guys, lol) are disagreeing with @Casandra: but a dumb thinks that’s by a “troll” Bwahahahahaha 50 thumbs down.. wow.

  • Peapo

    Cute son, gorgeous dad.

  • Heavenly!!

    Ahh I’m soo happy the right side won!!! Brady is such a closet case with a trashy beard. Bomer & Brady, the one coming out & the one still in closet. Bttom & Top. LOL


    I wonder if he’s BI or GAY??? I hope he’s bi because then it means he likes both genders. If he’s gay it means he led on some poor woman pretending he was straight and then got her pregnant possible on purpose so she could give him a child. There are gay men out there who lie to women just so they could become fathers. SHAMEFUL!!

  • Jessica

    @Caroline: Does it really matter if he is not biological his or not, But Caroline It is NOT A FACT that he is not his son because no matter what HE IS HIS FATHER and THAT IS HIS SON.
    It doesn’t matter, they are still father and son that is fact, same as when someone adopts or you take care of another child and you see them as father and him as son. He was there since he was born, brought him up and still has, so it is not a “FACT” that , that little boy is not his son. /
    Do people not look outside of the box does IT have to be blood until someone is really is father/mother and daughter/son. Seriously Sharing the same blood does the make the parent its who really is there and takes care of them..people like you just make me so angry about that fact.

  • Matthew Staton Truth

    @BISEXUAL??: Obviously not. You can tell from his face, his talk, his walk, especially from his eyes = Matt Bomer 120 % gay, nothing else. He also hates fat people. Fat female fans. Puking.

  • Karih

    Have I missed something? Why people thumb down my question “how do you see IP?” You can’t see them with Firefox and from France, maybe you can see them in US or with another browser, it was just a simple question, don’t understand why it is “dislike”. And why people thumb down my comment that Matt is gay and said he has no girlfriend? If you take a look at it on Youtube at this video /watch?v=o7be_LuTU0g , you’ll see I’m right. And funny that actually I got a +22 when I said that the first time on first page. You people are weird.