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Miley Cyrus: Why I Got My Gay Marriage Tattoo

Miley Cyrus: Why I Got My Gay Marriage Tattoo

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth head to lunch at Studio Cafe on Friday (February 3) in Studio City, Calif.

The 19-year-old singer and actress paired her high-waisted denim shorts with a strapless black top and matching boots.

Miley recently penned a piece for explaining why she got her “All LOVE is equal” tattoo, something that sparked controversy, hate mail, and even threats.

“I believe every American should be allowed the same rights and civil liberties. Without legalized same-sex marriage, most of the time you cannot share the same health benefits, you are not considered next of kin and you are not granted the same securities as a heterosexual couple. How is this different than having someone sit in the back of the bus because of their skin color?” she wrote.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth at Studio Cafe…

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  • Angela

    hehe, coming from a christian!. way to go

  • Angela

    epic fail

  • Sayer

    Teenage sl*t needs to go away or go back to sucking on p%nis shaped cakes.

  • Yeah

    Oh shut up Miley.

  • Gossipgirl

    Excuse me Ms. Cyrus; I am a Black woman and while I support gay rights and equality, IT IS NOT the same as the treatment of Blacks during the civil rights movement. Please go back to the history books, talk to some Black people (there’s a novel idea), or STFU and sit down.

  • Caroline

    I will never understand this need people have of insulting others.

  • suz

    Is she wearing one of those fake nose-and-glasses things you get from a joke shop?

  • vi

    Oh God why doesn’t she shut up when she has half facts. I agree with gossipgirl , this is no way equal to civil rights movement.
    I still don’t understand why isn’t it being legalized, why cant people follow Live and Let Live. it works great for me , I don’t bother about what others do or don’t do.

    BTW is it only me who finds Liam Hemsworth ugly ?

  • t

    awesome of her to care about the rights of others

  • vi

    I am gay with Gossipgirl

  • how cute

    the widdle bigots want their way! wah! wah! Cry me a river. You’d be the ones with the bats at Selma.

  • Matthew

    Like her a bit more now. :D

  • brendaj

    Miley is a young woman.. doing what other women her age do

    that being said I don’t like this outfit.. that’s all..

    why do women talk so nastily about other women.. don’t get it at all..

  • CLB

    What’s he doing with that skank?

  • Charlie

    ‘every america’? so what people from other countries don’t deserve that?

  • Kat

    this ho needs to go far far away

  • Thomas Alex


    Your ignorance to the Civil Rights of African Americans and Gays is obvious. After reading my list, if you still think they’re different then I can’t help you.

    1. Banned from Public Places: Gays and Blacks
    2. Hung: Gays and Blacks
    3. Denied marriage rights: Gays and Blacks
    4. Denied voting rights: Gays and Blacks
    5. Slavery: Blacks
    6. Fired: Gays and Blacks
    7. Denied housing: Gays and Blacks
    8. Banned from the military: Gays and Blacks
    9. Witch-hunted: Gays and Blacks
    10. School segregation: Blacks

    So besides for slaver and school segregation, the Black and Gay Civil Rights movement are Equal. Even though they can’ segregate Gays in school, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t if they could. Next time you try to speak about something you know nothing about, don’t.

  • sanoga

    WOW. I am 110% supportive of marriage equality, but this girl is speaking out of absolute ignorance when she compares gay rights in the year 2012 to the disgusting mistreatment of colored (not just black, but Asian or “yellows,” as they called us) in the 50s and 60s.

    Miley, please show me an instance where the GOVERNMENT FORCED gays to sit at the back of the bus, attend separate schools, use separate bathrooms, weren’t allowed to attend public universities, couldn’t get a job, couldn’t eat in public restaurants, etc. IGNORANT and INACCURATE comparison. Disgusting.

  • AH

    There is no difference between the treatment meted out to blacks and gay people. Discrimination against both groups was/is based on something they have no control over i.e. the color of their skin and their sexual orientation; it is an apt comparison. Regardless, even if you don’t like the comparison, you should be offended by Americans being discriminated against, period. If you are not, then not only are you a bigot but you are also unpatriotic.

  • BD200

    If you’re going to disagree with someone, you don’t have to be hateful. If you’re Black and you want to point out that it might not be the same as mistreatment of gay people (which I agree, cause gay people weren’t dragged from their continent to be enslaved and bought and sold and treated like friggen property), just say why and enlighten people. Miley went to Haiti to help people, regardless of their color, so I think she deserves respect even if she might have misspoken.

  • jesslyn

    carryin the banner for redneck southern wear, yah miles!

  • kkkkk

    @ Angela Miley is NOT a Christian, obviously.

  • Gossipgirl

    @Thomas Alex: Thank you for educating me on this issue. What do I know? I’m only the descendant of slaves. Love and peace to all!

  • Sherri

    @Thomas Alex:

    I’m sorry but equating racial discrimination with discrimination against gays is a false equivalence. The minute you say “with the exception of…” your argument is immediately invalid especially when that exception is a 300 year history of racial discrimination and disenfranchisement.

    I also don’t understand why every case of discrimination has to be compared to slavery or the Civil Rights Movement. While we can measure instances of discrimination by degree of severity, it doesn’t make something any less wrong even if it doesn’t equate to what happened during slavery or in the 1950s and 60s. During these times, discrimination was based on a physical characteristic. Skin color couldn’t be changed or disguised, which is not the case with homosexuality.

    The argument for equality for homosexuals has its own very good and valid merits without bringing up the Civil Rights Movement. I feel like when we throw these comparisons out there to validate one movement we’re doing a disservice to both.

  • Loved by the Buffalo

    u cant compare suffering like hey, we suffered more than u etc
    so x group was worse of than jews during the holocaust? and y group worse than the Complete Annihilation of american indians?
    what about the oppressed in South Africa?
    if u suffered and were wronged, u just were.
    no need to compare.

  • stream

    miley finally coming out of the closet. I knew she was lesbian long time ago. Check how her ‘makeup artist’ is always with her

  • Isabelle

    “Skin color couldn’t be changed or disguised, which is not the case with homosexuality. ” How bigot are you ? You think being gay is a choice, now ?

    You should all just shup up. During (and way after) the middle ages, homosexualty meant being burnt at the stake. Oh, and during the second wold war, in europe, gays were sent to camps to be exterminated.

    Should I go on like this ?

    STOP trying to compare one with the other, it’s beyond ridiculous.

  • stream


    you shut up sweetheart. While the blacks didn’t do anything to deserve that treatment sodomy deserves all the loathe.. so shut and straighten up or suck it up. And yes in many cases being gay is a choice, a wicked one. How else do you explain the exploding numbers of gays nowadays compared to one hundred years ago? But then people had commons sense

  • Lucky Charm


    “How else do you explain the exploding numbers of gays nowadays compared to one hundred years ago?” Perhaps because they are not as afraid to come out now? If you knew that you would be tortured or killed as a result, would you want anyone to know?

    If you are Christian, then I suggest you go back and read your Bible where Christ said not to judge others, and to treat others as you want to be treated. Apparently you missed those Sunday school classes…

  • lakas

    whats the name of those glasses on miley? does anyone know?

  • ozzie

    She was just comparing one instance of bigotry to another that are similar. She was not comparing being gay to slavery.

    Just to interject some facts gay people were being hunted and killed long before black people were being enslaved in the new world. 300 years of oppression doesn’t even scratch the surface of the years of gay oppression. It goes all the way back to primitive bible times.

    It may not be the same situation but it doesn’t make either situation invalid or any less awefull.

    The teen suicide rate in this country is off the scale thanks to ignorant christains and their hate groups like focus on the family and. Just regular churches preaching that these scared, sad, and confused kids are evil are as guilty as if they pulled the trigger themselves.

    It needs to stop and it’s going to stop … how many more awefull things like columbine have to happen where the bullied snap and defend themselves?

    gay people aren’t going to be your punching bags much longer so our laws and schools need to get out of the bible times and step into 2012 and protect the citizens of this country … ALL of them … not just heterosexual white people.

  • Charlie

    @Charlie: May I know why on earth 2 people disliked the previous comment I made? So what you have every right to gay marriage and so on, but only if you’re American? How is that not classified as bigotry? People like that give smart americans a bad name.

  • Sherri


    I should have guessed someone on this board would take my words out of context. I don’t believe homosexuality is a choice but even if I did, no where in my comments do I say it’s a bad choice. In fact, I think I ended with there being some very good and valid arguments for equality so to call me a bigot is completely uncalled for.

    What I meant is you can’t see “gay.” You can, however, see skin color. I’ve known some very effeminate straight men and butch gay women. That’s the difference I was referencing.

  • Loved by the Buffalo

    @Charlie: you’re getting the thumbs down bec that’s clearly not what she meant and clearly not what she even said. she is speaking specifically about American rights because she is American.

  • Charlie

    @Loved by the Buffalo: Still I don’t see why she has to be that specific, these problems are not only found in the US but they are experienced globally. Her fans aren’t only found in the states, but globally and so her view point should also be on a global level. I appreciate what she’s doing, but she needs to think bigger basically. However I do not think that what black people had to endure is what gay people have to go though. She should have done more research before comparing the two. I get that the two groups have a lot of similaries in how people treated them, but slavery is a more serious issue than a lot of other issues mentioned.

  • Dogstar

    @Charlie: holla, i feel u. but let’s forgive her. she is 19 and has not been to college. and her dad is billy ray.

  • Isabelle

    @Sherri ok then, sorry about my comment. As for the see/don’t see thing, I totally agree with you. Again, sorry for misunderstanding what you were trying to say.

    @Stream: if you look up the word “bigot” in a dictionary, your picture’s right beside it. How do I explain the “exploding number of gays” ? Easy: it’s more tolerated now than before, therefore I guess than more homosexuals dare to come out. Do you understand that, sweetheart, or do I have to make a drawing ?

  • A

    How dare anyone compare the two! Black people cannot hide their skin color! And yes, you CAN hide your sexuality, no one knows if you prefer men or women unless you say which one (or both) you prefer!
    I am so sick of that BS. Black people have to be scared they might be attacked..for their frickin’ SKIN COLOR! You can’t say “gee, I’d like to hide my skin color today so I don’t get harassed, or worse, killed!” Whether you want to admit it or not: Yes, yes you CAN hide your sexuality. No one knows you are gay unless they already KNOW you prefer the same sex. Sheesh. No one is saying being gay is a choice, we are saying for the last frickin’ time: You can’t hide being black but you can hide being gay, or bi, or straight – Get it!? For the love of God, please GET IT!

  • Isabelle

    It’s actually appaling that obviously, we live in a society where gay people have to hide their sexuality. And that, obviously, is ok. It shouldn’t be.

    I’m sorry but I live in Belgium, where it’s not as tough to be another skin color and where gay marriage is legal.
    Therefore, the point of view of many people here is, yeah, shocking, to me.

  • Tazla


    The treatment of gay people rivals that of how black people were treated. Look at Matthew Shepherd. Gay people in the south have had their clubs burnt to the ground, been shot at attending the clubs. They commit suicide because they are tormented in school. The homophobic generation will die off however and future generations will be much more accepting of their fellow citizens. It is slowly evolving.

  • Chy

    @AH: THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! Simply put the fight is not the same Miley!

  • mike

    In Europe, the discrimination is just toward other ethnicities. For example, in the UK it is toward Indians. In Germany and Austria it is towards Eastern Europeans, Slavic and Turkish peoples who they only employ in the service sector like as maids and such. They look down on other ethnicities in Europe too.

  • justine

    in Austria, I have two friends, one Turkish and another Czech ancestry but they are Austrian since they were born and raised there. However since their last names are foreign to Austria they experience discrimination and they always deal with being told theyre ‘not really Austrian’.

  • Chy

    Doctors say legalizing same-sex marriage will give false impression gay sex is safe!

  • d


  • sanoga

    @Thomas Alex:

    I’m very interested to see where you get your information. Please cite your sources.

    1. Banned from Public Places: gay day at Disney, gay pride parades, countless gay clubs, venues and restaurants in just about any major city in America, the entire neighborhood of Chelsea in NYC, need I go on?

    2. Hung: WTF?!

    3. Denied marriage rights: FALSE. In the 1950s, my GRANDFATHER (an Asian immigrant, listed as “brown” on his documents) married a WHITE woman. This was in Connecticut. Imagine the New England outcry at a MIXED COUPLE! But damn, they DID IT!

    4. Denied voting rights: Um… WHAT?! Gays can vote. Fun factoid: blacks could vote in America before women could. THAT is outrageous. THAT is worthy of anger.

    5. Slavery: No disagreement there.

    6. Fired: People have been fired for every reason under the sun. I got fired from Abercrombie & Fitch for being a size 6 instead of a size 0. Get over it.

    7. Denied housing: Again, have you never been to Chelsea? Or any major city in the US, for that matter? I get the strong feeling that you live in an itty-bitty Midwest town with a population of 50 and ONE apartment complex run by a Bible-thumper. Because the rest of the United States is full of gays, and they ain’t homeless, sweetie.

    8. Banned from the military: This is a legitimate argument on your part.

    9. Witch-hunted: Hmm… I don’t think you understand the term “witch hunt” in a social context. Go read Arthur Miller’s “Crucible” and come back to me. It DOES apply to gays, DOESN’t apply to blacks… and therefore doesn’t apply to this argument.

    10. School segregation: Correct.

  • ariana

    @sanoga: + dupont circle in DC.

  • chase

    @sanoga: + all of San Francisco.

  • jnj

    next she can admit that the tattoo under her boob isn’t for her friend but an ex boyfriend.. but for PR’s sake i doubt it. She needs to calm down with all the drugs/drinking/tattoos etc. shes only 19 – fu*ckin pace yourself.

  • no

    hate her
    hate everything about her