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Kelly Clarkson: Super Bowl National Anthem!

Kelly Clarkson: Super Bowl National Anthem!

Kelly Clarkson belts out the National Anthem at the Super Bowl XLVI held at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday (February 5) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“Just finished rehearsing the anthem in Indy ….wow, I’m actually really nervous about singing at the Super Bowl ha! Here’s hoping I nail it and don’t screw it up!” the 29-year-old singer tweeted earlier in the weekend after practice.

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Super Bowl XLVI is a big match-up with the New York Giants taking on the New England Patriots – a repeat of the 2008 Super Bowl where the Giants took the title. Tune into the Super Bowl on NBC Live!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Kelly Clarkson’s National Anthem??

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# 1

At least she can really sing, unlike….Madonna. Okay here come the thumbs down. Hey, you know it’s true!

# 2

she did a fantastic job and she looks gorgeous

# 3
Alessandra @ 02/05/2012 at 7:05 pm


# 4


# 5

She was great!

# 6

Kelly Clarkson was amazing as usual!

# 7

Best rendition ever. GO KC!!!

# 8

she was amazingggg!

# 9

@car: Kelly was great, but not the best ever. Youtube Whitney Houston, 1991 National Anthem.

M Martell @ 02/05/2012 at 7:21 pm

She looks stunning and sounds absolutely amazing!

She did a great job. One of the best sung anthem’s I’ve ever heard. But then, I’m not surprised, Kelly always delivers.

Kelly looked and sounded amazing. No one can sing it like Kelly, imo !!!!!!! The choir was wonderful..

I’m just glad someone finally sang the National Anthem the way it was meant to be sung. Kelly killed it! YAHOOOO!!!

the words to the natl anthem are great, very emotional. francis scott key was a great poet!

Segovia Banderhander @ 02/05/2012 at 7:31 pm

Better than most but ….. Why can’t someone just be respectful and sing the song as it is written without having to add all their personal modifications to it??

offtheproperty @ 02/05/2012 at 7:34 pm

Bravo Kelly !!!
You are so awesome!
Amazing as always and Kelly always delivers !
You look so beautiful and your voice is like none other in its simple perfection and purity. I don’t know what to say.
Love always !!!

Kelly……u sang it beautifully….as i knew u would!! u hav been a winner since american idol!!

offtheproperty @ 02/05/2012 at 7:38 pm

You did it your own way yet still with complete respect and devotion.

She sang beautifully & looked great. Loved Miranda & Blake too. Go Pats!

irene olson @ 02/05/2012 at 7:48 pm

Kelly sang beautifully and she looks so lovely. Dressed so respectfully.

…and that’s how you do it!

She lost weight and got a bad haircut.

Well done, Kelly!

brangelina Philippines @ 02/05/2012 at 8:11 pm

Gave me goosebumps…

She did great. And am watching Madonna right now. I was prepared to hate the half time show. She is amazing and shows us why she is a superstar.

@believe: she has a lot of hits. and has only been doing this for like 23829 years right. she’s a pro :)

Love her! So talented. Gave me goosebumps too.

She did it, like no one else can do it. Awesome.

Congratulation Kelly!!! You did a fantastic job tonight!!

Everyday Fish

oh course she did a great job. Shes always had an incredible voice =D

Kelly did a good job!

I liked her before but hey she supports a racist & homophobic person so I can’t say nice things about her anymore, talented or not!

Super bowl….. well Kelly is Super Hot !

Thank you for not flubbing and embarassing America unlike drunk Christina.

Patriotic and Classy Kelly.

She’s looking good.

My thoughts exactly. She looked beautiful & her voice sheer perfection

Both Kelly and the kids should be very very very proud of themselves!!!

She did great!! :)

With that haircut, she and Lea Michele could pass off as sisters! lol Kelly rocked the National Anthem!!

Not bad. not bad Kelly. Honestly didnt lkie the hair.. but good National Anthem

Segovia Banderhander@ 02/05/2012 at 7:31

tell us all, oh wise one, how exactly is it written? and for that matter, who gave you exclusive right to determine how our national anthem should be sung! in any case, the majority disagree with you. Kelly was perfect.

Kelly was wonderful..what a voice..she also gave me chills..
and Madonna put on amazing show..U really enjoyed it..

FaithHillFanatic @ 02/06/2012 at 2:16 am

Kelly nailed it. She did an amazing job. I had goosebumps from head to toe. You go Kelly!!! And thats how it is done America.

My name is Camille, check out my first youtube video a cover of Beyonce’s 1+1:

That’s how you sing it Christina Aguilera!

Clarkson… fat and ugly!

WOW!! What a voice!!!

I’m a long-time fan and I think she did a fantastic job. I was worried that she might try to “make it her own” but she had the good sense to know that Francis Scott Key pretty much knew what he was doing.

OMG. She is ugly as Hell. She is fat, pale, and just ugly and you know it. Where th eff was Jennifer Huson, hell JHo woulld have done a better job. Whoa she needs to hit the gym.

Meant to be sung. You mean the white way. Are you kidding that ugly fat pig cant hold a candle to JHud Whitney Houston Beyonce hell to no black woman. Sit your flat ass down somewhere.

Kelly Clarkson did a beautiful job singing the National Anthem!

Salli@ 02/06/2012 at 10:40 am

come on now, let’s see a photo of your great and wonderful perfect body. you won’t because you are really just an overweight troll who is jealous of what Kelly. jealous that this girl makes more money in one month than you ever will in a lifetime. jealous of the people in powerful positions that she has access to and you never will.

Now, THAT is how the National Anthem should be done! Kelly Clarkson was the perfect choice! Wonderful! That’s a very difficult song to sing, and Kelly made it look effortless. She nailed it!

horrible. she cant sing. and people who change the way its supposed to be sung just really ruins the anthem.

to James

another troll who thinks that he should be allowed to choose how our national anthem is supposed to be sung. why don’t you show us how well you sing. or wait, you don’t know how.

She did ok but Whitney Houston and Carrie Underwood are the winners in singing the anthem. What happened to Kelly? She used to be cute but now she is almost ugly. She will probably be another pop/rock artist that goes country–LOL. I hope not because I like the pop/rock Kelly better than any pop/rock female artist.

You have written some of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. I am embarrassed for you-because you obviously don’t have the sense to be embarrassed yourself.@Salli: a href=”/2012/02/05/kelly-clarkson-super-bowl-national-anthem/comment-page-3/#comment-20450848″>Salli:

@M Martell:
Whitney do an amazing job but in my opinion Kelly was the best yet. :)

If Kelly was horrible how come she won the first season of Idol, gets praises from legends like Jeff Beck, Steven Tyler, Reba, people ask to sing to duets with her, sang for the Pope and the President. She didn’t change the anthem, sounded great and the whole world loved her performance expect for a few trolls like yourself.

@Sam: Kelly was more than okay, she was amazing and the whole worlds knows it and has gotten praises from practically everybody. She was just as good as Whitney, Carrie did do a great job but Kelly was better. Nothing has happen to Kelly, she is still kicking butt like always. She is not almost ugly, she is still cute. Kelly will not be one of those pop artists that will go country. She has said that she will always make pop music because you can do so much more with pop. :)

Suck it up and tell the truth. You just don’t like Kelly Clarkson because she puts your favorite to shame. No one believes she’s your favorite Pop/rock female when you write the things you wrote about her.

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