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Madonna: Super Bowl Halftime Show - WATCH NOW

Madonna: Super Bowl Halftime Show - WATCH NOW

Madonna takes the stage for the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday (February 5) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The 53-year-old entertainer, who wore Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy Haute Couture, sang some of her hits including “Vogue,” “Music,” “Party Rock Anthem/Sexy and I Know It,” “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” and “Like a Prayer”!

Madonna was joined for “Give Me All Your Luvin’” by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.! Also joining the superstar for the halftime show was LMFAO and Cee Lo Green!

Check out Madonna‘s Super Bowl halftime set below…

15+ pictures inside of Madonna rocking the Super Bowl halftime show…

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Credit: Ezra Shaw, Christopher Polk; Photos: Getty
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  • HATE foolball and Madge

    I liked the dude on the tightrope and LMFAO’s 5 second performance.

  • gglover128

    All the naysayers really need to STFU because unless you can get up there and do what she did you should not be talking. Yes I’ll admit it’s not her best performance but at her age it’s pretty damn good.

  • lurker

    Madonna is the original not the copy. I don’t see why some don’t get this. That means she will alway be of interest. Good Job. I agree, leave the over the top vulgarity, cursing, eccentric & self righteous attitudes fan base pandering, etc…to the younger entertainers because they really have nothing else to offer.

  • Aaron

    I loved it, yes she’s a spoilt c## t, who doesn’t give a shit bout her fans,
    But it was very enjoyable,
    What do people expect bout her dancing, she’s 53! I I look that good at that age il be thrilled

  • charybdiz

    House of Ninja in Vogue. That was flawless.

  • Maisy

    They pull out all the stops and it still was just okay.

  • SP

    I thought Madonna looked great. I liked all the theatrics and the guests-LMFAO etc…
    I didn’t like that her old songs, that I was tired of in the 80′s and early 90′s were used. Those songs are so stale. I would have like more new tunes from her for the show.

  • Teresa

    Excellent Job Mandona~ I knew you would deliver

  • terrie

    It was great great great, the whole theme. The cheerleader was a little odd, but it was OK, liked it all. Stop complaining people this is America. We are so lucky to be free to do this.

  • Karen

    She’s 53, people, and it was amazing. She gives me hope and makes me want to do better. She rehearsed less than a tour so if she goes slower, so be it. And as for having the other singers on the stage, there are millions!! watching this and she let others in to do their thing and shine. I thought it was awesome of her to share the spotlight. She could have done the whole thing alone. The haters and negative comments are from people whose lives are pretty sad.

  • Ritesh

    Everyone criticizing her dancing: She had a pulled Hamstring is why she was dancing like that. And she put up an amazing show. Unless anyone of you can do better, you should stop talking. The half time show was classy unlike the trashy wardrobe malfunction of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

  • Spice

    It was really gay and Madge looks like she forgot to use her Bengay.

  • http://Eamon_L Eamon Looney

    The Queen is back. Say what you like about her age but the woman always puts on the best live shows. Cant wait for the world tour and I hope to God I get a ticket. All Hail the Queen


    The very fact that some people feel the need to be negative towards madonna only adds to fuel a true ICON .ASk yourselves who will be remembered in the way she will in the next 30yrs.
    The show is a legistical nightmare andyet she managed to entertain on so many levels.She looks amazing setting the pace and not merely keeping up.Cleopatra would be proud.

  • jepoy

    Haters always seems to have the highest expectations of the person they hate. I honestly thought she was A M A Z I N G.

  • Dolores

    I only watched because I thought she might fall and press her life alert button, “i’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

  • minaj is stupid

    its true she sucks

  • elisa

    Her body is BANGIN.
    I think the bets part was she looked like she was having an effing BLAST the entire time!
    Love it!!!!!

  • Why

    Sooooo cheezy.

  • jesslyn

    some parts she clearly lip sync and others clearly live.
    it seemed mostly live tho and when it was, the vocals were the sh*t.
    bow down.

  • jason

    she’s hot. her hair, her body, everything. NICE.

  • Spice


    There was a point around the time before she walked down the steps and did the cartwheel thingies with the guys that she almost fell.

  • fan of olympics

    In the Olympics, you have Dara Torres and she is competing again in the London 2012 Olympics at age 45, battling with the 15-17-year old swimmers! I wasn’t born yet when Dara Torres competed in the 1984 Olympics. And I heard that Janet Evans is returning to the Olympics too, she’ll be 41. In the Entertainment world, Betty White and Hugh Hefner are still strong at 90! Roger Moore was 58 years old when he made is last James Bond movie 1985, A View to a Kill. What is next, a 90-year old running for president?

  • joe blow

    Nothing turns me limp faster than watching an old broad dancing in a black leather mini. She’s a nasty old skank who cant sing. Guess talent is no longer a requirement for success, shame…

  • more prune juice

    I like Madonna’s music but she seemed to be in slow motion during this performance.

  • J.L.S.

    Madonna is still the best!!!!!!!!!!

    Cannot compare to “Lady Gag Me” as Madonna is beyond comparison ;)

    She is an inspiration!!

    Keep going on Madonna!!!

  • Zia

    Madonna has it – and the end of the show WORLD PEACE was the best message that could be sent to all Humanity!

  • Spice

    People are not hating just because they are being honest about Madge’s performance. It is fun to make fun of Madge. She is from Detroit and now speaks with a faux Brittish accent and acts as if she is better than everyone. She pays boys to be her lovas. Her own ex husband called her a piece of gristle. Madge is funny. Having that said, she was better tonight than Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas were by far, with their Superbown performance, IMO. It still wasn’t that good though. Prince put on the best half time show ever. Prince be da man!

  • chase

    i dont understand the rampant ageism.
    what pushing 50 year olds do u know have that body and can do everything she did on that stage?
    and SO WHAT if she is 50?
    only people under 30 are allowed to perform, really really?
    is this like the ridiculous size thing where a size 6 is now considered fat?
    at some point 25 is ‘old’?
    man. i dunno what’s happening to American cultural standards…..

  • damon

    @chase: it’s called a Bully Society and it’s pathetic. see Kristin Wiig’s SNL piece on LDR. Says it all.

  • fan of olympics

    Anyone heard of Dara Torres returning to the Olympics at age 45?

  • http://@gephsy gypsy

    if she is the queen, then why is she lip synching??
    the queen should sing live, don’t ya’ll think.
    Like Gaga, that bitch can sing her little ass off live…

  • JR

    It was all about the heels. She is in great shape, good voice, but those 5 inch heels made her move like a truck driver after a long haul. Maddy should have had her dance shoes on and she woud have ruled.

  • Nancy T

    Gaga haters sit the hell down. LIKE A PRAYER alone blasts anything and everything Gaga has ever created. And stop with the age jokes. Because funny enough, that itself is getting “old”. How is anyone able to achieve longevity without getting older? What are you gonna do when your favorite performer turns 50? Is everyone suppose to just die when you turn 30? All hail the queen! #MADONNA

  • truth

    stupid porch monkey

  • Toussaint

    Miss.Madonna you shitted girl, loved the way you channeled La Liz in Cleopatra.

  • 90′s kid

    Madonna dropped out of college in University of Michigan with only 35 dollars in her pocket and relocated to New York to pursue singing. She worked hard for it, so get real! Especially for the ones who grew up listening to Britney Spears or Justin Bieber.

  • halftime comedy

    everyone fell off the couches laughing at the SB party
    she’s such a pretentious old hag at this point

  • Tunod

    Madonna is 53. She has a hamstring injury from rehearsing so her dance moves were not exact. In spite of that I think she did great! Don’t judge, be inspired.

  • Sara

    When you’re in an arena that big and having to perform for that many people sitting so far away, any stage performer will tell you to make large, slow, exaggerated movements so that people can see you. If you’ve ever seen a band perform in a stadium you will see their slow and synchronized movements – it’s done for the benefit of the crowd. Madonna’s movements seemed wooden and slow to us watching on television but she was performing for the stadium. Hence, her dancing was apropos.

  • ariana

    lots of fun when she’s dancing with LMFAO.

  • claus

    Madonna was funny looking! she is such a crazy hag.

  • Frankie

    LOVED “Vogue”, the rest of the performance left me cold.

  • luke

    how long till Lady Gaga knocks off this performance too? a month? two?

  • http://facebook leggz

    Madonna rocked it still got it @ 50 sumN haters kill urself

  • MadforMadonna

    It was a Cleopatra theme, with gladiators in a supporting role.

  • mila

    her songs rock.
    stand the test of time. they’re great.

  • Race Bannon

    Got to admit, that was as close to flawless as those deals get.
    I’m neither a madge fan, nor a hater. Just gotta say, she nailed that
    Halftime dealie big time. ( prince is still the best ever)

  • flipped the bird

    I liked the fact that she lip synched, but the new song blows just like everything she’s done since the early 90s. MIA giving the finger was pretty classy

  • Kelly

    Awsome! How many 53 year old women could pull that off show?
    Had some back up but still the Queen!