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Nicole Kidman, Sunday & Faith: Playdate Time!

Nicole Kidman, Sunday & Faith: Playdate Time!

Nicole Kidman takes her girls, Sunday and Faith, out for a fun playdate on Sunday (February 5) at Romp in Hollywood.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress held on to Faith, 13 months, while Sunday, 3, stayed close to papa Keith Urban.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Earlier in the week, Nicole, Keith, and Faith went out to lunch together in Los Angeles.

Nicole will hit the big screen later this year opposite Zac Efron in The Paperboy. Check out pics from the set here if you missed them!

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman, Sunday, Faith, and Keith Urban going to a playdate…

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  • Peapo

    Cute family.

  • Raichill

    It’s nice to see more photos of Faith. Both girls are very cute.

  • NYC

    They do not look happy…..
    They really should not take photos of kids.
    It’s really creepy.

  • sea

    I think I missed something, since Faith is a carbon copy of her sister.
    Just saying.

  • Haleu

    I feel bad for her adopted kids.

  • virginia

    The most beautiful family of the world! so cute

  • missp

    You never see Nicole or Tom with their adopted children….. I read that Tom’s sister raises them!! Imagine if they had pets together, and where they would’ve sent them too when they divorced.

  • julie

    Such beautiful mother, the girls did not inherit her looks at all! Nor do they seem happy…for being photographed at least.

  • ellie’

    What beautiful little girls…What a beautiful family..

  • s

    such a beautiful family

  • dina

    Its such a shame that obviously NOBODY cares about Isabella, who always looks sad!!!….the poor girl……..where is tom cruise or nicole or katie???
    i mean you dont need a doc to tell you that the girl is heartbreakingly SAD and LONELY……………i hope shes going to find somebody who loves her like she earns it!!!

    i`ll keep my fingers crossed isabella

  • Kizbit

    It’s obvious they are being hounded by paparazzi and Keith is videotaping it as evidence. Remember that little Sunday lives a quiet life in Nashville, so this is probably very frightening for her. Such a shame. Why are there no laws against this?????

  • missy

    Why are people always worrying about Bella and Connor? They are 19 and 17. They don’t need to be with their parents all the time. I just looked at Connor’s twitter page (@theconnorcruise) and he is at the superbowl! While you guys are worrying about him, he’s having the time of his life.

  • missy

    Wow, it’s funny how right when I posted my comment Jared posted pics of Connor.

  • carrington


    Bella is supposedly engaged to another fellow scientologist. Both of the adult children seem perfectly happy, well adjusted and since they are 17 and 19 they don’t need to be glued to none of the four parents backside.

  • Serena

    For all those pretending to be “worried” about Bella and Connor ….

    Connor is busy partying

  • isla

    Tom & Katie def hang with B & C.
    Paps catch it all the time.
    It is Nicole they are never ever seen with.
    Does she even consider them her kids still?
    You know, I think it is the kids who do not like her.
    Maybe she doesnt have a choice.
    U know they chose to live with Tom when they divorced right?

  • Ellen

    @isla: Why don’t you put some effort into finding out the truth instead of making crap up.

  • Peapo

    Ithink the Scientologists didn’t think Nichole was a good influence so they discouraged the kids from seeing her.

  • kary

    I just love this family.. . They’re so cute and happy, I don’t know why people keeps talking about Bella and Connor they’re adults now, they don’t need to be with Tom or Nicole, Bella has a boyfriend and TOm and Nicole are really happy about it and Connor is a DJ and he’a in the super bowl right now. .. just get over it and get a life… haters gonna hate!

  • Peapo is right

    Peapo is most likely right.
    Read what Paul Haggis (former Scientologist) wrote in the New Yorker Magazine about the cult-like practices and “disconnection” where Scientologists stop talking to anyone (including family) who don’t follow the Scientologist “religion.”

  • kallee

    @Ellen: she’s not making it up. nicole said in an interview that the kids chose to live with tom.’s.not.difficult.

  • irene olson

    Beautiful, gorgeous family. It is too bad they are photographed during family time. But I have to admit I surely do enjoy seeing pictures of the Urban family. Enough about Bella and Connor! I don’t think those two kids are starved for attention. They seem very content. No one knows what goes on in their lives. I would bet a bunch that Nicole talks to the children daily. And if she doesn’t, not our business.

  • fargot


    Can u read? Do you think isla has some inside information?

    Does she even consider them her kids still?
    You know, I think it is the kids who do not like her.

    She’s talking out of her piehole. Nicole loves her kids, all of them, and mentions them in interviews. Did you miss all those? She doesn’t pimp them out like Cruise. You don’t NEED to see pictures anyway to be decent enough not to quote tabloids about what you think is true.

  • opie

    Lovely family! Thanks Jared!

  • chris0929

    omg, beautiful family! girls looks cute! love this family!

  • Susan

    sweet as can be. I hope the girls had fun. it’s cute that they look so alike.

  • Cris

    i love this family;
    The girls are so beautiful and cute

  • carrington


    Nicole has referred to the Connor and Bella several times over the last year – talking about what great adults they are growing into and how they have met Faith etc. Unlike Tom, Nicole tries to keep the kids out of the limelight. She protects their privacy.

  • Mandy

    Sunday and Faith are like twins, they look so much alike. These kids are oozing with cuteness! Nice to see a beautiful and happy family hanging out together!

  • moh123

    she is a loving mother, what a cute family

  • chris0929

    love this family! girls looks cute!

  • zoe

    Time to leave the children alone. It has to be really scary to have them shout out their names and invade them!

  • Ka simply

    Beautiful family especially faith!

  • beatriz

    What a beautiful family!!!!

  • jhuan

    cute family


    I don’t like Nicole at all. She always looks proud and arrogant but her daughters are so beautiful.

  • love

    I just this family!

  • WayToGoGiants

    For those of you saying this is the most beautiful family in the world, what about your own family? How obsessed are you? How many of you who have teenagers can honestly say they don’t need their parents when they are 19 and 17 years old?

  • arrival

    Lovely girls!
    Sunday more and more beutiful, like mum.
    Faith a little chubby cheek.

    Isabella and Connor 17 and 19 years old, why people allways want to see them?? They are enough old to choose, they do not want too see by public! That doesnt mean Nicole or Tom doesnt like them any more!
    When you ve been 19 , you were allways hanging around in your parents arm??

  • Nanci

    BEAUTIFUL FAMILY !!! Down to earth !! Happy Times .

  • Melissa

    Nobody here knows how often Nicole sees her older children. Just because she doesn’t parade them around in front of a camera doesn’t mean she doesn’t see them. They are also Scientologists. Read up on how they treat former members. Isabella once said she wanted to live with Nicole when she turned 18. When she turned 18, she suddenly had a Scientologist boyfriend. I’ve always thought Nicole wanted to keep the peace with Tom for the sake of her children. That’s what a good parent does when they divorce. Whether or not you agree with Scientology, those kids were well taken care of and seemingly well behaved. Tom and Nicole have done something right. The two little girls are obviously loved and well taken care of as well. They are a beautiful family.
    You haters are so quick to jump on NIcole and call her every name in the book and then show concern for her kids. Did it ever occur to you that YOU might be hurting the kids by being so cruel to their mother? How would you’re kids feel if the old neighborhood mom’s got on the internet and called you a pedophile and said you slept your way to the top of your profession? If you idiots REALLY cared about Nicole’s 2 older children, you might shut your traps. But I doubt very much that you really care at all.

  • http://computer LOL

    I’m worried when Faith turns ten years old, if she’ll be abandoned like Bella and Conner. When Nicole and Tom first split she had the kids, but she was more interested in a career, than raising kids. And all this blaming the Sci-Fi, Nicole was not some poor mother that could not pay for legal help. She was married for ten years and was entitle to half of Tom’s earrings which, she took. Children don’t decide where they want to live, was she that horrible, as a mother, that they rather live with Tom who was off his rocker. Bella was turning a teenager, when you need your mother, the most.

  • Moh123

    Nicole and Keith is a really great parents.

  • Sharper

    @Melissa: Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

  • a-nonny-mouse

    Unless you are a close family member you have no credibility in making statements about the private life of any celebrity/public figure.

    Look at your Facebook to see how you manage your own PR and also try and imagine how you would feel if people commented negatively and conjectured wildly about what you show AND don’t choose to show, especially given all Fb-friends are not flesh and blood friends who know you intimately.

    Try some simple garden variety empathy.

  • Hollie

    Obviuosly, when you are 17 or 18 you don’t hang out with your parents every single day, but I NEVER see Isabella or Connor with Nicole. It’s weird. Even if you are 17 or 18, you still visit your parents and hang out with them.

  • apple

    @Sharper: LMAO! Lay off the bitch brew. Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough for 7 years?

  • we know you

    Oh you’d think they’d be embarrassed after 7 years but they share their internet hating with their own children. Nomorefriend even said so. So you can just imagine how their kids turned out. Why, I bet Susie Jr is sitting on her genetic fat a ss right now, hating on somebody who is prettier than she is. And we’ve all seen her mother so unless she was fortunate enough to look like a distant relative, she wouldn’t have to go far to find someone prettier than she is. Good job, mommy! Way to be an inspiration to your children. Ignore them for 7 years while you sit in from of a computer screen. Gee, things could have turned out so much better if you’d only let it go. Keith wouldn’t have wanted you anyway, sweetie. Someday you freaks will look back and think “what a waste”. That was probably Gloria’s last words.

  • mattie

    Hasn’t this all been talked about for 7 years? Haven’t those crazy people been saying the very same words for 7 years? Nothing is ever new or different. Just the same old tired BS every other week.

    Nothing they say is true, they have no information. It is in their heads.
    They have 5 topics of conversation to this day. Over and over and over.

    They drag out their concern for Nicole’s teens, they drag out old movies parts Nicole has played, (JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER ACTRESS IN THE WORLD) They drag out the marriage to Keith crap, They drag out the fadding careers , they drag out pubicity (as if EVERY OTHER ARTIST IN THE WORLD DOESN”T)
    And in a nut shell thats it.
    7 years of insanity . 7 years of same old BS.


    They have disgraced themselves enough for a lifetime! They have lost 7 years of their own lives.