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Stacy Keibler: Big Game Eve in Las Vegas!

Stacy Keibler: Big Game Eve in Las Vegas!

Stacy Keibler shows off her legs for days as she hosts Big Game Eve at The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio Resort and Casino on Saturday (February 4) in Las Vegas.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney wore a cute Alexander Wang minidress and strappy sandals by Christian Louboutin on the red carpet.

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“Thanks to everyone who made tonight @TheBankLV @BellagioLV an amazing night! Goodnight @Vegas!” Stacy wrote on her Twitter account at the end of the night.

FYI: Stacy finished her look with a jacket by The Eternal and a clutch by Lulu Guinness.

15+ pictures inside of Stacy Keibler hosting Big Game Eve in Las Vegas…

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stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 01
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 02
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 03
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 04
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 05
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 06
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 07
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 08
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 09
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 10
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 11
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 12
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 13
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 14
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 15
stacy keibler pre super bowl party las vegas 16

Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • capri

    Am I crazy, or do she look like Heidi Klum .. :) Beautiful girl!

  • George Clooney

    She looks like a stripper.

  • Bitch

    Sure hope she didn’t have to bend over with that short of a dress. Wow could it have been any shorter?

  • Peg

    @Capri – don’t insult Heidi Klum like that. No comparison between the two. @ George Clooney – that’s because she used to be about as close to a stripper as one can be. Instead of a pole, she humped a wrestling ring. At least here she looks more like herself than her red carpet Stepford wife look.

  • sea

    Clooney has no taste.

  • Ryanxxxx

    @George Clooney:

    That’s because she essentially was a stripper.

  • JoD

    Give her a break! She is lovely. Stripper or not – you guys are just jealous. Let her enjoy herself and George. The two look always happy and harmonious together. Right on!

  • Whatever

    Isn’t her contract up after the awards season has ended? This thin-lipped nobody is just about done. Her usefulness to George to appear as his girlfriend is just about over so expect “we broke up but I wish her well” statements about 2 weeks after the Oscars.

  • Guest1

    I can’t believe people actually pay her to host a party and I can’t believe people actually pay to attend a party that she is hosting.

  • Guest

    @capri: She is a cheaper version of Heidi Klum.

  • jt

    I will not hate on Stacy Keibler, but I truly hope she realizes her relationship with Clooney is only temporary. Stacy was smart she would invest her monies and pawn the gifts George gives her. She should only see her relationship as a financial one- not a romantic one. It is sad , but it is so true.

  • looker

    @Guest1: I know, right? If I had the money, I’d gladly pay her to go away forever. But like Canalis, it won’t be long before she drops back into obscurity. The hooker dress is to advertise her real profession, which just happens to be legal in Nevada, where this event is taking place.

  • looker

    @jt: She knows that she is just a rent-a-ho hired by Clooney’s trashy publicist. She’s not Clooney’s girlfriend.

  • Lalalove

    She has amazing legs! Give that much to her, people!

  • looker

    @Lalalove: Nope, just average legs that she promotes with lies.

  • looker
  • ellie’

    Stacey is a beautiful woman..and she sure has beautiful legs..

  • Peapo

    Tick Tock that is the sound of Stacy’s 15 minutes coming to an end. Next!

  • stella

    whoa she is really tan.
    she needs to back up off of that.

  • Bullfrog

    It’s a privilege to be educated in the US. It’s also a privilege anywhere in the world to be educated. It’s also a privlege anywhere in the world to have a job. This famewhore chose to use her education and job privilege to wipe her trashy arse on wrestling ropes. Now she is promoted as George Clooney’s current famewhore escort. She has no self respect.

  • Twit

    #Losing #botoxveinconcealer #lipfiller #getmyvegashookerlook #bustedweave #liesaboutanimaladoption4pr #charliebrownlookalikes

  • covertheforeheadwithanest

    Must have been a rough party when, not only does your team not make the superbowl, you also make an assinine prediction: “New England, 34-28. I think this will be a higher-scoring game than four years ago and in a shootout, it’s hard to go against Tom Brady.”
    wow. how utterly wrong her “prediction” was on both counts. I wonder upon what statistical evidence she based this brilliance? That giselle is a supermodel? Even without her support (which i am sure devastated the giants) NY somehow managed to pick up the pieces go on and WIN THE SUPERBOWL! eat dirt keibler.

  • yawn

    All fameseeking hussies exploit their buttholes for fame and $$$. Nothin talented or newsworthy about it. Since George only promotes cheap trashy women He should promote her in porn magazines where her arsehole and cleansed fake smile belongs.


    Hey it could be worse guys. She could of once again made an a*s*s* out of herself, invited herself to the Oscars luncheon, and pranced around like she was the one nominated. The true talent got a break people and almost so did we. Yes, she is dressed cheap and tarty. It is what it is. However, most if not all of George’s women has fit that bill. Do you expect a true change at this point, out of a man who is fifty? It is harder for one to change the older they get. I think it is just easier to accept the facts at this point.

  • Barney Bingo

    IMRO George Clooney promotes cheap famewhores because he gets off on it. If he wasn’t a total famewhore himself, he wouldn’t be doing it.

  • cowbulls

    I don’t understand the snide comments about Stacy. I think their relationship is a win-win for both of them. Both know the rules before the game started so I think everyone should leave them alone other than taking pictures. George hit the sex lottery. Stacy is by far the sexiest woman in his history. Her world class 42” legs are incredible. Stacy is getting a ton of attention that a woman with her phenomenal assets deserves. When it ends and it will, George will move on to the next young conquest. Stacy will have moved up from D list to B- or C+ and will have made a few bucks and had a lot of fun playing “Pretty Woman”. Win-win.

  • looker

    @cowbulls: If you actually believe that idiot has 42″ legs and is in her early thirties, I have some swampland to sell you. Her attractiveness is average at best even after professional makeup artists and hair stylists have worked on her. That leg measurement was taken outside her legs and up her hips, it’s not her inseam and not accurate. Also her legs aren’t particularly attractive, just about any other woman posted about on JJ has far prettier legs, Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale, and Viola Davis, just to name a few. Her entire career has been built on fakery, lies, and sleeping with anyone who she thought might help her “career.” She’s just another useless fameho whose fifteen minutes will thankfully soon be over.


    Of cowbulls you would think that. That is the issue in Hollywood. No talent, and a easy lay has been the motto far too long for people establishing careers. Anna was at an event last night with Stacy’s “bestie” Octavia Spencer. Octavia apparently had something to say about Hollywood’s focus on certain physical attributes. Perhaps Ms. Spencer needs to tutor you and this idiot about that, and why with the true talent that she has that she and Viola, not someone like Stacy is a strong contender for the Oscar.