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LeAnn Rimes: Congrats, New York Giants!

LeAnn Rimes: Congrats, New York Giants!

LeAnn Rimes holds hands with her hubby Eddie Cibrian as the two head into their church on Sunday (February 5) in Agoura Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer was recovering from mouth and jaw surgery this week! The surgery was minor, but painful.

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After church, LeAnn tuned into the Super Bowl! “Come on GIANTS” LeAnn tweeted, showing her allegiance for the New York sports team. “Congrats NY and Eli!!!!!! Wow what a game!!!!” LeAnn wrote after they won.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian walking into church…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian hold hands 14

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  • Much work to do

    Now if she could only do something about those inbred wide-set eyes.

  • dobbi

    What church, Our Lady of Photo Ops?

  • Mary

    WHAT on earth is this woman wearing? at least for church she could have put on decent shoes like ballet flats..not these ugly stripper heels

  • andrea

    Supposedly she works out a lot, but there are never any photos of her going to or leaving a gym, like with all the other celebs.

  • Stacy

    The fact that she pretends to go to church and uses religon as a PR tool is offensive to me.

  • Roxy

    S-T-F-U LeAnn…trying to get attention by jumping on the bandwagon

  • Barbara

    They seem really happy together. He is very handsome and she looks very sweet. I’m sure that God is rewarding these two for being good people and for having to put up with all of Satan’s friends who write these comments. Everything is in God’s hands including your judgment for being full of hate. They have, and you have not… this is for a reason. Try giving and see what happens. LeAnn clearly understands the lord’s message with her song Give. What do you understand, other than hate?

  • Mia

    She was with Kim Kardashian at church and brunch.
    Probably Eddie having an eye on Kim, LeAnn must go like a hooker to church..
    How sad.. with her mouth surgery.. hahaha she means botox, fillers etc..
    And as IF she did not call them…. No ofcourse she did not call the papz..
    They just popped out when she looks ”great” and ”lovely” with her fake husband.

  • fsd

    her face looks exactly like voldemort’s. nevermind scratch that… voldemort’s looks healthier

  • carrington


    Barbara I don’t hate them, but how you can say they are “good” people and that she understands the Lord’s message is beyond me. Eddie cheated on his wife with her and she was a willing accomplice. They flaunted their affair in front of his then wife Brandi and Eddie’s two kids. If she really understood the Lord’s message she would have resisted temptation. And if Eddie had understood the Lord’s message he would have gotten a divorce first instead of putting his children though his cheating and lying.
    So tell us again how she understands the Lord’s message–Thou shalt not lie. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s spouse. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

  • tino

    Even going to “church” is a photo op for these two whores. Uglean & Ediot the mooch. Shame in you JJ for allowing her to write her own posts.

  • Barbara

    The lord clearly loves them or they wouldn’t be so blessed. Why would the lord give her the voice of a song bird and him the looks of a cherub if he did not love their souls. The lord obviously loves their souls. You must be blind not to see this.

  • Barbara

    Cupid obviously shot an arrow through Eddie’s cheeks leaving those dimples. This is the work of god!

  • summer

    So, God blesses these cheaters, but lets children starve to death and get murdered and violated all over the world?
    Shut up, Barbara.

  • @barbara

    Barbara you are a fool! So under your logic God must hate all the orphans in the world since they were not “blessed” as you see it.

    Sure God loves leann too but that doesnt not mean he approves or is behind her worldly wealth. And if you claim to be a believer in the God of the bible he is a loving God but does call people to repent. Not everyone who claims to be a follower really is.

  • Dawn

    I am sorry you are an idiot. So what you are telling everyone else just because god did not give them looks or a special gift are not special to god. You clearly need to go back and read your bible. The weak shall inherit the earth!

  • Barbara

    God does not hate! God loves! Get on the band wagon! Duh!

  • Barbara

    It is amazing that these two found love. Everything in the world was stacked against them finding and having each other, yet they persevered through it all. Have some respect for the power of love! If you aren’t loved in your current relationship, you can learn so much from these two. Stop wasting your life! Find love now! Find Happiness! God wants you to be happy! Nobody can bring them down so you best step back and mind your own! Suckas flakin and perpetratin but scared to kick reality! Best step back and let the lord do his work!

  • Rocky


    Love what you said. So true. Some really sad people out there who can only write negative, evil things.

    Being a die hard Giants fan, I like her even more than I did before.

  • @Barbara

    Would have far more respect for them if they had waited to “consummate” their true love until Eddie got a divorce. Innocent children were involved while they were gadding about spreading their love. Somehow I think God was not too happy with the songbird and her pimp.

  • tino

    @Rocky: ii@Rocky: She thought “Payton” was the qb fool. Phoney

  • Jane

    SHE WORE THAT TO CHURCH? WTF??????? Whatever happend to a nice dress and appropriate shoes? I couldn’t go to any churches in my area looking like that. But of course…it’s WEWE…she has to even dress like a tramp there as well.

  • Ivy

    This is just another photo op. This is the congregation started by Kris Jenner and where the Kardasian’s attend church. The paps were called just like they always are when these people go anywhere and do anything. Just like Kim K., LeAnn and Eddie are desperately tying to improve their public image and have stooped to yet another new low. Unfortunately for them, no one, other than perhaps”Barbara” is buying it. On another note, totally inappropriate church attire on LeAnn. Skin tight pants and hooker shoes to church. I guess it’s better than a bikini. I have to agree with the comments that material wealth and superficial “blessings” like dimples aren’t an indication of God’s favor. A lot of self serving, selfish people have material blessings and a lot of kind, compassionate,decent people and innocent children struggle every day just to survive. Dimples and good looks a blessing? So that means that a child born with a deformity is not blessed? Barbara is just as delusional as LeAnn if she believes the crap she is spouting. That makes be think she wasn’t “blessed” with functioning brain cells. Oh, well, I guess not everyone can be God’s favorites like LeAnn and Ed.



  • Martha

    Does anyone else wonder how it is their heads don’t start spinning a la The Exorcist, as soon as they set foot in a church?

    Disgusting and disgraceful how she uses her church to try to gain positive publicity.

  • nahhda


    Don’t forget she was married too at that time.

  • georgie

    oh great, leann’s biggest fan, ass kissing barbara is back.

  • Lise

    Barbara, they have no careers and are basically hated by the general public. Other sites have articles openly making fun of them and their antics. They didn’t exactly have smokin’ hot careers to speak of either when all this began and they have proceeded to lose all goodwill with any of the few fans they had left. They are now so desperate to turn around their reputations that they are attending the Kardasian’s church as well as reporting and complimenting themselves on other supposed acts of kindness well documented on Twitter. No secret charity for them. What would be the point. Unfortunately, no one is falling for their ruse. Those of us blessed with common sense see through it all and see them for what they really are. An attention starved, former child star, married to an out of work lothario. who have torpedoed their careers and are both too deluded to accept their fate as the d-listers they now are. One thing I will sincerely say about them. their palpable desperation is comical.

  • londongirl

    Someone has just reminded me of this classic Lisa Simpson line.

    On seeing Bart praying, Lisa says ‘Ah, prayer, the last refuge of a scoundrel’

    Thank you Simpsons. Always a family that says it as it is.

  • Barbara

    Lise, Did you hear about how the crowd mobbed Eddie and LeAnn at fashion week in NY? There was almost a riot over people trying just to get a glimpse of them. d-listers? There isn’t anyone in the entertainment industry that would place these two on anything other than an A-List. Your comments simply show how out of touch you are with the industry. Also, Did you hear about the wine festival auction? 1.2 million to have LeAnn sing at a private party. What d-listers raise 1.2 million for charity for a few songs at a private party. Wake up dear!

  • Lise

    @Barbara: They are D-list Barbara. They weren’t mobbed, they were photographed and garnered attention because fo their “scandal”. Like a train wreck get watched. It was a charity auction. People overpaid for a lot of things. It isn’t like they are paying LeAnn personally. They were donating to a charity. You are deluded about your poor faded idol. Her husband isn’t even working and his show got cancelled after a couple of episodes. A-list? That is hilarious. They have to pay their own personal paparazzi to follow them around and have to pay sites like JJ to post positive “stories” about them. The sites she doesn’t pay make fun of her or ignore her. Regardless of her PR attempts it still didn’t help her sell any of her last album (a huge bomb) or keep his show on the air. Barbara dear, you are the one who is out of touch and are living in a fantasy world if you think either of those pariahs are A-listers. D-list is being kind.

  • Jaime

    @Barbara: Barbara, Cupid is a Greek mythological creature. With all of the “lord’s work” and “god’s work” garbage you are spewing, you should know that in Christianity, fake deities and idols do not do God’s work and are frowned upon. I get it that you are deluded and know nothing about reality and such, but I thought that since you like to lecture others, and deny the real situation that Leann and Eddie have put themselves in, you might benefit from an actual fact so that you don’t continue to sound like an ignorant fool. Your welcome!

  • Barbara

    Lise, Why would LeAnn need to pay the paparazzi to take her picture? Any paparazzo in the world would break his leg to get a picture of LeAnn. Pay the paparazzi? You make this comment under different names every time a picture of LeAnn sells and you have no basis for the comment other than to slander the woman. Why don’t you do some research in your area. Call around to a few events and ask them what list they would put LeAnn and Eddie on. If you come up with anything other than A, I will personally wipe your toosh. You are so full of it that this would be a daunting task.

    Jamie, Cupid was the god of love and their is no greater proof of his existence than the other god’s that people worship. If you have greater proof please present it. I am personally willing to wipe your toosh should you be able to present this evidence.

    God is great and he wants both of you to get a life!

  • Barbara

    Lise, While you are making your phone calls, why don’t you also ask what list Heidi and Spencer would be on. Since you love this comparison it would be very enlightening for you to get this answer. Also, why don’t you buy a few magazines on any given week and then count the number of times LeAnn shows up versus Heidi or Spencer. If you are going to propagate nonsense, you should really present your evidence to back it up. Oh, that’s right, it’s nonsense! There is no evidence for your claims.

  • Barbara

    I love that you spend all this time to get your friends to vote my comments down. The first thing real readers do is click on the hidden comments to find out why their hidden. Great strategy!

  • Lise

    @Barbara: Barbara, a lot of people have pointed out that she pays for a personal pap. Not me under other names. That would be convenient for you I guess but not true. Someone posted this link before. All of her latest notoriety has come from a negative place and not from the talent she so clearly has wasted. Maybe you should take your own advice and find someone more worthy of defending. You can pretend that LeAnn is still a big star and that she hasn’t damaged her career with her behavior, but you would be wrong. .Telling people that God wants them to get a life just shows what a hypocritical nutcase you are. Using God to defend a pair of adulterous fame wh&res is really sinking for a new low, even for you.

  • Lise

    Barbara, why are you mentioning Heidi and Spencer Pratt, I didn’t. You are the one comparing them to LeAnn and Eddie. LeAnn is a former child prodigy and at one time Eddie had a decent career. There careers have fallen. Spencer and Heidi aren’t and never were entertainers to my knowledge. Since I have not ever compared the two couples, it is odd you are so focused on the comparison. Are you getting the posts you are attacking confused. As I don’t buy cheap tabloids, I wouldn’t know who was them. As a matter of fact, when I read through the comments on this story, I don’t see anyone comparing them to Spencer and Heidi. You seem terribly confused.

  • Barbara

    Lise, Very interesting that you keep promoting that site under different names. An anonymous site maintained by cowards and bullies who don’t even enable commenting because they are afraid of what will come. An anonymous site with one follower. A site who calls people childish names and makes up nonsense stories to harass people. A site maintained by stalkers. That is your source for your claims? Really? Really? You don’t buy cheap tabloids but you read that website? Really?

  • Barbara

    Adding to your frustration… Here are some facts about LeAnn rimes popularity. 12 spots above Britney Spears on Yahoo music, and 2 spots above the Superbowl on the overall searches. Really? No one cares?



    It’s clear that you have no facts, just a personal vendetta. You should be careful with vendettas, as they usually have a rebound effect.

  • Jennifer

    @Barbara: Who uses Yahoo anymore? Trending on it isn’t exactly the best indicator of the public’s interest since people aren’t interestedi in it. .Google is way more popular now. Way, way more popular.

  • Jennifer

    @Jennifer: Not trying to start an argument, Just pointing out a fact.

  • Jennifer

    @Barbara: Not trying to start an argument, just pointing out a fact.

  • Barbara

    Jennifer, You will find similar trends on all search engines. Here is a report from Google showing that LeAnn’s search popularity has more than doubled since 2008. These trends are what advertisers use to consider where to spend their money. I use Britney as a comparison to show downward trending popularity. You need to look at the overall slant of the chart for a given time period to determine if they are moving up or down. While LeAnn trended downward between 04 and 08, the last four years show sustained growth in popularity. Marketing companies care about this information because the more the public shows interest in a celebrity the more potential that celebrity has to generate money. The only reason this information is relevant is because the people on this thread have been harassing LeAnn for years over a personal vendetta and their arguments are clearly false and defamatory. They have made a concerted effort to create financial harm to LeAnn and Eddie by tarnishing their identities with false information.


    Britney Spears

  • Barbara

    You will also find that God has been gaining in popularity while Satan is steadily declining. This give me hope that these haters will eventually convert from their current way of life.



    Every day is another opportunity!