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Leighton Meester & Penn Badgley: Kiss Kiss!

Leighton Meester & Penn Badgley: Kiss Kiss!

Leighton Meester and Penn Badgley share a sweet kiss for a scene from Gossip Girl on Monday (February 6) on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

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Gossip Girl co-creator Josh Schwartz recently reflected on casting Leighton in a feature for THR.

Leighton was a blonde when she came in to read, but [co-star] Blake [Lively] was the blonde, so we asked her to color her hair. A risky move on her part in the middle of pilot season, but she did a sink-rinse dye job to audition as a brunette,” Josh dished.

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  • Keithroy

    They need to get together! They balance each other of sooooo well.

  • ZR

    omg! they are so adorable!

  • Charlie

    Of course they asked Leighton to change her hair color cause she could pull off any look and look beautiful, if Blake had to dye her hair dark she would just blend in with everyone else.

  • Sam

    ahhhh they’re so cute!!!!

  • Charlie

    PS. Stop posting stills from the show. It ruins everything. Such a spoiler. Not cool.

  • Ashley

    If this isn’t a dream sequence, GG has officially jumped the shark.

  • BEAN


  • Jess


  • janie

    omg so cute! they are the best part of GG

  • Cute

    @Charlie: Yeah i agree its annoying me and i have to look at it unless jared wants to lose site viewers

  • elisa

    oh em gee YESSS!!! <3 sooo romantic!

  • Hedaya

    They are so adorable :) Finallyyyyyyyy <3 <3

  • Anne

    !!!!!!!!!! Please let the above picture be true in the show! They look so sweet together!

  • WAlterBisho[

    I hope this was not a kiss of friendship or a kiss to check their feelings once again – I hope it was a kiss that made them realize they were meant to be together. The best couple on GG

  • mikshane

    @Charlie: that and Blair is supposed to be brunette (books).

  • keelee

    wazzzup shippers – what the fudge episode is this from?
    they’re so perfect together!!!!!!!






    Wauuuuu ! Perfect !!!

    Penn + Leighton soo chemistry, soo love


  • theory

    im thinking that blair has to stick it out for a bit with Louis in the ‘pretend’ marriage so this scene is Monaco which is why she is wearing the crown. Dan is there with her. just an idea. only thing is whenever there are steps like that it’s usually The Met.

  • Bobo

    Chuck and Blair are endgame. Have your short-lived fun now.

  • hera21

    omg!! So adorable, cute and just perfect!! <3

  • bea


  • kirsten

    @Bobo: oh dont u worry, we will enjoy every second of it that we can until it’s back to that hackneyed pairing. really, their storyline is so weak. blair cant be with him because she made a pact with god? lol the only reason to watch now is the dynamic between blair & dan.

  • mkhay


  • pup

    Power couple of GG!!!

  • guest

    :(( i want my chair back!

  • WAlterBisho[

    They look so happy while going down the stairs – and it seems they are holding hands I hope that it ends up in the episode and indicates the happily ever after thing

  • jhay

    waah!! I’m FANGIRLING right now! I haven’t done that in a LONG while. I was about to give up on gossip girl on it’s 4th-5th season but then I saw the possibility of Dair (even if it could be just friendship) and loved the chemistry and banter. And now I get this? haha Keeps me interested. I’m so tired of the angst bring on some light stuff..

  • lee

    omg yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • candice


  • so happy

    when Blair was with Nate-she had a sad face

    when Blair was with Chuck-she had an evil smirk and he woke the worst in her

    when Blair was with Loius-she wasn’t herself

    when Blair is with Dan-she is happy,he wakes the best things in her,she is herself,she is beautiful yet intelligent Waldorf she always was.

  • megan

    WHO are you people?!?! They’re adorbs together as friends but they have no sexual chemistry whatsoever! Blair and Chuck and Dan and Serena. It’s how it should and will be come end of next season. Josh learned his lesson when he effed up the power couples of the OC and ratings tanked!

  • Sarah89

    Yay! I would like them together!!

  • http://paz_josefa pazjosefa

    i love this couple but a think that is for a little time and when the series end blair is going to be with chuck

    dan and blair forever

  • Piper

    so this is where the dan fans hang out.
    that thing is the grossest thing i’ve ever seen. i can’t believe she let it touch her.

  • jaja

    Shipping Dair was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life

  • vero

    Our OTP is happening
    I can die now.

  • jason

    @megan: dan & blair are better together. the chemistry thing is just your opinion, obviously lots of people think they have plenty of chemistry together.
    LISTEN UP, this is one of the reasons guys think women LIKE jerks. it always makes me wonder what kind of woman is attracted to *ssholes like Chuck. That’s not a good sign of a confident and stable woman to me personally.

  • K


  • yaya

    im watching GG right now and i freaked when i saw this. i’ve been wanting them to hook up for so long. but i will always love blair & chuck.

  • nina

    HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! I don’t check justjared for one day and THIS is what happens??? Those set pictures are PERFECT!!!!

  • ley

    Are they messing with us with these new Dair pictures? It’s almost too good to be true!

  • lily

    @megan:@megan: chuck sold blair a for a hotel that is not love and serena is just a jealous little brat that want everything that blair has

  • amber

    @jason this show is entirely fictional. I happen to be in a loving, supportive relationship that has lasted five years and yet I love Chuck and Blair. First of all he has changed, for love. Second of all Blair is now a better person as well. They have grown together. Plus it’s just highly entertaining and their problems and romantic make-ups create good TV. Their love shows that everyone has faults, but if you love someone enough you realize your own and make the necessary adjustments. This season shows that.

    And again…FICTION. Love Dan. Him and Blair are entertaining. Not a forever love though.

  • diana

    dair dair dair dair

  • kelsey

    @amber: but they didnt grow together at all. if they have done any growing, which really they HAVENT, they did it APART. i dunno why u think theyre meant to be together. fighting, scheming and lying, which they both still do, is not passion or love. blair & dan actually have interests in common and they have a lot of sexual tension between each other. theyre also there for each other and are kind to each other.

  • kendall

    tonight’s episode: when blair says she would not be insulted by someone carrying a samsonite, dan gives an expression that is amused, happy, and loving all at once. it is the sweetest thing ive ever seen ahhh!!!!!

  • mickeyxoxo

    I’m a big Chuck and Blair fan but…THIS IS SOOO CUTE TOO!!!!!!!! :D

  • lisa


  • Shonda

    Pretty sure after tonight’s episode this is all a scheme. It’s also clear that Dan sent in the Gossip Girl blast at the wedding so he’s not saint. Looks like Dair fans are getting trolled by the writers.