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Rihanna: 'Birthday Cake' as Next Single?

Rihanna: 'Birthday Cake' as Next Single?

Rihanna leaves Greystone Manor nightclub on Sunday night (February 5) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old entertainer paired a sexy and revealing bodysuit with a pair of distressed jeans and a biker cap.

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Ri recently hinted that she might have chosen her new single.

“Would yall be mad if Birthday #CAKE became a single? Now here’s the trick question! #IF I put [a] collaborator on it, who would u wanna see lick the icing off????? #CAKE” she tweeted.

WHO DO YOU THINK Rihanna should collaborate with next?

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  • Q

    She looks like whore.

  • Q

    I like her music but I have to admit that she looks horrible.

  • monica

    omg, how ppl can actually like her and her music always amaze me! such as troubled fame w h 0 r 3

  • ha ha

    The way this chick (un)dresses and the trashy tweets, you would think she was employed for an escort service

  • snakeeyes

    What an utterly lost individual. It would be tragic if it weren’t so typical. She has absolutely no idea who she is, nor is she comfortable in her own skin and you can just tell. There is nothing about her that speaks of anything other than ‘ I’m so lost’

    Sorry RiRi but you’re just another sad girl lost in all the layers of sand that is fame. Why anyone would ever want to be like you – escapes me.

  • Dubya Bush

    She looks a mess.

  • Toni

    Great songs…. but no class…

  • itziar

    she’s losing so much weight

  • DD

    Time to fire your stylist!

  • sheila

    She looks like a hooker. And she looks like she is on something. I think she is very lost, craves attention desperately and has major issues. If she’s like this at 20+ and bases her entire career on being sexy, imagine when she’s older, she’ll freak out when we stop paying attention and she’ll pull a Demi. I see Rhianna having a major breakdown at one point.

  • BEAN

    Lool she looks so yardie, and that is NEVER a good thing

  • nancyyyyyy!


  • crack is wack

    Cracked Out Ho should be the title of her next single.

  • Anastacia

    she looks like a super trashy w!hore !!
    never liked her OR her music so everytime I see her I’m more and more disgusted !!

  • Anon

    She looks extremely trashy.

  • J

    EWWWWWW nasty and slutish…reallly really disgusting

  • Mia

    So cheap, she really thinks that she is better than everyone else with her arrogant look on her face 24/7

    Poor programmed girl,, she will break down too soon..

  • Mia

    @sheila: that is exactly what I was thinking too.
    She has major issues with being sexy all the time, she looks as if she is on something, maybe pills ? I don’t know
    She is not the cute girl anymore she was before.. She will have a break down sooner or later..

  • mira


  • fsd

    @ha ha: She is. She’s chris brown’s main escort/punching bag. Seriously I’m tired of her trying to be all tough and sexy and cool because now it just comes off like she’s trying to hard. Btw I think it’s time she wash her weave. It’s looking a bit nasty …

  • Ya Ya

    She’s looking terrible and so is girl shes dragging behind her.

  • Gossipgirl

    Another day, another photo of her in a fug outfit.

  • LaCroix

    I mean you have all the money in the world & that is what you chose to wear? Goes to show you that money can never buy class.

  • bobjustbob

    What happened to her, she was once so cute, now she looks trashy. Why does she look spaced out, her eyes are all open wide yet she looks dazed, like she is on something. Pills maybe? I would not be shocked if rehab was in her near future, she looks bombed alot lately.


    Xtina would be perfect for the song!

  • dsffds

    Didn’t Britney Spears wear that outfit like, 11 years ago?

  • hm…

    uh, she is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frenny

    Oh, you know, it just reminds me Taylor Momsen – her style is trashy but kinda cool trashy. Rihanna – this is just pure garbage. She is ridiculous! Maybe we should all stop buying her albums, going to her shows and stop watching her on tv so she goes down to earth for a change.

  • Dee

    OH hey look its Christina Aguilera circa 2002 lol

  • themissnayariveralover

    wow she needs a break from work drinking from the attention what is she wearing when i saw her pic in that clothes i just lauged so hard

  • Rita

    I THINK THAT RIHANNA SHOULD COLLABORATE WITH A PSYCHIATRIST NEXT!! She looks like she is on the verge of having a Britney Spears-sized breakdown. It is such a shame because she was so lovely before and during her “Umbrella” days. I guess that whole Chris Brown ordeal really messed her up. Rightfully so, but she looks like she is not coping well and needs help-ASAP.

  • Sayer


  • Lola


    Sexist pig I see. You are a sad human being coming on this post to deliberately put someone down. Calling her “Chris Brown’s main escort/punching bag” is absolutely disgusting and low. Abuse is nothing that should be made fun of. And by choosing those words you are suggesting that all Rihanna is good for is sex and that she “asked for the abuse”. You are a disgusting person.

  • bajan

    LOVE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cute

    @Lola: Im not saying she was asking for the abuse but if she did hit him first she has to have expected it back we dont know the full story and probly never will but if i hit a man hard enough i wouldn’t blame him for hitting me back only once though not threatening to kill me like Chris did to her.

  • anne

    hello, my name is rihanna and i will be your lunchtime stripper. chick is one album away from a strip club, fa real.

  • Cute

    @anne: haha couldnt agree more best comment yet

  • Lola


    I am very saddened by your comment. No woman should ever have to go through abuse EVER. Whether she hit the guy first or “provoked” him, does not give him any right to hit her. And as a woman you should not expect any less. Abuse is not the answer.

  • lalalala

    heart break can change everything!! be careful guys!


    @VICTORIA: The real Victoria says Rihanna sucks and is having a breakdown and needs to get help. Christina Aguilera looks like Miss Piggy and karma came back to her for bad mouth Lady Gaga. Christina Aguilera’s album Biontic tanked and the movie and soundtrack for Burlesque tanked. People should learn to keep Gaga’s name out of their mouths if they don’t have anything nice to say. Madonna will get hers too. She almost fell on Sunday. Mia upstaged Madonna. I know Madonna is hot right now. Madonna got Mia to be on her song because Mia is jeolous and envious of Lady Gaga because Interscope records is more into Gaga than Mia. The smart thing for Mia to do was to join Lady Gaga and not trash her since they are on the same record label. Madonna’s plan backfired. Now Mia is the talk of the Superbowl. Karma Karma Karma.

  • Tung’s

    Stop talking down to RiRi!! She looks as great as ever!! Go f*ck yourselves!! :/

  • Ella

    the video to the song birthday cake

    check it out