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Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Dance Duo

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Dance Duo

Vanessa Hudgens walks backwards to avoid photographers while leaving Millennium Dance Complex on Monday (February 6) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress hit up the studio again with BFF Ashley Tisdale just a few days after they dropped by for a private dance session.

“Putting on my dancin’ shoes…. #ivegothappyfeet,” Ashley tweeted, with a pic of silver Nike sneakers.

On Friday, Vanessa visited mom Gina‘s house the morning after her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island premiere.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale leaving Millennium Dance Complex…

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ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 01
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 02
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 03
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 04
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 05
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 06
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 07
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 08
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 09
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens dance studio 10

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  • ana

    i like how they are still good friends because that can be a very rare thing

  • annii

    i dont actually care about ashley… but Vanessa´s backs looks gorgeous as usual! lol

  • Lol

    This is kind of the perfect example of which one loves the paps & which one doesn’t. JS

  • Skounoupi

    Ohh God She Things She’s Someone And She’s Walking Backwards To Avoid Photographers..God Vanessa Ur Just A Stupid Girl… TALENTLESS.. *sigh*

  • Annie

    @Lol haha that was funny… Sorry but Vanessa is the ATTENTION WHORE!! All The Making Out With Austin?? Please She’s Soooo Fake…
    I Don’t Care About Ashley.. But At Least She Walks Like A Normal Girl,And Not Like Someone Who Thinks She’s Famous And Blah Blah Blah.. Gonna Agree With @Skounoupi TALENTLESS!!

  • Haters Suck!

    You should really see a doctor and see if there is anything they can do to remove that stick from your ass.
    Anyway i need another video . The last one vanessa just looked so good in i want another.

  • maria

    Love how they have fun with even these little moments they have together. They’re so silly! Good for them!

  • lauren

    you sound like a vanessa fan who hates everyone else besides vanessa.

  • Rise Above Hate

    a beautiful friendship that has lasted many years. Good for them, spreading positivity and happiness instead of hate and bitterness. Perhpas these ladies should be sevring a leasson for people here who are older then them.

  • annii

    lol ik

  • Haters Suck!

    this coming from a zac fan and a person that hates pretty everything that walks, talks, moves and breathes. Seriously u seem to hate EVERYTHING!!

  • annii

    lol i’m not a fan, but i dont hate her.. i just dont care about her.. i dont know.. is still she working on something? she was funny on disney channel, but i never saw her in anything besides that… maybe thats why i dont care about her, but i def not hate ashley.. she is one of Vanessa´s friends… <3

  • annii

    wait… aren’t you the zac efron lover who was out there hating on vanessa, calling her a cheater, lesbian (because she was always with Laura, her best friend) on every site out there?

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    go girls!

    request for another dance the 1st one!

  • annii

    there are new Vanessa´s pictures with her boo <3

  • sam

    I’m betting Vanessa gets to dance in her movie “Spring Breakers.” Hope so.

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    @skounoupi & annie

    huh?Talentless???are you sure you know what you’re sayin’?..CDs released, RENT @ hollywood bowl and 3 movies to be shown this year…is that what you call talentless??

  • annii

    lol what? … i <3 Vanessa

  • mykamicks

    they’re grown ups now.. these girls just enjoying the time they’ve missed out for quite sometime. whoever is with Vanessa everday and as long as I saw her smiling and laughing with the people around her, Im happy too as her fan. Love to see her with Laura & Britanny too…

  • BAAA

    walking backwards ppfffftttttt “to avoid paparazzis” MY A.S.S …. I think it’s even worse than facing them. She’s the attention ho! ugh. Cna’t stand that b!tch

  • BAAA

    Can’t stand her!

  • annii

    was she hanging out with brittany again?

  • http://smilemomsmile malu


    same here…:)))

  • Maria

    Ha! Walking backwards to avoid the paps. That’s so dumb. They can still take pictures, only this way, they are getting photographs of her very best A$$et, if you know what I mean.

  • grunting grandma

    @annii: haha yeah right

  • BEAUTIFUL extensions, hunn…..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • sophie

    i want to see vanessas gorgeous face..

  • sophie

    and i saw Journey 2, the movie is #1 in latinoamerica! is a really good family adventure! a really good film, so funny and with really good effects! Vanessa looks SO FLAWLESS! and her chemistry with Josh is amazing (her best co star so far <3)

  • thehtheh

    All the crazy Zac fans can leave Vanessa alone now since he is dating Lily Collins.

  • thehtheh

    and Vanessa does not want your golden boy. She like blonde, TALL guys

  • ha ha

    ashley is ugly

  • Jasmine

    Funny how she’s camera shy here, but not at all when she rides her boyfriend and sticks her tongue down his throat in public, in front of dozens of creeps with cameras.

  • florence2

    @thehtheh: There are pictures of Zac and Lily on X17 and he’s so proud to be seen with her that he goes running to get into the car and leaves Lily behind to face the pap’s and she is just walking normal.

    At least Austin has no problem being seen with Vanessa and is proud to do so, she is way way over Zac and has moved onto to someone who is proud of her, loves her and supports her in her life, so some of his fans should leave her be. Zac is more than happy to keep hiding and running into car’s even when he is out again showing his deceptive side.

    Vanessa is just going about living her life and not caring what people or the pap’s think and good for her. She seems a lot happier with her life without him.

  • SodaPop

    Ashley is adorable and beautiful ♥

  • 7

    Ashley’s sexy and she knows it.

  • Isa

    Can see her extensions clearly and those are the ones that damage your hair the most….girl you have money!

  • boji

    That’s Vanessa for you. She can turn an other wise mundane situation into something fun and interesting. I must say ashley will find there’s never a dull moment with our gal around. I once doubted their friendship but not anymore.

  • boji

    @ Florence, zac needs to get over his pap phobia. Maybe zac doesn’t want to be seen with lily just yet because he’s still testing the waters so to speak. His fans should have no cause to complain. She’s pretty and her dad is Phil collins which means she comes from money and has clout, good for his career and nice arm candy. She may be the one.

  • nouha

    i watched journey 2 great movie with a great cast vanessa and josh have a beautiful chemistry and the rock is just so funny and glad to know that the movie is doing great at the worldwid box office the cast really deserve this

  • angelbaby


  • Celestine

    This might be one of the first few times Ashley made it to the main site! And to be one of the top stories even more! Oh to be living in the shadow of your best friends!

  • ro

    I always like Ashley’s outfit, she’s sexy.

  • Kelly

    Vanessa beautiful

  • yets

    i love vanessa Hudgens so unpeidictable..Go V.

  • Lina

    I love her. Vennesa, she is cute

  • sam

    my ash my beauty ash ;)

  • kate

    here it goes again…whenever there’s a nessa/ash post v fans flip out and start attacking. sure waste ur time. tizz is still the amazing tizz

  • Skounoupi

    @Haters Suck… Well u are so fake…Having the name Haters suck when u are a hater… sorry but it was MY opinion on a gossip site… we can’t like everyone… sorry i don’t like vanessa..MY OPINION…U like her…YOUR OPINION…

  • Skounoupi

    @Maly well i didn’t say that she’s not making movies… but her movies are bad… really.. they sink after a week!! and i don’t like her acting… it’s just MY Opinion…

  • ?????????

    i see that the paps only suite Vanessa when she wants to use them and this time ovbiously wasn’t one of them. Doesn’t she know that you don’t walk backwards.

    ohh and the Zac comments are just hilarious. I would love for you to prove and show pics of Zac running away and even in the car because so far there arn’t any. But you fans will never believe that.

    Looking good Ashley.