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Andrew Garfield: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Official Trailer!

Andrew Garfield: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Official Trailer!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone share a kiss in the new official trailer for their new film, The Amazing Spider-Man!

Synopsis: Peter Parker (Andrew) finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), his father’s former partner.

The Marc Webb-directed film also stars Chris Zylka, Sally Field, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, and Embeth Davidtz will hit theaters this summer on July 3!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man?

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  • Haley

    Why does Hollywood keep on making remakes.This one looks good though but it will never compare to Tobey Mcguire’s version

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love this!

  • Leenah

    I don’t get it..wasn’t the Spider Man series over?Now they’re making a new one?With different actors and story?Like the other ones never happened?I don’t see the point of it.

  • Leenah

    Btw…Jim Sturgess would have been a better Spider Man than Andrew..just sayin`

  • eli


  • http://@SmaMan SmaMan

    It’s coming out in July?! What were they thinking?

    I have four words for them:

    Now even fewer people are going to see this rehashed reboot.

  • Anne

    Totally agree! But it’s very clear: is just for making money. I love Spider Man, and the Tobey Mcguire’s version was beautiful and very complete. Didn’t need other version, ’cause it seems that we’re fool or something. But it’s all about money!

  • liz

    This one is truer to the story of Spiderman.

  • Jc

    About Money …
    For Money …
    So? .. what’s wrong?
    It’s a job.
    What i’s your? and why you work?

  • Gulfiya


  • emmaa

    Sam Raimi’s Spiderman >>>>>>>>>

  • twothumbsdown

    I think if anyone goes see this, its just because they want to get a different re-telling on Spiderman otherwise its a tired series. The Sam Raimi/Toby Maguire Spidy ended in 2007 its only 2012 and to soon for a remake! Save your money, go see something new like The Avengers or Chronicle!!!!

  • Scarlett

    This seems like a much more grown up Spider Man then the Sam Raimi versions, which got a bit silly tbh. I already like Andrew better than Tobey. It’ll find it’s own audience, maybe a more a mature one than the others did.

  • tony

    this looks f-ing awesome! to be honest at first i was like they need to make this a really good film since its kind of soon to re make it but i think this might be even better than Tobey’ s… and thar one was amazing

  • cooldylan

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  • jacqueline

    This one looks…. AMAZING!
    THIS guy is Spider-Man, THIS is his story. The Sam Raimi movies with Tobey Maguire… that guy wasn’t Peter Parker, those movie weren’t good.

  • david

    So much money spent on a movie series that wasn’t even a decade old and wasn’t all that bad. This remake is all about make a quick buck plain and simple. Studios know it’s safer and ultimately more profitable to stick with an idea that works than try one that’s new. I wonder how many original ideas out there had to die or go on an indefinite backburner for this movie to be made.

  • Baddabing

    Still not sold on this reboot. Why can’t Hollywood focus on creating new stories instead of retreading existing ones??

  • facts

    This is already 10x better than the first 3, which were terrible. Tobey Maguire was an awful Peter Parker/Spiderman and those movies might as well have been cartoons instead of live action. Horroible special effects. THIS on the other hand looks so much better and far more truer to the original comics, albiet adding its own spin on things. People who thought the other Spidey films were better have horrendous taste in Hollywood movies. Andrew and Emma for the win.

  • facts

    And to all the idiots complaining about Hollywood being so unoriginal: there are lots of movies that come out every month that aren’t sequels or remakes. But you’re obviously not going out to see them so stfu and stop complaining, hypocrites.

  • WTH

    … another remake. Can’t be worse that Maguire’s version though cause oh boy he was terrible as Peter Parker.

  • 38cords

    @Haley: Though they ruined it with the spidey 3 . This one is looking more true to the comics. Right age, right shape, good humour and so on so this should be better.

  • 38cords

    @Baddabing: Hollywood and the film industry produce hundreds and thousands of films each year, these are just the more mainstream ones.

  • NicolaJo666

    Think of it as like a James Bond film. Different actors (though the same stories).
    Lets hope this film turns out better than Spiderman 3…

  • noprobBOB

    LOL at how the trailer called this film “The Untold Story” haha
    I’m pretty sure this story has been told and retold for decades on film, comics and Tv shows! But still awesome trailer and CGI looks great!

  • http://bubblecute tiara

    I love andrew garfield and emma stone..
    and I hope just jared can give many information about their love.. BECAUSE i really2 love them so much. :)