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Celebrities React to Prop 8's Unconstitutional Ruling

Celebrities React to Prop 8's Unconstitutional Ruling

Modern Family stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet show their support for the overturning of Proposition 8 in this photo posted to Jesse‘s WhoSay account.

Prop 8, which banned same sex marriage, was overturned on Tuesday (February 7). Here’s what other celebs had to share on the historic judgment:

Olivia Wilde: “Woohoo!! Die Prop 8 Die!!!! 9th Circuit just ruled you unconstitutional. Next step Supreme Court!”

Cory Monteith: “Prop 8 has been ruled unconstitutional! In other news, the Pacific Ocean was discovered to be wet.”

Kristin Cavallari: “Amazing news about prop 8 being declared unconstitutional!!”

Elizabeth Banks: “#Prop8 overturned! Punching the air right now.”

Mark Hoppus: “prop 8 can suck it. I’ll be glad to see it gone for good.”

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  • noplace

    Finally, something done right. Respect and love to all of my gay friend. You rock!

  • ems

    i like how every time there’s a news event just jared is like ‘CELEBRITIES REACTION TO _____’. as if their opinion even matters? hahah

  • Lila

    Yes, of course we care what celebrities think about the issues. What with their bong hits, sex tapes, boneheaded reality television, and drunk driving scandals – you can really trust their opinions about things. If I were a gay person who wanted the ban on gay marriage to be ruled unconstitutional, the LAST people I would want speaking in my favor would be “celebrities.”

  • Sayer

    These celebs are so pretentious. I wonder how many of them are SECRETLY homophobic.

    Anyway, good for the gays.

  • Jenn

    Finally we can shut up the ignorant masses with a Supreme Court ruling on equality for all!

  • Sayer

    @ems: This is a “celebrity news” website. Duh!

  • Shauna

    Finally, this should have been done years ago! So happy people came to their senses that everyone should have the same rights because marriage is a civil right! EQUALITY FOR ALL!

  • A


  • theoni

    well done, imagine what would plp accomplish if they fought eth that is uncostitutional in this world…no offence to anyone but there are more severe problems than gay marriage that dont get half the attention that this matter gets.whatever some plp just pretend to care about eth.not foolin anyone…

  • Somewhere over the rainbow…

    Gay people should have the same rights as straight people!
    But what saddens me is when prop 8 passed a lot of gay people blamed minorities, specifically black people in Cali when we only make out what? 12% of the US population? It turned out there was no difference between the white voters and the minority voters when it came to prop 8 yet gay people fired off at black people which was very hurtful, hey there are black gay people out there too and straight black people who support you as well :)
    I know it’s sometimes easy to throw us under the bus because of the lack of overall power we have as a community (you have GLAAD, we have…NAACP ? You win). I’m not a fan of NAACP, not as of late anyway and it’s not an organization that is beneficial for black women.
    As a 16 year old, i hope one day we’ll ALL have equal rights :)

  • Somewhere over the rainbow…

    @Somewhere over the rainbow…: That’s all over the WORLD*

  • Tilla

    @theoni: like a common language everyone can read and write correctly with?

  • Victoria

    Oh *yawn*! I’m so effing tired of having to read and hear about the gays ALL the time!!! It’s gay this and gay that and gay rights everywhere. There are far more important things going on in the world, you know. *shakes head*

  • Tilla

    @Victoria: get used to it sweetie, nothing you can do about it but deal with it. Imagine being gay and witnessing tragic straight people abusing marriage rights all day, every day.

  • sillyme

    Once again, the court overrules the will of the voters. So, tell me something. If California is such a liberal, left wing state, why is it that they voted overwhelmingly against gay marriage…the same year that they voted for the first black president? Obviously, it’s not just conservatives who are against gay marriage.

  • silly you

    @sillyme: You are silly me. If voters had voted for the civil rights act in the early 1960s, it never would have passed. Face it, the masses are just too stupid and cannot be trusted to interpret the constitution.

  • Lila

    @silly you: wooooow – “the masses are too stupid” that really sounds a little bit close to a dictatorship…doesn’t it? Yeah, the masses may be stupid, but this is a democracy, so everyone of those idiots gets a vote. if you don’t like it, you can go be gay in Cuba.

  • InTheIndustry

    @somewhere over the rainbow

    KUDOS to you sweetheart!!!! KUDOS to you!!!!


    I love how all these celebs jump on the band wagon and act like they are all so passionate about the fight for gay marriage. I never hear these same celebs showing any concern for the fact that California is bankrupt, drowning in drugs and violence, paying up the *ss in tax’s, out of control gangs and violence and one of the highest states for unemployment. But hey! Gay’s can now get married! These celebs are just trying to be politically correct and act like they really care. They don’t.