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Chris Brown Performing at Grammys 2012?

Chris Brown Performing at Grammys 2012?

Chris Brown will hit the stage at the 2012 Grammy Awards, the Associated Press reports.

The performance will mark the 22-year-old singer’s return to the Grammy stage nearly three years after he was arrested at a pre-Grammy party for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna.

ChrisF.A.M.E. is up for three Grammys, including best R&B album.

Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift are also slated to perform at the 2012 Grammy Awards, which airs Sunday, February 12, at 8 p.m. on CBS!

WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE Chris Brown perform at next weekend’s Grammy Awards?

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  • Shelly

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!

  • Alicia

    No I would not.

  • Mya

    woohoo! Finally a performance too look forward to!

  • Sonia

    Defo. He is always fun to watch

  • Shelly

    @Sonia: HE’S NOT FUN TO WATCH, HE’S A FCKN MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonia

    @Shelly: well you sure made sure you were 1st to post on this “morons” article…..

  • Shameka

    No, he doesn’t deserve to be there. Yes, what happened is in the past, but the damage is done.

  • Shelly

    @Sonia: LOL
    BUT U ONLY THE 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yhtak

    yep, cant wait to see his performance

  • yhtak

    @Shameka: exactly the damage was done already and the people affected have moved past it, so now you that weren’t involved nor affected nor know them has any reason to continue judging & holding grudges

  • lizz

    It’s always the same performers! Time for some fresh blood on that stage!!

  • Niema Williams

    Yo…let’s hope some of you never do anything and require a second or third chance. There’s no excusing Chris’ actions, but I don’t think that means we can bury him behind a rock, never to be heard or seen again. If so, why don’t we get our pitch-forks and go after his abusive stepfather and his parents who clearly didn’t get him effective help dealing with what he witnessed…I’m not one for the blame/excuse game but if we’re not willing to move pass one inexcusable act —when the *bad-guy* has made the legally required amends and shown personal interest in bettering themselves—let’s not move pass any!

    I’m excited to see Chris perform. I hope his career continues to rebound and that he flourishes; however this incident follows him I hope it’s as an example of how PEOPLE with *emotional* issues can recover and be helped. ~Yeah, CHRIS!!!

  • Sonia

    @Shelly: you’ve clearly missed my point. I’m here to comment because I like him as an entertainer and i’m looking forward to watching him perform but you? When you saw his name, you clicked your way over here so fast because you needed to point out how much you DISlike him? Backwards much?

  • BAAA

    I can’t believe how people hold grudges. I agree with @Niema Williams: hope you all will never ask for a second chance in your life. I bet you never make big mistakes…

  • C

    He beats women.
    That’s all there is to it.
    So the answer is NO.

  • Meagan

    I cant wait for him to perform!!! I guess I will be tuning in now!
    And guys FYI–Chris wasnt arrested at the Pre-Grammy party. He TURNED HIMSELF IN and took full responsibility, and it was NOT at the party. THREE years later and I am proud of the MAN Chris is becoming. hope he continues to just let his performances and music speak for itself. GO CHRIS!!

  • Marshal

    He beats women? Or was it one ex girlfriend when he was a teenager.

    I don’t see him getting arrested with every relationship he had.

    He recently sold out the Staples Center in LA. He had a #1 album. A top 10 song. Quite a few #1 songs on the R&B and Rap Charts.

    He has a new single Turn Up The Music that is smashing on Pop radio. He has been nominated for for grammys in 5 of the last 6 years. He’s incredibly talented and he has millions of mans. Some of you will just have to deal.

    His talent and only his talent is the reason for his comeback. You are just mad that he has a career, because you thought it was over. Bitter. Get over it.

    A lot of people nominated have issues. He isn’t the first or the last. And a lot of people on this blog have issues of their own. Unless your house is clean, quit judging.

  • Shelly


  • mélissa

    Hell ya !! so excited ! this guy is H-A-W-T !!!!!

  • Yesss

    Yes Chris. Must you put that he was arrested and all that crap? Do they do that to Actors who beat their women and wives when it comes up in the Credits?
    Mercy! To those judging Chris, then don’t watch movies by any of the Actors who beat women! Don’t support them either!
    Im glad Chris is performing! Yeah 3X

  • Yesss

    Go post on Rihanna’s posts. tell her to stop competing with his girlfriend because she looks Horrible with the new Blonde hair just like his girl!
    Chris has moved on and so should Rihanna’s fans! But I guess you can’t because the GUILT of lying on Chris is eating her out and she is smoking and drinking her pain away hoping to get him back now that things have Blown Over!
    Keep sending those messages on those messg on Twitter about laying in her bed and pretending to love his girl!!!!!! KARMA!!!

  • E. Norma Stitz


  • Lady

    oh hell! please not! he’s totally annoying. Thinks he’s so cool!!!! NO please not!

  • Zac


  • Yesss

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Rihanna will Die when she sees him and Ms K Brown together! RIhanna will look a fool with that Blonde hair if she wears it since Chris’s woman was rocking it first.
    Of course the Grammy’s is having both of them perform for ratings!!!!!!!! They want people to watch just in case something happens! Like Rihanna running off stage when she sees Chris because of the Guilt of ALL the lies she told!

  • Ryan Yap

    I’m a hardcore Rihanna Navy. I think it’s OK. No problem… life’s more than venge and hating.

    Let’s learn how to forgive.

  • Yesss

    Yes, hope he performs a good Number!

  • Sam

    So the Grammys are going to have Chris (an abuser) and Taylor Swift–a person who murders every song she sings. That will be a heck of a show. Think I will pass on this one.

  • matt

    come on ma man!!!

  • guest

    no. i feel sick to my stomach.

  • Tyler

    @Shameka: you are an idiot. Look at what you just wrote.

  • marie

    Thoroughly disgusted with the decision to have Chris Brown perform. It sends the message that he can do what he did, apologize and go on as if it never happened. Sickening. I will not be watching because of this reason.

  • Pretty Tony

    Chris Brown Just performed Rhianna Lovers…so there! lol

  • sebeko

    Great! A known woman beater, abuser given center stage! It’s so American! Just like we ignore the daily abuse of women, children and families, let’s ignore the actions of a celebrity woman beater! Even better let’s give him 2 numbers to be a star for our nation like nothing happened! Yay, Grammys!

  • Nevo

    I Love U Chris <3 <3 ! Best Performance

    You are the Best no Matter what other people say about you.

  • M

    CHRIS BROWN definitely made a mistake, and he paid his debt to society. I am a daughter of an abused mother, and I am a woman who was abused by my husband. People have to face consequences for their actions, but I find all too often the scales are vastly unbalanced. He was banned for two years, has had to relive the circumstance more than necessary by ratings hungry media, and I am sure he has made his amends to Rhianna and her family. GOD is his only judge. It is now time for the rest of us to move on and let GOD. I for one have loved his talents from out the gate, but I was enrage when I heard of what occurred between him and Rhianna. I for one am always pro-women, and pro-BLACKS, but there is two sides to every story. No woman should ever be beaten, but there are some who are violent themselves. TRUST I KNOW. We need to let him and Rhianna get past this, I am sure she does not appreciate this anymore than he does.