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Jennifer Aniston Covers 'InStyle' March 2012

Jennifer Aniston Covers 'InStyle' March 2012

Jennifer Aniston looks stunning in Calvin Klein Collection as she takes the cover of InStyle magazine’s March 2012 issue.

Here’s what the 43-year-old Wanderlust actress had to share:

On one thing she’d do if she wasn’t an actress: “I’d love to be a dermatologist. I’d be so obsessive about it. I’m fascinated by skin, products, and lasers. I go on the Internet and read all about it. I call it ‘laser porn.’”

On her boyfriend, Justin Theroux: “First of all, he has great style – it’s very specific, and it has been his style forever. Has it influenced mine? No, but I know people say it has. ‘Oh, look, you’re dressing alike.’ And I think, ‘No I’m not. I’ve had this jacket for three years!’

On what she looks for in a man: “Having experienced everything you don’t want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down to what you actually do want. As I get older I realize what qualities are important in love and what suits me. And what I won’t settle for.”

On what makes her feel young: “You know what makes me feel old? When I see girls who are 20-something, or the new crop of actresses, and think, Aren’t we kind of the same age? You lose perspective. Or being offered the part of a woman with a 17-year-old child. It’s like, ‘I’m not old enough to have a 17-year-old!’ And then you realize, well, yeah, you are. Young? I don’t feel my age. I feel young every day.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Michelangelo Di Battista/InStyle
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# 1

She is just rebell girl under her skin!

# 2

One name for you DEMI MOORE. This is the problem with you OLD A*S so called actresses trying to look like a 20 year old. Look at her face there is not a single line and no matter how hard you try you’ll end up worse than Demi moore. At least she had kids to take care of her unlike you. It would be you, the doy and that tea boy of a man you called your boyfriend. Oh wait he’s not your boyfriend you stole him from heidi. And that feud you keep referring too it’s not with Angie and Brad it with Heidi remember that cause that lady will one day f*ck you up and she’s younger too.

# 3

It’s ok Jen. At least you’re aging gracefully. You need to give Demi some advice who is so much denial about her age that she parties with her children and does drugs that are most common with college students.

# 4

@Asha: *in so much denial

# 6
goawayjen @ 02/07/2012 at 4:56 pm

so much photoshop..she looks nice but doesn’t look like her self though..if she felt young and confident she wouldn’t request so much photoshot!

# 7
Team Heidi B @ 02/07/2012 at 4:56 pm

This old cougar needs to be more respectful of Heidi Bivens- Heidi has a lot of connections. Jennifer is VERY tacky for doing what she did to Heidi- the bad karma for this washed up old lady will continue and continue and continue.

# 8

– Delusional –

# 9

@Team Heidi B:

and how do you know any of this first hand?? you don’t know what really happened so quit acting like you know all

On what she looks for in a man: “Having experienced everything you don’t want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down to what you actually do want. Here she goes again. Why does she get a pass and Brad would get crucified if he said that. As for feeling old when she sees women in their 20′s, that’s laughable because she doesn’t even look 20 in that picture. Must be awful to look at that and then in the mirror. Brain of a 6 year old.

stunning cover!
i think Marie claire should take notes after boutchering eva the way they did….

That must explain why she dresses the way she does, and why she hadn’t settled down. I don’t mean for that to sound like a slam on her – just my opinion – we all don’t have to want kids. But her behavior (through the lens of the paparazzi) seems unprepared for an age reality (i.e. Demi Moore)

I’m more interested in spring fashion than her boring old life..

same old stuff…is she too old to worry about what people think of her… dressing like the eddie monster? This woman is so boring and has no substance…she sounds so dumb.

jen is lovely :)

I bet all of you idiots sitting here and tearing Jen apart are absolutely gorgeous, thin, and have exciting lives… oh wait, no you don’t. You are sitting at home looking at pictures of people who do, being jealous of them, and writing rude things about them.

Nothing to say back? SHUT DOWN. BOO YA.

WAlterBisho[ @ 02/07/2012 at 5:26 pm

I remember at one point she said that if she hadn’t become an actress she would be doing interior designs

yes she did and so good at it…

maybe just dont wear the jacket on the same day he does (which they have) lol
also, it is easier for her to feel younger than she is everyday because she really does not look 43 whatsoever.
she has not had a good track record with men.
it is tough out there.
i wish her well in that dept in the future.

Jen its so good to see you..Love the article…Sad you wasted a big part of your life that was pathetic..Glad you dated to find your true love…The pictures are gorgeous…you sure are beautiful…!!

@me: i understand it’s your opinion and everyone’s style is different. but i think jennifer dresses great and appropriate for her age and her bangin body.

“Having experienced everything you don’t want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down to what you actually do want.” Sneaky/snarky comment. I wonder if she will have all of the backlash that her ex received.

i agree that it does not look good for her & charlize to hang with chelsea handler. but maybe the way chelsea is is just her tv persona (a la stephen colbert & such) and IRL she is not so crass/vulgar/unclassy.

Well when you get cheated on ..Someone’s pretty hard to have that trust again..Some men just can’t be a man and divorce first..and then to say horrible things about Jen was horrible…Glad your happy…and you look so happy..always loved that beautiful smile..

i dont see anything snarky about her comments at all. she is just being honest. that is what a lot of older people – not just women – but everyone will find as they get older because they learn over time what they want and what they do not want. and obviously a lot of her past beaus she was finding out the stuff that was not working, poor qualities they had etc because they all failed. what is she gonna say, that they all rocked and were rosy? again, she is just being honest and that is good. i find her much more relatable from these comments.

Jen is not old at all..Your as old as you feel…and whatever you wear you look beautiful in everything..

@ann h:
Brad has said plenty about his life with his x-wife..and he most certainly got backlash , he has..he will ..and can’t stop speaking of his past..Think he will scr^w up his Oscar if he keeps it up..

in brad’s interview, he had specifically said that things went down in his previous marriage because of xyz. he said marriage so clearly it was about jen. that’s why he got attention for that.
here jen said ‘partner’, not spouse or husband. she is talking about what she has learned from past partners collectively rather an one specific person. jen’s comments are not directed toward brad specifically or brad alone so settle down wackos.

spongebob ( :p) @ 02/07/2012 at 5:53 pm


ok people all the mags are photoshopped. not just hers….. and she looks just amazing without photoshop. She has the best body in hollywood in her age. I would die to have her body.

even angellina she is tall and thin . but jens body is much better then hers…. of course I’m not talking about their faces.

She so SAD and Pathetic .Just sad . She need to MOVE ON … NOBODY CARES ANYMORE !!!!

HAHAHAHA… In the next year, she will be talking about another man in her life… Justin is enjoying his growing fame with her. He is getting more jobs now than he would without her.

Jen has moved on..Its Brad that can’t…Hes pathetic…Yes it over
and we should all stop speaking about them..

I hope it all works out..sad that you are making fun of Jen..I believe we all take our relationships seriously.. Jen and Justin will be together next year..Jen found the right man she loves and adores..

OK people…no more Brad/Angelina and jennifer…it is done. Jennifer said it finally…there is no feud between them and can we stop the triangle. It is getting too boring just like her. She said she is happy with Edie Monster, her current boyfriend.

devil's advocate @ 02/07/2012 at 6:20 pm

I wish I looked like that – and so does Jennifer Aniston!!

Photoshop much?

One word for you …AS*HOLE!!!

She wears ‘boyfriend jeans,’ he squeezes his little legs into her ‘jeggings.’ They’re just a couple of middle-aged kids, ya’ll. Ugh. The woman-child act is pathetic.

boredwithJA @ 02/07/2012 at 6:30 pm

Oh god , does she have another loser pic coming out ? That means we are going to have to be bored with her pathetic ego for a while again. So much for the peace and quiet . She is headed down the same road as Demi, her obsession with skin and plastic surgery said it all .

“I call it laser porn”??? – idiot / disgusting/ moron/ Jen Aniston

from her answers, she answers like a kid….

JA go away. @ 02/07/2012 at 6:41 pm

Read her quotes. She sounds like a comlete bimbo..The way she talks isnt mature and sophisticated at all. Poor 43 year old woman still talks like she’s still in middle school.

Angie is very articulate in her atricles and interviews. No stuttering, no pauses, no searching for words, just smooth cohesive that sexy voice of hers.

@ellie’ @ 02/07/2012 at 5:37 pm #25

Well when you get cheated on ..Someone’s pretty hard to have that trust again…….

…So I guess you will be supporting Heidi cause you wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite would you?

If he is eddie munster , then she would be cousin it? Sorry I could not resist, maybe it’s all that hair of hers…
and yes to the little bieber jeans of him. I am also a bit over 40, childless (hoping for a miracle) and a bit of a cougar with my husband, but truth is that I accept that I could easily be a youg grandmother, just as Aniston! And she thinks she’ too young for a mother of a teen role! GAFB!!!
If she keeps messing with her face she will only be able to act as a character obsessed with plastic surgery or alike, because she already looks unnatural and fake as many tanned fake blondes obsessed with their looks. (no offense to fake blondes).

Keepin It Real @ 02/07/2012 at 6:51 pm

Love her!! Better than A. Jolie

OKAY PEOPLE @ 02/07/2012 at 6:52 pm

I’m going to point out something no one has notices…Jennifer Aniston’s: Large Cone Head! Look at the height of her hair line from the forehead, it;s freakishly large and high..No one seems to notice because it’s covered in hair!!

TheWackosAreOut @ 02/07/2012 at 6:53 pm

I wouldn’t want to be with a man who didn’t want to be with me.
Suck for Jen but that’s what happened with Brad.
Also sucks for Justin’s ex but that’s how it goes.
If he wanted to be with her then he would be, but he doesn’t so he’s not.
Get over it.

Not buying any magazine with that has been. Isn’t her 15 min up already?

LaranjenBITCH @ 02/07/2012 at 6:57 pm


She never has anything of value to say. She’s always commenting on what is said about her, it’s pathetic how much she is concerned with what others think of her.

Award Season @ 02/07/2012 at 7:09 pm

She, Demi Moore, and Keys all directed a 10 min movie short for lifetime TV. Making that 3 minutes and 30 seconds each to tackle. Angie wrote and directed ( in 2 languages) a foreign feature film with heavy subject matter, and she’s only 36. I wonder if she feels inferior to Angie..

@JA go away.: OMG u don’t get it right? do you have comprehension issues or what’s the deal with Brangelina Fans, STOP with this stup!d comparisons MOVE the FU CK ON!

people clearly cannot stop this pathetic triangle Brad..Angie..Jen..Get over it already..they sure have..

@Award Season: ask me if i care what angelina has done?

No b/c Jen didn’t do that darling..

Another uninteresting/same ol, same ol interview from Aniston. For someone who says they don’t read the gossip mags or blogs about themselves sure seems to know all and address all that has been published. She has the mindset of 20 year old and that is not becoming when you are in your mid 40′s. That is a time when you are suppose to exude confidence and not give a crap what others think. Also, her photos are so overly photoshopped that they make her even more less attractive than she really is.

Going out with some friends…BBL…woohoo!!!

anonymous @ 02/07/2012 at 7:30 pm

Jenny Poo, the only woman in the world who have ever been divorced some, ho long ago, 7 years ago. In this same magazine article she says she is tired of being part of the three-some of Brad and Angie, but yet she talks about it, movie is coming out. What a phony, Brad Pitt and his lady love angelina Jolie is all over the red carpet, Brad and side kick George Clooney is all over the internet and TV shows promoting their movies this award season, she is on the outside looking in, so she name drops her ex husbands name, so the world could know she was the ex Ms Brad Pitt, smart move, if i would say so myself, but she is still riding on her ex’s tail coat, because the man she is dating now has no acting cred.

Jen never had and never would…Brad better stop bringing up his x wife..Jennifer is loved and he won’t win nothing.. yeah I’m sick of it ..There is no triangle but Brad started it again and again..
Well that’s all ..gonna go have some fun..!!! night to you all…

Men go crazy over Miss Jennnifer
Lesbos with five o’clock shadows?
not so much

ellie’ @ 02/07/2012 at 5:37 pm
Then Tate Donovan should have lost his trust since Aniston was ENGAGED to him when she cheated on him with BRAD PITT. Karma is a *****! Oh, I forgot, her fans just ignores any wrong doing on HER part.

sasha @ 02/07/2012 at 4:48 pm
Heidi is pretty. I won’t say prettier, cause Aniston isn’t pretty. If she had Aniston’s money, that b*astard Skinny Jeans troll would still be with her and Aniston would be begging Mayer to give her one more chance. D*amn, I would have loved seeing that. How pitiful do you have to be to get dumped by the same guy twice? Let’s see how long JT stays with her after they do all the campaigning for that movie.

smart one @ 02/07/2012 at 8:56 pm

@Award Season:

angie wrote a r*pe movie…..that no gave a crap to see….so go sit yourself in the corner

Why is everyone hating on her so much? I think she’s amazing.

So predictable @ 02/07/2012 at 10:09 pm

What this post didn’t cover is her mention of the ex husband yet again. Just in time for her movie release. What an effin surprise, huh? Is this bich predictable or what? She has to talk about the triangle because her connection to Brad and Angelina is the only thing that keeps her in the news. And stop lying about your boyfriend not influencing how you’re dressing lately. Look at the pictures in InStyle with her wearing motorcycle boots. Think she would’ve been styled that way if not connected to her faux hipster boyfriend. Not. She is so fake I think she’s buying her own bs.

If you don’t like someone don’t click on their posts, why click on them just to say crap on a person??
Honestly Jen seems like a sweetheart, yea shes not the greatest actress in the world but shes fun to watch
Yes this is photoshop, like every single mag cover in the world.

Another thing I noticed, all of Jens post have similar comments, so basically the same few people comment the same fffin thing everywhere. Just don’t look at her posts if you think shes “boring” “b*tch” “hoe”
don’t look,ignore it. is that so hard, why waste your time commenting on a person you can’t stand, it doesn’t make any sense.
And then you go off on Brad and Angie, like wtf move on

Gorgeous! Looks a day over 27!

Jen, you are so damn overrated it’s ridiculous. And the pictures in In Style looks like they were taken with vaseline rubbed on the lenses so it’ll camouflage your fug.


tessa i’m sure someone will love you in life if you give them a chance and stop being so negative :)

OMG she is fabulous!!!!
I love her so much <3

Jennifer has an interesting face, I wouldn’t call her pretty but I wouldn’t call her ugly either, but here the photoshop it’s just to much! it’s way too obvious. And why some people insist in comparing her with Angelina? why some people keep on insulting insulting this 2 women? both of the (and of course Brad) have moved on, I bet there’s no hard feelings, all of them are happy with their lives now and I think is just silly that some people insist on living in the past, enough is enough! You don’t even know them in person, you don’t know what happened behind doors! Live and let live people.

“Having experienced everything you don’t want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down to what you actually do want.” You guys do realize Brad isn’t her only ex, right? Her life doesn’t revolve around Brad. Some of you need to let it go. She looks happy. Everything else is irrelevant.

Baaaaarffff! I see nothing stunning here.

“Laser porn?” Seriously do any of her friends laugh at these “jokes?” So massively lame this one. And she may have had that jacket for three years (riiiight), but you only chose to wear it now. Says it all. Damn lying fugs, as always!

Jen is so effing annoying. Grow up and stop engaging in fake PR relationships

I see ellie still has her boner! #sadfugfans

Jen is a hottie!

Jen is hotter without brad!

I can’t believe Jen is 40 years old!!

Angelina has nothing on Jen!

Jen is sizzling hot!

I miss Friends!!

It time for Jen to get her freak on!

Jenny honey, you are a sexy momma!!

Lava Girl @ 02/08/2012 at 2:52 am

We need more Jen in our lives.

Sick of her, really.. @ 02/08/2012 at 3:01 am

i cannot take anymore of this 90′s sitcom actress!! “Laser Porn” “Uncool” Re-tard” I cannot take anymore of her idiocracy! She is so stupid it really makes me upset how she’s giving women a BAD name!! We’re evolving, changing the world, we’re more invloved in politics more than ever and she’ 44 still taking about her feeling young, and her bf, and some tabloids..get over yourself woman!

Dustin Hoffman who attached the blond wig. this old comedian is conscious of Angie always. 
The face processed too much with the airbrush tends to perform good character.

@Sick of her, really..:

you obviously can take it….because you enjoy to read about her

Yes, she does keep changing what she would have done if not an actress. She is dressing more like Justin more often…it looks pretty silly for a woman her age to want to tell the world “we are a team” by looking alike. So high school. She likes his unique style and then tries to duplicate it…so he’s not so unique anymore. I’m willing to bet on two things – she hires a surrogate to have their child and that Justin will leave her within 2 years feeling smothered. Where did BF Courtney Cox go??

@Shallow: And yet here are pages and pages of what everyone thinks of her…

I see her following the path of Demi Moore, too obscess with youth and external beauty.
With the aid of medical technology. she can temporarily have a wrinkle free skin, tone and thin body, but for how long ? No one can defy nature. She will be another Demi Moore in 3 – 4 years see!
Woman age fast as youy reach 40 ! all those laser,botox does not last long !

To all of these people with comments full of hatred: keep spitting on Aniston but remember: sooner than you think you’ll all reach her age but will probably not be so successfull and good looking. And I would love to see some teenagers making fun of you and calling you old saggy, grumpy old people….karma will get all of you.

she looks great—i hope that these fauxmanitarians…that jj loves to death will die in an airplanecrash as soon as possible..they are disgusting people that don´t deserve to live..the world would be a better place without them

Poor Jen…New age?New movies?Botox? New boyfriends? No…her connection to Brad and Angelina is the only thing that keeps her in the news…sad!

Poor Jen … New old age?New boyfriends? New movies? Botox(She wants forever young?) No…her connection to Brad and Angelina is the only thing that keeps her in the news…sad!

@kramer: wow, i may not be a fan of Jen but i would never wish death to her nemesis

Chelsea HOndler @ 02/08/2012 at 9:35 am

I would be embarrass looking at that cover, if I was Maniston, because that cover its nothing like her… How can she sleeps at night, coning people… she must think we are all stupid like her!!!!

@Team Heidi B: First of all you dont know what went down. Jennifer doesnt have a mean bone in her body. Speaking of connections, Jen has far more connections then Heidi. Heidi’s problem with Justin was between them not Jennifer. Tell Heidi to get a life. Jen has never spoke of her either way.. Move on!!!!

This cover is absolutely beautiful!!! Love all photos. No matter what her age she will always be beautiful. It comes from the inside. Which many of the people contributing nasty comments here wouldnt know about. Good Day!

@Jennipoo: They were not married.

JENNIFER that hypocritical trolls and neurotic.
A BRAD killed him hated him just because he said his past was horrible, never said jennifer or GP, never speak of them, respect them at 2.
Now these two women if Brad talked about till you drop, all life as it used to be hypocritical victims and people believe them buys his story might not realize it is for promotion of their films.
pathetic these 2 women are still talking.


Jennifer was the sexiest thing iI ever saw. Check out Youtube. No, not any actress could pull this off. You have to be sexy and funny and lovable. Not many have that combination.

Remember when Justin’s bike was vandalized with balogna? So funny. It was a message to him: stop dressing like you’re a downtown hipster while drinking your soy latte and living in a multi million home with your sugarmama. Poser !!! And Jen the boob thinks he’s got great style. Look around you in NYC Jen. All the teenagers dress like that.


yeah, i thought the same and then wondered.. uhoh… “they” will think she only meant Brad cause of the “triangle feud”

lilmissmatched @ 02/08/2012 at 11:05 am

@ann h:

Brad would get crucified because HE was the one who cheated on his wife and ended the marriage, lest we forget. He doesn’t get to bash her too after all the crap he put her through. Jen looks amazing..Stop being such a bully. I know plenty of 20-somethings who look 40! So props to you MS. Aniston….

Jen Anus~stain @ 02/08/2012 at 11:08 am

This Uncool 44 y o Anusstain still talking about ” boyfriend”… And how “young” she is … not !!! Can’t get anymore pathetic … and shallow that!!

Jennifer still makes me pitch a tent.

Shoe-bee-doo @ 02/08/2012 at 11:19 am

If she is the sexiest thing ever…. Whahahaha… how come every man dump her??? She can’t even buy a decent fake boyfriend??? Not to mentions she have to steal him, from someone… Bwahahaha!!

Although Jared didn’t post this part of the interview – she said she was not feuding with Brad and Angie and she was tired of the media raking up the triangle after six years. So, why then does she dis Brad with the “Having experienced everything you don’t want in a partner over time,” If Brad said that Huvane would lead the charge crucifying him in the media. Jen gets a pass on so much. No uproar about her taking Justin from Heidi. No problem when her NYC roomie spilled the beans about how she wasn’t as nice as she seemed. No problem when she got caught smoking weed. She gets a pass from her fans and the media all the time. She is never held accountable for her actions. And then one misstep from Brad or Angie or most any other actor and they are crucified by Jen’s fans and the media.

SHALLOW BIMBO @ 02/08/2012 at 11:45 am

She makes it a point always for people not to forget that she was once married to Brad Pitt!!! The truth is, she likes it so much that she is being pitied against Angelina and Brad.

And funny that she really believes she looks young for her age and how obsessed she is with her looks. Now we all know how she frequents her dermatologist and plastic surgeons, coz she is now obsessed about skin.

Also, she sounds so phony whenever she talks about what she wanted to be if she wasnt an actress, its like she knows she cant do anything except act in trashy and crappy comedies, so keeps on changing it. she wanted to be doctor before, then an interior designer and now a dermatologist, lol, she doesnt have the brain for those jobs. Maniston is so irritably annoying!!!!


So, you know for 100% sure that Brad cheated. Please do provide proofs.

Btw, Brad didn’t put her through anything other than dumped this useless old hag.


Just like you Jen lovers don’t know what went down with her and Brad. And just because Heidi is not as famous, it doesn’t mean she is not human or doesn’t have any feelings.

The part where Jen doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. You should tell that to Jay Mohr.

I fell sorry for Jennifer.She keeps losing all her boyfriends and even Brad Pitt as a husband.Maybe it,s time for her to jump the fence, if you know what I mean.Pretty girl, nice personality, but no luck with men.Calling Cynthia Nixon…………………

Right, pretty girl and nice personality and everything will be very OK with her personal life. She is not for “belonging” to some moron including Brad. Brad Almighty – big deal…

vanity fair @ 02/08/2012 at 2:41 pm

So true (and how she dumped her fiancé for Brad back then) It is just that people tend to subconsciously be more forgiving with let’s say the ‘less fortunate’. Deep inside they know, simple as that.
Isn’t it crazy that the first thing that comes to her mind when asked about her boyfriend is that he has style ?! As Chandler Bing would say could you BE more shallow ?! I know it’s Instyle magazine but come on, she could have picked anything on top of the list, that he is kind, smart, sweet, anything ……… oh he dresses cool mkay I mean really we’re talking about a 43 year old woman here. Even Miley would have spontaneously said something deeper about Liam
And then she immediatly goes back to her own little self and how he hasn’t influenced her style. She cannot help thinking about herself for one question, one sentence
This answer alone summarizes the self-absorbed self-centered immature superficial spoiled airhead she is.

Sooo much airbrushing.


um what magazine cover doesn’t?


really, so the reason she has a movie coming out doesn’t keep her in the news????

and wtf keeps angie….only because brad was nominated for an oscar….certainly not for her war movie BOMB….so keep it real kiddo

think about it tiger @ 02/08/2012 at 3:20 pm


lol jay mohr?? are you kidding??? one of the most irrelevant “actors” in history……..and obviously angelina is mean since she has no girl friends and her only friend is brad (sad face)

WanderSLUT @ 02/08/2012 at 3:49 pm

This woman is so PATHETIC. Few years ago, she was asked almost the same question about besides acting, what other profession she will be in? and her answer was different and now a dermatologist? Besides, to be a Dermatologists, she needs a heck of a brain to be in that profession. Oh! please, she cannot even complete a single sentence without the help from Huvane on what to say let alone be a dermatologist. And about her using this word ‘laser porn” sounds trashy to me. Maybe, she watch too much porn herself and or maybe she is still helping Joe Francis distributing the GIRLS GONE WILD video that she used to. This woman promotes a low class sex act, remember on her vibrating bra at Ellen show? And you call this woman, classy? She is so trashy to me.

I love jennifer so much , she is so sexy .
awsome covers ‼

Yeah, wanderslut, she is classy – on the Ellen show everything was just funny. Vibrator for tits it’s really FUNNY! She had tried – so what? I can say one thing: you are so furious because men go wild looking at her – not at you.

naturegirl @ 02/08/2012 at 6:51 pm


The men ( five and counting that we know about) are running away from her! Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, Gerard Butler, John Meyer (twice), Bradley Cooper ( um thanks but no thanks) and a couple of lesser well known guys. It’s fine to be her fan but let’s not pretend she is so irresistible. Her neuroses must be crazy to deal with….not hating…just saying

GRANMA IS SO OLG AND UGLY @ 02/08/2012 at 7:23 pm


IIf she such a beauty and this great woman, Why do men alway’s dump her A**? What is the biggest misconception about you? she can only conveniently think of “the triangle”. She’s tired of the media bringing this up but, she brings it up in her interview.
Didn’t one of her” Horrible Bosses” co-stars say she was shocked that he didn’t know she was once married to Brad Pitt? How did that conversation go “You know I was married to Brad”?
She was probably mortified since that meant if he didn’t know, more people would forget and she couldn’t use the JP’s to promote another crappy movie.

Maniston the Simpleton @ 02/08/2012 at 9:14 pm

If dressed cross between Batman/ Frankenstein / Pugsley is a ” Great style”?????? Lord have mercy!!!!!!

Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig @ 02/08/2012 at 9:37 pm

Waaaaay too much airbrushing own up to your orange leather skin jenny!

She cannot handle the truth @ 02/08/2012 at 9:40 pm

Jennifer Aniston = YESTERDAY’S NEWS!!!

boring manny @ 02/08/2012 at 10:29 pm

wow cant believe they hang out with the trashy beyotch Handler (and her staff) on thanksgiving, it seems they dont have anything better to do. I dont understand why they need those kinds of people in order for them to have fun.. Maniston must be really be a boring person.

I hear Jennifer is so fun to hang out with..I’m glad she is so happy and so beautiful..!!!

Supermodel History @ 02/08/2012 at 11:12 pm

This is the most obnoxious sarcastic photograph of her. Stop trying so hard Jennifer. You are not Cosmopolitan pretty and Angelina isn’t either.
Thanks to Anna Wintour the editor of Vogue it was Anna that pushed for celebrities to be used on fashion magazine covers instead of the pretty supermodels that everyone once loved.

I must say putting Jen & Angie together up there together..Angie looks awful so unhealthy ..and Jen looks so healthy..and beautiful..

Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig @ 02/08/2012 at 11:36 pm

Pretending to be hagistons BF is taking its toll on Justin, heard he is on suicideWatch. Man up buddy you took the money

place of truth...FF @ 02/08/2012 at 11:46 pm

I love FEMALE FIRST kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Thank you Botox.

superficial club @ 02/09/2012 at 1:20 am

Seems like JA, Handler, Witherspoon and Charlize have some things in common, besides being some form of blond (I think JA is the only one who is really brunette)… they all seem superficial and mean spirited. Charlize used to appear nice, but lately she looks hardened.

place of truth...FF @ 02/09/2012 at 2:34 am

Brangelina also thank, thank botox, implants and plastic surgery …

WanderSLUT @ 02/09/2012 at 2:45 am

@ellie’: Imagine that when Old Granny Ticky hang out with her friends, their conversation would be, “I like your hair, thank you I like yours too. How comes my skin is not as perfect as yours?” then more margarita and vodka to drink. The next day same topic. There’s no depth in their conversations. If you are smart, you don’t want to hang out with her and her friends. To you, that would be like talking to the wall. Dumb people always hang out with the dumb ones, that would be Ticky and her godless circle. It’s scary to think.

Wanderslut, if you are so smart – where are your 30 million dollars a year? We want to see the movies you produce and direct. We want to see you on the Opra show, or Ellen, or Hundler… SHUT UP LOSER!!!

the interview was awesome! It is so true the older we get the more we know what we are willing to accept in a relationship! also, totally understand the fact about age too! It is like what?, gee when did that happen – i don’t feel different! lol! jen looks awesome! justin is hot! happiness is a wonderful thing!

@ann h: move forward! of course she learned a lot from her marriage but also from other relationships too! as far as brad goes – he was too busy intentionally attempting to hurt his ex! so once again brangelina fans brought to attention how spiteful brad was. you didn’t hurt jen – keeping brad looking like a jerk and small is all your comment did! jen is amazing!!! i am looking forward to seeing wanderlust!

@Nicole: you do! otherwise you wouldn’t have taken the time to click on the article and then comment! thanks for caring! we all love Jen too!

@boredwithJA: so sad that people can’t be happy for others! i see lots of stars EVERYDAY that aren’t my favorite and i am happy for their fans! as a jen fan i am happy and excited about seeing her, paul and justin and going to see wanderlust! jen is looking amazing!

@dd: no, her answer are real and truthful like a mature woman! as a female/woman myself knows! 1. the older we get the more we understand what we really accept in a relationship whereas when we were younger we would put up with it and be unhappy with the situation – we understand ourselves better and our needs as individuals – that is call GROWTH! 2. aging comment is also real and true! inside you feel the same however your body has age and jen was honest in her answer! that is nothing about her answers immature – they are REAL and ON POINT to REAL LIFE! thanks jen!

@Vanessa: let us see 120 million! over 40 still looking awesome! everywhere! i will be buying the magazine and seeing the movie too!

get lost!!!comment on the anorexic queen you seem to love so much!!leave jen alone!jolie seems to be a one expression person !dont know how she got into hollywood!!

@Mymz: all stars are saying that! male and female! jen is so beautiful!

@WanderSLUT: oh my Ellen must be the trash as Ellen thought it was funny/fun and gave Jen the bra! some people have NO sense of humor! attempting to act so high and mighty! as far changing from a party planner i can understand why – like MOST women and some males – we look for ways to make ourselves look nice and she most likely has been researching the best products to help her skin like the rest of us that want to keep looking beautiful! jen’s interview is real and wonderful and her answers will help others understand more about themselves and realize they aren’t the only one feeling that way. that is most likely what is eating at you so brangelina fans still can’t move on! however, most people ARE enjoying the interview and honesty! living your life and moving forward is the best way to be!

@Barbara: must be running from her and saying not hating! sounding pathetic! Jen has had the norms of relationships! maybe you need to adding Cameron, Sandra, Drew, George, Gerard, Bradley, Jake, and many others too your list! and so what about them all! they ALL seem like good people! hate to hate is so small………….. can’t wait to see wanderlust!

@FAN: you wish! lmao! jen was a star before the ex and after! people make it on their own! jen is an amazing lady! she answered the question honestly and truthfully MOST people agree with her however what would brangelina fans do? they are being paid to hate how else are they ALWAYS the first on the threads hating! one begins to wonder if they have real jobs? going around hate, hate, hate, ok i will be half way nice! it has become a joke! don’t say well jen fans – because WE make a choice! after 7 years – being paid! don’t have enough time to hate or want to hate anyone! it seems like you are so afraid that jen is still making it makes your couple less – which isn’t true – there is room for all! happiness to all! life is so short!

Rachel’s face looks as smooth as a baby’s bottom. With the photoshop, she doesn’t look like mutton in lamb’s clothing. Rachel, you renegade, go ahead and dye your hair-curtain brown. That will really shake things up.

Why Jen looks heathier... @ 02/09/2012 at 8:04 pm

@ellie’: One reason Jen looks so healthy is because she puts a lot of time and thought into her #1 priority, staying young-looking and healthy. That’s smart because her career depends on it. I don’t think Angie’s priority is the same… hers is more centered around her family, world issues and then her career (that works to put a spotlight on world issues.) so, true, Jen is more healthy looking, but for these reasons, I think. And for the superficial viewer, Jen is more appealing.

yep/jen is healthy @ 02/09/2012 at 10:17 pm

Jen looks healthy because she is and she does work at being healthy. Also, Jolie works out too! You can tell by her shoulder muscles, just because she doesn’t say she does; doesn’t mean she doesn’t! People could say Jolie gets out of her charity work more than the actual people that she makes “aware”. also that she and her partner have never touched their salaries only the children’s picture money toward charity by the amount they sold their chlidren’s photo still hasn’t added up to the amount sold. Jen’s short film on Five took her summer to promote and time to direct putting a spotlight on WOMEN issues and helping families cope with breast cancer. So, true Jen is more healthy looking because she is, however for the superficial viewer, Jolie is more appealing as she takes beautiful photos and leaves!

She resembles Dustin Hoffman.

place of truth...FF @ 02/10/2012 at 7:43 am

Jen is much better to look like the Dustin Hoffman than a human skeleton or a skull … i love female first kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

yep/jen is healthy @ 02/10/2012 at 10:38 am

@Guest: i love dustin! awesome! looking forward to seeing WANDERLUST! some jen, paul and justin time!

Maniston the Simpleton @ 02/10/2012 at 7:49 pm

@Why Jen looks heathier…: because, she’s born fat, with short chubby legs, humongous nose, thin lips, not to mentions looks loike a man… What is one to do, when you are “desperate” wha3……..

Maniston the Simpleton @ 02/10/2012 at 8:02 pm

@place of truth…FF: Yes indeed…. Place where Satan and Evils, get together… Where there is so much Hates and angers toward some one who never did or done anything to you, This Fat F@uk -ers, must be the most sad simpleton like their Idol, I have ever known, as for my self, I am the happiest fan, on the Planet, when Bard dump that sorry A$$ of yours!!!!

@Maniston the Simpleton: wow! and you are talking about some one hating! may love surround you today! beautiful ladies! successful ladies!!

Back to Wanderlust – Jen fans! – did you see the trailer of Paul singing and playing the guitar and then Justin singing and playing the guitar? Justin has a very very nice singing voice and if he is playing the guitar for real talented at guitar too! Wanderlust is going to be awesome! Can’t wait to see!

place of truth...FF @ 02/11/2012 at 3:46 am

@Maniston the Simpleton:The same thing can talk about jj, with the difference that here so that LIES about Jen Aniston, is very good to drink the poison own right? I LOVE FEMALE FIRSTKKKKKKKKKK

Happy Birthday Jennifer! All the can see how great you are.
(Including haters)

Oh, sorry! All the WORLD can see how great you are! You are perfect in every point!

pair of birds!!!! @ 02/11/2012 at 4:22 am

Today is your day my golden girl,be happy with your man, friends, family, career and never forget that we fans love you so much and forever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN Aniston!!!

Jennifer today is your special day to celebrate life love happiness with your new love Justin..Happy Birthday Jen….All your fans love you…Always!!! May you have peace in your life…

Happy Birthday, Jen!

Would it be wrong if I dedicated
a song to Heidi from Justin?

or if I dedicated a love song to David Arquette’s
brand new Lady-Love?????

or if I dedicated a love song to Chelsea from Jen????


“Lady I Love You” -
by O’Bryan


pair of birds!!!! @ 02/11/2012 at 3:04 pm

Jason Mraz – The World As I See It – Vocals

the world as i see it
is a remarkable place
a beautiful house in a forest
of stars in outer space
from a birds eye view
i can see it has a well-rounded personality
from a birds eye view, i can see
we are family
it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
no it’s not a difficult thing

it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
because you are the world to me
yeah the world as i see it
is a remarkable place
every man makes a difference
and every mothers child is a saint

from a birds eye view i can see
we are spiralling down in gravity
from a birds eye view i can see
you are just like me

it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
no it’s not a difficult thing

it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you unconditionally
no it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
no it’s not a difficult thing
it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
because you are the world to me.

you are the mountain
you are the rock
you are the cord
and you’re the spark
you are the eagle
you are the lark
you are the world
and you’re remarkable
you’re the ocean eating the shore
you are the calm inside the storm
you’re every emotion, you can endure
you are the world, the world is yours

it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you unconditionally
no it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
no it’s not a difficult thing
it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
because you are the world to me.

no it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you no it’s not a difficult thing.
it’s not hard for me to love you hard for me to love you
no it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
no it’s not a difficult thing
it’s not hard for me to love you
hard for me to love you
because you are the world to me.
yeah the world as i see it, is a remarkable place

Yap, I mean yep, you need to put down the bong and stop lighting candles at your Jennifer Aniston shrine. Last time I checked this is an opinion site, not for trashing people that think differently from you. I had one post until this one, and all your several ongoing posts, you seem a bit neurotic. You should let people have their opinions with out bashing them or ween yourself off this site so you don’t get so worked up. Breathe honey, deep breaths.

@ann: opinion and bashing are two different things. my comments are showing the other side of the coin! I don’t get worked up over it, my sister and I laugh at most of the comments. However, thanks for your concern. Maybe I should change my name like a lot of people however I don’t see the need. You can tell by their comments who they are and when they change their name. (even when they change their name to hate on their own star) Again, thanks for your concern. Looking forward to seeing Wanderlust!

ella es muy guapa

KHARMA FOR YOU is all I can say. We all age and Jennifer Aniston is beautiful. Your ugly words will come back to bite you one day.

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