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Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless 'Charisma' Images!

Eddie Cibrian: Shirtless 'Charisma' Images!

Eddie Cibrian goes shirtless in new campaign images for Charisma.

The 38-year-old Playboy Club alum dried off with Charisma towels after taking a dip in the pool in the Spring 2012 campaign, which was shot at a private residence in Los Angeles.

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Last summer, Eddie also went shirtless as he was featured in an ad campaign for Charisma bedding, which appeared in national lifestyle magazines last fall.

10+ pictures of a shirtless Eddie Cibrian in a new ad campaign for Charisma

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eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 01
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 02
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 03
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 04
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 05
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 06
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 07
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 08
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 09
eddie cibrian charisma shirtless 10

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  • Green

    NOOOOO Eddie is a mo fn’ng dirtbag, attention seeking massive serial cheater. He does not deserve to be a dad and keep his kids, especially around that homewrecking insecure pathetic psycho c)nt HILLBILLY HEEHAW JACKFK. FK HER AND FK HIM. And FK U for taking it in the tailpipe Jared and od’ing this site with that god awful skank lele.

  • Green

    I can’t wait until Ed blows through all of lele’s cash.

  • dobbi

    Can’t act so he has to sell towels.

  • Capella

    Gag reflex cannot begin to cover how I feel about this dirt bag. Silly women fighting over him has just inflated his cheating-assed ego.

  • betty

    Poor Eddie has it gotten to this. Selling towels and sheets. At least Brandi got a reality show.LOL

  • Sarah

    He might be hot, but knowing he’s a dirtbag I find it really hard to find him attractive.

  • thighmegatampon

    Glad JJ specified charisma is a brand of bedding.. bc I couldn’t tell what he was selling in those pics

  • Capella


    I thought the pictures looked more like ads for a “Pay-for-play” site.

  • Elle


  • marisa

    Will never buy Charisma towels or sheets. Yuck is right. He is so gross.

  • Lola’s smarter twin

    Once upon a time this would have me saying he’s hot. Now all I see is a cheating douchebag.

  • Carbon Copy

    And to think I used to like him when he was on the Y&R soap, until he showed his true side. Why can these people in Hwood stay classy and not have all their dirty laundry out. Privacy is golden.

  • Ronda


  • فتكات

    He does not deserve to be a dad and keep his kids

  • Jill

    Used to think he was hot. Funny how his association with LR made him gross. Guess it’s her.

  • Emily

    LOL, he’s basically a prostitute now. Apparantly he’s also doing escorting!

  • Martha

    Can’t get an acting job anymore, can you Eddie. LOL, this is what he has come to. Pathetic.

  • annab

    This guy does nothing for me….I don’t know why some think he is hot. His wife is nothing special either.

  • Gilmore

    This looks like an amateur porn stars portfolio tbh.

  • Sara

    Looking forward to the day I read on a magazine cover that Eddie cheated on LEHORSEFACE! Do not like either one of them!

  • Capella


    Sadly, there is nothing amateur-ish about his game. He’s been hooking and playing women for quite some time now.

  • urbigfatass

    Real men don’t pose like a gay boy like that , especially a nobody like him !

  • longchamp

    so now it’s come down to this. charisma bedding et al. soft core ads.

    cheezzzzeee doesn’t even begin to describe the dou*he.

  • Jen

    Damnnnn! That is one fine man! He may be a douche, but there is no doubt he is sexy as hell! Seriously, this guy needs to drop the towel and show us what he has! Personally, I think he is packing at least a 7 incher underneath that towel! I know, I know. I prob sound like a perv, but whatever. The man is sexy as hell and I want to see what kind of meat he is packing hahahaa Seriously, that chest hair, the sweaty looking body, and his facial hair really does it for me. If only we could see what is underneath the towel!

  • Marieme

    Completely embarrassing and cringe-inducing. Much like his life.

    Looks like he’ll do anything for money..marry..sell towels. Classy.

  • Ann

    I had never heard of Charisma sheets until Eddie started doing these advertisements. I bought my first set two weeks ago and they are amazing. Not to mention that every time my husband is banging me on our new sheets, I get to think about Eddie’s hot body. Our love life has greatly improved. Thank’s Eddie!, LeAnn is one lucky woman!

  • Jill

    I hope his career really tanks so that he can sell Charisma sheets door to door. He can be my Avon lady any day! I’ll buy him and the sheets.

  • Amy

    Ann, I also bought the sheets recently. They are so luxurious. So funny that you mentioned thinking about Eddie while you were doing the nasty with your husband. After buying the sheets, I purposely left the packaging on the floor next to the bed. I then seduced my husband into the room and looked at Eddie’s hot bod while we were getting it on. I don’t think my husband busted me doing it, but he had to have noticed how unusually turned on I was. We’ve never had better sex.

  • Eric

    @Amy and Ann,

    You girls are so silly! My boyfriend Jay and I both enjoyed the packaging if you know what I mean. I can’t believe we’re saying this out loud, but he really did get us all steamed up. The sheets are nice too.

  • Bob Hannah

    Loser, cheater, maybe he can get a job out of this.

  • Eric

    @Bob, Don’t be so stiff, Bob!!!

  • betty

    @Amy&Ann If it takes sheets Eddie is selling to steam up your love life it must have been lacking. If your man is HOT that’s all you need because Eddie is a turnoff.

  • julie

    Can’t get an acting gig so he has to sell towels. Nice try Mr Rimes, but wouldn’t touch that brand with a 10 foot pole

  • Eric

    @betty, That was Jay and I who got steamed up not Amy and Ann.

  • betty

    @Eric The same goes for you if that’s how you roll.

  • Eric

    @betty – That’s how we roll. Married people who pretend they don’t see eye candy are fooling themselves. Being fake for others is one thing. Being fake for yourself is borderline schizophrenia. Find your self and you’ll find happiness. Indulging in honesty with your partner is the most liberating thing a couple can do. Does your partner love you, or the act that you put on to hide your honest desires? If you can honestly say that your partner loves you and your honest desires, congratulations! Settling for someone who is only in love with your act is not very fulfilling.

  • betty

    @Eric If pretense is involved there is no relationship. Eye candy will always be out there.I agree honesty is the basis of any relationship. As far as love goes nowadays means until you meet the next person .or the next attraction.Genuine love requires more than feelings.

  • Barbara

    @Betty – Compatibility is more important than love when it comes to happiness. Love is emotion. Emotion is temporary. Compatibility is the greatest sign that two souls were meant to be together. Incompatibility is obvious and very frustrating as you will be torn apart to enable your soul to meet it’s intended destiny. Every frustration in life plays a part in future achievements and successes. If you run out of gas in your car, breathe and enjoy the time waiting for AAA. Then pay attention to what lines up in the future that you would have missed had you not been paused for 20 minutes waiting for gas. Is this fate or coincidence? None of us really have proof that someone else is steering. We can; however, be grateful for our heartaches when we are in the midst of success. So why not just be grateful for our heartaches when they are happening? I agree with Eric.

  • betty

    @Barbara Since when is compatibility greater than love.There is also respect , trust and loyalty There is no such thing as couples meant to be together.The ones that are have worked on that relationship .If couples were meant to be together the divorce rate would not be so high. Life itself is a gamble and no one knows the outcome.

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