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Michelle Obama: Let's Move With Jimmy Fallon!

Michelle Obama: Let's Move With Jimmy Fallon!

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama get ready for a potato sack race at the White House in this clip from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

The First Lady went head to head with Jimmy in a series of competitions to promote her Let’s Move! initiative, which encourages kids to eat healthy and get active.

The two also did a stair race, push-up contest, and tug of war before battling it out with hula hoops and a round of dodgeball.

“I think, you know, the most important thing for kids to learn is it’s all about being active and having fun. It doesn’t matter if you won or if you lost,” Jimmy says at the end of the clip.

“It matters,” Michelle replies before walking off.

Michelle Obama – ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’
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  • Capella

    Great Lady with a funny bone. Obviously one that gets down with her kids, and doesn’t leave their education to the nannies!

  • cal

    can’t wait until her and her husband are gone from the spotlight. they’re both obnoxious.

  • why

    Do tell us more about college radical friends, writings that are sealed and Marxist Liberation Theology. How about those cocaine fueled gay trysts with L. Sinclair. Where did Reggie Love go?

  • why

    Everybody knows the Media covers up all the corruption in this govt. Solyndra, project Fast and Furious, 49 Thousand dead Mexicans from weapons BHO sent to Cartels and a Dead Border Agent…RIP Brian Terry.

  • why

    We are footing the bill for his Illegal ALien Kenyan family Aunt Z, Uncle (DUI) Onyango Obama and his multiple wives all on our dime (welfare).

  • K

    Michelle’s awesome! Such a great campaign. We’re an obese country and it’s really sad.

  • why

    Did you know that her campaign cost you six billion.
    Did you know his super bowl commercial with Eastwood cost us the taxpayers 14 Million and our money bailed them out too.
    How many times over do we pay for GM cars.
    We know better this time.

  • فتكات

    haha v funny?!

  • mary

    to why

    are you having fun talking to yourself? it’s kind of pathetic; you do know that. i guess it’s because no one will give you the time of day.

  • Capella


    Your comment is truly ignorant and racist.

    But then again, you might be from another country, because no true citizen of this great country utters such nonsense..

  • noplace

    She is absolutely fierce. The best 1 lady!

  • yesm

    can’t wait fo the sweet potato peelin contest

  • badonk

    Why is her asssofat if she’s into excerising?

  • may

    Go ahead and ignore the fact that Michelle and Barrack Obama were parishoners of rev. Wright for years. What about their lavish getaways…Italy, Martha’s vineyard, etc. And now this administrion is forcing religious institutions to violate their conscience. I am an Independant voter who is a staunch believer in freedom of religion. Its unfortunate that most mass media- most of whom lean liberal including CNN- are so bias that its difficult for earnest voters who just want the facts to exercise their right to choose

  • elisa

    i cant bring myself to take the time to watch the video.
    who won the race?
    there’s no way jimmy won. michelle has to do sack races on the white house lawn with kids a bunch of times during the year!

  • cal

    I liked it better when Bush was in office because he liked to have naked pyramids in the White House and talk about how Xtian he is.

  • badonk

    please send extra adult diapers to my house I am obese and bedridden

  • smile

    @Capella: hi there!
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  • may

    now I will go pick up my check for writing the above comment. sweet!!!

  • yesm

    it will be great when Republicans are in power and they make all forms of birth control illegal including for married couples. A woman is a bucket for a man’s pleasure! American Taliban rules!

  • may

    let’s ignore the fact that Laura Bush killed someone with her car

  • why

    all my information comes from the Koch Brothers so it MUST be accurate

  • laura diaz

    i’m from colombia ..and i love that woman like so normal is not like o my gosh she is the first lady of North america …she’s great ..

  • ellie’

    I think shes a great 1st lady..shes very funny…!!!

  • LYNN

    To: Why #3

    She is the first lady, you coward. I didnt like Bush. I never attacked his wife. We do know there were somethings in her younger years that were not pleasant.
    The first lady is a pleasant woman. Why dont you tell us about these communist and marxist that you know so much about. I asked my democratic friends if they have heard of these people and they said who? So stop throwing hints out. Tell us who they are. I also see that your comment just happened to be the third response to the story. How did you know she would be on.

    I saw the skit earlier on Access Hollywood and thought it was funny. I didnt think about policics at the time, so thanks for reminding me.

  • 0—

    What was Michelle Obama doing when she was 16 years old?

  • obamabots are infants


  • obamabot

    wipe me mama

  • obamabots are infants

    Carl Rove steals elections and George Bush reads “My Pet Goat” upside down while his country is being attacked and Bush is all hat and no cattle and GWB went awol and Laura is on heavy meds and and and and……If Bush sucked then Obama is God…..and and .I’m being played by the good cop/bad cop system and …………..
    …………….s t r o k e