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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Soak Up the Sydney Sun

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Soak Up the Sydney Sun

Miranda Kerr shows off her bikini bod while relaxing poolside with some friends on Monday (February 6) in Sydney, Australia.

The 28-year-old Aussie model was joined by her shirtless hubby, Orlando Bloom, who carried their 1-year-old son, Flynn.

“Hey everyone, did you catch me in @SamsungMobileUS’s first #SuperBowl ad?” Miranda tweeted over the weekend. “I had a great time shooting the #SuperBowl commercial for the #GalaxyNote.”

For a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note signed and sealed with a kiss from Miranda, check out Samsung’s Facebook page!

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orlando bloom shirtless flynn miranda kerr 02
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  • beautiful

    Miranda looks so much younger than 28! They are the most beautiful mother and son ever.

  • Capella

    Hmm, he should loose the hat and shades, I thought this was Charlie Sheen for a minute!

    But I love this cute family. Very photogenic, and sweet together. The little one, I just want to squeeeeze those chubby cheeks!

  • Chanel

    Why is little Flynn naked?

  • zeeessss

    wow that’s the healthiest post and pre baby body i’ve ever seen on her…she looks amazing! do yo thang girl, look at yo booty!

  • WAlterBisho[

    I can’t get over how cute and chubby little Flynn is. You just want to carry and hug him all day!)good pics and nice family

  • marisa

    Beautiful family. JJ you need to post more pictures of true celebs than the slimeballs you inundate us with.

  • HOT

    Miranda can rock her bikini anyday. She looks hot unlike her flabby, disgusting looking hubby who should have been forbidden getting shirtless. The baby is very cute though.

  • فتكات
  • Isis lara

    In Germany, I was at a beach and some of the parents would let the little boys run around naked, but their little girls – they would cover up. Go figure?

  • Angela

    The Miranda that wrote a hella racist e-mail? She can keep her white supremecist ass in Australia

  • YAY!

    Such a beautiful family! LOVE THEM!!!
    Flynn is just the cutest!!

  • @7 (zoe)

    Just a question….since when do “flabby” guys have six packs?

  • @12

    Six packs? All I see is his excessive body fat bulges out in his chest and abdomen.

  • Lila

    adorable family. so what if he is naked- babies need to be naked and air out sometimes. maybe he was in the middle of being changed or just out of the bath. they weren’t posing they were just going about their business and someone snapped a random shot. I am sure any family, if being spied on, could be caught in a moment where someone in the family is changing clothes or naked.

  • Cierra

    so cute!!! i can’t of a better way for a baby to be at the beach. naked and free to pee!!! lol. just kidding, but they look good and her included.

  • Cris

    I used to be a huge fan of Orlando but not so much now. Not that I agree with the haters for saying him ugly. He’s nowhere near ugly, but is not as beautiful as he was few years ago. I know people are aging all the time; however, he doesn’t seem to age well in my opinion. He started to lose his once perfectly-defined jawline and slim but well-toned body. He does look a bit out of weight to me right now, maybe due to his own free mind or his lack of work…I don’t know. I would like to see him work harder just like the way he did.
    Btw Miranda looks beautiful and miraculously never aging! Flynn is such a cutie.

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    Flynn So Sexy And Hot =)) :))

  • @16

    But these pictures show that he does have a fit body, and that he hasn’t lost his defined jawline. The first thumbnail proves both of those facts.
    And not working right now? Are you just ignoring the fact that he is currently filming The Hobbit?
    And I, for one, wouldn’t want him to work like he used to. Big, back-to-back movies wouldn’t leave him any time to be a dad. And i think that fatherhood is his best role to date.
    As for his looks? I prefer him now. Sure, he’s lost a bit of his boyish prettyness, but that’s because he is no longer a boy. He’s a grown man now. And I love it!

  • Cris

    @@16: I know he was filming The Hobbit which I anticipate to see him in. But he’s just a small part in tha film. I would like to see him play a bigger role like he used to be. Also, I agree that he’s a good, loving father.

  • sean

    Now this is a good looking. She is beyond beautiful

  • tria

    Cutest baby ever. Parents aren’t bad either.

  • mike

    She my fav VS model

  • hot mama

    What a beauty! Miranda looks super hot. Orlando must be the luckiest man in the world as he’s quite plain looking.

  • wow!

    Miranda is stunning and Orlando is gorgeous!
    Baby Flynn won the genetic lottery!

  • smile

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  • Sean

    Daymn! I’d love to eat that from behind. So freakin yummy!

  • amanda

    @Chanel: im assuming they’re at a friends house (by the pool) – why would the baby need to wear clothes? it was super humid in sydney the past couple weeks, and his only a baby, i dont think it matters.

  • jess

    Love you Orlando but lose the hat.

  • ellie’

    I just love them..Beautiful family..abd the baby is adorable…!!

  • Sandy

    Flynn is one of the cutest babies. It’s nice to see them spending time together as a family. Miranda is very beautiful and is my favorite VS model. Orlando has a six pack in the pictures, I don’t see any belly fat. he looks fit and handsome as ever. They are my favorite couple . They are a beautiful family.

  • bob’s your uncle

    Geesh, i guess some folks regard Michelangelo’s statue of David as flabby.

  • LL


  • ann

    anyway … The dad , and the friend Carrying the little baby naked , it’s a bit weird ..

  • lola

    @ann: why? its a baby not a 10 yr/o. its a friends pool not a public park.

  • zoe

    Gorgeous mum and baby.. with fugly old papa.

  • @33

    What? he’s a baby, for crying out loud. Nothing weird for a baby to swim in the buff. Makes a heck of a lot more sense than him being in a diaper that’s just going to absorb water. next you will be saying that it is “weird” for an adult to see a baby naked when they change his diaper.
    The only thing weird here is the fact that some people are objecting to Flynn’s lack of clothing. HE’S A BABY! And by all appearances, a happy and healthy baby.

  • Mir

    Flynn is an angel fallen from sky

  • lafamepoma

    Taking pictures of a little naked baby, that’s not a good idea, this baby has got rights.

  • deb

    Whats going on? Does Orlando have a harem? Are all those his women?

  • deb

    @zeeessss: #4

    Silly she had her baby over a year ago. Of course she is back in shape.

  • Jenna

    Err, I wouldn’t want to see pictures of my naked baby all over the internet. Why isn’t he wearing diapers or little swim trunks??

  • @Jenna

    If he wears diapers they’ll absorb water and if he wears trunks he may pee them. Besides it’s just a naked baby, what’s so scandalous?
    Every time I go to the beach almost all babies are naked.

  • jj

    looks like she’s getting ready to be mounted. Nice!

  • anonymous

    Miranda and Orlando if anyone bothered to read the story are with friends in a relaxed atmosphere enjoying themselves for a friend’s wedding.

    She is sipping champagne with friends relaxing and Orlando is as well. I don’t get why everyone has their knickers in a twist over a baby having no diaper or swim trunks on – what is it with people and nudity.

  • @44

    Oh, they’re only pretending to be offended.
    They’re just desperate to find ANYTHING to criticize with this beautiful family.

  • Jenna

    @42: He’s not in the water, so he might as well wear diapers and I was talking about baby swim trunks. They may pee in those cause they absorb just like diapers do!!

    My point is: There are enough weirdos out there, so that I certainly wouldn’t want to put my kids on public display like that!!!

  • @46

    But why live their lives in fear? There’s always going to be weirdos in the world. Some weirdos like to see women in baggy jeans. Does that mean that any woman who is photographed in baggy jeans is ‘putting herself on display’?
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a baby running around without clothes. Especially around the water.
    I worry more about the people who DO find something wrong with it. They are the weirdos, as far as I’m concerned.

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  • lovely mum

    Miranda looks fresh and beautiful. She could do better though. Orlando looks kinda gross to me. The “he has 6 packs” comments actually make me giggle. Since when big flabby belly has been considered packs?

  • @49

    Uhmmmm, when you can see the division of the abdominal muscles, it’s called a six pack. When you can see the six pack (as you can CLEARLY see in these photos) then that means that there is very little fat across the abdomen.
    I guess that this particular sockpuppet is also a delphite. You know, since they specialize in ignoring photographic proof if it interferes with their agenda.
    *waves at the delphidiot*