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Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gymboree Gals

Nicole Kidman & Faith: Gymboree Gals

Nicole Kidman carries her cutie pie daughter, Faith, as they visit Gymboree on Wednesday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress, who will hit the big screen next opposite Zac Efron in The Paperboy, kept it cute in a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of low-top Converse sneakers as she stepped out with her 13-month-old daughter.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Over the weekend, Nicole, Faith, big sister Sunday and papa Keith Urban all went out for a playdate!

FYI: Nicole is wearing Joe’s denim shirt.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Faith going to Gymboree…

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  • Cris

    AWW,so sweet*.*
    Faith is so gourgeous,i love this time than they appear always

  • KC

    Very cute little girl. This is a sweet family.

  • kary

    What a cutie now that they’re in LA there’a new pics everyday :) so cool

  • Capella

    Agree, pretty family. Ordinary every-day mommy stuff. Prefer it to any red-carpet hard trying.

  • jj

    Shes gonna be a grandma by the time her kid gets to college

  • http://website david ouellette

    The only reason Nicole Kidman became a famous actress is because she married Tom Cruise(the 5foot,4inch wonder)years ago.She’s okay as an actress but nothing really special.And if you look at the pictures she’s still way too thin.She’s always struck me as Hollywood’s human version of the Barbie doll.

  • vi

    Nicole won an Oscar , Tom never , enough said.
    She is a good actress on her own right, much better than Cruise

  • uled

    @david ouellette: except Nicole is WAY better at acting than Tom Cruise. I have no opinions about Nicole’s personal life, but it bugs me when people say she’s an average actress. Please. go watch ‘To Die For’ and then try and say that she’s average. She’s actually very underrated in my opinion, because people tend to focus more on her looks than her talent.

  • Leenah

    Where are her other kids?We don’t see them with Tom or Nicole..why did they adopted them?So they forget about them when they have biological children?

  • Bramjcomputer

    However she’s old but she’s beauty ‼
    Nicole Kidman will stell SEXY forever :)

  • Anne

    Yes, Nicole became famous because of Tom Cruise but she became the respected actress that she is now because of her talent. I guess people who say she can’t act just can’t accept the fact that she is both beautiful with movie star appeal and a great actress, and that’s very rare.

  • Capella


    As per Scientology rules, adepts of that church cannot be in contact with a defector of that particular faith, such as Nicole.

    Nicole was opposed to Scientology, and had in the beginning shared custody of the kids with Tom. However, the kids have been raised in Scientology, and as soon they were “conscious” of their decisions in life, they had followed the rules (or forced to?), and cut any contact with their mother. Sad, but true.

  • SERA

    Hope that birthmark fades.

  • Ybbony

    Others are bitter because she’s got it all…brains, beauty, talent, grace, class, beautiful daughters and lastly, a damn hot sexy husband who is sooo in love with her. She really does has it all. Love them.

  • jim

    Faith is so sweet!!!

  • David K


    Yes, I agree, she was great in To Die For.
    Other than that film, there is none other where I have enjoyed her acting: it’s always the same for me; Nicole Kidman ‘acting’, rather than the character coming out, to make us forget it is Nicole Kidman. An exception to that somewhat was The Hours, however, to me, that was an achievement of Make-up. In that film, the whole way thru I just kept thinking: wow, can’t believe that is Nicole Kidman; what amazing make-up/disguise. That Oscar should’ve gone to Make-Up, IMHO.
    Maybe her fame has gotten in the way, maybe the obsession with her looks and with what she is going to wear next has gotten in the way … I just never find her characterization believable and absorbing, much as I try, and will keep trying – tho I’ll give movies like Just Go With It, Bewitched etc a wide berth. I think her best may yet come, if she lets herself age naturally, … pretty please.

  • Melissa

    I love Keith and Nicole! It’s so nice to see normal celebrities for a change. There’s pictures of Nicole picking up Sunday from preschool too. She’s just a busy mom like the rest of us. Nicole spends part of her time in LA so she can see her 2 older kids. They’re Scientolgist and not allowed to live with her. I like Nicole as an actress. She picks artistic roles. We all wish we could look as young and healthy as she does at her age. Great rolemodel for us women.

  • @David K

    What does Nicole’s acting skills have to do with these pictures of her and her daughter? Geez…..who ask for movie reviews? Lighten up.

  • sadie

    Nicole’s kids got the short end of the stick in the looks department. Her sister’s daughter was blessed with the real beauty.

  • an opinion

    She is no in LA for her two oldest kids. She could care less about them.

  • Cari


    Connor is 17 and Isabella is 19 and supposedly engaged. How many 17 and 19 year olds do you know that hang around all day with their parents? Get a life.

  • Wow

    @sadie; Wow, what a heartless thing to say about a child. You are one messed up person. You’re also blind. Those little girls are beautiful.

  • Wow

    @an opinion: Of course she cares about them. She’s their mother. What’s the deal with you people and your hatred?

  • kary

    Why people keep saying she is a bad actress just tell me how many actors act , sing and dance at the same time like she did in Moulin Rouge? Maybe she is famous because Tom Cruise but she had the talent before that. .. don’t you remember dead calm ? And guess what? Tom hasn’t an Oscar and Nicole has one. .. plus 3Golden Globes and one bafta and many others awards… trolls who hates Nicole must have A very boring sad life. .. no one care what you have to say about her. .. if you hate her that much why are you reading everything about her? Get a life!

  • taco

    It’s the skeptics. They live to hate. They are so consumed by it they don’t care one iota how dumb cruel mean or stupid they look. Catch them in one bold face lie and they keep going with another. Mentally ill doesn’t seem an adequate enough term for them.

  • JennMcB

    Where have I been? I had no idea Nicole had another baby!

  • Sassy

    I feel bad that they’re basically stalked in LA and when they’re home in Nashville, you rarely see photos of them. I truly hope her older kids aren’t being ordered to stay away from Nicole since the Cult of $cientology branded her an “SP” (Suppressive Person). $cios are required to “disconnect” from an SP and when Nicole bolted from the cult, that’s what appears to have happened.

  • hiccup2

    When I think about those leaked videos of Tom laughing at SPs, It does make me wonder what he’s taught those older kids to think about people who don’t belong to their “church”

  • Stella

    I don’t agree with Scientology and the practice of shunning someone who leaves but Tom and Nicole have done a good job raising the kids. You never hear a bad thing about them which is rare for kids of the rich and famous. Nicole’s younger children are beauties like their Mom. Keith Urban is a very lucky man.

  • irene olson

    In an interview, Keith said Nicole is a phenomenal mother. The little Urban girls are so fortunate to have Keith and Nicole for their parents.

  • NightOwl

    Why do people blame Nicole when it comes to her relationship with her older children? Not for anything, they could also make the effort to see their mother. I remember in a past interview where she stated they do not like nashville. Tough! If you love your mother, at least go visit her there! She let them choose who they wanted to live with, so can her kids at least make a certain effort as well?

  • Moh123

    What a sweat ladies ^_^

  • taco


    What does Nicole’s acting skills have to do with these pictures of her and her daughter? Geez….. Lighten up.

  • taco


    What does Nicole’s acting skills have to do with these pictures of her and her daughter? Geez….. Lighten up.

  • taco


    What does Nicole’s acting skills have to do with these pictures of her and her daughter? Geez….. Lighten up.

  • taco

    @david ouellette:

    What does Nicole’s acting skills have to do with these pictures of her and her daughter? Geez….. Lighten up.

  • taco


    What does Nicole’s acting skills have to do with these pictures of her and her daughter? Geez….. Lighten up.

  • lLin

    Faith is a beauty, she looks a lot like Nicole……….. but she’s hiding from us, lol. I also see more of Nicole in Sunday Rose (as per last week’s pics) . Sunday didn’t resemble Nicole much when she was a tiny baby.
    Sorry, Keith’s fans!!!!! but at least both Urban girls got daddy’s gorgeous eyes.

  • maak

    @david ouellette:
    Tom who?

  • Sharper

    @taco: It looks like taco thinks she owns this site and can tell people what they can or can’t write. Instead of staring at the pictures only, read what Jared wrote.

  • jen

    Shut up, enough already.

  • Im taco

    Holly and I have some imitators. I didn’t Spam the thread but whatever. There’s just so much irony in Sharper telling soneone else to read the comments and move on.
    @Sharper: Honey, no one is going to bow down to your trash juice behind. Stick to your ”E”mbarrasment thread if you want to tell people what to think.

  • Sharper

    @Im taco: You have imitators? Do you have a copyright on those names? You really do think you own the internet.

  • deb

    such unfortunate looking children, both of the girls.

  • diana

    No amount of thumbs-downs are going to change the fact that:

    1-Nicole and Keith’s children are unfortunate looking.
    2-Nicole does not give her other two children the time of day.
    3-Nicole’s other two children do not bother to be around her. They are close to Katie though.

  • Martioù


  • Zora

    @diana: Only a sicko would make such comments against a gorgeous child. Unbelievable.

  • Jordyn

    Those are not “facts,” Diana, just your warped opinion, and it carries little weight here. We’ve heard it too many times and know exactly where it’s coming from. You’re the unfortunate one, filled with hate for this lovely family.

  • taco

    @Zora: It’s not so unbelievable when you know what goes on in Susie Q’s family. What she does and says is totally acceptable. Classless behavior is the name of the game. She’s not the only one who binge drinks, loves the gang signs, sticks her tongue out like degenerate, loves foul language, takes photos of food arranged like genitals. Those that know her have all seen the infamous carrot photo. The apple doesn’t fall far from the Susie Q family tree. How about a phallic shaped cookie with blue ball frosting. ”Go suck a ____” is their family motto. There’s no helping or saving that kind of arrested development.

  • Judy

    Making the connections, these women are all middle age ”mean girls”. They come from very poor examples of families or families that don’t care to intervene. I know one of them has a sister that is very aware of KU as her midlife crisis. Why she doesnt see it all ties in with her addiction issues is baffling to me.