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Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Cover 'EW'

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley Cover 'EW'

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder are super sexy on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s latest issue.

The stars of The Vampire Diaries spoke about Elena and Damon’s kiss after two years of buildup.

“It’s one of those things that you want to be able to defend,” executive producer Kevin Williamson told the mag. “But even more importantly, you’d rather not defend it. You want it to feel real and right and natural by all the audience.”

Nina also acknowledged the rumors of her real life relationship, saying, “The rumor mills were ‘Is Nina with Ian or is Nina with Paul?’ There was a lot of speculation.”

“Nothing has been confirmed yet,” Ian added coyly.

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  • Patry

    Hoooooooly! I’m dead! This cast is the hottest thing ever!

  • Zahra

    Hello naked Mr Somerhalder

  • Capella

    Notice how Ian is showing more hip?

    Yeah, the guy has been working it for a while… And it’s paying off!

    I’m loving the new season of VD… No need for protection here, I like to spread that kind of love!

  • l0nely-girl

    Hottest cover ever! Yum! ;) I can’t even handle!

  • kenny

    Viewer number is dropping or what

  • uled

    looks like a romance novel cover..

  • Leenah

    I’ve loved Ian since I saw him in Lost,I love him even more now..I’m so happy he’s getting the praise he deserves.

  • Capella


    His worst turn was on that Superman-Ville thingie on TV. His role was awful on that show.

    Playing bad-ass with a heart suits him much better!

  • Patricia

    Great thing for TVD to get a cover in EW.

    “Nothing has been confirmed yet,” hmm wow I thought that Paul Wesley was married lol, really I am so tired of those actors who play cat and mouse with their private lifes, how can you take them seriously? and the only purpose of that is to keep the fans and the press interested in them. The funny thing is that they are not together, I am pretty sure about that,Atlanta gives them that privacy to see another people. Everytime that I read oh they are so in love!! I said to myself really??? If they were ever in love they wouldn´t behave like that and furthermore you see it and feel it, these two are good friends helping each other out in their careers. They will never admit the relationship because there is no such relationship.

  • SE

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  • ramo

    OMG OMG OMG! I love it! They are soooo hot and cool people. They deserve it because they make a great job with TVD and with fans. Congrats! :)

  • Tracy

    This show is a weak, tweeny True Blood ( i mean look at that cover! its a blatant copy of the entertainment weekly and rolling stone covers for true blood only less naked.) do the good guy and bad guyvampires always have to fight over the same woman? I attempted watching this on netflix last week and couldn’t. the cheesy fog, pretty boy vampires and cast that all look 25 yet pretending to be in high school. ugh. Supernatural and True blood are way better.

  • Michael

    Katherine’s Pierce Motto: Live Fast, Die Young, Bad Girls Do It Well!!

  • Capella


    Not sure you are watching that show. Used to think the same thing, and was a True Blood fan (shitty last season was the last draw. But will give it a shot for hot Meloni’s sake). Than started watching it, and this season is really good. Spooky moments. Sexy times. Yearning looks.

    And best of all, the story moves forward very-very fast! Miss an episode, miss a lot!

  • Mel

    Sorry, but I severely disagree. I’ve watched the first 3 seasons of True Blood and I have to say I have given up on that show. I should like it since it’s more for adults & I’m in my 30s, but I have to admit, the Damon/Elena romance in TVD is SO much more intense and palpable than anything True Blood has to offer (Sookie/Bill? Yuck Sookie/Eric? Not interesting enough…besides I can’t stand Sookie so I guess that’s ultimately why I can’t invest myself in that show). TVD really sucked me in because of the chemistry of the cast, especially Nina & Ian’s! Yes, the first part of S1 is very high-school-ey, but it picks up once they get more involved in the supernatural storytelling and they don’t really dwell to much on high school matters. Anyway, I think if you were to give the 1st season a chance (as in watch it all the way through to the end), you’d have a significantly different opinion. I’m just saying.

  • dana

    nothing has been confirmed yet? lolol
    ok let’s just all pretend paul isnt married.

  • Liz

    But isn’t that almost like the cover they did for True Blood??!

  • Sue

    Ian likes the dudes not her!

  • sarah

    All 3 are the sexiest on TV. Just wish that the powers that be would realize that the majority of the audience is older than 12 year olds. This show needs more SEX!!!

  • Caro

    I just realized that in the 3 most successful, recent vampire shows/films the lead actors are dating/married.

    Robert Pattinson + Kristen Stewart
    Ian Somerhalder + Nina Dobrev
    Anna Paquin + her vampire

  • Sarah89

    Best show on tv! Hot coverr. The other pictures are amazing too, go to the website.

  • TheIsland

    i dunno who ian somerhalder is but that cover’s got boone from LOST ;)

  • Oceanic

    Boone belongs with Shannon!

  • Sayer

    @Tracy: I agree. I can barely tolerate the show anymore. The ‘Klaus’ storyline is so played out. I can’t even watch it anymore.

  • torrance

    @Oceanic: mm, maybe.. i kinda like shannon with saeed too :) he is also hot. but that whole cast was hot.

  • Sayer

    @Caro: They all met on set of the show/movie. Weird.

  • Sayer

    @Oceanic: They’re “brother and sister” well, sort of anyway.

  • Hope

    @Caro: @Caro:

    The only real relationship is Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer and the more mature by the way.

    Ian and NIna a copy of Robert and Kristen.

    I loved Nina and Ian in the beginning, when their relationship was more natural and real, but disappointed to see that all of that is gone.

  • pandora

    @Sayer: yah only sort of. anyways they already got together on the show (and off).

  • elisa

    @Hope: why do u say it’s gone? theyre always together…..

  • Stacie

    I’m on Full protest this week . No Bonnie at the Ball . I’m bitter as Hell.I hate Elena , to bad they can’t kill her off. Damon is such a WIMP this season . I’m just so mad at at show that I once loved .

  • Cat

    @Stacie: Oh I have to disagree, pretty happy without Bonnie and her freaky underbite. I find her character annoying.

  • ZzZ

    Hot!!!! Edward Culo on the left!

  • Charlie

    Reminds me of the True Blood photo shoot. But, you know, PG 13.

  • ilt

    the tweens that watch this and believe that their is an actual real romance here are so naive, it’s called bearding.

  • llws88


  • Hope


    Of course the are always together because they work together, but do you know what they do after work?? no sightings of them together, in fact many weekends are in different places, but well that doesn´t happen when there are big events, like PCA (which I am pretty sure that Ian was not supposed to go and I felt that he was really uncomfortable) the Emmys, etc… Dissapointed to see that they are not behaving natural, and are fooling people with that “relationship” but well I guess that as many fabricated relationships in Hollywood, you can not get out of it easily when you have fans, and press love that couple. But well when they don´t need the fans anymore and they will start to get serious with someone else (maybe that´s happening right now) they will let it know giving the typical reasons. You will see the difference in them when they are really in love with someone.

  • Melley

    It looks like True Blood cover… No imagination!

  • lyn

    trying to be like “true blood” or what?? (-_-)

  • Emily

    Can we stop with the True Blood comparisons? Who cares.

  • nina

    yeah they totally copied the true blood cover! I think Ian’s hip is disgusting, don’t like it. I loved season 2, but I’m really disappointed with the new one. and Klaus with caroline, my gosh it’s so ridiculous, for teens really!

  • Bbi

    pple keep talking ian this ian that dude what does this guy do on the show, nothing it’s Paul who should get all the crediets!!! and teh pple that are shippin Delena is becuz they are such fools and want the real life couple together! but be honest here if those to werent together and paul wasn’t married wouldn’t u think those are. cuz i feel they have more chemistry than with iam maybe just becus i ship Stelena watever :p i love th show but i think stefan needs to be bad for a while :) love him more then ever!!! cant wait fr the season finaly Good Damm it gonna be sooo good! ooh i don’t watch true blood to boring for me ;)

  • Bbi

    ninaand paul look more natural, ian is fakin something :p hahah Omg i just love Stelena so much!! they are both hot do but ian is more my hot highschool couterback and paul is tehman i’d like to walk down the aile :p hahah keep on dreaming girl :p

  • Jessica

    @nina: Speak for yourself. Teens watch True Blood as well, so what of it? Oy. I’m way beyond my teen years (36) but I love both of these shows! True Blood satisfies the lusty sexual/violent craving side of me while Vampire Diaries satisfies the romantic side of me. They couldn’t be more different apart from the vampire/werewolf storylines. I don’t mind Klaus, I think he’s an interesting character but I’m waiting with bated breath for Damon & Elena to finally get together! Stefan and Elena were cute together but I want to see Damon w/ Elena now and THEN I can decide who’s better with whom. Anyway, I’m a lover of both shows and really, it all comes down to what entertains you? It’s fine if you don’t care for one or the either, but drop the silly attacks on the fanbases otherwise you sound like a “tween” yourself.

  • Jen

    Lol @Hope “get serious with someone else”. Nina was sitting on Ian’s lap kissing him on Halloween. I guess they didn’t just spend a family christmas together in Sun Valley then a romantic getaway to Bora Bora, diving with sharks after that (there’s even a picture of them at the airport). You spend the holiday period with the important people in your life………but you keep telling yourself otherwise if it’s some benefit to you.

  • Jill

    @Patricia. Imagine if they were public with their relationship, and they suddenly broke up, that’s a reflect on the show, things may get akward and some fans will be sad, no more believable chemestry, you know how teens are. But if they hide it, no one knows for sure what’s up with them, there’s people who think that they are together, some like you think they aren’t, so if they broke up, no one hears about it, they continue with the show like nothing happened. Look at The big bang theory, Johnny and Kaley dated for 2 years, no one knew for sure, although some fans speculated about it, it turns out that they were in fact dating, and didn’t made it public for the sake of the show. Also not everybody has to make out like Vanessa and her BF, some people are less public and it doesn’t mean that they don’t hang up together and don’t love each other, some celebrities don’t get papped but it doesn’t mean they don’t go out!

  • Jill

    Love TVD – it’s my guilty pleasure and glad they got the EW cover …. BUT, their characters are in HS and well, if the majority of the viewers are teenagers I find this menage a trois image a bit much for teeny boppers. Not a prude. I swear.

  • Nina D.

    Um. . . Paul is married, so I’m pretty sure Nina isn’t romantically involved with him. God, what a dumb question for them to ask.

  • longchamp

    vampires: buy/hold/sell? woulda answered ‘sell’, but apparently the masses haven’t had enough yet.

    ….good thing i have a much better batting average with stock picks….

  • Jennifer


    It actually gets a LOT better after the first 3 episodes. I still watch TB but it’s gotten worse as it continues, but they lose the fog machine/crow after the 2nd episode, and by the 4th things start really getting more interesting and by ep 6/7, you’re starting to get SHOCKS galore! You should really give it another chance. I gave up on it too when it first premiered but my friend convinced me to give it another try and I’m so glad I did. (I’m almost 40 by the way, not a teenybopper at all.)